Friday, March 27, 2015

Irrational discourse

From a conversation on Twitter:
 Vanir ‏@Vanir85
 @voxday the problem (for misogynists) is women CHOOSING instead of being wifebots or sex-slaves. it's almost like they're *people*

Vox Day ‏@voxday
The real objection is to the way so many women are choosing to stuff their faces and evolve into land whales.

Vanir ‏@Vanir85
because looking thin for men is NOT the most important thing in their life, i imagine. and good for them :)
If you want to know how to make an SJW dance like a puppet, just utilize their contrarian instincts. Once you have been identified as a badthinker, they will say literally anything so long it is in opposition to you. And they almost never think beyond reacting to your immediate statement.

One easy way to recognize an SJW white knight is how he will reflexively defend women under any and all circumstances. Think about how objectively silly his response is, it's not even logically coherent.

WK: The problem is X.
VD: No, the problem is Y.
WK: I imagine Z, and Z is good!

I don't know about you, but I certainly find it convincing! SJWs are so haplessly irrational and limited to the rhetorical level that they don't realize an appeal to their own imagination doesn't even rise to the level of logical fallacy. At this point, you already know that there is absolutely no point in even trying to utilize reason or talking to such an individual. Whether you choose to entertain yourself by kicking your interlocutor around or to simply ignore him is totally irrelevant. The point is that you have been informed that any form of rational discourse is not in the cards.


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David said...

"Men could oppress women due to physical advantage, that's it - and being stronger than someone does not make it right to take dominion over them."

Not right according to what standard, and why should I care about it?

"Certainly, women got the freedom to control their own bodies. A very good thing - despite your apparant issues with female sexuality."

Lady, youre kidding yourself here. I have no problem with women freely sleeping around for 15 or so years then dying alone and bitter because nobody wants to marry damaged goods. Is it sad? Somewhat. Had they not listened rancid hags like you they might have made better decisions rather tthan following you into a lonely, unremarkable old age.

"You think people being subjugated is preferable to women having independence and liberty?"


"with no pretence of there being nobility or "something greater" about it all)"

So dominance and submission in sex is only acceptable in your silly little mind if it doesnt mean anything? All the happy women here telling you they enjoy normal, natural sex is galling to you because they treat it with honor and love, whereas you treat it as tthough its no more important than taking a shit. No wonder youre bitter about it.

"And guns, force, are the only thing that will ever get women back in the chauvinist hell you people oh-so-dearly want them trapped in."

Women will never take up guns for their rights. They didnt in the 60s, because they were happy being housewives, and they wont now. If anything theyre going to take up arms against the foul-mouthed aging feminists that want them to be as miserable and devoid of love as they are.

Natalie said...

"Tamed male"

Awwww. poor thing married a eunuch :( No wonder she's so grouchy. I get kind of bitchy too when I don't get laid enough, but at least I married a man capable of doing the job thoroughly. (Says the happily knocked up wifebot.)

Natalie said...

"Tamed male"

Aww, poor thing married a eunuch :( No wonder she's so grouchy. I get pretty bitchy too when I don't get laid enough, but at least I married a man capable of doing the job thoroughly. (Says the happily knocked up wifebot.)

Unknown said...

Men and women are different, so only somebody that hates their own sex, as well as the opposite, thinks treating a man like a woman or vice versa, is somehow comparable to treating a man like a man, and a woman like a woman.

Not that being in the kitchen is "drudge work" or work for that matter. People that think making food in your own kitchen is drudgery must not have ever worked a difficult job a day in their life.

I enjoy cooking food, but I would only get with a girl who also knew how to cook, and enjoyed it. A girl who thinks her cooking for someone is her being used or mistreated, is probably spoiled, unloving, and selfish.

It's feminists that seem to have put this idea out that somehow cooking food, and looking after an infant is drudgery, and comparable to slave labour.

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