Friday, July 24, 2015

Delta Perspective: The Gamma Hunter

No, these aren’t men who want to remove Gammas from the gene pool, this refers to a set of women who specifically target and date Gammas in order to dominate a man. Gamma Hunters typically target Gammas but also the occasional weak Delta—and the latter only works if the GH has a little bit of sex appeal.

Since Gamma’s spend most of their lives alone any attention by a woman, particularly romantic attention is enthusiastically appreciated. GHs know this and so they tend to target weak, and lonely men who they think they can dominate. They are almost always leftists, feminists, and some will be SJWs, but the most common trait is the desire to control and run men’s lives. They are typically unattractive and many times obese, but what they can offer a Gamma is the desperately needed female companionship and sex. Many times the sex will be enthusiastic, bizarre, and full of fetishes which the Gamma is only too happy to participate in.

Though they love the domination they also loath the weakness of their chosen targets. The rate of infidelity will be very high since they have little respect for the men they are with and in the worst case scenario talk their men into open relationships. This is the nightmare scenario for the Gamma, in which his girlfriend or wife is involved with men of higher rank, but comes home afterwards to emotionally abuse the house husband/boyfriend. Sometimes the Gammas will play along with this charade out of pure terror of the thought of being alone again.

Every so often these relationships can last a long time; much longer than one would think as the roles becomes comfortable though abusive. The Gamma builds a new bubble to hide his eyes from what the woman is doing to him, and the woman enjoys making his life miserable. Physical abuse by the woman is certainly not out of question and the Gamma won’t hit back out of misguided chivalry and self-loathing. Most of the time the abuse is verbal, emotional, financial, and emasculating. If the GH finally moves on to another target she will leave a broken man in her wake.

So the above is a word of caution for the Gammas out there and men who are coming out of Gammahood and having a bit of success in the market. If a woman, particularly a dominating woman is suddenly interested in you, but uses emotional manipulation, demands, and sex as a weapon and tool to get her way then you likely have a Gamma Hunter stalking you. The relationship will only end in heartache and disaster in the long term unless you want to play the part of the fool until death.


YIH said...

Since Gamma’s spend most of their lives alone any attention by a woman, particularly romantic attention is enthusiastically appreciated. GHs know this and so they tend to target weak, and lonely men who they think they can dominate. They are almost always leftists, feminists, and some will be SJWs, but the most common trait is the desire to control and run men’s lives. They are typically unattractive and many times obese, but what they can offer a Gamma is the desperately needed female companionship and sex. Many times the sex will be enthusiastic, bizarre, and full of fetishes which the Gamma is only too happy to participate in.
I'll just leave this here.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Pretty much describes the relationship of my parents-in-law.

And I have to visit them over the weekend.

Unknown said...

When I was a much younger, much less assertive high school freshman I had an encounter with one of these. She was a senior and had not fully bloomed to the psychiatrist-gamma hunter she was the last time I saw her (2 years ago, about 10 years after high school).
She regaled me with her tales of pushing the boundaries of her targets/ interests and getting them to do some pretty homosexual stuff. That two-week thing finally blew up after I told her she should be the bigger man and reach out to her sister that she was quarreling with. She, the teenage relationship advice expert (literally, giving lectures at high schools re. Respect/ abuse in relationships) had a serious problem with me giving advice on her "family issues".

Prof. Spudd said...

Great post.

Had a tangle with a couple such women a few years ago. I'll add that their affection seems over-the-top and Uncanny-Valley fake somehow, which really disturbed me at the time. Another trait seems to be that they get uncomfortable rather than turned on when you DHV. Also, they'll flirt with and collect attention from other men and try to make you jealous. It also gave me experience in dumping women and, in one of the cases, shrugging off the emotionally abusive blowback that resulted.

keithtan said...

I have never seen a GH in my life. Aren't all fat unattractive women happy enough to grab any guy who has just a bit of attractiveness? All the fat unattractive women I have known usually will obsess over some men whom I thought were no big deal. The only reason why they obsess over them is that these men usually will at one point in their life, so desperate that they tried dating these land whales. With just a little attention, these women will fawn over them but because they are so ugly, the relationship (or an imagined one) will not last.
My guess is that these GHs have to possess some psychopathic tendencies in order to behave like what is described in the article.

Manu said...

I see a lot of these in the course of my job as a DJ. I know the men under them suffer, but the odd part is, some Gammas are emotional masochists. It's almost like they enjoy being degraded.

Prof. Spudd said...

My guess is that these GHs have to possess some psychopathic tendencies in order to behave like what is described in the article.

I suspect it's related to how attractive women collect orbiters, which seems to be perfectly normal female behavior. They can even feel love and affection for their orbiters... in the same way they would for their favorite dog.

In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if women who love dogs are more likely to have orbiters than those who prefer cats.

The difference is that Gamma Huntresses settle for and make a move on the only orbiter she can get at the time, or at least a man whom she thinks is an orbiter, for example, by making the mistake of giving her too much attention. It appears to work most of the time, too... it's why the grossest fat pigs out there seem to have no trouble finding some mousy quiet dude to marry if they really wanted to. Also, I suspect that many if not most low-value men are deathly afraid of dumping a woman.

Unknown said...

It's normal for a woman to be torn between trying to get an attractive man, and trying to control the man she gets. Normally, that means she hooks up with a man she's highly attracted to at first, and the attempt to control comes later when the initial excitement wears off.

The GH sounds like a woman whose desire for control is highly dominant, so she willingly hooks up with a man she doesn't find attractive from the start. There could be many reasons for that: she's hitting the Wall and getting desperate; she has an unreasonable fear of being dumped; she's been strongandindependent long enough that she tries to control everyone; etc.

I've definitely known the type, though I've never seen it defined as a type. I wouldn't say she has to be hideous and obese, but she won't be a hottie or even a plain Jane. She'll be at least a bit pudgy, fatter if she's older; but she probably had a period in her life when she could get average guys or better, and the Gamma will be able to tell himself that she'd look okay if she lost weight. A completely hideous woman probably couldn't gain the experience and confidence to become a real Hunter.

YIH is right that she'll be sexually experienced and kinky. She'll propose acts in the first week that the Gamma would never in years have had the guts to suggest, and she'll seem insatiable -- which is why the Gamma falls hard and sticks around even once his friends are trying to drag him away. He's spent most of his life involuntarily celibate, and now suddenly his dick is sore from overuse. Good luck getting him to give that up. The odds won't be good until she tires of him and stops the sex, and then he may be too broken down to run.

Prof. Spudd said...

@Cail Corishev

I know one who is a hottie in her mid-20s, but she's a bit chubby and is a single mom, with an extensive cock-carousel history. She has pretty much effed herself as far as getting a man above Delta, even though she could have easily gotten an apex Alpha or Sigma a few years ago. The little Gamma she has on her hooks is dead meat. I suppose one can't knock the free childcare and other such perks.

Unknown said...

Corvinus, yeah, that's the kind I'm thinking of. Was hot but her SMV is dropping fast, and she probably blows his mind in the sack. She'll keep banging Alphas on the side when she gets a chance, and if he doesn't dump her immediately the first time she gets caught, she'll do it more-or-less openly after that.

liberranter said...

No, these aren’t men who want to remove Gammas from the gene pool

Women like those described here will take care of that by themselves. Maybe we owe them a debt of gratitude.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

But no matter how nice or sweet they act they out how evil they are. Bitches with these personality traits are this soon cannot hold their evil in.

YJLAW said...

Beware these women, and then some. I would guess most of these women fall on the borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder spectrum and are a disaster waiting to happen for any man who falls prey to them. They're emotional vampires feeding on the weak and confused. First the Gamma will be loved, idealized, and seduced. Then they'll be clung to. Once the hooks are set, they'll be knocked off that pedestal and abandoned and hated. I suspect a great many of the post relationship suicides or homicidal acts of men out of relationships are those victimized by BPD/NPDs and just overwhelmed with confusion. These women do indeed take care of themselves, this is their defense mechanism for their broken emotional nature, usually some core trauma from childhood.

Dexter said...

Gamma plus gamma hunter...

Prof. Spudd said...

@Cail Corishev
Perhaps you could shed some more light on such women, but I'm not really sure if they actually do mess around with ALPHAs (any more), for the simple reason they are unwilling to submit to a man. Which is why they're hunting Gammas in the first place; submission would mean a loss of their prized sense of control. In fact, for purposes of messing around, I suspect they prefer to go lesbian rather than get with an ALPHA. Delta Man pointed out they're typically feminazi SJWs, and I am sure he could add lesbian to that list.

And I imagine ALPHAs would typically be unwilling to deal with them anyway.

It's an interesting question: have any ALPHAs here gotten involved with controlling women who enjoy bossing around a Gamma, even for a one-night stand, or do you only get with submissive ones?

Any woman who prefers controlling a Gamma is messed up upstairs. The male analog of a woman who willingly dominates a Gamma would be a man who willingly submits to a fattie. Unfortunately, both types seem to be increasingly common these days, which only further fuels the epidemic of fatties and Gammas.

Unknown said...

Corvinus, the ones I'm thinking of are still willing to submit to an ALPHA sexually in the moment, just not long enough for anything more. As long as the ALPHA just wants sex, that works out fine, because she'll be plenty submissive in the back seat.

Also, they have enough personality disorders that having one personality for the Gamma they put in harness, and another personality for the Bad Boys they pick up at the bar, is child's play.

Prof. Spudd said...


Thanks. That makes sense. I suppose being crazy and everything, they'd be all over the map, whether it's ALPHAs, lesbianism, polyamory, whatever. But lesbianism, even if not necessarily universal, is definitely rampant among that type.

But looking back over the past few years, as I've worked my way up from Omega, I've noticed that I definitely started attracting Huntresses first, and normal girls only later.

Steve Sky said...

Here is New York Magazine illustrating these women as something to be admired and emulated. I just don't understand that thinking, or how the husband can be so whipped.

Unknown said...

If any woman is even average looking and shows me signs that she will make me feel like a winner for a bit I'm going to take the bait. Remembering of course that I see "having a girlfriend" as a winner position. It never works, at least for me, they are rebounding or looking for "support". Unless they are enough undesired that they are also to some extent desperate, then I'm just selfish and disinterested. And ironically, its true, they like you more then.

But then there's the anti depressants, gamma crack. You will remain superman, just take these, continue your drinking and you will be king! Not sure Ive read about people having those experiences though. Huge buzz.

Played pool today was awful, not sure why, doesn't matter though just wrecked me. I'm not king, brought down to pathetic all over again. No ability to connect with anybody, I'm in prison. For the best really, keep on losing boyo!!


Mr Self Indulgent (that's a block of some kind, for myself)

Anonymous said...

I was dumped by my ex girl (well I actually dumped her after she started sabotaging the relationships).Later I learned she went for a gamma,known almost to stalk women (a thousand messages a day type of weirdo).She stayed with him some 2 months and dumped his ass.I still cant get my hear around it, neither can people in that social circle.
I did not offer her any commitment though.He calls her his ex "girlfriend" (only after a month and a half).She showed a lot of traces of manipulative behavior while I was with her.

It still does not compute in my head.

Unknown said...

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Prof. Spudd said...

Also, there's the Pill factor. The Pill makes women more interested in Gammas than they'd be otherwise.

Mooga Booga said...

I just read Vox's version of the socio-sexual hierarchy, and I'm very pleasantly surprised. He's the first PUA blogger I've run across who didn't think Alphas, simply for being Alphas, were the best thing since penicillin, or that Betas, simply for being Betas, were the most despicable creatures since Judas. In a word, he's humane. Good for him.

If anyone's curious, I'm a confirmed gamma -- or rather, I was back when I was younger and still in the game. Since then, I've let myself lapse into a comfy omegahood. I'm fit and I have fairly good (if conservative) dress sense, but I just don't bother with women anymore. Knowing what's beyond me and what I should and shouldn't expect from life has left me room to grow old without going completely bonkers.

Re: Gamma Hunters (or rather, Huntresses): Having been involved with some women who were very unhappy and controlling, I'm not sure Vox really knows what makes them tick. If they're after Gammas, it's because they're the female equivalent. They know firsthand how it feels not to be completely worthless -- in fact, to possess certain traits that are downright admirable -- but to be constantly overlooked and underrewarded. To the extent that they're based on that shared understanding, Gamma-Gamma pairings can achieve profound intimacy and empathy. What Vox describes as a desire to dominate is sometimes nothing worse than the expression of the fear of being hurt...again. And both partners may be guilty of it. As long as both Gammas are willing to stick with it and quit being so damned defensive, the relationship has a chance.

Anyway, that's what hindsight's taught me. Would that someone had tipped me off when I was young and dumb.

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