Monday, May 11, 2015

The Boyhood Battle

Boys can no longer act like boys. The days of them exploring, experimenting and acting like young adventurers have been repleaced by more feminine activities. Young boys are also being medicated more when they don't actually need it. In fact, the majority of children being treated for ADHD are predominantly boys. So why is boyhood being drugged? Why are there so many gender disparities in education? What needs to be done to restore masculinity in boyhood? PJ Media's Dr. Helen Smith joins PJ Media contributors Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser.

Dr. Helen's videos are always worth checking out. What the answer ultimately boils down to, of course, is that decadent societies become feminized and the post-Christian West is about as decadent a society as has ever been seen on Earth.

What can be done? I don't know, and I don't know that it matters. Because it's not going to last.


Trust said...

Its like every other evil that the left has bestowed upon mankind throughout history. Smaçk a noble sounding cover on state power, and accuse (ultimately prosecute) anyone who challenges them with opposing the motive because they are evil.

The left never stops. They can only be held off for as long as possible. Just as the rich tend to use their wealth to obtain more wealth, governments always use its power to obtain more power.

hank.jim said...

Boys are not doing boys activities when they are raised by mothers. Yet girls are doing more boys things as they are excelling in subjects previously assumed to be male dominated. So it is about boys and girls not quite doing their gender roles. What can be done? Aside from getting their fathers more involved and more marriages, getting more males to enter the female dominated teaching and daycare professions. Remove the stigma that men cannot work with young children. Soon, maybe more men will win physical custody of their children. Things can certainly turn around. Haven't they sort of did in a way? Soon an all women college will admit transgendered men (women with penises). When one shoe drops, another is raised. Women's advantage can only so far before it runs into itself.

Marissa said...

Yet girls are doing more boys things as they are excelling in subjects previously assumed to be male dominated.

Which subjects?

Happy Housewife said...

"The days of them exploring, experimenting and acting like young adventurers have been repleaced by more feminine activities."

As the mom of a young son, I can see how boys without a masculine father in their life do end up doing more feminine activities. And it's totally the fault of the mother. He is my first child, and every scrape, bruise, and drop of blood is more physically painful to me than it is to him. If I was raising him alone, I can easily see being overwhelmed by the desire to restrain him from his fearless climbing and jumping off furniture by giving him coloring books.

His dad has been the necessary restraining influence on me, to keep me from swaddling him in cotton until he's 18. He also directs and encourages our son's adventurous male spirit. I'm the one who needs to change my behavior, not my son.

God help the boys without fathers.

Aeoli Pera said...

The H part of ADHD can be cured in most aspie-leaning cases by cutting gluten and casein. The ADD part can be medicated through heavy doses of caffeine (this is less dangerous and more effective than prescription stimulants full of God knows what).

In both cases, the question remains whether curing either trait is a good idea (high-energy folks will make better entrepreneurs, athletes, etc., and ADD folks are better systems thinkers, creators, etc.), and I see a lot of people advocating for "acceptance" and such, but the facts on the ground say these are important tools for getting by in modern life.

Aeoli Pera said...

Disclaimers: "Hyperactive" means high-energy to the point of dysfunction in everyday life, ditto for "inattentive".

hank.jim said...

Women encroached in the law, medical, business, and liberal arts professions. You'll find more women there than men on many cases.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

There really is a war on men by feminists, SJWs, and sackless white-knighting beta-boys.

It's been going on for a while. I remember back in the late '70s my mother mentioning the mother of my best friend putting him on some kind of special diet because he was "hyperactive".

Fortunately, my mother didn't have to use quack diets to curb my naughtiness. Getting slapped and spanked worked just fine. Hell, they didn't even let me eat fast food and candy.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I was referring to the Feingold diet.

"Feingold"...heh. Typical.

Marissa said...

Women encroached in the law, medical, business, and liberal arts professions. You'll find more women there than men on many cases.

You said excelling before, now you say encroaching. Can you give an example of women in one of these professions who've excelled? And not due to affirmative action? I'm not aware of much superlative accomplishments by women in these fields. There might be greater numbers of women in all of these fields, but they aren't doing a better job than the men.

subject by design said...

It pains me to hear these people talk about schools as if they could be fixed. They can't be fixed because they are not broken. They are doing exactly as their engineers programed them. Reading John Taylor Gatto was a real eye-opener. He explains how having all women teachers was a goal back when the very first teacher colleges were being established in Massachusetts. To get more women and fewer men, the compulsory schools paid higher salaries to women. These grown men waxing nostalgic about their male teachers are missing the point. Schools haven't become corrupted since those men attended school, it is just that they were seeing the acorn and we are now seeing the oak tree. It is all the same system.

The other thing that bothered me in listening to this was that after they lamented the lack of male teachers and one guy even said his OWN SONS have yet to see a male teacher, they never suggested removing boys from schooling. They think schools can be fixed. Dr. Helen called it "child abuse", and yet no calls were heard to take them out of school.

hank.jim said...

"You said excelling before, now you say encroaching. Can you give an example of women in one of these professions who've excelled?"

Huh? I'm just going my numbers here. It doesn't matter that they are doing much better than men. They are entering these fields in large numbers. I don't get why you're challenging me on this matter. One more women in anyone of these fields means less men are entering the profession.

grendel said...

I watched a video called "IndoctriNation" by Colin Gunn yesterday. He put together a really slick, compelling presentation including interviews with John Gatto and a grab bag of recognizable conservatives and Christians. In my case it was preaching to the choir. Homeschool or die.

Prof. Spudd said...

One more women in anyone of these fields means less men are entering the profession.

This. There are probably millions of jobs that are being filled by women that should be filled by more capable men. Affirmative action doesn't just involve blacks or whatever.

For every woman filling a job that a man could do better, that means a man isn't able to support a family, the performance of the institution hiring the woman is lessened on average, and the economy and society both suffer.

@subject by design
Public schools are evil. And they constantly claim that they produce subpar results because of not enough money. No, it's because they're typically staffed by unpleasant fat women.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...


Anyone see the YouTube video 'Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women' ?

Hilarious, and accurate.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


Yes I did. I married in the danger zone for sure. What's crazier is there is definitely at least one redheaded hairdresser named Tiffany who moonlights as a stripper.

Anonymous said...

Which subjects?

What excelling?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter that they are doing much better than men. They are entering these fields in large numbers.

Large numbers, folks. There you have it. Doesn't matter if they're competent. Certainly doesn't matter if they're excellent. Just matters that they are there. Who cares if your doctor is any good, so long as she's making other women fell good about themselves.

Anonymous said...

I'll throw out another pitch here for Boy Scouts. Complain if you want about any gay crap, but the reality is the local unit decides how things run, and if you and your friends volunteer, than you are the local unit. You decide who you'll accept as leaders, and what you'll emphasize in the program.

But the basic program is to get boys outdoors doing boy stuff. Climbing, swimming, camping, shooting, building things out of sticks and rope, learning how to take care for themselves away from mom, learning how to relate to other boys in an environment other than the artificial dumbhouse of school...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

"If you can link testosterone to violence (which you can, quite easily), how would anyone in this culture argue against a plan to subtly reduce it? Take another step. How would one argue against “common sense” behavior modification that would eliminate traits like psychopathy or murderous aggression? And how would one prevent that from being expanded to genetically eliminating “racism” or “sexism” without falling back on tired clichés about “freedom?” After all, we’re trying to save lives. Check your neuro-privilege, shitlord."

Robert What? said...

Boyhood has definitely become criminalized. I'm in my late 50s and many of the things my friends and I did growing up would today get us expelled, arrested, drugged and tazed. But we were innocent and harmed no one, except sometimes ourselves. Did we grow up to be violent psychopaths? OK, well maybe I did. But we are all productive husbands and fathers. You know - the hated ones.

LonestarWhacko said...

Boys that don't run and horseplay don't become men. Manginas, perhaps, but not men. We live in a feminised society headed towards hell. The level of outright perversion is astounding. Young boys growing up look for masculinity. And as feminism continues to destroy everything masculine, well, there will be consequences.

ISIS is coming. Openly masculine, they despise the effeminate west. The perversions that they despise are what spurs them on. Feminism is producing soldiers for ISIS. Young men are realizing that women hate them. It's all out in the open, and they are tired of the abuse.

Young men have always looked for rites of passage. Islam knows that. ISIS is not being run by idiots. Actually, it's the combat arm of Islam. ISIS beckons to those young men who are masculine. Yes, they behead and kill a lot of people. Barbarians always have. Effeminate societies always try to ruin their young men. However, the human genome is self correcting. Any society that is as perverted as this one always gets put to the sword.

How long will men protect this cesspool? That's a real question in my mind. Feminism depends on men for protection. But the very ones who will provide protection are hated and reviled. All American women benefit from this feminist agenda. Look at family law, for crying out loud. Well, masculinity will have its revenge. That sound ridiculous, doesn't it? Mock me as you wish.

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Prof. Spudd said...

For a little something humorous on this subject: boys vs. uptight teachers.


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