Monday, August 3, 2015

Delta Perspective: You need a bit of luck

Whatever your worldview you can call it luck, fate, or Providence you need at least a little of it in your lifetime. If you talk to any honest, financially successful person they will admit that luck played at least a small role in their success. You can’t build that multi-million dollar company if you get hit by an out of control bus on the way to your first office.

It’s easy to be fooled by fortune and attribute it to your success. This happens all of the time with stock pickers who think they have a brilliant technique for picking stocks until they don’t, and end up broke. The a good example to is to take a room full of people and have them start to flip coins and almost inevitably someone will go on a long streak of only one side coming up. They aren’t a superior coin flipper and if they went around claiming how good they are after their streak nobody would take them seriously.

How does this apply to Game? You’ll need a bit of luck. That’s all there is to it and the thought of that can be a tough pill to swallow, but once you come to terms with it you can focus on the things you can control. You can’t control that the hot girl you hit it off with phone’s battery went dead while you tried to call her and it never went through. She never got the call, and you thought she wasn’t really interested. What you can control is putting yourself in position so that the next time a girl comes along you like you have another opportunity.

This means improving yourself to coin the NFL cliché “to make the most of your opportunities.” It’s a throwaway line now, but true. Increase your game, hitting the gym when you really don’t want to go, and don't give up when you hit a tough spot. You’ll spend 90%+ of your time just preparing, but once properly prepared that 10% of luck that factors in suddenly pays off. If you don’t shave, wear wrinkled clothes, and put on 15 pounds because you were upset that she didn’t call you back and then bump in to her again, then what? Be ready, because eventually the coin will flip heads up a few times in a row and you want to be prepared.


Res Ipsa said...

Delta Man,

I've read your contributions to the blog and found them interesting. There is another site I read sometimes (mostly when Lew Rockwell links to them) and I think they are basically saying the same thing but in a different way. The folks over at Art of Manliness promote the idea of doing basic or maybe classic is a better word for it, "man stuff".

Thinking about it from my POV the things I most appreciate or notice about women is when they act/dress etc traditionally feminine. I suspect it works like that for the girls too. They are looking for a guy who appears to be a man, does man stuff, dresses like a man etc.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

You make your own luck. Exhibit the right behaviours, complete the right actions, and you'll get the right results.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

When I first started dating my now wife she never answered her phone, leading me to believe she wasn't interested. Turned out she's a person who puts her phone on silent for a 9am meeting and doesn't even look at her phone again until 9pm.
It very nearly cost me the relationship because I initially thought she wasn't interested and I wasn't going to leave a dozen missed calls and messages.
BTW this was before smart phones.

Harambe said...

You make your own luck. Exhibit the right behaviours, complete the right actions, and you'll get the right results.

Like in Skyrim!

Anonymous said...

@Laguna Beach Fogey

"Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity." Or something like that.

Luck is drawing the two aces; winning is playing a smart poker game.

Tank said...

Luck can play a role, but it's more often an excuse (if only ______ didn't happen blah blah). There's a lot to the saying: the harder I work, the luckier I get. How many times will you get lucky if you approach 3 women compared to how many times if you approach 100 women? Just "doing" rather than thinking about it is the biggest step.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

@Retrophoebia ~ Good point. In sales, a lot of what we attribute to "luck" is simply being in the right place at the right time and demonstrating the right behaviours, out of good habit and training, i.e., preparation.

luagha said...

In the beginning of MMA, there was a fight between Oleg Taktarov, a top Russian sambo player who had demonstrated the ability to take incredible punishment; and one of the Gracie brothers, who were making the miracle of groundfighting known to a wide audience. It was billed as a fight for the ages between two master ground-fighter submission wrestlers.

About thirty seconds in, the Gracie fell backwards on his butt, Taktarov followed him in, the Gracie kicked up and hit him in the chin, knockout, done.

And people accused the Gracie of 'just getting lucky' to which he responded, "It's funny. The more I train, the luckier I get!"

Anonymous said...

I think this goes back to burden of performance. Men don't often get a chance to perform in this day and age, but when we do get our chance we must perform. Luck gives you that chance to perform, but what we do with that chance is entirely up to us.

Fred Mok said...

I have enjoyed Delta Man's perspective. It's a less serrated edge than VD but cuts just as well - because of the insight and focus on practical application. There are so many ways to view luck. On one hand, it's about probability - making your own luck means giving yourself as many at-bats as possible and improving through repetition (that's why the PUA community advocates 100 approaches for newbs because regardless of female response, if you respond to feedback, your game will improve). On the other hand, luck is also an acknowledgement that positive outcomes are not fully within our control. In the end, we do not make our own fate.

John Williams said...

"I believe in fate and destination. But so much of that lies in our own hands." Sammy Hagar

Anonymous said...

BETAs who come here and/or to Heartiste with an open mind have already been blessed. And luck comes, as the others here have noted, to training and preparation.

One of my male cousins just got engaged to a landwhale. Hadn't seen him for years so I rather forgot how he acted, but last year (when I first met the landwhale as well) I was struck by how closely his High Omega behavior resembled mine until I stumbled upon Heartiste in January 2012. It was uncanny. There but for the grace of God...

MichaelJMaier said...

"Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity." Or something like that.

Heh. I was going to post that yesterday but I cannot post from work.

I would say the luck is bumping into a cutie, preferably at a time where you have a "hook" of some sort handy. Either on her or you or in the environs.

But you still have to have mentality / attitude needed to "reel her in".

Harry Berry said...

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