Thursday, October 1, 2015

How Gammas are made

Rollo explains the construction of the Gamma male:
I’ve met with countless men making a Red Pill transition in life who’ve related stories about the burdening influence of their domineering mothers and Beta supplicating fathers leading to them being brought up to repeat that Blue Pill cycle. I’ve also counseled guys who were raised by their single mothers who had nothing but spite and resentment for the Alpha Asshole father who left her. They too took it upon themselves to be men who sacrifice their masculinity for equalism in order to never be like Dad the asshole. I’ve met with the guys whose mothers had divorced their dutiful fathers to bang their bad boy tingle generating boyfriends (whom they equally despised) and they too were molded by their mother’s Hypergamous decisions.

And this is what I’m trying to emphasize here; in all of these upbringing conditions it is the mother’s Hypergamous doubt that is the key motivating influence on her children. That lack of a father with a positive, strong, dominant Frame puts his children at risk of an upbringing based on that mother’s Hypergamous self-questioning doubt. Add to this the modern feminine-primary social order that encourages women’s utter blamelessness in acting upon this Hypergamous doubt and you can see how the cycle of creating weak, gender confused men and vapid entitled women perpetuates itself.
This is something that fathers need to keep in mind. Sacrificing your own interests and opinions in order to "keep the peace" of the household is a fool's game and is destructive to your children. Both male and female children need to see you be the man, because the alternative is a parody of masculinity serving as their model.


Sokrates said...

Women need to be shown their bounderies. In fact they need it and are (at least unconsciously) craving a man to show them how far they can go. It takes a man to do that job. If you don't resists a women, she will take everything, will lose every respect of you and will be unhappy. A man who sets the bounderies of the women is not only a better husband/boyfriend, but also will find his women submit to him and in addition she will also enjoy it.


Terrific said...

Another point, and one that you seem to be addressing in your blog, is, gamma conditioning can be overcome. With counter-conditioning, training and effort. As has been pointed out, Elliot Rogers was not condemned to be gamma. If he didn't want to learn PUA, he could have chosen to study martial arts and lift weights and study philisophy and auto repair, to improve his body and mind and not to "pick up girls."

Becoming a man isn't just about how often or in how many different places you stick your dick. It's about being the best, most developed man you can be and its a lifelong pursuit.

Terrific said...
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Anchorman said...

Early in the frivorce process, my ex had almost exclusive custody of one of my children and we had joint of the other (long story, she convinced the older one he was "abused" because I jacked him up on to his toes when he challenged me, so she got the PFA and almost full custody as I went through the family court ringer).

He was a mess. Failing school, suicidal, had to be committed multiple times. No such issues with the rest of the family.

I slowly gained more custody. From advice here and elsewhere, I learned to hold frame, never let anything she did in or out of court to dissuade or unnerve me. My oldest still has residual issues, but the downward spiral stopped cold and he's more outgoing. Sure, he's a prick at times, but I'm his dad.

No doubt in my mind, had I not gotten hooked into this community and I continued my Churchian way, my son would be on the road to hapless gamma...or worse.

The family court system will do everything it can to kick fathers out of the lives of their children. Fathers need to do whatever they can to never give up, never say, "Well, I tried," never let your children marinate in an openly hypergamous household. Provide the contrast. Show the better way.

justaguy said...

Agree with Tom K. Alpha isn't being a PUA, it is about building something worthwhile and forcing the world to meet you on your terms. Immature males will like the PUA idea and think that Roosh and others must have it all... then they realize the emptiness the PUA leds to--as much as the gammas, just with benefits. Show me a PUA in his late 40's that hasn't changed his tune to something else.

Unfortunately, most men who try to improve themselves will become Deltas (the average guy) but at least they will be able to look at themselves with pride. It is good that Delta's comments here. I mean can more than 10-15% of men really become Alphas?

We can't quickly change the world that the feminazis have made, with the system against men and in favor of women. We can't force our ideas of family upon women who have denied our values and embraced hypergamy. We can stay true to our ideals and realize we can still make our own way and maintain our own values and conscience.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Sacrificing your own interests and opinions in order to "keep the peace" of the household is a fool's game and is destructive to your children. Both male and female children need to see you be the man, because the alternative is a parody of masculinity serving as their model."

Absolutely. This can't be emphasized enough. Children are naturally adept at picking up on disunity in a marriage and exploiting it for their purposes, not to mention the unintended consequences highlighted by VD and the OP.

A man who is not leading and in strong control, combined with a woman who is constantly disagreeing and challenging her husband publicly or privately, or running her husband down to others etc., is a recipe for disaster.

One of the watermarks of Gammatude is their compulsion to manipulate, something which comes to women quite naturally. A woman's identity is always found in a man, whether that man is her father, or when she is married, her husband. she dos not go out into the world to carve out a place for herself, but joins a man who has already carved out one for himself and she joins him in it. His agenda becomes her agenda, his hopes, dreams, and aspirations become hers, etc, etc.

Women are not independent and are anything but their "own person."

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, “We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach.” (Isaiah 4)


As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. (Isaiah3)

justaguy said...

Women get their status from other women, not men. Now that women no longer enforce the old-fashioned norms, women are freed and indeed excel at collecting trophies instead of children. Alphas are trophies, for upper class women, ultra-successful children are the trophies. For the average woman, the trophies seem to be scalps and notches. For the below average woman (35% or so) the trophies become weirder as her mental stability decreases.

The real question is for the churched Christian woman... how much of the fem culture has she rationalized into her view of Christianity. Divorce is no longer frowned upon in Christian church and neither are most NT pronouncements about women... Not sure what to call the synthesis of pseudo-Christianity and feminism that is rampant in most of the US Christian culture..."Christian-saved insured" feminism?

Tommy Hass said...

"Alpha isn't being a PUA, it is about building something worthwhile and forcing the world to meet you on your terms."

Cry me a torrent, BETAboy.

Btw, is Kramer from Seinfeld a great example for a Sigma? Seems like a perfect specimen.

Terrific said...

@Tommy Hass. Yes, it's possible Kramer is a sigma. And I would ask you, seriously because I've only seen maybe 3 episodes of Seinfeld, would you want to BE Kramer? I wouldn't. From what I've seen he's an idiot. Like that kid Cory. The so-called, "Alpha Buddha." I agree with Heartiste. Alpha is all about getting the lay. Nothing else. It says nothing about you as a man or a human being. To me, it seems a shallow existence.

The fact is, I've always despised the alpha assholes and not because I wasn't one or couldn't get laid. But because I wanted to be a decent human being. Does that automatically make me an AFC? I'm frivorced but she never cheated on me and refused child support and alimony. We split the house and we talk civilly to one another. Reading other men's stories online it could have been a lot worse!

My new wife is the one who inadvertently turned me onto the Red Pill by resisting my blue pill tendencies. She takes care of aALL my needs and plans to keep me alive for a long time.

I'm alpha to one woman (or she's willing to pretend I am). That's enough for me. We've got about thirty years left to us and we're enjoying our life together. What more does a man need?

Anonymous said...

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Tommy Hass said...

Being an ALPHA is a strange thing. See, if your test levels rise, you automatically stop being able to accomodate women's bullshit. It's when you feel like saying "Fuck off, I don't take orders" to a guy telling you to "Clarify this." seems like the most natural thing to do.

justaguy said...

If you think at 25 that getting a high N number with "pretty" empty-headed girls in today's world is great and that is all an Alpha is, then by all means continue. By some definitions, that is one type of an alpha. I submit that it is a temporary phase of being a jerk and by 35 you are washed up. Being an alpha takes self-control and those who think long-term will stay an alpha and will have built something. Again, if only a small percentage of the male population is an Alpha, and Deltas are the normal, average, what really distinguishes Alpha from the pack? Game, being a big prick, or being above the rest? In today's world is a high N number before 30 even a way to be above the rest? At 35 does the past matter?

I'm not advocating ignoring the red pill, it needs to be taken, reality acknowledged, and new strategies for living developed. It is just that there is a bunch of BS included in too much of the red pill area and somehow people think that red pill and alphas is all about N count in a world of easy access.

SirHamster said...

Couldn't help but think of this topic when I read this headline.

"Chris Harper Mercer, Oregon Gunman, Is Recalled as a Recluse Close to His Mother"

Anonymous said...

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LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Gammas are somewhat anti beauty, they wont celebrate beauty. Could be wrong, just a vibe.

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