Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The inch that precedes the mile

The moment you give in to the Female Imperative, you have surrendered:
We already know that a number of red pillers (or those at the red pill apologetic center purplepilldebate) try to pay lip service to this feminine imperative. I see it time and time again, in quotes like:

"I agree with most of TRP, there's some good stuff there... I just don't know why they have to go so far into that hate stuff..."


"There's some good advice there, but it's ruined by how much hatred and anger there is..."

You know what you'll never catch me doing? Denouncing the anger, the fringe, or any of the extreme elements of The Red Pill. You know why? Because it serves absolutely no purpose but to appease the feminine imperative. And once that sneaky little bitch gets her foot in the door, that's when the race to the bottom begins.

I embrace the anger, and every single dirty fringe idea we have on here. Not because I agree with everybody, no. I embrace it because it is our strength and protection against the feminine imperative. I embrace it because tone policing and topic policing is a race to the bottom. I embrace it because either it belongs here, or we perish as a forum.

People have asked me time and time again if we can remove some of the "dirtier" elements of trp, or change the language to be more palatable to the greater reddit. I have always, and will always say: NO.

Reddit is in a race to the bottom. When they decided the first round of unsightly or distasteful subreddits needed to go, they started the countdown. The feminine imperative will never be satisfied, and will continue its work until there is nothing left. Every time reddit cuts off what they believe to be the worst 10%, a new worst 10% is created.
Protect your extremists. Defend them. Cherish them. Because they are your shock troops. They are the ones willing to attack the enemy and take the heat.

And if you're going to shoot them in the back, guess what's going to happen to you?


One Fat Oz Guy said...

The same is true of criminalizing actions based on morals. Today you judge prostitutes for their profession and seek to stamp it out.
Then you go after adulterers for their actions.
Before long you're living a country where the simplest accusation of misconduct will get someone rounded up and flogged and anyone who gets punished for a minor offense is gonna damn well make sure someone else gets punished for the same thing!
It's a slippery slope, but you only realise how far you've slid until you wake up and you no longer have presumption of innocence.
If you'd told Americans about Yes Means Yes 10 years ago you'd have been laughed at. Nobody is laughing now.

hank.jim said...

The Reddit revolt was when a female fires a female. Not sure which stand we're making in this case.

papabear said...

Yeah, as if the feelings of only one group are valid and can be expressed or vented online.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Violence works.

Building Magic said...
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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Ellen Pao was the driving force behind a no-censorship Reddit, as an Asian female, she was a very difficult target for SJWs to go after. She had a rather no nonsense approach to Reddit, which was simply to get lots and lots of traffic going, and not really care if some people complained they didn't like something on it. (They all kept using Reddit anyway.)

Now that Reddit will probably end up in the hands of some Democratic-voting geeknerd worried about impressing some social activist he hopes might be his girlfriend, I expect the purges to begin.

papabear said...

"Word on the street is that Ellen Pao was the driving force behind a no-censorship Reddit, as an Asian female, she was a very difficult target for SJWs to go after."

How do you explain the firing of the employee that caused the uproar and the deletion of some subreddits?

Mr.MantraMan said...

Never, ever allow a leftard any hint of an uncontested moral authority.

This response works wonders, "In your opinion."

Aeoli Pera said...

Protect your extremists. Defend them.

Protect your nuts. That's the first thing the bitch is gonna go for.

Ba dum tish.

HickoryHammer said...

Having proceeded 90 plus years into this experiment, it seems the wisdom of our ancient forefathers was correct. Allowing women a hand in governance can only result in a terminal death spiral.

Happy Housewife said...


She was white

Non-white > white in their eyes, no matter the situation.

papabear said...

Maybe someone with inside contacts can confirm or refute.

Anchorman said...

A couple years ago, may have been four years now that I think about it, I was fairly new to RP. I tripped on to the whole thing by following an instapundit link to VD's post discussing "game" and being Christian.

Fast forward about a year or so, I distinctly remember chiding "ray" on Dalrock for being abrasive. I was still unplugging and the Churchian ran strong. He lit into me and basically told me to get bent for the very reasons the author above mentioned.

He was not going to be "tone-policed." He was not going to be "nice" when dealing with the depravity and devastation.

It was a shot of pure testosterone.

And it got me thinking about how men do allow other men and women to deliberately de-masculinize our language.

ray, thanks for that exchange years ago.

It woke me up and I remember it when I'm out at a bar or wherever and someone tries to "tone police" men.

Manu said...

The so-called "Conservative" movement in America needs to follow this advice.

Anonymous said...

The BI piece is reporting on a Wong post that, if you read, is obviously either expressing massive in-group bias or he is a beta orbiter.

I find it utterly implausible that somebody who filed a baseless sex discrimination case against a company (if it had any merit they would have settled), and married to a homosexual con artist could ever be a pro-speech advocate.

Revelation Means Hope said...

In addition to purging the SJWs from your organization, this is another excellent point raised in the original post and the comments here:

Not only stop being the tone-police yourself of other men - in ANY group -, but take your first steps in squelching others who engage in this behavior. It's time for men to man-up. Time to take a stand for the truth. Time to let the truth speakers shine and time to shame the moderates who fire darts at people on their own side.

Time to stop the madness. Look at the left. Do they do ANYTHING to shut up the Nancy Pelosis, the Reverend Jacksons, the Al Sharptons? Nope. And they are dragging all the moderates to the left. Conservatives of today would be considered communists by JFK.

liberranter said...

Now that Reddit will probably end up in the hands of some Democratic-voting geeknerd worried about impressing some social activist he hopes might be his girlfriend, I expect the purges to begin.

Hey, if reddit wants to turn itself into another mouthpiece for libtard SJWs, with all the attendant cemnsorship, by all mens let it do so. That will only render it irrelevant and will quickly spell its death. There's still enough entrepreneurial ambition left out there that something else will take its place in very short order (how many people now use, or even remember MySpace? Yeah, that's what I thought...)

liberranter said...

Make that "censorship" and "means" (damned microscopic Smartphone keypads!).

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Nonsense, men are not hateful or angry. Weak men, women, libs, sjws and LGBT'ed interpret action, leadership and mild criticisms as anger or hate.

Clear Waters said...

The more extreme elements thank you for this wisdom. No enemies to the Right! Besides, many who are in the sphere of some acceptability today, will often move further and further right as time goes on. If you've questioned one left wing dogma, you will eventually question them all.

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