Monday, December 14, 2015

The expectation of assistance

I think my favorite thing about this account is the way that this strong, independent young woman is actually annoyed by the realization that no one feels any particular urgency about solving her problem for her:
The crazy man on the subway told me I was lucky he hadn’t punched me in the face. But by then, I was starting to get annoyed. What would it take for one of the many idle people sitting on this train to interfere? The threatening man seemed to have Rip Van Winkled himself to 96th Street straight from a 1957 Buddy Holly concert for the sole purpose of pouncing on me, a defenseless girl (with glasses).

It wasn’t until I launched into another expletive-laden defense that I realized, the people in my train car didn’t know if he was the crazy person—or if I was.

I was living in Washington D.C. at the time, and as a female in my early twenties, I had come to expect sympathy, if not assistance, from strangers in difficult situations.
" I had come to expect sympathy, if not assistance, from strangers in difficult situations." You don't say. I wonder why that might be?


Sokrates said...

“Independent” and not willing to solve her problems on her own! – Haha. This kind of “princess” is nothing but a slave. Everybody can see it except herself.

Matamoros said...

She wants the privileges of the pedestal and ladyship without the noblesse oblige that privilege entails.

Krul said...

"(with glasses)"

Why did she make a point of mentioning this? Maybe she thinks it makes her seem more vulnerable and sympathetic. Maybe it would have a little, back when glasses meant "nerd", but now that glasses mean "hipster", it's more likely to make people want to punch you in the face than help you out.

Anonymous said...

To these whacko feminazis they are always the star of their own little movie and whatever the role requires at the moment they will play it out. She was probably just before stepping on the train telling someone what a strong independent woman she is. One of these days she may figure out nobody gives a rat's ass.

Timmy3 said...

She apparently answers her own question. She is just as crazy as the crazy person. She also thinks she is better than the crazy person. If she thinks she needs help, get her to a mental institution and lock her away.

Polynices said...

How funny, I thought that link was going to go somewhere else. Just a few days ago I read an entirely different article by a female writer mentioning as an aside being harassed by a crazy guy on the subway. I guess that's a thing in NYC. So glad I live nowhere near that hellhole.

SQT said...

"(with glasses)"

Why did she make a point of mentioning this? Maybe she thinks it makes her seem more vulnerable and sympathetic. Maybe it would have a little, back when glasses meant "nerd", but now that glasses mean "hipster", it's more likely to make people want to punch you in the face than help you out.

I really hate that glasses have become a hipster thing. I have no choice in having to wear glasses; I have terrible vision, can't tolerate contact lenses and am ineligible for lasik. Plastic frames are awesome for me because I need the large size frames for bifocals but I feel like most people assume it's a fashion statement. ((Grumble)) kids these days...

Anonymous said...

and as a female in my early twenties, I had come to expect sympathy, if not assistance, from strangers in difficult situations.

don't worry, dearie.

your unearned sympathy and assistance will pretty much dry up by the time you turn 40.

It was February and, I admit, I may have been extremely hungover.

translated from self-excusing girlese:
she was also drunk

you'll note that elsewhere in the essay she states that it was a 'college reunion' and the 'end of a long night'. she wasn't fucking 'hung over', she was still drunk from the party.

It might have been two years since I lived in New York, but I refused to be bullied on my home turf

being well aware that there are lots of crazy people in New York, she decided to escalate the situation with some random stranger.

It had been a while since I had been on the subway. ... I paused momentarily. It took me half a beat to realize ...

But that momentary pause inspired the wrath of the man behind me. As I stepped off the train, I heard a booming voice: “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT, LADY!”

It was 11:30 on a Sunday morning. There were no crowds desperate to get on this train

in spite of being 'native', she was not only confused by the subway, she did that chick thing where she stops right smack dab in the middle of a choke point and then sticks a finger up her own ass.

50,000 sq ft of empty space on the platform, she stops in the doorway. the fact that this makes everyone else on the train wait on her while she fingers her pooh ( metaphorically ) is entirely coincidental.

i'm sure.

But in this particular moment, when we entered the express train I responded in kind: “You need to calm the fuck down!”

you see here more chick elision of facts.

because, of course, telling someone else to 'calm down' ( even if you use 'fuck' ) is how you confuse everyone else as to whether or not you're the crazy person.

clearly, SHE was doing a lot more cursing and insulting than this, otherwise the other people on the subway wouldn't have been responding so blatantly that they ... kind of suspected that she might be the nutjob?

But not as good as watching the police officer on the platform walk past the quiet girl with glasses and toward the screaming man holding the train doors open.

another prime chick tactic:
wind her opponent up, then walk off like she's done nothing wrong.

people new to the situation, who didn't know that she had been screaming and cursing at this man for *multiple stops* think that he's just Michael Douglas' "Falling Down" angry, white guy.

did he handle it the best way he could? no. heck, he might even have been as crazy as she's trying to make him out to be.

but she did almost everything she could to wind up a total stranger.

liberranter said...

A 20-something female, longtime NYC resident now living in Rome-on-the-Potomac?

The stereotypical SJW prog femtardette. In other words, the LAST person in the world I would have even a milligram of sympathy for or make any effort to help.

Anonymous said...

"Why did she make a point of mentioning this?"

Attention whoring.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere out there on the internet is a blog post by a guy recounting his encounter with a crazy 20-ish girl with glasses on the subway.

little dynamo said...

When I rebuke females for evil behavior -- fraud, or theft, or putting their hands on me, or various empowered thuggeries -- they just dial the police, or law firms, and have me declared The Perpetrator. The Big Meanie who is scaring Poor Widdle Them. By not letting be as wicked as they please.

Everybody makes some folding money off it and goes their merry way. If I object, I am punished legally and/or extra-legally. Then I'm told by Strong Protector Men on the internet that I'm a bitch.

Then the same folks will want me to save them from rampaging mooslims, or school shooters, or whatever it is this week. Amazing.

Mr.MantraMan said...

A few months ago a certified progtard got a stabbin to death, no one cared, suck it up baby.

Anonymous said...

Why not just overpower him and take him down with a flying leg choke like all the super female fihlghters do in the movies. I thought that was a mandatory class as a woman's studies major.

frenchy said...

@ Bard,

Yeah! I saw that in Antman and was like WTF!

"Hey! Stand there while I run at you with my 110lb frame, jump in the air, figure four your neck, and cut off your blood flow."

Matamoros said...

"Why did she make a point of mentioning this?

The old idea that "you don't hit someone wearing glasses."

The idea was that those with glasses were somehow crippled, and it was unmanly to hit them. She is adapting it to her female purposes.

R Devere said...

Ahhhh! Just like that Australian bitch who wrote about when "nobody would help me lift my widdle suitcase into the luggage bin on the airplane".

Chivalry is dead, bitches. Feminism and entitled bitches like these killed it. Deal with it, you're all "strong, independent women"......until you're not!

Ron said...


Don't be ridiculous bard, the women know how to do that instinctively.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I love to sit on planes and watch women lift up suitcases and roller bags into the overhead compartment.

Testosterone Booster said...

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Anonymous said...

@STG58. It's even funnier when she stops and looks around and makes eye contact with the flight crew hoping for assistance. But thanks to feminism, they are all old or fat now and and have no intention of helping her. (not that feminism made them old or fat, but feminism established the principle that airlines could not hire younger, more attractive flight crews to replace aging/widening flight crews).

dc.sunsets said...

I suspect more men have now read stories about cops showing up to "save" some woman involved in a domestic dispute, only to have the woman attack them (violently) for interfering.

The number of ways intervening to "help" some strange young woman could go badly sideways are numerous; discretion is the better part of valor.

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