Friday, May 1, 2015

Sex disparity explained

The fact is we don't need more women in STEM fields. We need more women in the vital home economic fields of wife, mother, and homemaker.


cecilhenry said...

Amen to that. They don't want to work. They want to complain and have government redistribute with force other peoples resources, labour and accomplishment.

Unknown said...

If women don't embrace some combination of wife, mother, and/or homemaker...they have no purpose in life other than to complain about how men have the privilege.

liberranter said...

AMEN to the title of this post.

As one who works in a STEM field (IT engineering), I'll go even one step further and assert that we really need to get those women who are already there OUT of this field. I have yet to meet even ONE who is able to carry her own weight or do anything other than retard productivity while making herself as much of a painful burden to her colleagues and bosses as possible.

Putting women Into STEM fields is like putting sand in a sugar bowl: it's a corruption of the purity and effectiveness of the genuine article and it ruins every product of which it is made a component.

Unknown said...

"If women don't embrace some combination of wife, mother, and/or homemaker...they have no purpose in life other than to complain about how men have the privilege. "

Acedie often leads to envy and hate to fill the void.

Bobo #117 said...

My wife, who's smarter than the average bear, graduated near the top of her class in ChemE at LSU, where the engineering programs are a highly competitive dog-eat-dog meritocracy. The fun started when the recruiters arrived, smart woman gets 7 offers, smart dude gets 2.

Fast forward to now, where she's a wife, mother & homemaker, and homeschooling our 3 kids. Our one daughter, 9, is highly advanced in math ability, surprise surprise, but also loves learning to cook and making her dad awesome guacamole.
My future son-in-law, when I find him, will be a very lucky man.

Prof. Spudd said...

Moar MRS degrees for women!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Damn straight, Vox. Exactly. Earl hits it in the head, too. A lot of our problems can be attributed to women's general lack of purpose in the modern world. They were created to be wives and mothers--not consumers, spinsters, and sluts.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

One of my wife's features and benefits was that she never set foot on a college campus. Son #3 is due any day now.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

@ Bobo - I see that same thing all the time. Companies fall over themselves to try to balance the genders, partly so they can show how 'equal' they are, partly to get ahead in case big govt decides to impose mandatory quotas.
Either way, they're forever hiring green women over experienced men because the women keep leaving after having children or getting poached for more money by other companies.
I once heard that the fastest way to become a millionaire was to be a STEM black woman with a PHd: you'd get offered every job under the sun, would get poached regularly for more money and wouldn't have to do anything.

RC said...

Investing large sums in providing STEM education to women who won't, in general, put the skills to productive use is perhaps a larger societal malinvestment than spending money on worthless "studies" degrees as the STEM girls are taking up classroom space instead of men who'd put the skills to work for a lifetime building family and society.

I have met some women who were passable engineers and computer science practitioners but the best would only be a 75th percentile man. As to medicine, how many part-time dermatologists do we need? And what's the societal ROI on a medical degree for a part-time doc?

John Williams said...

Congrats CR!

CostelloM said...

When Java first came out and the startup company I was working for at the time got bigger we began to get an influx of female "programmers". The best work we did happened between the hours of 11pm and 5am with cold pizza, lots of Jolt cola, and most importantly after all the female programmers went home. It was then we could play music, do or say whatever the hell we wanted, and we didn't have to worry about "offending" someone. Just a bunch of white guys working like crazy on code. It's amazing what you can accomplish when its the mission not political correctness that is the focus

CostelloM said...

Jessica has a few words about the glass ceiling.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Remo, it's like that on the trading desks, too.

Al From Bay Shore said...

I just had and epiphany because of this. I went to an HBCU and majored in history and at an HBCU, the study of history is the study of Black and Africana studies. This tone permeates the entire campus and forms the tendency to recite grievance politics for the entirety of matriculation. Too many people in those environments pursue and graduate as unemployed activists (the persistent ones get their Ph.D and remain in academia's ivory tower). I worked as a temp where I decried the injustice of entry level work and the accompanying wages. I was activist protesting the response to my low occupational value. I took the next logical step and became a government employee (a public school teacher).

I'm 46 now, very different from that stupid and ignorant 20-something that graduated at the beginning of the 90s. I'm glad I changed. I'm also glad for the experiences of my youthful stupidity. I do understand that I wasted valuable time. At the same time though, I am intimately acquainted with the way of the SJW. I know where the proverbial bodies are buried.

One morning, long after my transformation, I heard Steve Harvey on the radio. He opened this particular show by saying "It's never too late to be what you could have been." I took that to heart and am pursuing something that requires hard work and effort over a duration of time in order to change my career. I want to go into the private sector but only on my terms. I don't want to be a worker bee serving as a cog in some miserable machine. I want to be free. I have no illusions and operate on the idea that doing nothing to change my career is a guarantee that nothing will happen but doing something increases the likelihood of something happening.

One day, I hope to be a self-liberated card carrying member of the meritocracy.

Doom said...

More women in STEMS? Isn't that like more men in nursing, volleyball, home ed? Yeah.

I honestly think the reason they haven't crammed more women into STEMS is that even tptb realize it would mean their cellphones wouldn't work, their buildings would collapse, their highways... wait... they are royally screwing up highways so maybe they are shoving women into that... well, and everything would be a LOT more expensive. Hiring two males extra to make up for the mess hiring each female in those fields would be ruination on many fronts. Plus, the distraction factor, and drama. Wonderful additions to a firm building a 2k foot building, or making sure an automobile and all it's parts work so as not to outright kill the people in it. Yum!

Akulkis said...

once again, your addition of "Yum!" makes you come off not as an alpha male, but more like some 4chan newfag trying to force a stupid meme that should have been buried 5 minutes before you even thought of it.

I've given you the clue FOR FREE. Now, be a smart man, and use it.

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