Friday, January 29, 2016

Fail faster

In which a distinction between Gamma and Alpha is observed:
The Gamma obsesses. The Alpha acts. He takes decisive action, so that not only will that person not dare slight him again, but neither will anyone watching it.
Alphas have so much on their plate that they don't have time to deal with shit that has become chronic in the relationship. Rather, they nip it at the bud, the moment they first detect it. That's how they get so much done. They have way less shit to deal with per person than the rest of us.
This is absolutely correct. Think about the way a Gamma considers a woman in whom he is interested. He dwells on her. He adores her from afar. He waits for months for the right moment to say something to her. If his courage fails, he pens note after note, attempting to strike just the right words that will win her heart. This process can take years.

The Alpha doesn't have that kind of time. He wants the girl today, and if she's not available or amenable, the sooner he finds out, the better.

There is irony. Women even like Alphas better than Gammas when they are rejecting them.

With women, as with everything else in life, strive to fail faster. The most expensive cost is opportunity cost.


Dark Herald said...

There is irony. Women even like Alphas better than Gammas when they are rejecting them.

Quite true. If you are doing it right, a woman will reject you playfully with a smile on her lips.

Nothing scares a woman more than the creepy vibe. The creepy vibe comes from a man with no options.

A man with other options is one that isn't frightening.

For Example a tale from the adventures of Young Cataline;

The setting was a military wedding I had been dragooned into serving in as an usher. I am of course sweating to death in my dress blues. In North Carolina. In August. The bride was only three months pregnant with her first kid, which was sweet by the standards to which I had become accustomed.

At the reception I approach one of the bridesmaids. Things seem to be going well enough. She laughs at my jokes, stays within one foot of my personal space. Brushes her hair with her fingertips. She finally gives me an arm pat when laughing at one of my jokes. Buying signals have been given and I ask for her phone number, (which dates me rather badly, I realize).

She stopped smiling considered for a moment, then took a half step back. "I'm really, really busy right now. Maybe you could give me your phone number instead?"

Well I knew what that meant. Whoops! False positive. Time to punch. Without sounding like a pissy little dickweed I banteringly reply, "Sure it's 000-0003. I was one of the first in line. Anyway I gotta go punch the bride in the arm and kiss the groom." I Turned on my heel, left and didn't look at her again.

Two hours later, just as I'm leaving she catches up to me and gives me her phone number.

And yes I waited five days to call her. She was delighted to hear from me.

This is the power of challenge learn to your good profit or ignore it at your peril.

szook said...

Too true, too true

Sokrates said...
Some Gammas even think they are highly intellectual an smart people by pondering a lot about things and analysing everything in detail. They are nothing but cowards who rationalize there incompetence.

Jed Mask said...

Hmmm... like this important instinction a lot.

Say, so how would each other socio-sexual rank respond towards failure?

Is Sigma's response similar to Alpha in this regard?

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