Friday, February 19, 2016

Keep your phone to yourself unless asked

You know that totally cool and awesome picture, video, or website that you are so excited about and just can’t wait for someone to see regardless of their interest. Well, thing not to do with it is open it up and shove it about 8 inches in front of someone’s nose, get all giddy about it, and then wait for a response.

It is low rank thinking to expect that people will appreciate you because you showed them a cool thing on your phone without asking. If you do this to a girl you are trying to impress it is doomed for failure. “She’ll like me more because I shoved my phone in her face and made her watch a video I really like!” is not only stupid but counterproductive.

Besides, what are the actual odds that the cool YouTube video you can’t wait to show hasn’t been seen by the person countless times? Even if they haven’t seen it, did they ask to see it?

If someone expresses interest in seeing something you mention then by all means show them, but otherwise keep your phone to yourself.


Anchorman said...

Ah, I see this is from DM and is part of his series.

Jack Ripper said...

It depends on the dynamic that you have going. I've elicited squeals and giggles more than once.

Aeoli Pera said...

This must be a millenial thing.

Manu said...

Ah shit. I'm occasionally guilty of this. Will stop, thx.

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