Saturday, December 27, 2014

For Alphas Only

One could not find a better description of hypergamy and the Female Imperative in action than this female-designed dating app:
While they have helped thousands find both long-term love and short term flings, dating apps have created almost as many problems as they have solved. From a constant barrage of seedy messages (and pictures) from shady characters, to meeting up with people who clearly took their picture when New Kids On The Block were still in the charts, navigating your way through the world of dating apps can leave you feeling rather sour.

But a new app, created by two women, promises to put an end to these dating woes by putting women in control of the dating scene. Two Cambridge graduates have invented a dating app called Antidate that makes women invisible until THEY decide to make a move. They can also use the app to locate a hot man geographically

Antidate allows women to remain anonymous, entirely unseen by the men in their vicinity until they choose to contact them. Women can look at the profiles of men near their location and decide who is their type while staying completely invisible.

This means they can avoid both creeps and wasting time talking to people who you will never 'click' with.
Look for Antidate 2.0 to arrive in about eighteen months, featuring the ability to complain about those "hot men" who banged a user and moved on as "an immature, misogynistic man-boy with no respect whasoever for strong independent women" and tag them to disqualify them from continuing to use the service.

It's fascinating to see that the female imperative is so engrained in women that they can't recognize the fact that a dating app, by definition, has to be useful for both sexes. Antidate is an appropriate name, as it turns the conventional dating mechanic on its head and puts the entire onus for pursuit on women.

And "dating app" is really a misnomer. This is nothing more than a harem app for high-status men.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Love it. They've made it very easy for guys to get laid. Still, it's as if they don't think these things through and don't take into account the unintended consequences.

Anthony Gillis said...

2014 has, seen a certain way, been a fantastic year. This is the year the femarchy finally, publicly took off the mask, not just in their own squalid Jez-soaked hives, but on multiple open fronts for all the world to see. From GamerGate, Shirtstorm and the similar battles brewing elsewhere, to ads openly, even cruelly celebrating hypergamy and fem supremacy, to the blatantly and intentionally unjust campus rape laws (coming soon to general criminal law near YOU!) to, now, this.

And with the mask off, what does the face of the impending feminist utopia look like? A perpetual high school, run by the mean girls clique.

I think a lot of men woke up in 2014. Here's to 2015.

En-sigma said... pictures of women at all? Are they serious?

The idea behind the app supposes that the alpha men (that these completely average women yearn for) are having such a hard time landing a Strong Independent Woman, that they will download an app, create a profile and wait by the phone all without seeing what is on the other end - in hopes of finding their special snowflake?

These are graduates of a college? Wanna guess who did the programming for them?

tz said...

I don't think this is likely to be as much an alpha aerie as a gamma gulch. Note the text on the for men side - "are you tired of making the first move all the time"?

Trust said...

And these same women would file lawsuits if it was a dating site where they couldn't see the men unless the me first allowed them based in their picture.

Unknown said...

'Antidate allows women to remain anonymous, entirely unseen by the men in their vicinity until they choose to contact them.'

Of note the type of women that would do this are single mothers, the promiscuous, and the desperate (ie near or past 30). Those are the types that used to be anon to me until they contacted me out of the blue when I was online dating.

Why were they anon...because I wasn't looking for them.

1sexistpig2another said...

it's as if they don't think these things through and don't take into account the unintended consequences.

This applies to the entirety of feminism and women in general.

Anonymous said...

So an app that, if the guy is registered(?), only bothers HIM when he's been pre-approved...that's empowerment for wimminz? Really?

Sounds like a real time-saver for PUAs...and men wanting to avoid sluts.

Version 2 sounds like a modern version of the dumped slut rumor service with the guy being able to find out that he's been dissed, and likely work out who did it (unless he's an utter player, in which case who cares?)

Doom said...

Now that's funny. If these broads ever tangle with an alpha or sigma type, or more get caught by one, they will be praying for mercy. As I remember things, when a woman tangled with an alpha, she knew what she was doing and never even tried to bag that beast. Strictly catch and release. Hell, they never even told me when they had my kid. Call it a mating version of NSFW. Only instead of work, marriage. Good to scratch the most intense of itches, but not more. Women knew this.

I don't think these women have any idea about what they speak, or seek. So used to metrosexuals and nerds they don't realize, on the rating scale, where they belong or what they are talking about. To an alpha/sigma, they are the detritus of the feminine. No alpha type hunts online, even old sick ones. Gotta smell the scent she casts in person, see if she is functional for needs, in the flesh. These types would never pass. These are the type of women who become stalkers, and are considered creepy to the men they think they seek. If I knew game terms, when I was running the game, I would have called these betamaxes. Ha!

pdwalker said...

I'm sure quality men will sign up in droves!

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

So low status men will join this service with the fantasy of not having to do anything. The women contact them! What a gig! No women will contact them, of course. No alphas will sign up to this farce, and women will continue on moaning about the lack of good men (in their artificially constructed paradise, that is).

1sexistpig2another said...

These are graduates of a college?

Yes, why are you even questioning it. What else is college (fem indoctrination centers) going to produce these days?

Diogenes said...

Sounds like a front for a gigolo service.

1sexistpig2another said...

I don't think this is likely to be as much an alpha aerie as a gamma gulch.

I'm thinking that the only kind of guy who would participate in this kind of game is the kind that is as clueless about women as he is about male / female relationship dynamics. I'm thinking the same thing about the guys that wrote the app for those two female university grads. I suppose the "hot" guys might use it if they find it useful, but I'm thinking it will be more of a waste of time for them.

Robert What? said...

@Anthony Gilli's

"A perpetual high school run by the mean girl's clique"

That is a pretty good summation. But unlike the movie, a mean girl's clique with no outsider to add in some humility or humanity.

More and more, the 80% (maybe 90%?) of average and lower status guys won't be able to catch a break noway, nohow.

As Mark Steyn and others have pointed out - millions of young men with no action and no prospects of getting any action, is not a recipe for social harmony.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely begging for bars to put up Rich Alpha McGorgeous profiles and wait for the sluts to pour in looking for him. "Oh, he just left, but he forgot his phone, he'll be back. What expensive cocktail do you wish to buy while waiting, maybe a meal too?"

Anonymous said...


That's the primary purpose of the technology today. Men use it to programme wargames in which they get to pretend to be uber-warrior kill monsters. Women use it to programme fuckgames in which they get to pretend to be uber-desirable slut queens.

Or, put another way, it's true equality.

VoodooJock said...

Okcupid allows someone to browse anonymously. These women have created nothing.

traderdoc said...

This will be an app filled with fat, ugly girls No fargin way will it help any but the most desperate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, girls just hate getting loads of messages from men begging for dates and complimenting them on their looks and their boring profiles. All that attention is a real burden; you can tell by how they all continue to have dating profiles all over the place, often even while they're supposedly "in a relationship."

Maybe it's time for a dating app that would actually be useful: AntiFatty.

Bob said...

"Okcupid allows someone to browse anonymously. These women have created nothing"

Same as just about every other "dating" site out there, most allow anonymous (with no picture) browsing, at least for women. I know one that allows ONLY women to attach "private" pictures.

As usual, women take an already established idea (by a man) and trumpet that it's theirs. Tis also daft because as another user mentioned, they'll miss getting literally thousands of messages, most actually like to show off how full their inboxes are, even if they don't care about 99% of the guys messaging.

Anonymous said...

Yea I don't see the app catching on with women because it will not feed their need for validation and attention like CC implies.

Anchorman said...
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Anchorman said...

There are a number of reasons why this won't be a success. Clearly, this is just a fresh coat of paint on the existing dating apps.

However, I also think women will experience a bit of what guys go through, only they're not as desensitized to rejection. Women are far more risk averse and the thought of throwing out 5-10 "feelers" to guys, only to get maybe one or two responses will devastate a women's psyche. Guys shrug that off or feel pretty good with a 10-20% success rate. Women will focus on the 80% failure rate and the guys that do respond...well, what's the deal with them if they're interested in the type of woman who is rejected by 80% of men (so their thinking goes).

On other apps, they could always rationalize their miss rate, because there were other lower quality guys filling their inbox. With that removed, a truer SMV will be revealed.

The hot will continue to bang. The mediocre will punch above their weight class. The fat will be on suicide watch.

Give the "empowered women" what they want. This app will be filled with inactive memberships within 18 months.

And they won't make money, because women don't feel they should pay for anything and the men they want don't pay for access to women anyway.

Dug said...

Two Cambridge graduates have invented a dating app called Antidate that makes women invisible until THEY decide to make a move.

Ha ha ha. This is going to go over like a lead balloon. As everyone seems to realize.

Do these developers have any idea what it's going to be like for women to go from being the pursued to the pursuer? Rejecting someone who approaches you because they clearly find something appealing about you is typically a mere inconvenience at worst, and flattering at best. It's /nice/ to be wanted, even if the feeling isn't mutual. Being rejected is a whole other ballgame.

Let's see what happens with this one.

Anonymous said...

These comments are priceless. I can't stop laughing hysterically (inwardly).

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