Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Culture and civilization are white and male

Charles Murray proves it statistically in his book, Human Accomplishment:
Between 1400 and 1950, Murray's historiometric method has found that 72 per cent of significant figures in the arts and sciences came from Britain, France, Germany and Italy alone. Overall, male Europeans and North Americans are shown to be responsible for 97 per cent of scientific accomplishment from 800 BC to 1950. Statistically, when it comes to curing disease, building bridges, inventing glasses or devising new, better modes of transport, Western man is in a league of his own.

"What the human species is today," he says, "it owes in astonishing degree to what was accomplished in just half a dozen centuries by the peoples of one small portion of the northwestern Eurasian land mass."
As I have repeatedly observed, feminism and multiculturalism are dyscivic, dysgenic, and anti-civilization.


cecilhenry said...

Equality is based on envy. Destroy what is superior, what you can't control, what makes you feel small.

Diversity is the tool. Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

Terrific said...

Noblesse oblige is not the same thing as equalitarianism. One asks the superior man to be mindful of those less than he, to consider their needs because of their inferiority. Much as we treat Special Olympians. The other demands he subordinate his superiority to the whims of lesser men and minds. That he feel ASHAMED of his superiority.

Ayn Rand wrote passionately about this phenomenon but no one seems to anymore.

The hyenas are winning. But only until the lion starts taking their attacks seriously.

Anonymous said...

There is a wierd inconsistency between Murray's formal works on race and some of his off-hand remarks such as his NRO Corner boner about how he'd rather live in a Guatemalan rather than a "whitebread" neighborhood.

None of us are completely consistent. I blame his gaffes on a deformed noblesse oblige, being nice to your perceived inferior (in this case by implicitly throwing his perceived inferior - normal Whites - under the bus.)

There is also a Boomer delusion that their idiot generation will cling on to until they croak, an obliviousness to how toxic the formerly meek Coloreds have gotten since his youth.


Anonymous said...

While I don't expect that the stats would change much: How about from the birth of Christ to present day?

Anonymous said...

Sure, but white men spent all that time oppressing women and people of color so you know they couldn't accomplish anything.


On the side, I am convinced that the white billionaires' obsession with space exploration is an unconscious realization that the cesspool they are creating is going to result in the destruction of civilization on this planet, and getting a few colonies off the planet before that happens is to be their mea culpa. Or hell, maybe they sit around and openly discuss it around the backgammon table

slarrow said...

"There are those who really think I am quite a nasty fellow," he says, "bent on proving the superiority of Western culture or dissing women. But I don't consider either of those to be the aims of the book. I have found a lot of resistance to my arguments. I have not found counter-arguments."

That sums up much of the nastiness of modern discourse. Those who can't do dialectic fall back on emotional rhetoric, with predictable results.

little dynamo said...

Females would have invented and created far more than Murray's puny cited contributions, if Privileged White Males hadn't kept women down for millions of years.

Thankfully and finally, this outrage is being addressed, though of course there is still so much left to do. In a few more years, the full impact of the West's female, pagan, vibrant red-tide will carry the planet forward into a healthy, equitable, burgeoning utopia.

And yes, you will all have Jetson Jetmobiles, too! Might want to order yours with a dash-holster.

Unknown said...

Ray, you're behind the times. Shakespeare was black, as were many other figures. Homer was female. Science has proved it. Not only did White Men steal these achievements, they have none themselves.

Educate yourself.

Aeoli Pera said...

I'm just waiting for the first retard to claim Jesus was transgendered. You know it'll happen.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

As I have repeatedly observed, feminism and multiculturalism are dyscivic, dysgenic, and anti-civilization.

Thank you for speaking for those of us whom have a unheard or an arrested voice.

Feminism is satanic, anti-men, anti-family, pro-women depending on poverty, pro-women depending on a moron system that only promotes chaos. Feminism is brazen deception along with a dying worldview. Statesiders are so deluded in thinking everywhere else observes feminism, F'ism does not work in reality, never will, never could.

Unknown said...

A bit outdated for my taste, I am pretty sure the percentage from Japan or S.Korea should have increased since 1950 after all doesnt post-war Japan and specially S.Korea surpasses their previous selves? I would guess the East Asians now invent 25% to say the least.

Harambe said...

While I don't expect that the stats would change much: How about from the birth of Christ to present day?

Well, the Romans did invent just about everything (or copied it from the Greeks). Whitey has a very long list of accomplishments.

S1AL said...

@JP - That's not really true. The Greeks borrowed a lot from the Phoenicians and Egyptians. Rome learned a lot from Carthage. The Chinese invented a bunch of stuff that we're still using today. Mathematics of various levels were developed independently throughout the world in separate millennia by various civilizations.

Europe had the unique combination of the required intelligence distribution, external and internal pressures, and Christianity.

Sokrates said...

We souldn’t expect society to be grateful. Gratefulness takes a fine manners – such are very rare in our times.

Aeoli Pera said...

I think my other contribution to this thread would be too obvious.


Alexandros said...

@S1AL "The Greeks borrowed a lot from the Phoenicians and Egyptians."

And the Phoenicians and Egyptians in turn learned everything they know from Sumeria? Where does the diffusion of accomplishment end?

I reject this notion that accomplishments can be diffused via assigning parts of it to forebears.

This is precisely the same cancerous thinking which causes people to denigrate the accomplishments of people in our society today.

"He was white, so curing Polio was no big deal. He owes it all to Jenner who in turn owes it all to the Chinese who in turn owe it all to..."

S1AL said...

@Alexandros - I was responding to JP's comment, nothing more. While the Romans and Greeks had several important accomplishments and inventions, they're only a fraction of the historic records.

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