Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shall we meet about the meeting?

I don't even understand this form of communication.
Sabrina Schaeffer ‏@SL_Schaeffer
A beautiful morning in Dallas. Ready to talk about changing the conversation about women.

Vox Day ‏@voxday
I really think we should discuss whether it is the right time to talk about changing the conversation first.
What is "the conversation about women?" And why must it be changed?


Crowhill said...

It must be constantly changed because any honest conversation will end up with conclusions that feminists don't want, at which point they decide it's time to change the conversation.

Happy Housewife said...

I thought that was called "gossip"

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Let's talk about women then.

Let's talk about how they are more than willing to murder their own unborn children in order to get a college degree.

Let's talk about how men spend more time than women in prison for the same crimes at a rate of 63%.

Let's talk about how women have near total control over the divorce process and thus gain cash and prizes from their broken husband.

Let's talk about how women get a pass for T-shirts that say "Boys are stupidier, send them to Jupiter" and "I bathe in male tears" but a genius scientist who landed a satellite on a comet get shit for a T-shirt he wears featuring women in bikinis.

Let's talk about menstruation art.

Let's talk about how the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US are dominated by men.

Let's talk about how women on the front lines will get raped by Muslim men.

Let's talk about how women were banging POWs while their brothers and lovers were overseas capturing and killing them.

Let's talk about how women's suffrage has increased the size of government and therefore the shared misery of everyone.

I know, NAWALT.

But hey, you brought it up.

8to12 said...

Because, to the liberal mind, showing concern for a problem is the same as doing something about a problem.

Ms Schaeffer can now take smug satisfaction about having done something about women's problems, because she showed concern about women's problems by suggesting we talk about them. Having accomplished her goal of establishing herself as a true problem solver, she can now return to drinking her Starbucks frappuccino.

You see this pattern repeatedly on the left. They assume that showing concern for a problem is not only equivalent, but morally superior to actually working on a solution.

Unknown said...

They literally believe that conversation (words and thoughts) shapes reality. Not in a cause-and-effect way, where you change minds and people come to see things differently and society changes. They believe it like a 3-year-old closing her eyes and wishing really hard for a pony, thinking it just might be there when she opens them. They believe that if enough people think something is true, then it IS true -- if everyone thinks peacefully, there will be world peace. (And the corollary, of course: if things aren't perfect, it's because someone is engaging in badthink, and must be stopped.)

This tweet sounds like a local newsbabe in my town. She has a lot of followers, most of whom probably follow her A) because she's hot, and B) for severe weather notices. But she interviews "interesting" people and goes to seminars and stuff, so she's always tweeting about how someone's raising consciousness about something.

August said...

It is never actually a conversation. This is like global warming and how the left will actively ignore collected data when it contradicts these multivariant computer models. An actual conversation would mean they would hear us. They could stop freaking out about Co2. Climate change conversations could move on to how to best replenish aquifers, and how to repair our desertified grasslands by proper grazing of ruminant animals.

They also talk about 'the conversation' every time there's a school shooter, and then they deliver their propaganda.
In a sane world the media would immediately stop the interview with anyone using this technique, and then they should never be asked on again.

hank.jim said...

Never let a good juxtaposition go to waste. Previously you posted on boring feminist art. They want to change the conversation because their complaining ended up being a bad idea in all areas so try try again. Sooner or later they will get it right. They are relentless yet they still fail.

Anchorman said...

Maybe she wants to talk about shoes.

Women be shoppin

John Williams said...

That means she wants something.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Exploding Narrative.

Brad Andrews said...

It is a nice day in the DFW area, especially after all the rain we have had. It is hot, but that comes with the area.

I have no idea what she is talking about though.

Brad Andrews said...

She seems to consider herself a conservative too. No wonder I no longer use that label for myself.

Here goal of removing big government is good, but probably not achievable at all with the focus on women alone.

little dynamo said...

Sabrina needs to be put to honest and productive work picking vegetables on the outskirts of Dallas. Assuming God allows anything to grow next to that snake pit.

Instead, America encourages and facilitates Sabrina in beginning her Beautiful Day by attempting to silence the truth (any truth) about females in America, as she forces the 'conversation about women' to be whatever she and Der SSisterhood command, from their well-appointed and over-protected bunkers across this sorry land. She is Legion and there are MILLIONS just like her, also with nothing essentially to do all day except demean and destroy their betters, under cover of 'helping women' by terrorizing (legally, politically or socially) anyone who dares inject some reality or truth into The Conversation that she and her fellow-travelers assume they own.

Properly, she was called-out for her cowardly, UMC, passive-aggressive chauvinism.

When they are picking vegetables, they don't have time to poison the culture and planet with their constant malevolent gossip and collectivist schemes, which inevitable find their way to their State and Federal legislatures as 'necessary measures' to 'protect and advance' the unilateral interests of Team Woman and the gelded manlings who enable T.W. When they are picking vegetables actual GOOD results, both from the produce gathered from God, and from their inability to sit in their condos and houses and do even more damage to the nation.

Dominic Saltarelli said...

I think I agree. The conversation really should be about which looks better on women. Two piece bikinis or the one piece thong. Discuss.

Mr.MantraMan said...

"Change?" Yep we drop the propaganda and what August says up thread. As for proper swimwear on a woman either will do.

Anonymous said...

Zoe Saldana's Gamma husband takes her surname, over her objection:


liberranter said...

Zoe Saldana's Gamma husband takes her surname, over her objection:

Thus beginneth the next Hollywood celebrity divorce...

liberranter said...

Here goal of removing big government is good, but probably not achievable at all with the focus on women alone.

No "conservative," especially a woman who considers herself one, has any intention of removing big government (or small ones, for that matter). One would think that anyone with a functioning brainstem who has been paying attention for the last few decades (to the chasmic difference between what "conservatives" say and what they actually do - or rather, don't do) would ignore such nonsensical lying drivel.

HickoryHammer said...

She probably thought she was being witty until you copped a squat and dropped a deuce on her turn of phrase.

S. Thermite said...

If anyone does understand her form of communication, perhaps next they can decipher what a "Demi-Romantic Asexual Agender Teen" is? At first glance it just looks like using an overabundance of syllables to say "special snowflake" and "look at meeee!" but perhaps there's a real conversation to discuss here /s

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

=Changing the conversation= from what I have gathered over the years is usually a monologue of nothingness.

Sabrinas are eddy types, they eddy rational thought. I dont care to know any more from Sab's, whatever changing the talk was is worthless, waste of time. However, often, it might be comedy gold...

Our host is gracious and replies with a wise question, never inform her, just ask questions.

Female solipsism. - only meant to not react to, ignore, be objective and literally enter autopilot mode to ponder more important matters, etc.

Bob Loblaw said...

To a feminist "the conversation about women" is a conversation about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Feather Blade said...
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Kim said...

I don't want to change the conversation about women; I want to END the discussion so we can get back to flirting and all that good stuff.

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