Friday, May 8, 2015

The rag is real

Of all violent crimes committed by women in Paris in a given year, Cooke notes that 84.0% were committed by women who were menstruating. In a New York prison for women, Morton found that of the forty-two inmates convicted for violent crimes, twenty-six commited those crimes during the pre-menstrual week.
This is something to keep in mind in case you're wondering if perhaps it's not the best time to crush a shit test. The science would tend to indicate dialing down the conflict rather than ratcheting it up is wise, considering that women are about 360 percent more inclined to violence at the peak of their cycle than they normally are.


Doom said...

"The science would tend to indicate dialing down the conflict rather than ratcheting it up is wise, considering that women are about 360 percent more inclined to violence at the peak of their cycle than they normally are. "

Only if you aren't up to snuff. Most men really aren't. Hell, most men are about ready to sit to piss. Sad sacks. If fire is your game, crush and face directly. It's a tight game, but one of my absolute favorite. Your mileage will definitely vary. I'm still surprised I'm alive, just from the woman side of life, but don't think if I don't snaggle me another puss that I won't continue. Just know, if you are going to tackle a mountain lion, you better be a bear... and ready for some damage, hell, maybe death (probably in your sleep, quickly, so don't worry about it). If your food ain't right, stop eating what you are fed and find your own. Don't keep eating the poison... pro tip.


Trust said...

Part of the problem also is from cradle to grave, we tell women to indulge in their feelings, while telling men to suppress theirs. It so follows that women can justify just about anything they do on their rag. And society enables this.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I LOL'd at the image of feral bitches running around Paris beating people and committing crimes. It's almost as if these women (and society) would be better off barefoot and pregnant. Pregnancy, after all, has a calming effect. Women have a primary purpose and it's not outside the home.

liberranter said...

[w]omen are about 360 percent more inclined to violence at the peak of their cycle than they normally are.

A statistic that will no doubt be trumpeted with glee by feral females everywhere once it becomes common knowledge.

LonestarWhacko said...

My ex was a prime example of menstrual violence. I just left her alone for 4 days out of 28. It was something to see. I have seen her change in just a few minutes. The rule was, if you can't be nice, leave me alone. Her problem was that I was the only man that would put up with that. Otherwise, she was a decent person. She never physically attacked me. I simply told her that really wouldn't be wise. You see, when a woman is on the rag, you have to be careful. My ex was actually insane at that time. I always figured a blood test would show her hormones were really whack at the time. BTW, she's an RN, worked in the ER a lot. So she knew that if she went off the rails, I would have her put under a Baker act. Which would really mess up her license. So, I never let her slide. She never chose to escalate, because I plainly told her if she stood up like a man, well, she would bleed like one.

The point is that if a woman is allowed to use this as an excuse, well, she'll own your ass. I firmly believe that if a woman gets up like a man, that's how she'll be treated. Please remember that my wife was a Black woman. There are serious differences between white and black women. Black society is much more violent than white. Black women fight like men. Seriously. And, they have very violent foreplay. White social rules are ridiculous to Black women. So, when I told her that bitches get stiches, she understood me.

Now, a white feminist will howl, no doubt. However, if my ex and her sisters ever got one of those women out in the backyard, they would beat her ass for the hell of it. Real dominance and submission. Fact is, you can't treat a white woman like a black one. Different cultures. Her own brother told me before we got married that she was going to fight me. I told him, "Once". He said that they were fighting folks, and she would fight. The reason why I'm bringing this up is that if a woman hits you, have at it.

Matt said...

I wonder if the numbers have any correlary relationship to many mens fear of warpaint.

I myself dont give one damn.

Give me the BLOOD Eli! And let me get awaaaaayy

Haus frau said...

Can you imagine being a women's prison guard when cell block has synchronized cycles?

Aeoli Pera said...

IIRC women's menstrual cycles sync up whenever an alpha male is not present. When the alpha male is present they just want a piece of action at the right time, so their menstruation cycles are more or less evenly distributed (supply and demand, it's like capitalism! :-D).

Female prisons ought to track menstrual cycles and, if they sync up, just lock everybody up in solitary for a few days.

Matt said...

Aeoli Pera, do you have an article about it?

HickoryHammer said...

This is something to keep in mind in case you're wondering if perhaps it's not the best time to crush a shit test.

Laughed out loud!

Really though, it's not a classic shit test if she's getting ready to stab you with a knife. It's more like a sanity check at that point.

Unknown said...

If the test escalates to violence whether she's on the rag or not, that's not a test...that's a crazy person whom you should leave from immediately.

R Devere said...

Surprise! Surprise! Its no wonder with these mind-altering substances coursing through their blood on a monthly basis for forty years that women are all crazy, literally!

So crazy that many the older ones are now trying to claim they are "born-again virgins". LOL!

subject by design said...

I see three different times of the cycle mentioned. One is pre-menstrual, one is menstrual and then Vox referred to the "peak" of the cycle. I'm curious, do most husbands track their wive's menstrual cycles? What do you mean, Vox, by the "peak"? I would call ovulation the peak, but it doesn't seem that you mean ovulation.

slarrow said...

Related from Nero: Attack of the Killer Dykes


So here’s one final thing you might not know, and strap on—sorry, in—because it’s a doozy. It comes straight from the mouth of a psychotherapist who treats the rich and famous, who says that this little factoid is so incendiary that the psychiatric profession dare not even discuss it.

You may have seen on TV, read about or even experienced how groups of women living or working in close proximity over a long period of time have a tendency to… line up. That is to say, their “special times” coalesce, and those four days when there are absolutely and completely obviously no differences whatsoever in their mood, critical thinking skills and short-temperedness cluster together and get ever more closely in sync.

You can work out the rest for yourself, can’t you?

MycroftJones said...

The Bible says not to touch a woman for 7 days from the beginning of her menses. My relationships improved tremendously after I started doing this. Also, almost all patriarchal traditional societies practice this time of "niddah" or "separation". Christians of course are supermen who don't need such rules, their God Jesus didn't mean what he said when he kept pointing to Moses as the tutor that would let you understand his teachings.

Feather Blade said...

The aggression is real, but not uncontrollable. A woman just has to be conditioned from her first menses that hormonal shifts are no excuse for bad behavior.

On the other hand, can you imagine the combat effectiveness of, say, an all-woman submarine crew? Terror of the seas! XD

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What is your position on sex during menstruation? I think it's filthy, personally, but I've lost count of the number of girls I've banged who've reassured me they weren't on the rag, only for me to look down and see blood all over my chopper. A definite mood-killer as far as I'm concerned.

Prof. Spudd said...

Can you imagine being a women's prison guard when cell block has synchronized cycles?

"It's the 20th. Yup, better break out the riot gear and pepper spray."

This is something to keep in mind in case you're wondering if perhaps it's not the best time to crush a shit test.

In the case of girls you aren't living with, how would you know she's on her period anyway? Maybe by how much extra venom she uses to say "Shut. The. Fuck. Up." to you?

Happy Housewife said...


One of the best sermons I ever heard addressed the misunderstanding of the old covenant commandments, and the one about separation during the menstrual cycle stuck out in particular to me (being a woman). He said the Israelite women of menstruating age would be sent to camps away from the main camps or just outside the cities, and more often than not, it was a kind of mini vacation for a week. They weren't required to do all of their usual chores and other expected household duties due to the clean/unclean thing.

No chores, taking it easy, hanging out with friends outside of camp, 12 times a year? Sounds like the best possible way to deal with falling to the communists every month. Nowadays, you have extreme feminists stumping for week-long vacations during their periods, yet they will sneer at the bible as a tool of oppression for women.

If they only knew.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I bet it was a mini-vacation for the women and the men. Israelite women can be highly irritating even when they're not on the rag.

Mr.MantraMan said...

Some vigorous intercourse at the end of the cycle will hasten its end, I'm here to help

Matt said...

My favorite riff is the beginning of "raining Blood" by Slayer

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Men are saints for coexisting with the crazy rag

Feminists or other women Id rather not ever face have said that its a normal state for women to be angry and irate, surely this cannot be so. The most annoying aspect is part of me still thinks it who bleeds for 7 days and dont die are evil - see totally irrational but it gets worse. Raging is not a normal state.

ray said...

'This is something to keep in mind in case you're wondering if perhaps it's not the best time to crush a shit test'

Don't conform your behaviors or decisions according to the vaginal cycles and moods of females. Goes double for husbands.

liberranter said...

Please remember that my wife was a Black woman.

I did that once too. One of the two stupidest things I ever did.

Guys, don't try this at home.

S. Thermite said...

Reminds me of being a teenager and the first time I heard a woman say "too much testosterone" in reference to her being in a group that was mostly comprised of competitive men. I remember how strange that sounded to my (cough) virgin ears, and how I've heard other woman use the same phrase countless times since then. Yet I've never heard a man say "too much estrogen" without saying it ironically. Since being introduced to the Red Pill, and having heard women openly admit just how much their own hormones have affected their lives, I've come to realize how much their disparaging of testosterone in males originates from female projection...they know they're slaves to hormones so they assume men are the same exact way, when we've mosly had the simplisitc fight-or-f*ck three-day cycle drummed out of us on pain of imprisonment, injury,or death. It's called being a responsible adult, which a lot of ovary-addicted females (don't get high on you own supply?) seemingly know too little about.

Anonymous said...

@ Feather Blade

Wow, all that blood in the water would definitely make the seas an unsafe place.

VD said...

"Don't conform your behaviors or decisions according to the vaginal cycles and moods of females. Goes double for husbands."

Don't conform your behaviors or decisions according to the traffic lights.... Good luck with that.

Unknown said...

Always crush a shit test.

Always. The most aggressive and powerful a woman can get it less than my most lazy and passive day I have all year. She knows it and you must realize it too.

Every problem of the last hundred years is basically a collective failed shit test by confused men thinking what's best in regards to women instead of what is best in regards to God, his country, or his family; all while failing to realize these concepts work in perfect harmony when the first is subordinate to the latter.

Matt said...

Marrying a black chick...for what?? Even the hottest black girl is still black.

I wouldnt even marry a curly haired girl.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Same here. Hell, I won't even take a second look at girls with upturned pug noses.

Currently listening to 'Time Travelling Blues' ftom Orange Goblin.

Surelia Dev said...

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Prof. Spudd said...

Always crush a shit test.


And if she's menstruating, do it from a distance and prepare to duck.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

No, dont fear women even in her suffering.

Instead of whining I returned to give my solutions that are unusual, eccentric;

A day or two of fasting or light fasting, hydrate - this beats the bloat and swelling
Supplement some sort of junk foods with protein, iron, any calming teas or load up on caffeine
No matter how much pain to bear push through the pain to stay vertical for 8 solid hours (as if its a draining exercise)
Feather or clean/stay outside take your shoes and socks off and walk in grass (during those 8 hours vertical style)
Ignore all henhouse matters or unplug from stressors
(LP) Don't be known for throwing chairs, shooting plates or violent eruptions
Pain relief is a joke, if NSAIDS work your blessed
If there is nausea, dizziness, anxiety (beyond consolation) manifest, one might as well report to the ER
Consider a low dose muscle relaxer
Life is too short to whine funnel all discomfort into working out or boring rest either way life is suffering

Feminism hates women, those bitches WORKED TO END the days when teens and young women were sort of excused from school or work with, "not feeling well, difficult time of the month." You bitch feminists. Ask anyone over 60, they might recall their school or work "letting women off the hook for not being up to par."

HickoryHammer said...

So crazy that many the older ones are now trying to claim they are "born-again virgins". LOL!

The born again virgin movement is one of the most surreal things I've seen in my lifetime. All of the attitude with none of the market value. I thought that was done now, over in the mid 2000's, is anyone still pulling that canard?

yukonyon said...

It's worth mentioning that most women's testosterone is highest after the progesterone tapers off.

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