Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Your safety is not our problem

Frankly, I'm a little shocked that this strong independent feminist woman should expect evil straight white males to do anything except perhaps try to rape her:
I was in a window seat on the Blue Line, en route to meet friends for dinner. One teenage girl sat down next to a man in front of me; another sat beside me. They began by asking what kind of phone I had. The girl next to me patted down my pockets and, finding nothing, grabbed my coffee mug out of my hands. The girl in front put her finger in my face, getting as close as she could without touching me. They grabbed my legs. They threatened to rape me until I bled. One opened the other’s coat jacket, feigning—or not—that she had a weapon....

Trying to get the attention of other passengers, I shouted at the top of my lungs, “Leave me alone!” and “Stop touching me!” I tried to flee when the train stopped, but they boxed me in and shoved me back down into my seat. The man sitting in front of me, next to one of the girls who attacked me, never turned around. He rode the train for a few stops, while the assault was going on, and then departed. The only person to come to my defense was a petite twentysomething woman who told the girls to cut it out. The girls briefly yelled at her—which filled me with both gratitude and, on her behalf, regret—but then turned their attention back to me.

On my second attempt to escape, I took several punches but managed to shove past them. The girls chased me off the train, then back on it, then off again. The chase dragged on across two stops. I was finally able to hit the emergency button and alert the conductor. Later that day, bruised but not otherwise hurt, I identified the girls for the police.

It took a month before I rode the train by myself again. I still feel uncomfortable riding it alone at night. My dad, back in Kansas, sent me what seemed like every pepper sprayer available on Amazon. I bought myself a comically oversized pepper-spray fogger that my boyfriend calls the “criminal extinguisher.” I use earbuds more sparingly now. I rarely sit down on the train—that way I can’t be cornered.

After the incident, I felt angry at all the people on the crowded train car—there must have been 30 adults—who did nothing. When I screamed, no one tried to intervene. They didn’t hit the emergency call button. They didn’t even acknowledge that anything was happening. They just averted their eyes and let it continue.... I am still angry that no one really helped me.

Whatever, lady. Defend yourself. Your safety is not our problem. Or, you know, call the police if you like. Since people like her try to prevent us from being able to carry weapons to defend ourselves, why on Earth should we lift a finger to defend her?

I can't help but notice that she doesn't say anything about the color of her attackers. And it's telling that she's not upset with them for attacking her, she's upset because nobody protected her against them. Apparently some people are literally too stupid to learn from their experiences.


Eric Wilson said...

There is no way that is a true story. It reads like Sabrina Erdley copy.

Happy Housewife said...

Women can either serve in the military and forego assumed male protection in public or reject feminism.

Can't have it both ways, toots.

Gunnarvoncowtown von Cowtown said...

The comments on that article provide a staggering array of cognitive dissonance, psychological projection and standard SJW snark. They are literally more pathetic and defenseless than sheep. At least sheep are smart enough not to tell the sheep dog to "check his privilege" when he's defending them from the coyotes.

Elocutioner said...

"Marianne Seregi is an art director at the Washington Post Magazine."

If you can't trust an art director to accurately portray the situation then who can you trust?

Huggums said...

If I had to come up with a definition of feminism based on what feminists actually believe and do, I'd say it's an effort by women to usurp the power and authority of men without the concomitant responsibility that authority entails and without having to face the natural consequences of their words, beliefs, and actions.

Every woman still wants to be able to play the damsel card when it's convenient.

Alexander said...

Even if you could verify with footage, it would unfortunately be a case where all the white attackers hit off camera or were behind a jackhammer or something.

Sentient Spud said...

Feminism + liability = crickets

Sam said...

In the situation where the attackers are female, women are reluctant to intervene because they are afraid of being attacked themselves and men are reluctant to intervene because if the situation escalates it's is still the man who will probably go to jail. Don't expect a stranger to take that kind of risk for you.

What are the odds she wouldn't have gotten help if the attackers were male? In that situation, you almost certainly have men on the train standing up to help her (whether or not it's their responsibility). Hopefully, the story sheds some light on why female privilege in physical altercations is a problem for women, too.

Unknown said...

This is exactly how the left has been telling us for years it's supposed to go. You're supposed to walk away and let the proper authorities -- first the conductor, then the police -- handle it. If the man in front of her had stepped in, that would have escalated the situation, perhaps forcing the girl to pull the weapon she was hiding. Or perhaps the man would have been armed -- someone could have gotten hurt! What does she want, vigilantism? People taking the law into their own hands? That's just crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Vox. We all know what "teenage" is a code word for.

Having spent much of my life living in vibrant neighbourhoods and riding train lines through them, I have a basic modicum of street smarts that this woman apparently lacked. One of them is to never get involved in a fight that's not mine own. I'm certainly not going to go near violent, young girls. My focus will be on my own safety, to get away. Law enforcement can go and do their law enforcement job.

Her main complaint seems to be that nobody was white knighting for her - even though she made it out safe and alive, and the police intervened to protect her.

I would add that if I were on a train and saw someone from my own religious group being attacked, I would gladly come between her and her attackers and would give up my life if need be to help protect her.

Something tells me this "art director" would never be mistaken for such a person.

hank.jim said...

We lost civilization. Plus a good commuter system. Notice how this woman can care less about a man getting killed. That is no problem to her. It is increasingly less likely people will follow the gun laws with how people just aren't abiding by any laws.

Unknown said...

So she should be trumpeting this as an example of how well her side's non-violent approach works. No one was seriously hurt -- oh, she had to put up with the inconvenience of being mauled and threatened and scared out of her wits. But that's certainly a better alternative than someone getting killed or maimed over what was probably a cultural misunderstanding, or people getting the idea they can protect themselves better than the police can.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Feminist empowerment is now burning your bikini top. Toplessness, coming soon to a beach near you.


Anonymous said...

@Cail Corishev

Well, her approach isn't truly nonviolent. She just wants someone else to commit violence on her behalf.

The state intervened (and the state is supposed to be violent, and to delegate violence to its citizens appropriately). She is unhappy with the response of the state, yet puts the blame on private citizens.

Part of the insane nuttery of modern pacifists is that they loudly proclaim how nonviolent they are, and then want the government to do all sorts of things. I'm actually a nonviolent person - part of that means I don't vote, and generally don't tell the government how to do its job.

Res Ipsa said...

Had there been a good man on that train AND had he stepped into the conflict, he would have had to use physical violence or the threat of violence to protect the victim. Then she would have criticized him about how he over reacted and would have used the story of the incident to attempt to publicly shame men in general for being overly aggressive etc.

She wants it both ways. Ain't gonna happen. She has the world she wants.

Bodichi said...

She almost got what she wanted. She should be careful what she wishes for. This is her Utopia. Why is she unhappy?

Anchorman said...

When privileged classes collide.

Anonymous said...

@Res Ipsa

And no doubt she would have shared his ethnicity and the ethnicity of the attackers, and complained about how they were using violence to oppress someone of a less-privileged ethnic group and a less-privileged sex and how he should have found a better way (or just laid down his life and taken it).

Lying hypocrites, all of them.

Anonymous said...

OT, and I know this is a no-brainer, but I think it is hilarious and interesting how the Alpha Donald Trump is leaping over the other Republican candidates in the polls (especially by latching onto the immigration and trade issue), and how he absolutely refuses to apologize for non-PC statements to the media.

Here's my initial impression of the ranks of the other candidates, based on pics of their wives:
Beta: Cruz, Rubio, Perry
Delta: Carson, Christie, Huckabee, Jindal, Santorum, Walker
Gamma: Jeb Bush, Graham

Sociosexuality in action...

Trust said...

I've long found it telling that feminists think we're so bad that 1 in 5 women are allegedly raped, and that it's so dire that it justifies suspension of due process, yet these same women 1) fearlessly grope and hit men, and 2) expect us to nobly sacrifice ourselves for strangers who are superior.

Anchorman said...

She almost got what she wanted.


Are you kidding?

She's now obtained "victim credibility" and, to top it off, she told her horrifying tale of having two girls be mean to her without ever telling anyone their skin color.

She's obtained super not racisss victim status!

That's a golden ticket for female writers.

thayer said...

Blue Line. Boston MTA, of course. No doubt she voted for Obama. Twice.

Double E said...

Too bad lady. The man would have intervened, but everybody told him it's NEVER ok to hit a woman.

Anonymous said...

Thayer, the author of the original article states that it took place on the DC Metro - not in Boston.

David said...


Agree with all of that, except for Lindsay Graham. Dude's a level-70 super Lambda.

Unknown said...

I have no sympathy for liberals reaping the consequences of the low-trust society they created.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all of that, except for Lindsay Graham. Dude's a level-70 super Lambda.

Yeah, I've heard about that too, but I've never heard anything substantive. In addition, I've noticed that Gamma and Lambda traits have a disturbing amount of overlap.

Forgot Rand Paul... definitely Beta.

liberranter said...

I was in a window seat on the Blue Line....

The D.C.Metro. OK, I now have a complete picture of this bitchtardette:

1. White
2. Late 20-something/early 30-something
3. College Liberal Arts Major
4. "Works" for some (probably unconstitutional) federal agency
5. Liberal, loves Barack Obama and his socialist government
6. Lives in a Maryland or Northern Virginia bedroom suburb where she can avoid people from the racial/ethnic/socioeconomic group that attacked her (but of course loudly condemns others who admit openly to doing the same).
7. Hates guns and fully supports their prohibition inside the Capitol Beltway
8. Is so clueless and so lacking in self-awareness that even after living in the Capitol region for probably several years (how long did it take you to realize that you ain't in Kansas anymore, toots?), she STILL doesn't realize that the apathy that met her cries for help are THE NORM for that city. Sheeeeeeeesh! Which leads to ...
9. Thinks she's a speshul snowflake princess entitled to random men's protection while not being responsible for providing any of it herself, for herself.

Folks, having been a prisoner of the NCR (National Capitol Region) for 17 long, horrifying years, I can attest that the place is INFESTED with creatures like our helpless bitchtardette. The only way to avoid them and their toxic attitude is to move the hell out that cursed region as soon as you can (which I did, never once looking back).

liberranter said...

AmyJ said...
Women can either serve in the military and forego assumed male protection in public or reject feminism.

Can't have it both ways, toots.


HickoryHammer said...

Low trust society, created by the liberal tools of new york city, who are subsequently victimized and destroyed by it. Sounds about right to me. Alpha bucks and no betas around to give a fuck.

Building Magic said...


Marianne Seregi:



Matthew said...

Wow. That's actually bangable.

Unknown said...

I'm suspicious of anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who lists storytelling as one of their skills.

kh123 said...

"...Lives in a Maryland or Northern Virginia bedroom suburb where she can avoid people from the racial/ethnic/socioeconomic group that attacked her (but of course loudly condemns others who admit openly to doing the same)."

This with #4 can't be stressed enough.

Given the pillar-of-salt advice at the end, there's a reason why VD regular Carolus/Gen.Kong would call it "Sodom-on-Potomac."

kh123 said...

...How does that line in Private Ryan go again?

"Don't shoot. Let em burn."

Dexter said...

Gun-hating, white-male-hating, diversity-loving, Obama-loving journalist. Yeah, I'm really going to take a punch for her. Or hey, I should draw my evil concealed weapon, get arrested and charged, and become the next Zimmerman / Bernie Goetz racist vigilante for her. FORGET IT. You're on your own, toots.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Paul and Rubio have very attractive wives. Paul I'd place as very high beta. He is hated just as much as Trump is and never apologizes either.

Mr.MantraMan said...

Maybe a fake article written by a SJW attention whore, but Kevin Sutherland D party activist and all around SJW androgynous humanoid was stabbed on a DC train recently and a trainload of sheeple watched the assault and murder and did absolutely nothing.

This is just me if I know you are a SJW in a situation like this, you are on your own.

Jew613 said...

Johnthefaster, I would sum the bikini article up as "I want male sexual attention but don't want any responsibility"

hank.jim said...

You notice in the story that the offenders are teenage girls. One thing you don't do is get in the way of a fighting girls. They are vicious and they don't fight fair. The adult women should be more aware of her situation and realize a man cannot protect her is such a scenario without him getting caught up in the cat fight or false accusations of harassment or rape. She should see the aid of other adult women. Screaming doesn't work. She needs to ask for help directly with what should be done. Stop being such a helpless women. She has more options than she realized.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello all -

Yes, the Blue Line here is indeed the Washington, D.C. metro and Ms Seregi does indeed work for the Washington Post. The Post's parent company, which founded Slate, no longer owns the Post--that "honor" goes to Bezos of Amazon.com, who bailed it out as a loss-leader SJW trophy--but the Post and Slate retain a special relationship.

The utter cluelessness of Seregi here is just awe-inspiring. Consider:

1) The press, of which Seregi is an employee of one of its leading members, has been on a "rape culture" crusade for months now.

2) This crusade has included numerous completely fabricated allegations aimed at Anglo-American men.

3) Any intervention in this horrible instance would have very, very likely involved at least minimal physical contact beween an intervening man, Seregi and/or the "teenagers" assaulting her.

4) Conclusion: Any man willingly stepping into this situation would be INSANE to do so. There is a very likely chance that whatever the outcome was,the man who involved himself would have ended up facing ruinous civil and criminal liability. He either would have been charged with assault/rape/attempted rape by Seregi, the "teenagers" or both.

In short, any man who involved himself in this would have ended up this week's Emmanuel Goldstein for the Washington Post and others like it, like the NY Times and Rolling Stone, which, as we and the entire world already know, are completely ready, willing and able to lie and make up stories regarding rape so long as the target is a political opponent, of whom the main opponents their actions have clearly identified is: Anglo-American men.

Marissa said...

Paul and Rubio have very attractive wives. Paul I'd place as very high beta. He is hated just as much as Trump is and never apologizes either.

Paul just kowtowed to the race traitors and baiters about the Confederate battle flag. He's a coward.

Anonymous said...

In addition to that specific issue--the very real fear of being involved in a situation where rape, one way or another, will definitely be an issue, there are also the much larger cultural contexts which have to be considered here. Even if this or that specific person on the train is not a deep thinker, people have a way of instinctively knowing which way the wind is blowing, even if they are non-political and not big fighters in the culture war. (Though, this being D.C. I would say the chances of the people on that train being more aware of the larger political and cultural picture than the average American is pretty good).

1) Race: Race is never mentioned here, but it is beyond obvious from the very-well known code language used in the Slate piece that Seregi is white or non-black and people who attacked her are black. As with the "rape culture" mania, from the fake Duke University story all the way up to Mattress Girl, the press has also been on a crusade about white violence against blacks, while as usual continuing to remain very very silent about the much more common violence of blacks against whites. Are the men on that train supposed to volunteer to be the next Zimmerman AS WELL AS the next horrible white sexual predator?

I mean, good Lord, the Post was practically the lead cheerleader on both the Zimmerman case (forget that Zimmerman is in fact Peruvian-Jewish, and clearly looks Latino, for the Post and the rest of the MSM he was white, white, white) and in the Ferguson matter. Why would any man involve himself in that? Risk that? And imagine if that man is a U.S. government employee, which, again, this being DC, is highly likely. He'd not only end up being this week's Emmanuel Goldstein, he'd also be Goldstein with out a job,and we all know he ain't getting any due process.

2) Feminism. Women are the same as men. The old ways and thoughts of men's obligations to women was just the smiley face on the oppressive patriarchy. Every one with a college degree knows that. Would Serengi expect women on the train to come to the defense of a white man in her position? Would she object on sexism grounds if a man *presumed* that she needed defending.

Shit, people, we all know the answers to these questions. They're obvious. The question is: why aren't they obvious to Seregi? I mean, yes, the Post is unreadable. That's why it had to be bailed out in a one paper town that is the capital of the most important nation on earth. I mean, my God, if a newspaper can't make it in Washington it's BAD. So, yeah, you have to assume the people that work there are as clueless as their product, but I'm still shocked.

What is the guy would have had to punch one of the "teenagers" to protect her or himself? Does she really think this white guy would come out that the good guy?

And her OWN PAPER would lead the jihad against him.

Anonymous said...

3) Community - As we all know, as Justice Kennedy has made it clear, the old American concept of liberty is dead. The new liberty is what American is all about. Kennedy wrote this wonderful summary of the new ruling class ideology in a short passage that Justice Scalia mocked as the "sweet mystery of life" passage, and it really is the key to understanding the dilemma we now face in modern America.

In the Casey opinion Kennedy wrote:

At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life…. people have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society....

Yeah, that sounds beautiful, doesn't it? But if you think about it for more than a Hallmark Card moment, what it is saying is that we are all atomized individuals with no ORGANIC OR OBLIGATORY links to one another. And that is exactly the world Seregi and her friends want, and that is the world she now lives in and now she is complaining about it because...er....because....er...because....er...because no one on that train has any organic or obligatory link to her, as she is just a perfectly free individual.

It's all going to end badly, with a lot more tears than that caused by this situation, I'll tell you that. I'd like to think she's learned an important lesson but like most SJWs she'll probably just double-down and find a way to pin entire thing on white republicans with confederate flag shirts on watching Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Paul just kowtowed to the race traitors and baiters about the Confederate battle flag. He's a coward.

@Marissa @Conscientia Republicae
He's also a squish on immigration who doesn't seem to know what stance to take and to stick with it. IOW, he feels he still has to answer to someone and still play his role in the society that others have made for him. Pretty much why I described Paul as a classic Beta rather than Alpha or Sigma.

I fixed the list. Perhaps the biggest drawback of these comments is that there is no editing tool...

Beta: Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Perry
Delta: Carson, Christie, Huckabee, Jindal, Santorum, Walker
Gamma: Jeb Bush, Graham (possibly Lambda)

liberranter said...

Paul just kowtowed to the race traitors and baiters about the Confederate battle flag. He's a coward.

Rand Paul is a duplicitous neocon fraud, just like every other member of his party. He thinks he can distinguish himself by riding on the coattails of his father, a man he betrayed and whose dirty shoe soles he is unfit to lick.

I'm very much looking forward to this douchebag's inevitable overreach and his going down in humiliating flames in this election run.

liberranter said...


Marianne Seregi:



Ok, so I got the fedgov "employee" thing wrong (well, sort of; she does, after all, "work" for the WaPo, which might as well be a federal organ). Otherwise, I think my profile was spot-on, given it's "blind" aspect. :)~

8to12 said...

Had she had a concealed carry gun (and known how to use it) how would this incident been different?

If the victim in the Sutherland murder (which she references) had been armed, how would that been different?

But no, she is almost certainly against law abiding citizens carrying guns, but then she expects those law abiding citizens to jump into a fight to defend her. A fight where they have no idea if the assailants are armed. Even if the assailants aren't armed, there's no guarantee those law abiding citizens would be a match for, much less win, against those assailants in a fair fight.

This is why I say gun restriction laws are the height of misogyny; they are the most anti-women laws in the world. They make it impossible for women to defend themselves against men, and they make it impossible for men to come to their defense without (unreasonably) risking their lives.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Party list looks more like this:

Beta: Biden
Delta: Chafee, O'Malley
Gamma: Sanders, Webb

If the GOP nominates one of its Beta candidates, it may have a (slight) chance at beating Hillary. And of course, it would be most interesting to see how Trump, the only Alpha, would do in a face-off with Hillary.

But if Jeb wins the nomination, it's a lock for Hillary. Hands down.

Anchorman said...

I think the big donors will line up behind Hillary. Women will. But men of all ethnicities simply do not like her enough to sign a check for her. If she's the nominee, the Dems will pull the same credit card scam to get her "small donations," but it won't translate to the polls.

I could be wrong. I was astonished when Obama was first elected. I couldn't believe America could vote for an obvious puppet (even more of an obvious puppet than W). But it became a "historic" election so we could gte on with all that racial healing. I was wrong.

I don't think they can capture that same "historic" push for Hillary.

The media hid Obama's radicalism and he played the smooth operator role. They will try to hide her radicalism, but no men I know think she's anything other than a soulless harpy.

Her handlers care keeping her under wraps so her numbers stay artificially inflated in the hopes of scaring competitors from the race. They hope to corner all the big donors before others woo them.

Once a legit contender enters and forces her from behind the curtain, American men will be reminded why they dislike her.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people who voted for Obama. I know Obama campaign workers. Nearly all of them said they won't repeat their last mistake, and they are now busy spouting weird fringe right wing views. This is a shift I really don't understand.

Amongst the young women (e.g. the Obama campaign workers), much of the formerly veiled racism is starting to come off. I think a lot of them felt like they proved their anti-racist bona fides by being pro-Obama. One of them just openly throws the N word around in front of me and tells racist jokes. The other still pretends to be anti-racist, but refuses to live anywhere near people not of her own race, and consistently throws her coworkers of colour under the bus. (All-female workplace - you know how women are - a distinct pattern has emerged of whom she likes and whom she hates.) This is in a government office, too!

Same thing is going on in Canada. I keep running into solid NDP devotees who have shockingly realpolitik fringe right wing views on things. Frankly, it's frustrating sometimes to find people I thought were liberals talking like a Stormfront convention, and when they're women they don't seem to have any social graces about not doing it in emabrrassing situations like in a restaurant within earshot of the staff.

I have this feeling that I'm going to be the only non-racist person left in a few years. I base my non-racism on my religion. Everyone else based it on feelings or political expediency, and once those feelings change and political expediency changes, the hatred will be out in the open and it will be very ugly.

Anonymous said...

"He thinks he can distinguish himself by riding on the coattails of his father, a man he betrayed and whose dirty shoe soles he is unfit to lick"

Don't be such a drama queen. Of course he is fit to lick his father's shoes.

little dynamo said...

You disempowered me so you could have your Homeland Security Gynogulag. Put me in chains and a cage for standing up to malevolence, b/c that malevolence was Sisterhood Sanctioned, and the truth hurts your feelings. Took the colt off my hip so that every bitchboy with a gym membership could thug anybody they figured was weak or old enough.

Gee, wish I could help you girls. But you've seen to it -- carefully and thoroughly and gleefully -- that my means to discourage the Asshole Element is not only discouraged, but criminalized. So you princesses are now going to have to deal with some REAL criminals. But hey you're empowered and always have your cell-phones set to 9-1-1. But now you have to HIRE your protectors and, despite your best efforts, they are not everywhere at every second, to keep the beesties offa you. And this is just the beginning. Good luck with that Independence and Sovereignty. I'm on vacation. Try your daddy mebbe. Oh no wait he's a coward too.

Anonymous said...

@johnthefaster - I used to know some people big in the NDP in Manitoba, and when they gained power they really thought they were going to do some great things to finally rectify the injustice done to the "first nations" folks. But just like liberals here always unable to close the black education gap, the crime gap, hell, the visits to national parts gap, they weren't able to make ANY progress. And this was like after 20 years, in total power, no opposition, not a conservative in sight.

So, I'm not surprised to hear that. It's quite sad, actually.

At least they got their Jets back, though. That's something.

Anonymous said...


The NDP types (or Obama types) are people full of hatred. For a while, their hatred has been both turned on themselves and on people who look like them.

Eventually, their hatred will end up redirected where it normally does: towards other people and towards people who look less like them.

To find people not full of hatred, you'd have to look for classical liberals, I guess.

Unknown said...

The attempts to stratify the political candidates by Alpha/beta above produce their usual ridiculous conclusion. How is Webb, a multiply decorated veteran and consistently high performer anything but alpha? How has his life performance demonstrated anything but success and leadership. Ranking men by the women they pull continues to be a ridiculous system in the world of sluts. By definition most these people have managed to get elected in a cut throat world, they are easily the top 20% of performers. The system does not have universal application and some applications are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

@Kyle Smith

First of all, he's a Democrat, which, as he's a straight white male, automatically means that he's not quite right upstairs. (Yeah, I know the Republicans have their own problems, but the Democrat Party's raison d'etre is Sticking It to the Straight White Man.)

Second, his wife is Vietnamese. White Gammas often go for nonwhite or Eastern European women because it's a way to take advantage of female hypergamy to, essentially, play the mating game on Easy mode.

Third, Gammas are actually prouder and more likely to think they're Alpha than Deltas are. Males who put themselves in leadership roles but who completely suck with women are more likely to be Gamma than Delta. It's no coincidence that in my above lists, it's the Deltas who are the unknowns, whereas the Alphas, Betas, and Gammas are always putting themselves out there.

Anonymous said...

I don't really take much of an interest in American elections anymore, but it appears to me that the only person in the running right now who is an actual American man with the capacity to be a real statesman is Webb. I hope he does well.

Anonymous said...


One of the issues we face today is that quite a few gammas are occupying positions that only alpha males should hold. Societal collapse follows, since the gamma's behaviour in leadership is inherently destructive to the people & organisation he is leading.

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