Friday, October 16, 2015

Delta Man: Way out of their league

I think three out of four Gammas consistently go for high ranking females, or at the very least women several ranks higher than themselves. I saw it again recently. His chance of success was zero and she was uncomfortable, immediately. He walked by a couple of girls who he would have had a much better chance just talking to, but he had to go straight to the eight.

Gammas see themselves as secret kings that if it wasn’t for the Dudebros and Jerks could easily land that “eight”. You see, those assholes “cheat”, by using something called “game”, and only losers do that. A Gamma will constantly tell the lie that no woman wants a jerk. Then comes the reality freight train in which those Dudebros land woman after woman, while the Gamma-King has an empty court. What is possible for this outrage against the true heir? Turning to his Delusion Bubble the lies have to go deeper, and bigger. The Gamma’s “game” is trying to be nicer, and really talk to the woman, and do whatever she says because that’s what a woman wants. Right? But they don’t want the Gamma… life is so confusing…

The Dudebros are only half of the problem, the other half is the Gamma himself. As king, he deserves a princess, not a mere courtier let alone the chamber maid who might actually be interested in him. If he were to ask that dumpy, simple, chambermaid out and she turned him down then the reality freight train would have ran him over, backed up, and ran him over again. He would have to confront the fact that on a scale of one to ten, he ranks a three or less all of the time. He’s not a king at all, but rather a pretend claimant of the throne! Impossible! He might actually have to do what men have done for ages which is go and earn it through competition and certainly that is no undertaking for such as king as him.


Student in Blue said...

Very well described. Something not covered (possibly because it's a separate topic) is just how much of the Delusion Bubble is a rejection of the Dudebros, and how much of it is what the Gamma *wants* to be true?

I'm unsure, but it appears to me that at least part of the delusion comes from the at-odds-with-reality feminist programming. That everyone is the equal, women are fundamentally the same as men, etc. It's a thing where if you're not familiar with any process, be it in way of thinking or something else, your brain *fills in* what you don't know. So men unfamiliar with women assume they'd react the way a man does, humans unfamiliar with dogs treat them as little humans, and so forth and so on.

Only by hammering home the point that women are different, think differently, and value different things, do we finally start to approach the truth and burst the Delusion Bubble.

Unknown said...

Not sure. As a (hopefully former) Gamma, I would say that evaluation is correct in a relative sense. I.e., if I put royalty at ten and average at five, I'd put 'womankind' at 10+, myself at -1, and 'Dudebros' at -∞. Which didn't stop me from skipping right past the ones I had a chance at for the most part, but I never considered that I deserved a princess. Rather, I considered those other guys actively harmful toward princesses, and myself the lesser evil.

Still a snotty and despicable attitude to take about men you don't even know. But unless I have underestimated my slot in the hierarchy, or am some manner of snowflake, 'king who is not getting his just deserts' conveys a wildly inaccurate sense of entitlement.

Rek. said...

I'd put 'womankind' at 10+, myself at -1

This sounds mor elike delta minus. No woman wants to get with me is symptomatic of delta. Gammas are quite sure that any woman if she were to know him well enough would want to be with him.

Delta: sadness regarding accepted low value vs. Gamma: Incomprehension as to why his self-preceived high value is not recognized by women.

Sokrates said...

What women want is masculinity. In the end it all comes up to sex. Man want it and women want it - the apporach is different, but it is an Illusion of the gammas to think they are the kings for the real princesses. Not understanding reality belongs to the worst things of course. A gamma has to change by himself by getting the balls he will need to get of high social status. Work out, boost your level of testosterone - that is the key.


Student in Blue said...

Rek, you're forgetting pedastalization.

The delusion of Gammas means that they think of themselves like an 8 out of 10 (but my twu wuv soul mate will look past my very minor flaws!!1), but they think of all other men to be below that. If they're not below it in looks and demeanor and real tangible results, they obviously have a hidden defect somewhere according to the Gamma mind.

Generally the Gammas I run into know they have flaws and flaws exist, BUT the delusion is that flaws just don't matter if there's loooooove. It's also just not thought about and buried deep inside. Gammas dive into their depression when their flaws stare them in the face. said...

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Tommy Hass said...

Since when is approaching women outta your league Gamma or bad?

MichaelJMaier said...

@Tommy Hass:

Because the Gammas are not really approaching. They know they have zero chance and that's their pre-existing excuse for failure. They already know they'll never even have a chance where they have to follow through.

Verne said...

@Tommy Hass approaching 9s when you are a 5 is not a bad thing. Not if you have just a bit of ability to read a girls reaction to you. Approach all who you have any atraction to, maybe even if you don't. But concentrate on those giving the best feed back. If you're a 5 be realistic. Hitting on a 9 is about like playing the lottery. Give it a go but don't base your retirement on it.

Verne said...

@Tommy Hass approaching 9s when you are a 5 is not a bad thing. Not if you have just a bit of ability to read a girls reaction to you. Approach all who you have any atraction to, maybe even if you don't. But concentrate on those giving the best feed back. If you're a 5 be realistic. Hitting on a 9 is about like playing the lottery. Give it a go but don't base your retirement on it.

Aeoli Pera said...

Speaking in defense of Gammas, a female 3 is not what it used to be. In the US 2 in three women are overweight and 1 in three are obese, so if we're talking bell curves a female 3 is grossly overweight.

Aeoli Pera said...

This may even be one reason low-status men are becoming so distasteful to their betters today: there is a great deal more competition for the small segment of women who can reasonably be considered fertile.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

The keys to the kingdom must be denied to gammatudes, white knights and omegas. There is no reforming or changing most men, its their path not a womans to intervene upon. The keys must go to the christian man of proper race, creed and men with (semi to stability) honed leadership skillz post exchange of vows.

DudeBro or the Best Bro tag along is a bit of a problem. To help Bro leave me alone I send them a woman or two. Within a month or so both or one lady reports back with the chemistry, repulsion and a serious personality disconnect beyond chemistry, meaning the man was undate-able.

This is surprising to me as I usually side with men over (feminists/airheads) women.

Unknown said...

Gammas see themselves as secret kings that if it wasn’t for the Dudebros and Jerks could easily land that “eight”. You see, those assholes “cheat” Super hit.
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Natalie said...

@Aeoli Pera - do men outside of the manosphere even really want a fertile wife? I mean, are the specifically wanting kids? The impression I get is the the secular/anti-civ world increasingly doesn't have time for kids (except for maybe a token baby which you can import if you have the funds). For instance, I settled with the OB I have now because he's a Christian with a large family. When I tell him that having kids is important to us he believes me and doesn't just brush me off because 1-2 should be enough for anyone.

Aeoli Pera said...

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Any man who is concerned with a girl's appearance is concerned with how fertile she is. My sexual appetites may deceive my rational mind, but I can tell what they're up to by how they consistently act. A man may not want a baby but it is an act of will to wear a condom.

Unknown said...

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Ben Cohen said...

I assume I'm an Omega and actively follow the advice here so hopefully I'm not a Gamma. If I can only attract obese woman then so be it. Having tried selling in the past if you don't sell you don't make commission. You can't argue with the market, period.

Being a personal f-up Omega that doesn't screw with other people, is wrestling with personal demons and is trying to get his life together is much more preferable than being someone that is delusional, annoying, and thinks he's the king. From game of thrones: any man that must say he is the king is no king.

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