Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feminist programming

The juxtaposition of equalitarians trying to reprogram impressionable little minds while watching elite male athletes perform actions that are entirely beyond female capacities would be hilarious if it weren't for the poor gamma males who will soak it up.

This kid will probably be fine, because once he starts crushing his older, athletic sister due to his physical superiority, he'll break through the programming. The problem is the fat little couch potatoes, who will never engage in activity that would expose the lie for what it is.

I ran NCAA Division One track and field. I know the full extent of female athletic capability. I've stretched with them, run with them, lifted with them, and been on my hands and knees vomiting next to them. (Speed days were so brutal that we used to pick a color-of-the-day for lunch because we knew we'd be seeing it again that afternoon.) And while they are impressive, even elite women simply can't run, jump, or throw with the men. They simply can't. They're not designed for it.


MATT said...

Heh I forgot your story about vomiting. What causes the puking? Borderline dehydration??

MATT said...

"Lets make like a girl nean amazing things"

They can already do one incredibly important thing. Maybe focus on that instead of crappily throwing a ball slower than a man can throw it.

Anonymous said...

the co-ed season of TUF was hilariously instructive in this regard, even for the most blinkered.

one of the chicks was getting complemented by her male team mates while sparring. how did they complement her? "You have man strength." AND SHE WAS PLEASED TO HEAR IT.

APL said...

'Throw like a girl' is an insult if applied to a boy/man.
'Throw like a girl' is a statement of fact if applied to a woman/girl.

Feminists, don't comprehend subtlety, ... or context for that matter.

Prof. Spudd said...

55% of the upper body strength of men, and 75% of the lower body strength. I suppose women may be slightly more efficient at carrying loads piggyback (like small children in papooses etc.), but that's about all I can think of.

Heh I forgot your story about vomiting. What causes the puking? Borderline dehydration??
@MATT A combination of dehydration and desalination is my guess. Or maybe even attempting to re-hydrate suddenly while desalinated.

Anonymous said...

Overheard after college intramural cross country practice...
Guy: I ran my balls off today.
Chick: I can't run that fast.


Unknown said...

Yes women can do one really important thing no man can do. That is where a lot of their power comes from and feminists know it.

That power represents a threat to those who either don't have it or choose to kill it.

Happy Housewife said...

It's depressing that my son will have to grow up in a society that thinks it's ok to tell him to "man up" if he's sick/hurt/whatever it is they expect of him but will get on his case and attempt to brainwash him if he tells someone they throw like a girl.

Revelation Means Hope said...

who were those stereotypical people in the sound booth? Whom/what race did they seem to be?

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Gotta love it when we have deniers of biological science on full display.

Bobo #117 said...

Puking in highly anaerobic activity is from (temporary) hyper-acidity, putting your innards in a tizzy.


grendel said...

"Gammas who will soak it up."

Always commercial...soak it up...I see what you did there...

Henry said...

This was directed by Lauren Greenfield, whose facial features confirm her YKW ancestry. Doesn't take much research to see what ethnic group is severely overrepresented in the "social justice" re-education movement.

Anonymous said...

Fiat commercial = winner.

Anonymous said...

Glad you commented on that commercial. I knew you would. If you don't want "throw like a girl" to be and insult, then don't throw like a fucking girl. Or throw a shitty karate kick like one and then expect anyone to call it THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! That was some of the most blatant pink bullshit I have ever seen. To think of the money spent putting that on a super bowl ad.

Anonymous said...

How about we create new slogans for them. "Give birth like a girl, suck dick like a girl, get banged like a girl, become a fat manatee like a girl". Then they can take some serious pride in their accomplishments.

mmaier2112 said...

Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams had the best answer to these idiots: "So let's sexually-integrate the Olympics and prisons. The sexes are the same, right?"

Prof. Spudd said...

Let's not give them any more ideas...

rho said...

It's depressing that my son will have to grow up in a society that thinks it's ok to tell him to "man up" if he's sick/hurt/whatever it is they expect of him but will get on his case and attempt to brainwash him if he tells someone they throw like a girl.

Free treatment for a #ManUp advertising campaign:

VO: What does it mean to "man up"?

[Various responses]

[Intercut with video of Joe Rogan teaching fat nerds how to hit a heavy bag]

VO: Is it terrible to tell somebody to "man up"?

[Various responses]

[Intercut with video of Tom Silva teaching a suit how to do a coping joint]

VO: Would you tell somebody to "man up" tomorrow?

[Intercut with video of Saturn Vs, archive footage of coal miners, archive footage of WWII soldiers]

[Title] Axe Body Spray: Trench Warfare

hank.jim said...

Not tiring of exploiting another stereotype, this only confirms the truth. Yes, girls throw like girls. We try so hard to turn girls into boys that we fail at that too. Should boys throw like girls, it is an improvement since so many boys are at the computers all day long.

Dewave said...

Lets make "mansplaining" mean amazing things.

mmaier2112 said...

@ Dewavea; I do believe that it already does....

Harambe said...

Doing things like a girl isn't an insult unless you're not a girl. Also, try these:

He drinks like a girl; she drinks like a man.
He pees like a girl; She pees like a man.
He drives like a woman; She drives like a man.

None of those are particularly flattering.

Unknown said...

30 shekels of silver says that the woman interrogating the poor kid is of the non-Gentile persuasion.

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