Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feb 6 meetups cancelled

Mike Cernovich passes on word that the meetups called by Roosh have been cancelled:
The entire media and political system attacked Roosh and ROK. (To its credit, Reason magazine issued a defense of Roosh’s free speech rights.)

Even Republicans bought into the false media narrative, with Republicuck Texas Governor Greg Abbott issuing a formal statement that sounds like it was written by an SJW.

The meet-ups were cancelled after violent mob action was threatened.

There’s a reason I emphasize self-reliance in my writing. The entire system is rigged against you.

The mob hates us. The media will lie about us.

You saw this happen in real-time. You simply cannot believe anything coming out of the mainstream media.
The deck is stacked. So don't expect fair play. Expect to win anyhow.


modsquad said...

They're vampires. Roosh held up a mirror to them and they saw nothing.

Keef said...

As much as Elizabeth Nolan Brown's writing frustrates me, I appreciate her covering this issue. Freedom of association is a 1st principle and a 1st amendment right.

Full disclosure, I haven't read her post yet.

Leahn Novash said...

I've been reading Roosh for a long time. I think this is the first time I saw him take a blow and stagger. This is unlike him. The man who was laughing and saying he would come illegally into the country if necessary is much more like him.

I have no idea of what they sent him to make him retreat but I suspect it is far more serious than he is letting out.

One thing is certain. We lost this round and this is only going to embolden the communists further.

Student in Blue said...

I have no idea of what they sent him to make him retreat but I suspect it is far more serious than he is letting out.

If I had to guess, it was because they threatened his readers, and not himself.

Ron said...


1. Set up the meetings again for next month

2. Allow the SJW's to waste their time going into hysterics and posturing.

3. Cancel the meetings at the last minute

4. Keep doing this until the little women figure out that you are toying with them

5. When you see they've chilled out, go to the meeting.

Why do this?

1. Free publicity. Whether I like you or not, is not as significant as the fact that I uttelry hate and despise the SJW types. They are a disease to every people with nationalistic aspirations. As long as you are the main target of all their hysterical attacks, then you by default become the center of the opposition.

2. Waste their time. All their time spent going into hysterics about your "rape meeting" is time they aren't spending working up some real mischief

3. Enjoy their pain. They are SJW cowards masking their utter uselessness by trying to castrate every man in a thousand miles. When anyone stands up against them, they have a total meltdown. And the only thing that flips them out more than a single person standing against them is a LOT of people standing against them, and even worse than that is a LOT of people REGULARLY and OPENLY standing against them. That suffering is beautiful.

Leahn Novash said...

I think those are bad ideas.

1) There are logistics involved in setting up a meeting, at least reserving the space. Flake it enough times and they won't reserve it anymore. Fake meetings won't fly as they can appeal to amenable authorities and check that.

2) It only takes a handful of SJWs and some minutes of their time to make all this ruckus. They have this down to a science. I don't think that this would be really effective.

3) No, that would happen to me their grunts. SJW 'leadership' does not meltdown that easily. The PZ Meyers, John Scalzys, and Anita Sarkezians don't go down that easily.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about actually reseving a place? Just state you have and cancel thru the same process again.

JonM said...

@Student in Blue: Bingo. Roosh can take the hits and keep on coming, but he isn't going to go through with the meetups until he feels more comfortable about the safety of the attendees. Every article about the meetups was accompanied by scads of credible threats of violence. Combine that with the threat that the legal authorities would protect those threatening violence and it was just too dangerous.

@Leandro: Don't be so sure this was a loss. The meetup plan crashed and burned, but there is a great deal of value to be salvaged from the wreckage. Every person that checked Snopes on hearing about a 'pro-rape' meetup is a win. Every person who was first introduced to the neo-masculine movement through this event is a win. Every fence sitter who now clearly sees how grossly the left and the media will mischaracterize something a milk toast as guys meeting up with like-minded guys is a win.

Truth is on Roosh's side here. Eventually it will win out. You need to keep your chin up, your figurative fists in front of your face, and keep the pressure on them. This hysteria should show you how worried they really are. They can feel the tide changing, and they are going to fight like mad to stop it. Don't worry, they'll have as much success as Canute.

Artisanal Toad said...

Strategically I think it would be far better to identify appropriate meeting spots and adopt symbols of identity rather than go with publicly advertised meetings on a particular date/time. SJW's have identifying marks (piercings, hair color, etc), symbols (think LGBT support), behaviors (non-masculine. metrosexual, hipster fagcent) and attitudes. They establish themselves as members of their group with appropriate displays.

Likewise, it's been observed that if you put two young Marines who have never met in an airport at different ends, it won't be long before they find each other and start talking. The idea is to think tribally. The Marine Corps is like a nation with it's own tribes and once a member of that group there's a permanent identity associated with it.

What's needed is some common symbols and meme's that are familiar to those with in-group identity but no SJW would be caught dead displaying or identifying with. The smiley from SJWAL works because only someone familiar with the book would know what it represents. RVF is another. A T-shirt with "Rational Male" wouldn't mean anything to someone who wasn't familiar with Rollo's blog but it speaks volumes to those who are. What these symbols have in common is they don't carry an overt political message that triggers people (well, some SJW's would be triggered but that's beside the point).

Displaying appropriate identity symbols offers the opportunity for men to meet naturally in social situations and get to know one another. It's as simple as someone saying "Cool shirt. Read the book/blog much?" At that level, it's impossible to fight but just because a guy is wearing an appropriate symbol, it doesn't mean he should be approached. He'd need to display appropriate behavior and attitude and not display tells that would identify him with SJW types. That kind of vetting doesn't work well in mass meetings.

Publicly advertised meetings sound good in theory, but in practice all they do is offer a huge, soft target and allow enemies to frame the narrative. So what if I'm wearing a T-shirt with that cute smiley face with a forked tongue? Is somebody going to pitch a fit because of my T-shirt? Seriously? They open themselves up to all manner of fun and the harder they protest the more of an ass they make of themselves. OTOH, it doesn't matter what you wear to a public meeting, you get vilified for being there.

Along with adopting identifiable symbols, business owners with appropriate businesses should be recruited or appropriate businesses should be identified as good spots to frequent. Restaurants, bars and clubs some immediately to mind and these are the kind of places that can be quietly publicized as good spots to meet people of like mind. It's plausibly deniable for the owners (Hey- their money is as green as yours and they don't cause trouble!), offers a place to meet in a neutral to positive environment and it's kind of like a clubhouse that's open to the public. Just because some twink walks through the door displaying the appropriate symbols doesn't mean he's immediately accepted. Informal vetting will probably take care of the vast majority of the problem.

In fact, the more I think about it, VFW posts would probably be good meeting places and talking about red pill stuff would tend to fit in with the general ethos of most of them. It's rare for a female veteran to be a member of a VFW or visit one. The WWII and Korean vets are almost all gone now, so the elders are pretty much all Vietnam vets.

I also like Malcolm Gladwell's analysis from "The Tipping Point." What's needed is to identify Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen within the manosphere. Connecting and motivating those three personality types would work wonders in terms of invisible grass-roots growth. It can't be countered because it's private and invisible. Of course friends talk. Of course people share ideas.

frenchy said...

@ Leandro,

Sometimes you have to lose battles to win the war. Roosh need only come up with another technique--how to meet. Never give up. There's gotta be a way. Something for me, for us all, to brainstorm.

As to why he pulled the plug, I think Student in Blue is correct.

justaguy said...

So a few SJW females who threaten to crash/trespass private meetings and scream at men manages to stop all of the budding he-men from meeting? A group of supposedly alpha men retreat from a meeting because of SJW threats for a violent protest and other illegal activity? There is much more going on here than presented and this Roosh movement retreat will only encourage further SJW outrageous activity.

Anonymous said...


You first. Go ahead, show us how a real man does it.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

@justaguy - you're forgetting to Facism they bring. Any man who is photographed attending will be publicly outed and shamed, potentially leading to him losing his livelihood.
Remember, apologies are never enough.
Many men may have income streams which are safe, but I'll wager most don't.
I myself work in an industry where I'm constantly on guard to not say the wrong thing. If my employer ever saw me publicly connected to this event, my career would be toast as no other companies would want me either, even less PC ones, out of fear of the bad publicity.
Businesses are there to make money, anyone found to be harmful to their bottom line for any reason will be removed.
It's fascism 101 to shame your enemy, take away his livelihood and, when he's starving in the streets, point to him as an example for where his point of view will lead others.
No freedom of opinion, no freedom of association, just of you disagree, prepare to be self sufficient or die.

Booch Paradise said...

I don't think it has to be anything fancy. If they just decentralize, let the organizers of each specific location do their own work on vetting, organizing, and scheduling, it'd be pretty safe. That way, there would be no one way for SJW's to find the location, or even the correct date of the meetup.

Aeoli Pera said...


1. This is a step-change in violence, threatened and otherwise. Before, we had SJWs sniping from anonymity (SWATing, bomb threats, flash mob-like raiding behaviors), whereas here we have organized deployments with air superiority provided by local authorities and media. It only looks like a mob because SJWs are all cowards- it's an army.

2. Glad to see Roosh is mixing his ideology with wisdom. Cancelling the event was an excellent choice.

3. How were the marching orders distributed so quickly and effectively? Most of the self-organization came from the Scalzies on the ground jumping on the two-minutes' hate thing. This is interesting in that it showcases what their 80% deployment looks like. The 20% of truly effective SJWs haven't shown their faces yet, but they were certainly acting behind the scenes on this one.

Aeoli Pera said...

4. Somebody effective pulled the trigger on this one because they realize the danger of allowing dissidents to hold meetings. This requires an unusual level of meta-awareness. (I predicted this sort of thing when Vox and Roosh had their brainstorm: the danger is that two large groups becomes one very large group.) I think there's a major player or two involved in this effort.

5. We know for certain they will be rioting in many places and pretty much indiscriminately- I don't think Soros can pull back now that he's committed there. This might be the summer that blacks try to riot in a Hispanic neighborhood. Things could get out of hand and this will raise a number of dangers and opportunities.

Aeoli Pera said...

(Sentences in thought #5 are in the wrong order. "They" in this case are black rioters.)

Aeoli Pera said...

Application: Let them exhaust their moral zeal charge at shadows. Make a lot of noise and then fade into the mist so they're laughing in relief and yelling "cowards!" until they believe it.

I think it's quite possible I can create a proof of concept by myself. Maybe I can raise a fuss about a meetup that never materializes?

frenchy said...

@ Booch.

That's a dang good way to do it. It's cellular. But I think first you need local chapters. In that way you get an email list/phone numbers. Then the headshed just says, "We're gonna meet in the month of March." and then let the local heads set it up and discuss what's on the agenda. Could set it up in the same way Vox set up his VFMs.

JCclimber said...

Perhaps the meetings are going to take place anyway.

What, you SJWs didn't get the latest updated memo? You thought we really canceled them?

Or, even better, leave them in the dark on whether or not the meetings took place, by dropping hints but never giving confirmation.

MycroftJones said...

I think there is a rogue moderator in the RooshV forum, booting people out.

Aeoli Pera said...

I think there is a rogue moderator in the RooshV forum, booting people out.

Moderator activity is typically recorded in the logs. When the other mods find out who it is, please do me a favor and give me a quick rundown of that person's forum activity over time: registration date, appointment to moderator, daily average number of posts, that sort of thing.

Aeoli Pera said...

PM or e-mail preferred on that, I won't remember to check this thread.

MycroftJones said...

Thanks Aeoli. I PM'd you on the other forum.

tz said...

One of the GOP governors issued a statement but Texas is an open carry State (the Gov is a cuck).
SJW: that's your phallic symbol!
Me: (after moving my hands in a suggestive way to chamber a round) Do you want to see what happens if I symbolically ejaculate?
The "gun free zone" is the domain of the SJW.
Suggestion: meetup elsewhere.

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