Monday, June 15, 2015


The enfattening of America hits a historic level:
The average American woman weighs 166.2 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As reddit recently pointed out, that’s almost exactly as much as the average American man weighed in the early 1960s.
That's appalling, considering that it's about 30 more pounds than I weighed when I graduated from high school despite being several inches taller than the average woman. Of course, the men aren't doing much better, as they're going 195.5 pounds, up 17.6 percent since 1960. Women are even worse, up 18.5 percent.

This is literally the fattest, softest society in human history. I can't see how that bodes well for it.


modsquad said...

Hard to type with this cheeseburger in my hand. Be back after the second course.

Unknown said...

Baby boomers.

Anonymous said...

Looked at another way, the average American has never been better prepared for a famine, which is likely to come when the current fiscal Ponzi collapses and the grocery stores are all looted and burned. Sometimes two wrongs do make a right!

Bobo #117 said...

The first thing I notice when I fly back into the US is the corpulence. Mostly the chicks. In Costa Rica, a lot of the women have big butts (and I cannot lie), but not like the amorphus blobs of goo walking around any Wal-Mart in the South. Literally earthshaking.
And let's not speak of the yoga pants done wrong...

Unknown said...

I went to Wal-Mart the other day, for the first time in over a year. It was dispiriting and blood-boiling in numerous ways; but the number of absolutely enormous women, some riding around the store in what appeared to be golf carts, was a major reason.

I watched a documentary called "Civilization," filmed in the 1960s by the BBC (it's a nice intro to the art and architecture of Western Civilization). There were several times that they used background shots of ordinary people walking through a square or on the street, and I was struck by how thin they looked. It's not that no one was overweight -- occasionally they interviewed someone who was pudgy -- but you just didn't see fat people of the sort you now see everywhere.

The difference is striking, and seems far worse even than the official numbers show.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I attended a bike-n-tattoo festival in Long Beach yesterday. There were quite a few genuine beauties--White girls as well as Latinas-- sporting ink, lots of make-up, sexy corsets and stockings, and retro 40s-50s clothing and hairstyles. Very, very pretty. Unfortunately, they were the exception. A huge [heh] percentage of the female attendees were grossly overweight. And a lot of these young women were Mexican. With huge bellies and undulating gunts. They seemed to showcase their fat as if they were proud of it. And no, this wasn't baby fat; this was Taco Bell fat.

Unknown said...

Believe me I am in agreement with the sentiments of obesity here, however as far as the men go overall height has risen by a marked amount as well. This is in addition to the general pooling of statistics like everything else of minorities with whites. The ratios of slim to fat black and Hispanic girls is now approaching 1 in 5 so it's a bit skewed if you only consider whites vs. obesity.

I'm also of a firm belief that any man under 50 that is also over 5'10" should weigh at least 200 lbs. That weight should be understood to be comprised of mostly solid muscle which unfortunately will dwindle with age. After all what is the purpose of staying the same slight build and low weight of your grandfather's era when all of the orcs are doubling him up? Men are better off a chunky 245 if they at least have some balls and former muscle memory to go with it.

As my football coach used to say to newbies "better get your weight up".

The reverse is true for women. They are far more handy and able to survive at a lower, more svelte weight. Only liberal cucks and feminazis want women to actually have to fight real battles. The gains from women would be better served on the men and I cannot fathom a single reason any female without a pituitary disorder (height above 6 feet) would EVER need to weigh more than 150. She is pure deadweight and a non producing "man-mouth" above that. While Soylent Green is cheap, she expands, but when it hits the fan she'll be an easy target and the gene pool will correct itself.

Quick aside. I am 270 and 6'1". I still fit in 36/38waist pants. I'm 36 and admit a few pounds off would be great. However, I would rather be this weight any day than 170 or so and more in line with the BMI garbage. I lift heavy things and destroy houses for a living. In a crises I would be worth my calories. No one of orcs gives my family any garbage. There is some value here and only because there is a muscular/athletic history.

On the flip side, I have routinely kidded my wife until she got the message after our two kids when she got north of 140. Never once came down on me in some equalist nonsense since she knows we are different and likes me strong. Perhaps this is reason 134 why I'm married to her.

Anonymous said...

Bobo - It's the first thing I notice as well. In 2014, I returned to the U.S. after three straight years abroad and it was just shocking. Shocking. It hits you square in the face and there is just no getting around the fact that this is a huge problem for us.

Vincent - I had the same talk with my wife after our third child. I had tried everything I could think of before resorting to that, including leading from the front in a very active way and walking the walk as well. By the end, I could tell she knew what was up and was daring me to say something. Finally, I did.

I was single less than 7 months later.

Double E said...

I'm also of a firm belief that any man under 50 that is also over 5'10" should weigh at least 200 lbs. That weight should be understood to be comprised of mostly solid muscle

You buying the steroids?

Anonymous said...


pdwalker said...

That's one thing I like about returning to North America. I feel like I've immediately lost 50 lbs. Eveyone is just so much WIDER than I am.

Mr.MantraMan said...

In a high school of 350 kids in 1980 one overweight kid and he was the son of the Greek restaurant owner and mama's boy.

RC said...

It truly is striking. My high school class had an obesity rate of <1% three decades ago. These same teens, three decades later, are often very overweight. By the time these current obese kids put on three decades, the men will all need suspenders and the women will simply wear tents. None of them will be in a position to work. If they're not living in an entitlement country, they'll simply die. Or perhaps that's the problem. The ticket to goodies is to become fat and "disabled" then suck off the government teat.

natschuster said...

I do believe that food stamps and EBT contributes significantly to the obesity epidemic. The Government gives people with limited educations the ability to buy as many boxes of ring-dins and twinkies as they want. What else to they expect? The obesity epidemic is, or course worse among poor people,

liberranter said...

Sugar, carbs (in the form of processed grains), and GMF, on top of a sedentary lifestyle.

The perfect lifestyle storm.

Anchorman said...

Government subsidizes grains, pushes a grain heavy diet (food pyramid, for decades), cuts recess in public schools, and (unrelated to eating) pushes the idea that the world is far scarier and dangerous than it ever was.

Folks pound the carbs and decide to stay in more or venture less.

I would like to see a height/weight distribution for each sex. Still, every extra pound on a smaller frame, especially one less capable of developing and maintaining muscle mass, is more unsightly than the taller frames. Could be just as unhealthy.

I look at my children and see two tales. One eats fairly healthy and is thin. The other pounds carbs (and proteins), refuses to eat vegetables or fruit, and is overweight. I can't control his diet at his mother's house and she stocks that place like she did when we were together. Junk food, quick meals the kids can make themselves because she's always so tired from work, and soda.

The oldest has a chance to thin out as he grows and a teen boy can shift weight 20 lbs in two months. I just have a heck of a time getting him to push away from the ramen, pasta, and junk food when he's away from my house. intellectually, he knows what I've been saying. He's just addicted to the carbs.

Any insight on getting through is appreciated.

ThirdMonkey said...

Ladies, it has never been easier to be in the top 10%, considering the average American female is a manatee.
1. Be thin. Thin = Feminine. Choose the squat rack over the dessert tray. More muscle will not “bulk” you up, but lifting cupcakes to your face will.
2. Be pretty. Pretty = Feminine. Skirts > pants/shorts. Don’t cut your damn hair. With rare exception, tats and piercings are vulgar.
3. Don’t be a bitch. Pleasant = Feminine. Smile. Put your smartphone down and have a conversation. You are not a princess, stop acting like one.

Anchorman said...

Related, when discussing weight, the federal government moved the goal posts in the 90s. The federal definition of "overweight, obese, etc" changed overnight and reclassifield the entire population.

Raw data (lbs) are better for discussion than government classifications, which can change for various reasons.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Double E,

I'm 5'11" and 215. 205 is probably my ideal weight. I don't take steroids, just eat red meat and deadlift.

Anonymous said...

I blame myself. I am indeed much heavier than I was back in 1960. I think I was about 7 pounds back then (on average) and am now almost 200. That's a huge increase no matter how you look at it. Sorry, America for Skewing the average so much.

Double E said...

Double E,

I'm 5'11" and 215. 205 is probably my ideal weight. I don't take steroids, just eat red meat and deadlift.

Oh i'm on board my friend, believe me. I am also 5'11 and red meat and deadlifts is why I am 165 instead of the 135 I was when I started.

But 200lbs at my current bodyfat would require an additional 35lbs of pure muscle. So like I said, I hope he's buying my steroids.

Double E said...

Double E,

I'm 5'11" and 215. 205 is probably my ideal weight. I don't take steroids, just eat red meat and deadlift.

Oh i'm on board my friend, believe me. I am also 5'11 and red meat and deadlifts is why I am 165 instead of the 135 I was when I started.

But 200lbs at my current bodyfat would require an additional 35lbs of pure muscle. So like I said, I hope he's buying my steroids.

Mr. Bee said...

I expect that in 5 to 10 years from now research will show that the obesity epidemic was entirely founded upon the abolitionists banning of smoking. 40 years ago, the majority smoked and instead of picking up a snack of HOHOs or a white chocolate moche latte with whipped cream you lit up a no calorie Lucky, which killed your appetite but gave you a pick up. The interesting part will be in the comparison of the life span reduction due to obesity vs cigarette smoking (avg 7 years) are compared, my bet is that it will be a wash.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

For women our job and joy is to be pretty, NOT STRESS THE MEN out and smile.

Considering summer weather this is no time to cut hair or dress like its winter.

Tragic for a persons inner soul and overall health, stateside and the UK (?) seem to have many poor overweight people. Therefore we must strive to remain healthy and guard/maintain the thyroid, healthy hormonal balance and ask the Lord to let us continue to work out. I know that reads odd but the family has fallen ill and it feels like every breath I take is a gift of God's. So today I did a small one day fast of an 1 hour walk, lifting mostly to arms, back, glutes and a cool down swim. Maybe just 2 hours of a workout plus housework, seems like not much but very therapeutic so I pray to continue.

I promote a fast from time to time for prayer, (CR cal restrictive living)resistance, detox, perhaps facing the very near possible time when the food and water is unattainable. whatever. There will be a day when a person might have to subsist on some vitamins and saved water only to eat actual food later if later arrives. Either way, a prepared person should understand the signs of hunger and be objective to push through them just for the training it brings.

On the other hand low blood sugar, hunger and fainting spells could occur.

We have already seen postamerican stateside lovely nongmoproduce. more affordable organic items thanks to supply and demand but not many can afford anything. Stores here are empty but oddly even junk food isn't moving much. junkfood is on sale few sales of better foods. toiletries go unsold and clothing doesn't move, people just dont have the money or confidence to shop much or so it seems the latest iphone is more important than health, who knows.

What to do? Eat the socially neg foods; kale, garlic, mushrooms and stay well. HC or Healthcare is all rationed and reduced, be wary of giving up.

PhantomZodak said...

omg so fat. then people wonder why fatpeoplehate was so popular.

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