Thursday, February 25, 2016

Portraits in Gamma

Notice how predictable the behavior of this Gamma fan of Matt Walsh's is. First he leaps into a conversation that does not involve him and says more than he means to before trying to backtrack without admitting he was wrong. Then, when pressed, he starts posturing and trying to pretend that he is enjoying the situation.

This fools absolutely no one, of course. I did not bother to copy the many tweets by people laughing at the Gamma's attempts to strike a superior pose. It's as if they all go to the same school of Gamma from which John Scalzi graduated.
Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
@mattwalshblog You sneer at Trump's supporters. Trump tells them he loves them and wants them to be great. That is why you lose.

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
I'm not sneering at all. I'm echoing the sentiment that Trump supporters are all surface - and you're proving it.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
You claim to be better than Trump's supporters, but you're not sneering?

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
I'm more policy-focused, yes. Do you disagree?

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
I know nothing about you. The point is that you have publicly claimed to be better than all Trump supporters.

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
I don't think I'm better. I think my views make more sense. There is a massive difference between the two.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
You said Trump's supporters are all more superficial than you are. So, is being superficial a virtue or a vice?

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
Again, I've not done so. In fact, I've explicitly stated exactly the opposite. Do try to keep up?

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
So, you're saying that you are inferior to all of Trump's supporters because you are less superficial?

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
No. Your insistence on defining your opponents as either superior or inferior is not a trait we share.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
You have claimed to be less superficial. Is that akin to "less intelligent" or "less corrupt"?

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
It's neither. It's a point of contention in all things, and is defined as positive or negative by circumstance.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
You did not say "more wrong", you said "more superficial". Stop weaseling and try owning your words.

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
I'm nor weaseling out of anything. My belief that someone is wrong is not a belief in their inferiority

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
In that they all refer to a lower amount of something - yes. In that any of them imply superiority - no

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
You're wrong. You're dishonest. You're also a weasel, a coward, and my intellectual inferior.

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
lol. You're seriously adorable. Like when my puppy barks at the pitbull down the street.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
And now the Gamma male posturing portion of the evening.... Look, it's not my fault you're cowardly.

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
You're the one running from an actual debate, and I'm the coward? Lol so adorable.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
Yes, you are a coward. And a weasel. I don't debate the observably dishonest.

Paul Foeller @pfoeller
I can't help it that I find it adorable when a bunch of lonely pathetic racist losers act all tough.

Supreme Dark Lord @voxday
G-g-gamma. Lolipop, John Scalzi patented your gamma posturing act a decade ago. You owe him royalties.
If you want people to take you seriously, you first have to take yourself seriously. Honesty starts with one's self. If you do or say something that is called into question, then either stand by it or admit you were wrong. But attempting to split the difference by denying that you did what you observably did, then striking a pose on the basis of the person calling you out being unable to follow your self-servingly sophisticated self-interpretations, only shows everyone that you are a cowardly weasel.

Dishonesty is the heart of Gamma. And to follow the main course with dessert, consider the Gamma's eventual reaction:
You are blocked from following @pfoeller and viewing @pfoeller's Tweets.
I guess it wasn't so adorable after all. What a surprise. And I still have absolutely no idea who this person is or why he jumped in and started tweeting at me in the first place. But we do know that he is right about his wife's taste in men being flawed.


Krul said...

"adorable... adorable... adorable..."

Repetition seems to be a gamma tick when they don't know how to respond. Remember how Scalzi would say "racist sexist homophobic dipshit" or "adorable* little mancrush" over and over in the space of a few sentences?

*There's that word again - "adorable". They must think that's a painful insult (or rather, that indulgent condescension is painful). Given their tendency to project, what does this say about them?

Elocutioner said...

In my beatdown of him he used a lot of lols; "so adorable"'s; "run along now"; and the piece de resistance, the always amusing "projecting, are we?"

At one point he tried to isolate me from the conversation by dropping my co-belligerent but kept his.

Gammas try to posture themselves over other men by acting like queen bees. I wonder if he was raised by a single mother, had no masculine influences to emulate.

pdwalker said...


Good heavens! I think if we got into an argument about the sky being blue with you taking the "against" position, you'd tie me up in knots wondering why I'm seeing peach.

Happy Housewife said...

You know without a doubt that he -and Matt Walsh - whined about this to his wife later, and she pretended to be sympathetic while hiding her disgust and/or disinterest.

tz said...

There is a bit of warped pretzel logic:

I don't think I'm better. I think my views make more sense

Gamma/SJW/both? Complete the syllogism.

The more sense his views make the worse he is.

It explains much.

Anonymous said...

"I'm echoing the sentiment that Trump supporters are all surface"
"I'm more policy-focused"
"My views make more sense."

I I I my my my. Of course he is claiming intellectual superiority here.

"I can't help it that I find it adorable when a bunch of lonely pathetic racist losers act all tough."

With the loss he goes full SJW.

"You're the one running from an actual debate, and I'm the coward?"

And lastly comes the lie followed by his own hypocrisy.

You are blocked from following @pfoeller and viewing @pfoeller's Tweets.

Noah B. said...

Matt Walsh never would take the bait himself. Too bad.

Desdichado said...

Why would Walsh need to? He's got champions to white-knight him!

Actually, I think Walsh has enough sense to act just a bit more professionally. He's taken a lot of online abuse over the years, and I'm sure has a pretty thick skin about it.

I think he woefully misread this, though. He's bought into the "Trump is the most ingeniously dishonest person ever in the history of people, comparable only to Satan and Hillary themselves!" line of speculative excuses to explain why they don't like him without having to give up their moral superiority (a trait he shares with his boss Glenn Beck). Probably thought he'd get a lot of "hear, hears!" from the conservative crowd. Actually, he probably did. But like I said, I think these guys are really misreading the national mood.

VD said...

Matt Walsh never would take the bait himself. Too bad.

Actually, he did. Go to VP. Look at yesterday's posts.

The Philosopher said...

I would put $200 on his wife fucking black guys on the side. I've seen way too many of these profiles of these types of men on facebook and elsewhere and also detecting mudsharking.

Don't worry Vox. The universe is quite just in many ways. His cowardly behaviour is punished accordingly by darwinism.

ScottC said...

I think he's just dim. You're reading too much into it.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Matt better pay John Scalzi, Matt owes him money.

Creeptastic Matt yet normal rational Vox. And notice the choice of wives, see its all gamma, nothing to do with Trump.

This is what I experienced throughout 2013 into 2014: Gammatude repeated God Bless me yet went after me and harmed me.

Anonymous said...

"My wife has terrible taste in men"

He's probably talking about the ones she fucks on the side. Or in front of him.

dc.sunsets said...

Men are better when they must discipline their mouths with the certainty that they might be called to defend themselves from righteous violence. Instead we are forced to marinate in the chicken-shit man-boobs who hurl their rhetorical fists from their Safe Spaces (like mommy's basement.)

Noah B. said...

"Actually, he did. Go to VP. Look at yesterday's posts."

Sure he took YOURS, ignored mine. But at least Matt's still stammering about anon Trumpkins. I had a little fun with @pfoeller though...

Timmy3 said...

I suppose an Alpha will own up to feeling superior without caring about how you think about it. Right?

JohnR219 said...

Elocutioner: I believe his parents has a very contentious marriage and his father left when he around 9 or 10. He doesn't seem to like his father.

The worse thing that can happen to a boy is to grow up without a father. My father sounds like what little I've heard about Scalzi's. My parents divorced when I was 4 and he abandoned us. I'm in my late 50s and it's still an uphill struggle.

Scalzi is an ass, but I pity him. He doesn't know how else to act.

VD said...

I suppose an Alpha will own up to feeling superior without caring about how you think about it. Right?

Look at Donald Trump. That should answer your question. He is a Mega Alpha.

Noah B. said...

And the epic hammering of Matt Walsh continues. Meltdown soon.

liberranter said...

"My wife has terrible taste in men"

Seriously? He really said that?

Wow. That's not Gamma; that's pure Omega. I now doubt that this guy is even married. In fact, odds are that he's gay.

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