Friday, December 12, 2014

The fake rape factory

UVA appears to be ground zero for fake rape:
In an April 29, 2014 essay for the Huffington Post, Emily Renda writes that her story (of her own supposed rape during her freshman year) is “ordinary, normal, average, not unusual and practically commonplace” – all that in just the first paragraph; if Renda is to be believed then, getting raped at U.Va. (or perhaps at any institution of “higher learning”) is hardly different in occurrence or frequency than getting a morning cup of coffee.

Just about the entire rest of her post talks about the importance of fellow victims and their caregivers/advocates hugging it out, giving comfort and burning candles, except where she nonchalantly mentions how all this extraordinary support from others allowed her to feel safe again, “so that it didn’t matter that I saw my assailant on Grounds”.

Though Renda’s claims of the ubiquity of rape seem a bit exaggerated, her credibility doesn’t really begin to come into question until one considers her Huffington piece in its entirety, and then comes across some of her other claims, found elsewhere.
Let's face it, at this point it is obvious that claims of rape in college are nothing more than female attention-seeking. The majority of real college rapes are those that no college wants to admit, which is those involving black scholarship athletes.

And it's no wonder that there are so many of these fake rape stories:
“Do you ever kind of really want to expose a situation or topic and then kind of like shop around for a more concrete story that would be better for you to write?” a student asked.

“Yes, I absolutely do. I’m working on one right now where that’s the case,” Erdley replied. “That’s something I’ve done a lot when I’ve written for women’s magazines where I’ve written a lot about women’s health and women’s rights.”
It's not news or investigative reporting. It's pure fictional propaganda.


Anonymous said...

You are underestimating the incidence of jungle fever in white girls if you think the black athletes have to use more force than begged for. Even in the modern university environment where morons and ex-cons are on campus studying remedial reading, I would guess that the few cases of non-accidental rape are usually perpetrated by non-students.

Revelation Means Hope said...

My first year at state university, my roommate in the coed dorm was a journalism major. I therefore couldn't avoid rubbing elbows on occasion with his journalism peers. The term Media Whores is very apt, and the sheer laziness combined with selective blinders and shopping around for just the right story to make their point was eye opening.

grendel said...

Hey Rolling Stone, the whole Georgia team and the bulldog raped me. Please print this story and get their season cancelled. I am very trustworthy. Signed,

Revelation Means Hope said...

Just had an interesting self observation. Yep, I'm dumping this into the UVA rape hoax thread.

My needs have been sated today, (sex, food, etc), and while at work after our holiday feast, I noticed that the obese women in my department.....their faces were completely and utterly invisible to my visual sensors. I could not have even told you if their eyes were open or shut while talking to me, face to face, although my eyes were pointed in their direction.

It brought it home to me, this must be what it is like to be a hot girl in the presence of beta behavior.
Had very little desire for sex (it will take a few more hours to recharge from previous activities)
Had just stuffed myself at our department lunch.
These women are not on any of my project teams.
These women rarely have anything interesting to say.
Any beauty they may have had was roadkill after hitting the wall 10 or more years ago.
Their BMI is well north of 30.

At least all but one of them has the good sense to not bother even trying to flirt with me.

As both a Christian and an extrovert who generally likes other people, it was disconcerting to notice that their entire faces were invisible to me, they didn't even register on my brain except as obstacles to move around while walking back to my office. Ugly notion.

Dark Herald said...

When I girl I know, was at college. There had been some incidents near the low income housing for those tragic people who had come to college with a kid in tow. These unfortunate women had boyfriends who had followed them onto campus.

The young men in her dorm organized themselves and put up a sign out sheet by the door. Basically a roster of men that would be available for after dark escort duty to the various buildings on campus. Just knock on the guys door.

The campus SJW Thought Police absolutely shit themselves. Clearly this was sexist in every way possible, it was unrepentant victim shaming. Worst of all this was obviously racist as well.

The roster was quickly removed and an Inquiry started against the men who had organized it.

True story.

Anonymous said...

"He raped me" is the new "He didn't call back" – Roosh

Zorro said...

Repeal the 19th Amendment. Because they're idiots!

Anonymous said...

"He raped me" is the new "He didn't call back" – Roosh


I've posted before that female dissatisfaction leads to false rape claims (truthfully, I was exaggerating to show the absurdity of the claims), but you nailed it. Nothing inspires hysterical female frothing like rejection.

Mr.MantraMan said...

You can't debate those crazies, they have to be interrogated, but you have to be able to deal with their hysterics and seemingly most conservatives fall back into "patient daddy" mode and hence we get rolled by the crazy cult.

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