Friday, September 11, 2015

Monsters without conscience

Needless to say, any woman who has had an abortion is right out as far as relationships are concerned. If she doesn't regret murdering her own child, you can be certain that she won't regret blowing up her marriage at any point either:
Despite the concern for what the pope calls an “agonizing and painful decision,” research shows that a vast majority of women who terminate pregnancies in the United States don’t actually feel bad about it. In surveys, nearly all say it was the right thing to do, and positive feelings of relief or happiness outweigh negative feelings of regret or guilt for more than nine in 10 women, even years after the procedure.
Don't get me wrong. Not all women are monsters without conscience. But 90 percent of those who have had abortions are.


szook said...
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szook said...

So what that poll is really saying is that they are both murderers and liars....

Anchorman said...

I married my ex when I was an atheist and, though I opposed abortion, I rationalized her abortion in her college years. I figured, "It's the past. We're married and she won't abort my kid."

She didn't, but there's no escaping the callous left on the soul when a mother kills her child. She remains unrepentant to this day. A good Catholic woman of the church who helps out around the church and got consoling pats on the hand as she frivorced the monster, me. She takes communion when she goes to church - the woman who justifies her abortion and pushed the divorce. She wipes her mouth and says she has done nothing wrong. Worse, the Church doesn't stop her from taking communion.

If they are heartless enough to kill their children and rationalize it, they will rationalize and lie throughout relationships and throughout divorce proceedings.

Abortion is a GIANT, flashing, red light. If a woman supports it, keep one foot out the door. If she's had one, walk out the door.

Crowhill said...

I suspect this has changed over time. Decades of propaganda have conditioned women to suppress their natural revulsion against killing their baby. But your point stands: you really shouldn't trust someone who has so successfully repressed such a natural part of who they are.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

How utterly repugnant. Evil.

Happy Housewife said...

They'll tell surveyors and the world that they don't feel bad, but pregnancy changes you. Who knows what kind of whispers flutter through their sociopathic brains at night.

SQT said...

I had a friend during my college years (we had been best friends in high school) who had 3 abortions that I know about. She never showed a shred of remorse. The first one essentially killed the friendship because she was so blasé about it. She's a total sociopath as far as I'm concerned. Of course she ended up as a dog trainer and animal rights activist. :/

Anonymous said...

I would surmise that the same mechanism that allows women to breed with, serve, and even love the warriors that murder their husbands, brothers, and sons, is the same that allows them to "move on" from these decisions.

Anonymous said...

I think this is an excellent way to eliminate pedestals. If I ran the numbers correctly, if you multiply the chance of a woman having an abortion during her lifetime by this number you find that something like 40% of all the menopausal women you see walking around are happy that they murdered one or more of their unborn children.

If a man's pedestal for women can take that hit and not topple, he's a hopeless case.

David said...

Apparently there's a lot that's stronger than a mother's love. Like taking out the trash and collecting baseball cards.

Mom said...

Not sure I understand. Does this mean they don't need to be repentant? Or if they repent in November it won't work? The Bible is clear that if we truly repent we are forgiven--the end.
Also, I'm a little skeptical about the happiness part. It's true women are becoming more militants about abortion, but I wonder how many are using anti-depressants and other medication to help them be "happy".

hank.jim said...

Abortion will likely make the women infertile. This happened to a distant relative on my wife's side. Her cousin's wife aborted their child when they were young. Ten years later, she tries again with numerous expensive fertility treatments. Nothing worked. She suffered much in recently years. The cousin and wife are still together, but she is testing for breast cancer. Is this karma?

John Williams said...

Whoopi Goldberg has claimed to be proud to have had an abortion. Now there's an evil person, but that's what it's become, a rite of passage for a feminist.

Unknown said...

Women will go with whatever the tribe or the group leader of the cool kids say. Almost to a fault with all of them. It is your job to break one and mold one like you would a small child or a horse. Why do men continue to forget this? As always this country never gets better until you disenfranchised women.

Jason said...

Yeah I noticed this sort of report too. I mean you can maybe disagree over abortion, I get you might regard it as a necessary evil. I think this is a profoundly muddled and wrong headed position, but I can understand that, I can see the little bit of feelz based logic too it.

But to say that these women don't care and that they are glad they did it, that speaks to such a profound moral evil in the heart of such a person.

I suspect the survey numbers are a lie though and consist of only surveying post abortive women who are pro-abort. J. Budziszewski had an interesting observation about people who do great evil but refuse to repent of it. They seek to confess their evil to everyone compulsively, but because they refuse to do the necessary step of repenting it is a twisted sort of confession that becomes advocacy.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

For those people seeking the love of a traditional girl in a country like Russia, just know that Russian girls have a very high probability of having had an abortion.
I saw a documentary when a 16 year old was having her third abortion. The nurses tried to convince her to go on the pill but her parents wouldn't let her and her boyfriend refused to wear condoms.
Look it up for yourselves, but Russia is a horrible place as far as the number of abortions is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Russia? How do you think China enforced their 1 child policy? I know a woman from there that claims she doesn't even remember how many she has had.

Terrific said...

It was in coming to the realization that EVERY woman who has ever had an abortion WILLINGLY CHOSE to end the life of HER BABY, that really and truly knocked ALL women off my pedestal.

I have been pro-life my entire life. I have picketed and counseled and campaigned against abortion. But the ONE THING we were NEVER allowed to do, was call any women who had had an abortion a MURDERER.

NEVER. It was Verbotten!!


What are you a moron? A troglodyte? Because obviously it would be far, far too traumatizing to the poor, poor woman who had HAD to make such a TERRIBLE choice.

And she had ONLY done it because WE were not effective enough at getting the WORD out to her that, the truth that that THING growing in her womb was ALIVE. That it was A BABY. She OBVIOUSLY didn't know this and we had FAILED to tell her in time.

So when she walked into that clinic she was TOTALLY ignorant of the facts. Then the EVIL men and women at the clinic (but mostly MEN!) conspired together not to tell her the TRUTH. That her baby was a PERSON!

Because we, the members of the pro-life movement, have FAILED to tell EVERYONE that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life, as many as THIRTY MILLION WOMEN have had one or more abortions in TOTAL IGNORANCE of the crime against humanity they were committing.

But NOW. . .now we must FORGIVE HER and EVERY ONE OF HER SISTERS, whether any of them show repentance or not. And we must NEVER, EVER remind her that she IS a murderer.

Even though the LOGIC is UNASSAILABLE, is it too pedantic to spell it out? To bad. Here goes:

Premise One: Abortion is the taking of an innocent human life.
Premise Two: Taking an innocent human life is murder.
Premise Three: A person who willingly gets an abortion has committed murder.
Conclusion: A person who commits a murder is a murderer.

But oh, how that hamster can SPIN the wheel! Especially if REINFORCEMENTS from the CHURCH are there to help spin it.

And now we even have the POPE doing his part to keep that wheel spinning!

And why must we keep the wheel spinning? To protect the WOMAN.

From what?


That's all. BAD FEELS. Nothing more.

And in answer to the above; Yes, I think the high abortion rate does contribute to the flood of anti-depressant use in America. When they sleep they can hear the squeaking of the wheel as it spins. . .and they know WHY it's spinning.

Bob Loblaw said...

For those people seeking the love of a traditional girl in a country like Russia, just know that Russian girls have a very high probability of having had an abortion.

I don't know what the number is today, but in the late '90s the average (average!) number of abortions for Russian women was 9.

David said...

"I don't know what the number is today, but in the late '90s the average (average!) number of abortions for Russian women was 9."

I guess its possible that women have to be told not to murder their kids. You'd think the connection would be obvious and not need explaining to them, but evidently they can kill their kids and not feel a trace of guilt. Disturbing is an understatement.

Unknown said...

David, you'll have to find hard proof for that wild assertion. 9 abortions per woman? That's not even a real number.

David said...

Not my assertion, mate. I dont know if its that or not.

Unknown said...

You're right that was meant for Eric. I find it almost impossible to reply/link on this forum

Anonymous said...

Dalrock mentioned this article back on August 7th:

"95% of women who murder their unborn children (and have them sold for parts) feel good about having done so! This is what we should be calling out far and wide. Not only does this call out the profound ugliness of abortion, it will pierce the heretofore shameless. Women very often appear impervious to shame, but in reality they are terrified of being called out."

The death of so many children...I feel sad for the unborn, but I also wrestle with the sense that it might be for the best. After all, will not the gene pool be stronger if the child-murdering genes of such women are removed? The religious will truly inherit the earth.

Unknown said...

I'd assume many of these women are whistling past the graveyard. We know better than to ask women how they really feel about something important and take their word for it, right? It's not like it's unusual for someone who has committed a grave sin to rationalize it and claim (even to himself) that he had good reasons or his act was an exception to the rule. This looks like a prime example of that. If a woman admits to any doubt about her abortion, she has to face some pretty heavy stuff about herself. So she buries it under a big pile of denial and claims it was awesome, which leads to the kind of mental problems documented in women who have had abortions.

We also have the evidence of women who did face what they did and repent -- often after years of claiming they were fine with their abortions. After the fact, they'll admit it was eating at them all along; but up until the day they repented, they would have answered this poll with a big smile.

So I think many are liars of the in-denial version. That doesn't mean they aren't monsters. I think those women who repented would be the first to say that they were monsters when they killed their own babies and called it good. Also, if you've ever dealt with someone who's maintained that level of denial for years, "monster" is a pretty good word for it, because they become very good at building and demanding their own reality.

APL said...

One of the reasons for mass immigration often put forward is the declining population of the West. In the UK the figures for abortion since the '67 'liberalisation' of abortion is 5,000,000 and that was government figures sometime ago.

There is a good chance that without abortion on demand, the population of the UK would have been reasonably stable without mass immigration.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

First, if women don't like children that is a crimson flag of RUN. pro-choice women would naturally make pro life men walk away.

Anonymous said...

If there's any silver lining, it's that in the U.S., few white women have abortions, and they're mainly unmarried sluts.

But yeah... if a girl even talks about killing an unborn baby, let alone actually does it, she's damaged goods, to put it nicely.

Rob said...

"Not sure I understand. Does this mean they don't need to be repentant? Or if they repent in November it won't work? The Bible is clear that if we truly repent we are forgiven--the end."

No, they still need to be repentant.

Forgiveness of sins in Christianity for you...

The authority to forgive sins is found in John 20:23, where Jesus gives his Apostles the authority to forgive sins.

Thank you, Almighty God for doing that! Without giving them that power, all we can do is be very very sorry, and then hope that God forgives us. Thanks to Jesus now we KNOW our sins are forgiven because we hear the priest (in persona Christi) say the words of absolution. If leadership of whatever Church you attend cannot show that such authority has been passed down to them from the time of the Apostles, then you are in serious risk, and are probably committing the sin of presuming God's Mercy.

For Confession to be valid, the priest must have the faculties/permission from his Bishop (The Successor of the Apostle) to administer it.

Right now, in America, all Dioceses except for Lincoln, Nebraska, the priests have the faculties to absolve the sin of abortion and the lift the Excommunication that happens automatically when an abortion is performed. It doesn't matter if you're the one doing it, or the one getting it, or the one paying for it, or the one encouraging it, or the one driving the woman to the abortion mill, if it happens, and you have a hand in it, you have sinned, and you are excommunicated.

Abortion is that serious.

In Lincoln Nebraska the local Bishop has ordered his priests to send him the women who have had abortions, because he has chosen to absolve them himself, that is his prerogative as Bishop.

If he wanted to, he could remove the faculties for all of his priests to her confessions, and just hear confessions for 18+ hours a day every day.

What Pope Francis has done, being the Supreme Head of the Church, has granted the faculties for ALL priests worldwide to forgive abortion and lift the excommunication from that sin. This will also apply to members of SSPX, a break-away Catholic group, who can administer the Sacraments, but when they do it is "valid but not licit", meaning, the Sacrament happens, but they don't have permission to perform such a sacrament, leaving them with no canonical status in the Church, and as such, they are committing the sin of serious disobedience to the Church.

If a woman has had an abortion, starting on the new Liturgical Year, Advent, and for the entire upcoming Liturgical Year, she may go to SSPX priest, or any other priest to have the excommunication lifted, and receive absolution.

Stephen J. said...

I don't know that I'd go with the 90% monsters idea -- for starters, the number of women who are browbeaten into it by their don't-wannabe-baby-daddies, whether by explicit threat of force or abandonment or emotional manipulation, is probably higher than 10%. And like Cail Corishev above, what you regret and what you'll admit to regretting are very often two different things. (It is only possible for Hell to exist as a state of being at all because it seems exceedingly likely at least some people simply will not repent of their actions, or admit they even might have been wrong.)

The thing is you don't have to be a monster to do a monstrous thing. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" requires recognizing that difference.

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