Sunday, August 9, 2015

A hero for men

You may not like Roosh. You may not approve of him. You may not agree with him about much. But the next time you bite your tongue because you are afraid of saying something that a woman or an SJW might look at you funny for saying, or perhaps even confront you and call you a name, remember that this is a man who was denounced, falsely accused, publicly unwelcomed by the mayor of Montreal, protested, and physically attacked, and he still stood up and spoke for his beliefs concerning the interests of men.

Before you dismiss Roosh for one reason or another, ask yourself 'what am I doing? Why is evil not objecting to my presence? Why are the SJWs not seeking to silence and discredit me?'

Roosh is so dangerous to the SJW cause, and is so effective in exploding their attempts to control the very thoughts and behavior of men, that they actually tried to play the "we'll totally be your friend if only you'll denounce him" game with me!

That should be sufficient to convince anyone who supports freedom of speech and freedom of thought to stand up for the man, regardless of any reservations you might have about pickup artistry or neomasculinity. After all, he's standing up for you.


j-dub said...

Yes he is. I've always been a big supporter of Roosh by way of introducing blue pillers both to the web site he owns and to the simple fact that he exists. The manosphere is plenty big enough for both MGTOW and neomasculinity and many other semi-competing ideas all at once. As long as the idea of men mattering in society is pushed, I care not in the direction of the pushing. It is up for each individual man to decide which philosophy or partial philosophies to employ. The more options, the better. As a MGTOW, I would love to attend a forum if he is ever in the southeast US. Congratulations to Roosh for fighting the contemporary subjugation of masculinity and thanks for spreading the word VD

Bastiat's Ghost said...

I still think neomasculinity is a load of crap but I always cheer things like this on.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Well done, Roosh! Looking forward to your West Coast tour.

'what am I doing? Why is evil not objecting to my presence? Why are the SJWs not seeking to silence and discredit me?'

God knows I'm trying.

Trust said...

Roosh doesn't preach morality, he preaches what works. If flowers and courtship won woman's favor, he'd teach that

The modern church has done more to further the myth that a woman's tingle is virtue than Roosh (or Roissy or the manosphere). Listen to any sermon on submission. A pastor will meekly utter the verse, to the glares of women in th congregation. Then he will suddenly preach with more authority, asserting that "the first submission is the husband to God, and a wife is under no command to submit if the husband hasn't submitted." How do wives know? Her feelings. Basically, if she doesn't tingle, he hasn't submitted, and she has no responsibilities and its all his fault. The church doesn't even realize that, all the while superficially seeming anti-feminist, they have advocated making Christian marriage dependent on.... not on God, not on scripture, not on truth... but dependent on the wife's tingle. No one would ever say with a straight face that a wife's morality is based on her ability to give her husband erections, but they don't blink at preaching the Tingle Rule.... which is why the serpent knew it was better to corrupt Eve than Adam, and that Adam would follow, despite God himself counseling them both otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@ Trust: which is why the serpent knew it was better to corrupt Eve than Adam, and that Adam would follow, despite God himself counseling them both otherwise.

Indeed. And Adam ate. The congregation-wide felt female "tingles" if a man in the pulpit unabashedly preached the Word on authentic male leadership would be phenomenal.

Puzzle Privateer said...

Well I don't mean to brag, but the SPLC has featured some of my work:

(The magazine cover that is.)

MichaelJMaier said...

Good to hear Roosh close with "God bless everyone". God speed him to Him. A reformed sinner with his bravery and tenacity would be a boon to Christian masculinity. (Bet he'd have Churchian bitches getting damp everywhere he went, too.)

Mindstorm said...

In spite of whatever you might say I don't owe him anything. An enemy of my enemy is not my ally by default.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The Churchians and Tradcucks may be butthurt over it, but it's fun to note that men like Roosh (and Heartiste, Vox, et al.) have probably done more to enable young men to acquire and maintain relationships with women than all the priests, pastors, and religious hucksters combined.

ray said...

Roosh. Is. A. Doosh.

Yes yes I know, you scamps get together behind scenes and plan your Grand Strategy, and the knighting of Roosh is a central plank in the platform. I don't like your platform.

After the MM had been going pretty strong for a decade or a decade-and-a-half, along came the PUAs and GameBoys in the mid-oughts to open workshop-franchises, and to explain to us how they invented the MM . . . how their hackneyed Alpha/Beta theories were the Answer to the annihilation of western masculinity and fatherhood. They ignored or demeaned the men who had built the MM over prior decades, while crowing to their Millennial audience about how they had 'invented the manosphere'. That's like visiting the Empire State Building in 1980, calling it the Roosh 'n Rossy Towers, and holding a press conference to explain how you built it. :O)

ROK is a pretty good general men's mag, but suffers from secular arrogance and naivete. Last I heard your Hero, the Great Roosh, had not embraced the name nor example of Christ. And why should he? He and his Bang The World philosophy was approved not only by the pathetic pagans, but by 'Christians' who know better, yet want their Chosen Buddy to be the Voice of Masculinity in the western world. Not the voice that Christ wants, not the voice that Father wants, but the voice that Vox Day, Helen Smith, and the clique have chosen unto themselves. Then you arrange some Oppressed Roosh Theatre and expect his crowning by Your Minions. Well I'm not one of Your Minions. You people cannot be serious.

Your Hero Roosh has no foundation in King Jeshua, no anointing from Father, no association with the saints. He can't tolerate criticism of his Philosophy de la Roosh and silences anybody who points out his basic errors and silliness. Now he's on the Roosh World Tour, bringing great wisdom and experience at 'banging' to the huddled, ignorant masses, and here you people are, running P.R. for the whole compost heap.

Ptooey. Your arrangements are about as subtle and attractive as feminism.

Zorro said...

He also got sissy-slapped on national TV by a quack named Dr. Oz. Spare me the Patton treatment.

Senior Beta said...

Good post Vox. Roosh's message is simple and digestible for most men. Don't know why he gets the blow back about not having a Christian message. Not his schtick. Read Dalrock. The guy has focus. Unlike Roissy who has become the world's cheerleader for that fucking crony capitalist Trump.

Student in Blue said...

"But he's not completely sinless! You must shun him because he is not perfect! He says un-Christian things! Don't listen to him!"
-said by people who are not perfect, who are not sinless, say un-Christian things, and yet want you to listen to them.

ray said...

Christ is not a schtick, and neither is Christianity. Except to those who use Christ and Christianity for personal purposes, as cover for their own agendas. At least Roosh doesn't pretend to be Christian, like most of the fakes.

My heroes are Jesus and the OT prophets. Your hero is Roosh. So, we will see.

hank.jim said...

How did Roosh have a religious following? He isn't Christian. He doesn't have a family. No kids. He did his conversion from his previous position most recently so he couldn't have accomplished much. He is just making things up as he goes. The standards is of his own making, yet the comparison to Christianity as if Rooshism is better is just weird. There is a Christian standard in the Bible and that is despite the various churches. So the cult of Roosh is what this is. Good luck with that.

ray said...

Oh Giff. I miss you already. They never did replace you. RIP.

Trust said...

I probably didn't give good context to my post. Roosh mentioned in his video that ministers joined in trying to shut him down. What I find ironic is that the same ministers who blame him for gender conflicts are probably more culpable than Roosh.... the modern Tingle Gospel, the sermon that a woman's tingles are the barometer of a man's worth, makes men like Roosh even more successful with women.

Trust said...

I think I'm gonna copyright "Tingle Gospel."

Bob said...

The cucking to extreme:

For some reason, this is allowed on youtube…

(“Art” of naked, young white girls posing with a black man. This goes beyond “suggestive”).

Nataliya said...

Yeah. Roosh might be wrong about some stuff and is kinda crazy, but he's good when it comes to freedom of speech and fighting rape accusations. Yes. freedom of speech. His own sites might be heavily moderated, but it doesn't compare to laws restricting freedom of speech in supposedly free, democratic countries. So far, so good. But Roosh will cease to be a hero and become another enemy, if his goal is to have one type of tyranny replaced by another. I hope it's not so.

macengr said...

@Trust I believe he was referring to Canadian Ministers of Parliament, not clergy.

Trust said...


Good point. Forgot Canada called their officials that. I do still mean what I said about the Tingle Gospel helping alphas, but it was out of context.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

While I love God, daddy, Finn, my building mgmt, Putin, Chateau I love you Roosh. You have my crimson knight (well, a girl can't do much but pull red) status support. I've ignored some the media distortions and distractions from your cause, its not you, they hate you b/c they are evil trolls anyway by the power of my crimson pen I'll do some logical damage to critics, if permitted. Then again I act upon my own volition for OUR MEN. Not that they need women like me backing them, its to run the interference needed for the MEN to do their important work.

Roosh is innocent, he's done nothing wrong but tell the truth!

deadman said...

For those who are decrying Roosh in this forum.
If you'd read his more recent material (he even claimed he should start reading the Bible not too long ago); it's actually quite interesting to see how he's slowly coming (or already come) to the realization that rampant casual sex is not very meaningful or fulfilling.

Spot o' fun while it lasts, sure. Yet not exactly an endeavour that provides any sort of grand purpose or creates anything of any worth.

Granted Roosh has most likely over indulged in casual sex. Yet his recent writings indicate a lack of drive to try & 'Game' random women. Even in areas (such as east Europe) he has claimed are more amenable to 'Game'.

It seems, whether it's the foundation of a personal philosophy (Neomasculinity), these speaking engagements or the fun of trolling SJW's as they try to censor him; Roosh is maturing & looking towards endeavours that are more meaningful & are able to provide a man with genuine purpose.

Cause I'm sure you'd all agree. All men need a genuine purpose in life.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

It is the patriarchy/MRAs that require support. Roosh indeed has a good focus and purpose, we raise our glass to Roosh heroic efforts on behalf of humanity.

OT: I miss Ferd!

Weouro said...

That was a huge improvement over the Dr.Oz debacle, still not great though. He got ambushed by SJWs again. Next time he should not let his guard down till he's back sitting in his own living room. I like what he's doing and it's in some ways new territory, trying to gain the rhetorical upper hand while physically inside an SJW frame, different than arguing on the internet.

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