Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rollo's second book

Preventive Medicine is now available:
Preventive Medicine is intended to be a complement to The Rational Male core works – an important supplement, not an extension. I’ve decided that future Rational Male series books will center on that core work for reference to more specific topics. I think you’ll find the organization and direction of Preventive Medicine much more singularly focused than the first book. This is intentional. There was no feasible way to present the first book’s material without familiarizing readers with a lot of varied Red Pill topics. The Rational Male will always be the starting point for any new work.

Once again, my hope is that readers will share this book with the men they feel would need it the most. I hope you’ll “accidentally” leave a copy on a table at Starbucks or a school library. I hope you give it to your teenage nephew and your middle-age best friend going through a rough divorce. If you buy the digital copy, thank you, but do consider getting the physical copy to share with someone who wouldn’t otherwise consider exploring the Red Pill or the manosphere online.
I am often asked if I am going to write a Game-related book. And while I've dashed off the occasional page here and there, the fact is that I am simply too busy with my game development, editing, and writing 850-page epic fantasy novels to do so. And that's why it is good that there are men like Rollo filling in the gap and I would readily recommend his books to anyone who is floundering, or knows someone else who is doing so, in the uncertain seas of intersexual relations.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Looking forward to this.

His first book, The Rational Male, put into words and concepts a lot of things about women, intersexual relations, and the modern SMP that some of us had noticed over the years. It finally made sense. If only this book had come out earlier.

Some Betas, Deltas, Gammas, and others are hopeless lost causes and will not be swayed. I have a hipster colleague who knows about this book, and is aware of Game, but refuses to look into either and continues to complain about women and the dating scene. Some men prefer to adopt a martyr mindset and play the victim.

I for one would really welcome a Game-related book from Vox. And Heartiste, for that matter.

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