Friday, August 28, 2015

Delta Perspective: Being in demand

There’s no way around the fact that there are more women than men graduating college, and college educated women want college educated men. The current ratio is four women graduate for every three men.

Women aren’t looking for college educated men because the diplomas look nice in the frames above the couch, no the degree theoretically says the man has some intelligence and more importantly can earn an income. As we are rapidly finding out neither one of these things are true, but the myth is alive and well today. What’s important to take out of this is that men who can be breadwinners are still in high demand.

If you are single and wondering how you can improve your odds with women here’s the starting point:
  1. Have some sort of regular job, preferably a career which earns you at least a middle class income.
  2. Get to a healthy weight.
  3. Don’t be a Gamma.
You don’t have to be the wealthy, tall, bodybuilder Alpha for women interested in you. Having six pack abs and a lot of game will certainly help, but it isn’t necessary. There is a crisis in relationships and sex in the Western world today, but there are millions and I mean millions of women who will still love and appreciate a regular guy who can manage to accomplish the above three things. If you aren’t having any success look at the above list and figure out how to meet the minimal requirements.

If you improve beyond the above minimum then it allows you to have a larger pool of women who will be interested in you and that can mean more success, but if you go below this the pool is almost non-existent.


sysadmn said...

As the joke goes, you don't have to outrun the bear. You have to outrun your buddies.

You don't have to be the best - you have to be better than the alternatives. And women get to choose which criteria are used.

YJLAW said...

I have found this to be true, being out of a divorce and more recently, a long term relationship, as have my friends in similar situations. However, I am noticing that there is a large amount of emotional damage in many women today. Given the ending of my last LTR, I have become very aware of the red flags of borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and other diagnosable traits on the DSM5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Ed.). I don't know if it's my taste in women, where I live, etc., but I have been going out with a number of women, and being more sensitive to the red flags now, keep finding more and more women who aren't just giving little hints, but showing full on emotional damage, meaning I know the relationship is over before it's really even started. That's fine, but it really is depressing to see how easy it is to get most women, but hard to find a good one worth contemplating something longer. Last LTR was a high functioning BPD/NPD, it only all came out when she finally let the mask drop, and I realized, after some self examination and reading, and hints from her recently hired therapist, what was really going on. Not sure this is the right place to post all this. So yeah, you can find a number of women even if you aren't alpha (i'm still working on that), but it's still a jungle out there.

357Delta said...

YJLAW, you are correct about a lot of emotionally damaged women. The current state relationships hurts many people and some never fully recover. The myth is that there's some sort of "neutral ground" in which a man or woman can do what they want with their bodies, relationships, and lifestyles for a while and then just come out of it later at their choosing and be the same person.

Seeing the signs of emotionally damaged people can only be done through experience which is why I encourage men to try to date even with the potential landmines.

Anonymous said...

Yea, and the lot of them are on SSRI's

Bob said...

"The myth is that there's some sort of "neutral ground" in which a man or woman can do what they want with their bodies, relationships, and lifestyles for a while and then just come out of it later at their choosing and be the same person."

Women also think they can just "wipe clean" and reset, after every anal gangbang or "alpha" drugged up twatboy they end up in. Instead it just builds up in them. Then you've also got social media and attention whoring culture and modern feminism creating internal resentment to combat.

I've managed it, but it's very hard to find a girl who isn't roped into all that nowadays, the ones who are end up with a void inside them that can't possibly be filled, sending them batshit crazy, and that's just the average girls, discounting all the druggies and alcoholics, a huge number of those being female. (Let's not even mention the overweight ones)

Bastiat's Ghost said...

Nah they don't. Those ladies only go after the deltas that you describe after they've proverbially bang the football team and are all used up. It's the equivalent of having a car that might otherwise have an excellent external appearance but has 100k miles on it. Thank you but I'll try my luck overseas if I ever decide to turn away from MGTOW.

buzzardist said...

Yes, women are looking for breadwinners, but I have to disagree with Deltaman on two points:

1) Women with college degrees are unlikely to marry men without college degrees, even if those men are adequate breadwinners. If the man is making six figures in a non-manual labor job? The woman probably won't even care to ask about a college degree. Making $50,000 a year? She will care. Hypergamy is a real thing. Women are uncomfortable being significantly more educated than their husbands.

2) Most average men probably won't want a lot of those college-educated women anyway. N matters, and many college women have used college to find a whole lot of sexual partners. Most women come out of college with a degree in the humanities or social sciences, which won't earn them a salary significantly above not having a college degree. In addition, these women probably bring with them a lot of financial baggage in the way of loans. The women usually have delayed marriage and child-bearing until at least their late-20s or early-30s, giving them a very narrow window in which to have kids. And, as likely as not, the woman is not going to respect her husband. This is the man she'll be settling for. She's an alpha widow. She'll always be fixated in that past passion. By marrying her, he's setting himself up for cuckoldry and divorce.

Does this describe every college-educated woman? No. But it's more than enough of them that the numerical advantage Deltaman describes entirely evaporates. The number of marriageable women with college degrees is significantly lower than the number of women with college degrees...and college-educated men will snap up most of the college-educated women who haven't dragged themselves through the gutter during their college years. If a college-educated woman is to the point that she will settle for an average man without a college degree, it's probably because she's ridden the merry-go-round, been rejected more than once by college-educated men, and is now past 30 with increasingly slim dating prospects.

Deltas coming across such women should be very, very wary.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants me to succeed until I'm 35, but I desire marriage and children now. If I wait until I'm 35 to marry then I might have more options, but the chances of these options being committed to chastity are really low. At some point I gave up hoping to marry a virgin woman in the United States. It's just too easy for them to get the sex we desire, and I guess they like to feel "powerful" or some nonsense like that. That's fine, but you won't be able to find a man who's willing to stick around that way.

I also don't get how you think that being college educated somehow helps financially. It does if you get the right degree, but I still won't be able to find success until I'm 35. It's better for me, I think, than it is for others because I started working right out of high school instead of making a bee-line for college. However, it has spoiled my desire to go to college. College isn't fun, it's boring, and all the pre-reqs I've taken/am taking are mindless drivel. I honestly can't wait till I'm in my last two years where all the actual learning starts.

I know it's not worth complaining about because literally no one else cares, but it doesn't change my feelings or decisions on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Deltas coming across such women should be very, very wary.

Avoiding non-crazy, relatively undamaged women is considerably harder than avoiding fat chicks. At least you can tell a fat chick on sight. To get a decent-weight sane woman, being at least high Delta is pretty much required, since the competition will be fierce and they won't be lacking for potential boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

"At least you can tell a fat chick on sight. " Right, and to discern the "non-crazy, relatively undamaged" women takes some insight. Most red pill dudes arrived to the sphere after (forcefully) not having a good bit of experience knowing the red flags because we believed in a different reality and were misled about their inscrutable nature's. Where's that laundry list that was on Reddit awhile ago...slut tells and BPD tells...

Ron said...


A lot of people care. But we are all also involved in our own concerns. Find a group of men doing some goal you identify with and help them achieve their goal in a way they recognize as beneficial.

Unknown said...

@VD Do you think there's any thing sigmas should do similar to how gammas should work towards deltahood? One of the downsides of being a sigma is there are some problems with things like responsibility and reliability. Since it's sigmas tend to prefer LTRs, and women want a solid reliable man for relationships (especially as they get older), it seems like this might a point of improvement for sigmas. I know my wife would love it if I was just a bit more responsible and a bit less of a slacker metalhead. Coming up on my mid 30, it seems like being a bit more delta/beta/alpha could be a good thing. Obviously responsibility would only one thing, but do you think we should aspire to some other real

Unknown said...

Sorry, hit publish too soon. I meant to say "aspire to some other rank."

Anyway, there are upsides and downsides to being sigma. Game comes pretty naturally, but the practical issues like lawn maintenance, finances, etc, can be a real problem for us.

So yeah, just something I was thinking about.

Harry Berry said...

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Anonymous said...

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