Friday, November 6, 2015

Delta Man: Rage against the Alphas

Gammas deny their existence, Deltas are sometimes intimidated or want to emulate them, Betas test their limits, Sigmas compete with them, but Alphas dominate and most women can’t help themselves. That’s Laura Spencer an anchor from Good Morning America and she posted this pic on her Instagram. Their expressions say it all: she’s thrilled, and he’s knows he has another in bag if he wants to follow through.

Trump isn’t just an Alpha, he’s a Mega-Alpha and women decades younger than him like to get close to him. The more one understand this is how the world actually works and your place in it, the more success you will have with women.


Anonymous said...

Is the issue really that people can't see reality, or is the issue that they don't want to? The ego is a hell of a think to overcome, and some truths, such as female hypergamy in a time of disrespect of honor, truth and a perverted ideal of goodness, can be rather disheartening.

Anyway, did you see Laura's Instagram? She tried to half-heartedly back track as all these women rip into her. The comments are vicious. Combination of jealousy and vindictiveness on display.

And finally, she does not look bad at all for her age. Kudos to her husband.

test said...

@Durandel Almiras:
I agree. I wonder why it is called ego, sometimes, but it is true. It is a distrust in your own intuition and observations and a lot of shame surrounding that.

Student in Blue said...

Betas test their limits

Why is that?

Unknown said...

Lara, not Laura

@Durandel Almiras

She is a divorcee.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Of course she is. A husband would just slow her down.

Anonymous said...

Delta Man, I am doing a three-part series (part 3 is still in draft form) on my site called "Be the Boss." It is inspired by your and Vox's analysis of the socio-sexual hierarchy and aimed at gammas and other low-status men who are making a transition into a supervisory role at work.

Feel free to take a look and let me know your thoughts over there or here.


Unknown said...

She looks to be in a state of pure bliss. And Trump is grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I love this pic. Pretty much says it all. Check out his grin.

Pure Alpha.

kurt9 said...

This is one of the reason I expect Trump to be our next president.

The other is the exploding revilement of liberalism that, to me, is reminiscent of the '79-80 period prior to Reagan's election. BTW, the republicans won big on the state level this month. This is significant because many of you will remember Tip O'neill's admonishment that "all politics is local" in the U.S.

Anchorman said...

I'll be interested in what Trump says, if he even takes the bait to react.

Terrific said...

I worked with a woman attorney in the 90s and I mentioned something about Bill Clinton being able to make people feel like they were important. She said, "That is so true! I had a friend who met him in a receiving line and she said when he took her hand and looked into her eyes, for those brief SECONDS, she said, it was like she was the only person in the room!"

LOL!!! Alpha? Or just Politician?

Another friend if my who participated in policy meetings with Bush 41 said the same thing about him. 41, not 43. Yet everyone thought he was a wimp. They still do!

357Delta said...

@Student in Blue,

A high ranking Beta can seem like an Alpha at times and there's crossover in the women they pursue. For an Alpha a Beta is the ultimate wing-man and buddy, but at the same time the Alpha has to look over his shoulder occasionally as the Beta might be gaining or aiming for the same woman.

Student in Blue said...

@Delta Man

I see. I thought you were saying "test their limits" as in Betas actively and almost knowingly test/gauge Alphas, not that they compete against each other.

Anonymous said...

Great! Soon, an alpha will lead us. But peace will not come. Open conflict, rather than hidden, will result. And fascism. Imagine if the people of Europe arise as one to combat the Muslim influx. However, to the ones controlling the game, this conflict is evidence of the success of their brainwashing techniques, rather than their failure. Because they were the ones who convinced the people to renounce their tribal ways in the first place. What will happen to those who take you seriously? Martyrdom? Will you be among them, or are you playing the "Let's you and him fight" game, safe in your Italy sinecure?

Sokrates said...

It’s a perfect study of status you can make by looking at politics a the time. Trump faces people with reality, whether they like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Trump isn't an alpha, he's just a dude who plays one on TV.

P.S. Chuck Norris isn't really a Texas ranger, and WWE isn't really wrestling either. Everything you see on the so-called 'news' is carefully engineered entertainment produced by actors.

Anchorman said...

You raise a good point (manufactured/crafted image), but facades aren't permanent and they eventually slip. Also, an break in frame due to unique circumstance does not forever move a man from one category to another.

Personally, I've moved away from the group nomenclatures/categorizing. I recognize it’s value. I think it does a really good job for broad strokes. I also think it can be misrepresented or misinterpreted, so that all men think they must work to be alpha or that only the alpha persona/lifestyle has value. The alpha, holding significant factors equal (wealth, fame, power) will be more successful in sexual access. But that's not the totality of man's existence. Hold factors steady. Will the alpha be more/less likely to inspire men in a squad to charge a machine gun nest? I’d wager the beta would likely be the type the squad would coalesce around. Hold factors firm again and choose a man from ten to be your trusted advisor or money handler. The delta may be the best personality type. Still, the ranking does seem to have its start in the socio-sexual discussion and alpha is alpha there.

It's a personality categorization tool to assist men in spotting areas they can improve weak areas. A 36 yo alpha can be the lead singer of a garage band. A beta can rise to a four star general and lead US forces in Iraq. A delta can have a fairly successful home business and raise five children and twenty grandchildren. It's what you do with the tools you've been given. Who would choose the alpha's life from the three?*

Now, of course, alphas can also be real estate moguls and make a billion or more. There's no secret life of Trump in which he supplicates. The guy's life is a very open book. He has made powerful enemies who have thrown the weight of investigative journalism at his personal life. Public divorce proceedings. Give the man his due. He may have been born with advantages, but he took them and ran wild with them (good and bad, success and bankrupt, risk, risk, risk looking for make-it-big payoff).

* It’s a trick question, really. Maybe not for the way some think it is, at first.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What will happen to those who take you seriously? Martyrdom?


Anonymous said...

We need Trump to win this Presidency on so many different levels. Those who are easily dismissive of him simply can't see the forest for the trees.

1sexistpig2another said...

I don't care if he's alpha, beta, gamma, delta, sigma, or what ever else is left as long as he keeps calling the posers out for their posing. It's great that he will talk about things the bought and paid for folks can't or won't mention.The downside is that he is a feminist. Women's issues my rear end.

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