Friday, August 21, 2015

Game: the supporting evidence

At this point, it's hardly necessary, but this should suffice to prove, once more, that men don't give a damn about their prospective mate's earning potential:
She may be dating £100,000-a-week Manchester United star Morgan Schneiderlin. But 21-year-old Camille Sold is happy to go out and earn her own crust - making £10-an-hour as a shop girl at an Adidas store in Manchester city centre.

The management and marketing student from Strasbourg, who began dating her countryman earlier this year, was pictured at work wearing a United shirt with his squad number 28 and her first name.

She earns £15,000-a-year working on the tills and the shopfloor of the store, whereas the midfielder, 25, pockets more than £5million, according to The Sun.
And yet, they are more or less equals, because he is wealthy and she is slender and attractive.


hank.jim said...

Work comes in all forms. Her real side job pays more.

Sentient Spud said...

Look at the credentials on her - said no man ever.

deti said...

"this should suffice to prove, once more, that men don't give a damn about their prospective mate's earning potential"

Indeed. Anyone having any doubt about this principle should click to the article, and pay careful attention to the photographs, which will tell you all you need to know.

Zorro said...
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Zorro said...

Men everywhere are drooling over Sheryl Sandberg's glorious resume!


SciVo said...

OT: VD's typology popped up in RSM's latest post in the form of a reference to gamma males.

Natalie said...

Just curious about the phenomena I've heard of boyfriends and husbands telling women to earn their own darn money and pay their own darn bills (ie equality) because they aren't paying their other half to stay home with the kids all day. Does this only really apply to non-pretty girls or what?

David said...


No, just to grrl-power women. If a woman makes it clear that shes not that, her chances of being well taken care of go way up.

Stephen Ward said...

@Natalie its also about having a wife who is doing something useful with her life, so doing charity work or being heavily involved with the grandkids help as well. No man wants to be married to a lazy wife.

Natalie said...

Ok just curious. I have heard a few women who decided later they wanted to stay home with the kids and who were told their husbands didn't sign up for this, but I suppose in those cases it's more often that a man who wanted to marrry the domestic type would have gone looking for one in the first place and probably not settled on a career girl.

SQT said...

@Natalie- it's a fair question. I always assumed I'd be the career type. Thankfully when my pregnancy hormones kicked in and I realized I didn't want someone else to raise my kids my husband confided to me that he always preferred to have a stay-at-home wife. We both fell victim to the modern feminist-oriented assumption that motherhood meant juggling kids and a job. Fortunately we were both happier and more comfortable with a traditional arrangement-- we just had to admit it to each other!

Anonymous said...

Problem is a woman quitting to stay at home doesn't even mean what it used to me. Taking care of the house, even with cooking from fresh ingredients any more is a 3 hour a day job thanks to modern conveniences. Men are now expected to spend more time with the kids than ever before reducing the woman's obligation on that front. Toss on divorce 2.0 where the less a woman works the more she gets and it makes plenty sense why a large chunk of males insist their wives work.

I must have pointed out to at least a dozen men by now that their wives working costs them more money than the wives make and I hear back things like "Yeah, well it gives her a purpose" or "What else is she going to do" or the most honest one "idle hands..."

MichaelJMaier said...

"Taking care of the house, even with cooking from fresh ingredients any more is a 3 hour a day job thanks to modern conveniences."

I wouldn't say that, but for a SAHM without kids, I'd certainly expect a clean house 24/7, every meal cooked, my clothes ironed, my shoes polished and sex every night. After kids, the priority becomes homeschooling but unless she has two or three kids in diapers, the above should still be doable, I think.

Is this unreasonable, folks with kids?

Anonymous said...

Serious focus on superior nutrition takes a fair amo of time/money, but needn't be prohibitive if husband & wife are on board & committed. Ditto with homeschooling added to the mix. Respect for what each brings to the whole is a salve, but understand, men, sex - especially after children - is lower priority for women (it's always lower priority). You have to lead, on all fronts, and calmly but firmly accept only submission.

It ain't easy being a man, which is why so many males mistakenly cave into feminism.

Anonymous said...

MM - I wouldn't say it's "unreasonable," but realize, you have to lead. It isn't "natural" for a woman to lead or be as interested in sex as you are. If she's really taking seriously her job as homemaker, she will be overwhelmed without your guidance/leadership. Women need to be led. Always. As you lead and support her (encourage and praise; we women are bottomless pits reassurance), she'll do better, but you still have to be in the lead. As said in above post -and men here know better than I - your job is not easy.

Unknown said...

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Kirk Parker said...

"Is this unreasonable, folks with kids? "


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Joseph Dooley said...

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