Thursday, January 1, 2015

Good Samaritan vs Female Imperative

A simple test of moral sensibilities:
A man named 'Lye' has written about his experiences confronting a stranger at a Detroit Lions football game, after he claims he saw the man's very pregnant girlfriend 'romantically texting' another man throughout the match.

At the end of the game, Lye handed the man a note revealing the alleged adulterous text messages, and later posted a picture of the note and the pair he claimed to be the couple to Facebook. Those images have since gone viral and are now sparking a heated debate online about whether it's appropriate to wade into a complete stranger's relationship.

According to Lye's post on Facebook, he was attending a Detroit Lions game last month when he was seated behind a couple who appeared to be dating.

Throughout the game, he claims he saw the woman casually texting a contact in her phone named 'Jason' apparently making comments like 'I wish I was with you all day' and 'I will see you as soon as I am done with him'.

Meanwhile,he claims the woman kept the phone screen tilted out of eyesight of the man seated next to her, and would even shut it off and put it away when he engaged her in conversation.

Feeling sympathetic for the man seated in front of him, who he believes was being cheated on, Lye got up near the end of the game to find a pen and piece of paper to write the stranger a note. When the man got up to leave, Lye handed the piece of paper to him and said to read it when he got home. 
If you would not hesitate to tell a stranger they were being robbed, or in danger of being physically attacked, why would you hesitate to tell them that they were being cheated on? It's remarkable how many white knights possess moral standards that work only to the benefit of women, and never their fellow men.

As for the idea that Lye's informing the man of the woman's actions somehow put her at risk of physical abuse, that is nothing more than an attempt to excuse her actions. If she is at risk of it, she herself put herself at risk twice over. Once in deciding to involve herself with a man who was prone to physically abusing her, and second in deciding to cheat on him.

Evil always seeks to operate in the dark and it always decries the light that exposes its actions. And the Female Imperative is intrinsically immoral because it seeks to render women sans moral agency.

This actually makes for a good test for one's moral sensibilities. Any man or woman who finds Lye's actions to be dangerous or problematic in some way is solipistically seeking to prevent others from telling on his activities should he find himself in a similar situation.


Trust said...

One can hardly imagine the same feminists condemning Lye would be singing the same tune if Lye had blown the whistle on a cheating husband.

Dexter said...

If you read any female-dominated websites, you will instantly see that women believe there is ALWAYS an absolute, unconditional obligation to inform another female if her man is cheating on her. This obligation exists not just for relatives, but also for women who are total strangers. The various rationalizations for this are amusing, but the bottom line is you must, must, must tell her.

Unknown said...

Engaging in other stranger's relationships can be a risky proposition based on a limited amount of info. However reading more into the story and seeing she also made snide comments aloud about the guy during at the game...I can see why the guy felt pity. He did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Accelerate failure = stop enabling.

SarahsDaughter said...

but the bottom line is you must, must, must tell her

Which is stupid. When a woman tells another woman about the husband's cheating, the backlash often falls on the first woman. I was tempted to be the messenger of bad news and am thankful my husband stopped me and insisted I keep my mouth shut (three credible incidences during one deployment). All three woman found out in time, all three woman stayed with their husbands, two of which have stronger marriages today, the third is a bit of an insecure mess but would rather claw the eyes out of an innocent woman who dares to look at her Alpha husband than leave him for his philandering. Which, yet again, confirms much of what I read here about Game.

Feminists want it to be the same offense: man cheats on woman/woman cheats on man. But, it's not, as evidenced by the actions taken by the offended woman vs. the offended man.

Anonymous said...

No woman who thinks that the stranger's intervention - which was done quite well, in that he chose a method to deliver his observations so as not to cause a scene in public - was beyond the pale has any right to be angry about a "two-timing cad" having another woman on the side, methinks. However, consistency and logic are not their strong suits, may God have mercy on their souls.

I hope the man gets a paternity test once the child is born. As far as "adulterous text messages" - was the man actually married to the pregnant woman? For his sake, I hope they really were only dating. As far as putting her in danger of being physically abused, there is actually more reason to think that she is a domestic abuser and quite possibly committing paternity fraud against her boyfriend(s).

At first I thought that the "viral" photo would have been enough to ID the woman, and so there might be grounds for her to fear for her safety from strangers, but since it's just the back of her head I don't think any reasonable person would consider that it puts her in danger. She's probably already gotten a new dye job.

She's real short-haired, too, I notice. LOL

hank.jim said...

I would not hold a door for a strange woman and I would not interfere with a strange man's relationship. I think the man has suspicions. Perhaps he just wants to have good relationship. Or maybe he is her brother. Keep out of it.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Oh no, what a messy matter. Bold move but a wise move.

Bullfeathers, she is not going to be abused upon being outed.

We can recall Johnny Cash's song with these lyrics, what is done in the dark will be out in the light, dont hide your hand working against your fellow men - something like that.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

The other side of this is the ploy or thinking embedded in what the boomers passed to gen x is this; if they are not married then its not cheating. What a disaster!

Anonymous said...

I guess if these complainers walked into an alley and saw one man taking another's wallet at gunpoint, they'd assume that the man with his hands up must be the thief, and the one with the gun was only getting his own wallet back, so they'd jump in to help the gunman.

It's the usual thinking: women are perfect and sinless. So if a woman seems to be cheating, then either you've misunderstood the situation, or she has a really good reason. She couldn't be sitting there coldly cheating by text right in front of her man, possibly getting off on the boldness of it, because that would be evil, and women just don't do evil things -- unless forced by a man, of course.

Ghost said...

I've never known a woman who has left a man when she found out he was cheating. If she eventually breaks up with him, she might say that his cheating was why, but youcan usually figure out the truth by asking a simple follow up. "If you left him because he was cheating on you, why didn't you leave him when you found out he was cheating on you?"

I've known a fellow or two who get such a case of oneitis that they won't leave a cheater. But the guys who will leave don't wait for multiple instances, and they don't stick around for months/years afterward.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would be reading strangers text messages over their shoulders unless they were violating my personal space.

On smart phones however, if somebody does more than quickly glance at it, as in attempts to have a text conversations, I will call attention to it, and ask them to read what was written out loud for everybody to participate. Which does amuse others while embarrassing the person using the smart phone.

The result has been that pretty much everybody that knows me now leave the room if they want to have a text conversation, much the way things used to happen pretext when they were having actual voice conversations.

Ghost said...

And to the people saying that he shouldn't have said anything, the bitch was pregnant. If she's fucking 2 guys while she's pregnant, chances are, she was fucking at least 2 guys before. There's a good chance hubby isn't the daddy, and he deserves to know before she rapes him financially.

Wasn't there a feminist who claimed that it's rape if you cheat, because you've taken away consent by not being honest? It was some stupid BS like that I can't remember. But as someone who, in my younger years, was the "other man" too many times, there's a LOT of female rapists by that standard.

Unknown said...

Agreed VD. Agreed.

MichaelJMaier said...

Ghost: Zoe Quimm of GamerGate fame supposedly said that in IMs or something to her "man".

Rek. said...

I am facing a bit of a conundrum. A female friend (High-T, jewish) of mine wants me to accompany her to a swingers' club, which wouldn't be a problem if she weren't married with a kid and thinking about having a second one (with her husband).

Ethically I have a huge problem with her "offer" (I have no intention of fucking her or any other swinger slut), marriage is a sacrement, a sacred contract that relies on trust and monogamy, helping someone break that promess isn't really something that I wish to accomplish. Morally her deceiving ways are those of cowards and disloyalty is not something that I value nor is it something that I hold in high regards esp. if the individual being treacherous is a friend.

Now I should add that I really don't care about her fucking her life up, her husband and her family - Should I even call her a friend if I think that way?. I am not really close to her husband, who is a major beta blue-piller wimp - I tend to not have a lot of respect for those guys - so if she wants to fuck this up by sleeping around who am I to stop her and why should I even care? Those values and morals that I try to live by are those of my own existence and intimate relationships, I shouldn't expect other people to feel the same way about them.

I have talked about this to her, stressing how much life and marriage is also about frustration and pain but she simply, and very solipsisticly, wants to live out her fantasy. So I am left with three options A/ egotistically go for it, get into the club for free and live this disinhibitory experience and get out of my comfort zone B/ refuse the proposition and let her find someone else to go with her or C/ have a talk with her husband and tell him to man up and fuck her senseless a bit more often, to get some control over her libido, without making mention of her current fantasy.

Oh and VOX: check this out: Nationalist swedish girls: Women for the SDU:

If this doesn't get young guys' heart beating faster all is lost for Europe.

Anonymous said...

There's no point in informing a man about something like that. If he was stupid enough to choose a woman who'd cheat on him, it's his own fault if she does.

"The female imperative is intrinsically immoral because it seeks to act sans moral agency."

Baloney. The female imperative is NOT to cheat. Women who do have radically defective moral codes. Getting involved with these types of women is a prescription for disaster.

Anonymous said...

There's no point in informing a man about something like that. If he was stupid enough to choose a woman who'd cheat on him, it's his own fault if she does.

There is no point reporting any fraudulent behavior because if any person is stupid enough to be defrauded, its their own fault.

Only problem with that line of thinking is civilization works a lot better when rules of conduct are enforced.

Dark Herald said...

Judging from his picture alone, I would say Lye is in the Game himself and has the Game point of view.

I agree with Ghost. The law is what it is, a kid can legally have two fathers in Michigan. Of course if the guy is married to her, he's already stuck but he needs to know, regardless.

Men his age have our entire culture weighted against them. We have to look after each other because no one else will.

As for the guy himself. I wish him luck.

Yeah its gonna hurt. Nobody ever said the Red Pill tasted good going down.

Dark Herald said...

Assuming that 'the guy' has the sense to leave her.

This Lucifer's Daughter picked her victim carefully, probably as soon as she failed her pregnancy test. And right after the real bad-boy baby-daddy, (presumably "Jason"), let her know in no uncertain terms it was not going to be him.

I've seen this happen myself.

Okinawa, Nineteen-Ninety-Something...

Cataline: Dude you are not the father. Just deal with it.

Coco: She swore on a bible, it's me. On a bible, dude.

Cataline: What did she say, when you reached for the rubber?

Coco: You know what she said.

Cataline: I laughed myself sick but remind me.

Coco: She said she liked it better without one and I didn't need to bother anyway because she can't get pregnant.

Cataline: And when you tried to pullout when you reached the Moment of Clouds and Rain?

Coco: She got mad.

Cataline (wide eyed with astonishment): Really? And how long since she broke up with her last boyfriend?

Coco: About three weeks.

Cataline: And now she has given birth in a Base Hospital and she is telling you she doesn't know what the baby's blood type is? Do you have any idea how fucking stupid you sound?!?!

Coco: On a bible dude. Right in front of me.

Cataline: Are you sure it was a bible or did you take her word for that too?

Coco: Uh...

This story does not have a happy ending. When my back was turned, he married her over the phone. The Blue Pill devours all.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that 'the guy' has the sense to leave her.

Yeah. Lye was smart to tell the guy to open the note later at home. The main danger in telling a guy to his face would be that he'd react to the pain by switching into White Knight mode and lash out at the messenger.

pdwalker said...

It was absolutely the right thing to do. No question.

Anonymous said...

Guy with the Long Address:
On the contrary, the man who was with the cheating wife did exactly what Game taught him to do: assume AWALT and get involved with a slut. The other guy who informed him probably didn't accomplish anything, because the husband has been taught to expect such behavior out of women. Feminism blames men for everything and holds women morally accountable for nothing: Game blames women for everything, and then says women aren't accountable because 'they're all like that anyway'. Feminism and Game are just two sides of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

Eric, if that's what you think Game tells you to do, you should get your money back.

S. Thermite said...

Eric, cite even one Game author who teaches that ALL (or even the majority) of women cheat while pregnant and/or commit paternity fraud. Or else admit that you're lying.

One of the purposes of Game is to prevent being used like a Churchian gamma who's been taught to pedestalize women and lick up the scraps from their table.

Doom said...

Pass a note? The one time I encountered a gal about to cheat on a casual but passable pal, I gave the wood-be suitor a choice. True, I was half looking for a fight. He only had two friends with him. He decided that she just wasn't worth it. Before that I thought all meatheads were stupid. He really wanted to lay it down. I think my asshole cousin waived him off. Then again, I've done a lot of cheating myself. But not like that. I always took my turn in the pool, never shared lanes or time.

S. Thermite said...

If we men don't watch each other's backs, then who's going too? Whether it involves a woman or not is irrelevant.

Imagine you're sitting at a bar in a Midwestern college town and see a 50-something white guy and a tall, skinny, demure Asian coed sitting together at a table for two, with older gentleman clearly enjoying himself and probably contemplating his chances of getting lucky with a girl less than half his age. One of the bartenders laughs, and tells you and your buddies that the Asian girl in a dress is actually a dude. Says she knows this because the manager on duty carded him a while back and his drivers license clearly showed he's male with a male first name. The manager walks over a little while later and confirms the story, and you find that it's common knowledge among some the other customers. So do you warn the guy that he's flirting with and buying free drinks for a tranny, and risk a physical altercation? Or do you just sit and laugh at his expense along with the others? Perhaps it even serves the old fool right...he's already looking to "take advantage" of a college girl and therefore deserves no respect, right?

I was still in my 20's when this happened. There are worse things than getting berated by a man you're trying to help, and having a note you're written torn-up and hurled at you. Like watching fraud and perversion in your home territory and doing nothing. And the tranny got banned not too long thereafter...guess one of his later victims wasn't so cool about being tricked.

Bob Loblaw said...

You know, it's not entirely impossible "Lye" was mistaken about the couple who "appeared to be dating", and that the guy on the other end of the phone was the baby's father who gave his brother in law his ticket because he couldn't make the game.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

I would not have used Facebook to post that level of info. Something is missing from the story.

Paternity tests along with plan b are available in retail stores.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's not entirely impossible...

In which case, no harm done. Why does it bother you that a man might find out his woman is cheating?

szook said...

Yeah, once in college some fool approached my female cousin, duty bound to deliver the sad news that I had been seen dating around on her with another girl....who happened to be my younger sister. If your duty bound to intervene, the n at least get the recon right....or just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Szook, I still don't see the problem. Someone thought there was something your cousin needed to know about, he told her, and it turned out he was mistaken. No harm done, unless you were actually cheating on your cousin with your sister, right?

If someone knocks on my door and tells me he just saw a dog that looked like mine killing chickens at a neighbor's house down the road, and I look and see that my dog is peacefully sleeping inside in her bed, am I going to be angry at him for misreporting and not doing enough detective work to be 100% certain before he accused her? Of course not. I'm going to thank him for his concern, and most sensible people would do the same. But when the thing being warned about is infidelity -- especially a woman's infidelity, of course -- then we're all supposed to pretend to be blind and mutter something about not being our brother's keeper.

Yes, there are busybodies who go too far, and gossip is wrong. But that doesn't mean we should never look out for each other. If someone honestly thinks he's seeing an affair happening, there's nothing wrong with him reluctantly passing on what he actually knows.

RC said...

It never fails that a man who gets kicked to the curb, surprised by his wife's infidelity, has a number of acquaintances and usually a friend or two who later confide that they knew something actionable well before abandonment day and withheld it. Apparently they must relieve their guilt by confession. The latest was a man who happened upon a friend's wife having at it with a co-worker in the back of a parked car and said nothing to the husband until after his wife left. What a man!

Bob Loblaw said...

Why does it bother you that a man might find out his woman is cheating?

Why does it bother you to respond to what people say instead of putting words in their mouths?

People get annoyed when a stranger inserts himself into their lives, especially when he does so without making sure he's got his facts straight. I'd rather have cheaters occasionally get away with what they're doing than have everyone trying to police other peoples relationships.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have cheaters occasionally get away with what they're doing than have everyone trying to police other peoples relationships.

Those two extremes aren't the only options, of course, but nice of you to want to decide that for everyone. If someone comes up and says, "Hey, you should sit down, there's something I need to tell you about your wife," you're welcome to tell him to shut up and go away. That's your business, but it doesn't require that you try to shame everyone else into keeping quiet in such situations, which is what articles like the ones Vox is talking about here are about.

En-sigma said...

Red pill reddit has indicated that the appropriate response is not to "bro-knight" that guy, but to get in line ahead of him if you can.

Red Pill Game is amoral and denial of that will get you banned from that reddit - according to them.

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