Monday, December 8, 2014

Bad habit or bad luck?

It is alleged that the woman at the heart of Rolling Stone's UVA hoax has a habit of claiming to have been sexually assaulted. has obtained the rape obsessed Pinterest account of the 20-year-old girl at the center of the University of Virginia rape hoax. We can also confirm that Jackie Coakley has misled other students at both her high school and her college about her past sexual relations with men.

Coakley’s social media postings (below) reveal a woman obsessed with rape and well aware of the political consequences of rape allegations. These reports confirm other reports in Talking Points Memo that Coakley made up key details of her alleged encounter at a University of Virginia fraternity. TPM had more details about Coakley lying on the night of her assault.... has also received word from two University of Virginia students that Coakley has lied about sexual assaults in the past. We will publish more about this past in the coming days. will also be offering a financial reward for credible evidence of other Coakley embellishments.
This doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't attacked in some way. But it does tend to cast a considerable quantity of doubt on her claims.


Dark Herald said...

That's okay Sabrina Erdley has a history of making shit up to make stories better.

In The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer. Again for Rolling Stone, Erdley's account of PO Blumer is ridiculous.

PO Blumer claimed, she was drugged and raped. Then picked up for a DUI by a local cop and spent the night in the jug. Erdley has Blumer in front of a JAG officer eight hours after her attack

Yeah, no.

Blumer would not have been taken directly to JAG nor would she have any reason at all to speak to a military prosecutor until a court martial had been decided upon. That can't be done until an article 32 investigation has been conducted.

Maybe I'm wrong and the world's fastest Article 32 got ram rodded through. Maybe somehow in eight hours the investigating officer Managed to speak to "The bartender, the cops who arrested her, the guards at the jail, any inmate who saw/interacted with her." Plus get the hospital records of Blumer's treatment.

Except it would take more than eight hours just to appoint the Article 32 investigating officer.

Fun bonus; Sabrina Erdley was a classmate of Steven Glass!

The bartender, the cops who arrested her, the guards at the jail, any inmate who saw/interacted with her. And here is the kicker: You'd need the medical records from her hospital visit.

Mr. Bee said...

What we really need now is a remake of "Animal House" replacing the Neidermeyers with rabid SJWs.

Unknown said...

""This doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't attacked in some way. But it does tend to cast a considerable quantity of doubt on her claims. ""

I would submit that it pretty much does. Someone very close to me was actually abused as a teen and she assures me that if something like this actually happens you never go looking to make up stories in the future. Ever. You never want to think about anything like it again. This smells like the liberal psychosis of wanting to be a victim or feel solidarity with victims.

In reality, she either has a mental problem, such as a fetish or extreme victim/feminist need, or she actively searches things out, tells the guys to rough her up, enjoys it, and then reports them later for motives known only to her.

The obvious problem with the second type of explanation is that those women always take steps to procure "evidence". Of which there is laughably none.

I've been to college, I've been in some rough jobs and some rough spots. Unless you are date raped (mild comparatively to violent rape) or of extremely low class surroundings, you are more likely to be raped by a dog than a white male. Since the complete NAM conversion of this country around 1995 or so white males' violent crime rates have plummeted. It's so bizarre that when you actually hear of a white guy doing something like this it is almost always part of some gang rape/run the train with nig nogs.

To complete the racist rant (lol), the one thing that neither side talks about in regards to immigration is that Hispanics are SUPER inclined to sexual violence. It's a coupling of the psycho sexual aspect of deviant whites with the sheer barbaric brainless sexuality of blacks. Keep in mind I myself am Hispanic.

I really am not sure how the victim class intends to operate with actual rapists and super-sexualized, but off limits to criticism NAMs taking the place of the Boogeyman whites who protect them in the future.

Unknown said...

She appears to have Munchhausen's syndrome.

Anonymous said...

So... is this Erdely broad's career over and dunzo?

Markku said...

She appears to have carpetmunchhausen's syndrome.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

I done with these liars and undead publishers pedaling her trash. HBO and the publisher will be forced to fess up, either its a lie or not. Either the child molester or publisher stops the nonsense. A change in a book written by the low IQ crowd does not fly.

As sex in the city laughed all the way to the bank, the girls stars also laugh all the way to the bank. the same banks who rape, rape and raped me financially. What about that?! That was ok to ruin my life a few times just for me to undo the ruin.

I want the statistics on actual rape, it does not really happen. Maybe RAINN can educate me, til then, its all lies.

Let us recall the Duke Lacross case, it was such deception and such a horror show one if the accused parents had a heart attack. All b/c of LIES.

Dexter said...

What's that old biker movie where a biker is falsely accused of rape and thrown in jail, so the gang takes over the town and rapes the accuser, saying something like, "We're owed one!"

Not saying the frat should do that, of course. =)

Harambe said...

"She appears to have carpetmunchhausen's syndrome."

That WOULD tend to indicate rape or sexual assault of some kind in her past.

Bobby Dupea said...

The 'correction' by Random House strengthens Barry One's libel case, according to Volokh, who calls the recklessness "appalling."

Random House and Dunham? Sucks to be them.

MichaelJMaier said...

Someone very close to me was actually abused as a teen and she assures me that if something like this actually happens you never go looking to make up stories in the future. Ever."

That sounds like something someone would say to make you believe them... in case they ever need to make up something.

They're women. They'll lie about it if it suits their purpose.

An ex of mine was molested as a kid (supposedly). I'm pretty sure she made up a rape scenario to get out of adulterous regret sex with a scumbag back when she was married.

Some bitches lie so much it's scary.

R Devere said...

""This doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't attacked in some way."

Dollars to donuts says the attack occurred when the underaged Jackie went bar-hopping in her whore's uniform (just like that OTHER now dead UVa coed), got tanked, then mixed up-picked up by some brah's who hang around waiting fo' stoopid white girls to pull this same sh*t and that poor Jackie was then engaged in a bit of group fellatio among the brahs. Being disgusted with herself and feeling oh so guilty, poor Jackie had shift blame for actions to the perps, but they were all members of a certain group favored and protected by the Hivemind. Next step was the simple reach to pointing at a far more suitable feminista target: the hated Fraternity system!! Yet, rather than picking the "Animal House" on the UVa campus, Jackie goes for the gold standard frat house as the target of her j'accuse......

Remember, the word "hysteria" comes from the Greek word for uterus and as I recall from biology, only one gender possesses such an organ.....hmmmm.....let me think....which one was it?

SarahsDaughter said...

Off topic except with regards to women lying. We'll be signing a permission slip for our daughter's biology class project of testing to determine the students' blood types. Parental consent required due to a prior student's father learning he's a cuckold.

I'm sure the mother must have been raped.

Bobby Dupea said...

One of the women who has been chasing me likes to bring up her own "I'm a brave survivor of childhood sex abuse" story. She uses this word "Survivor" the way she uses the word "blonde" to describe herself. To me it's a disqualifying habit: she has a template that simultaneously explains men, and elevates her in status.

When I stopped answering her texts, after one "I'm a survivor" binge, she then came after me by saying, "I'm thinking you too are a Survivor and it's just too painful for you to discuss."

I'm waiting for Jackie, now that she's outed as a fabulist and liar, to next accuse her father of childhood sexual abuse.

Bobby Dupea said...

Jackie is Amy in Gone Girl, incidentally. What do you mean you don't believe her? Such skepticism makes her feel "unsafe."

Anchorman said...

Unknown's scenario of the drunken gang bang seems plausible. Going into it, she was all hot over having a room full of guys lusting after her. Then, she realized she really was just a series of moist holes for the guys to use. She stumbles downstairs, realized she's just reached "super slut" status, and tried to reclaim social height by acting as if she didn't just agree to be used.

Friends who were with her have no interest in losing the hot guys just because their friend's a giant slut and now regrets it, so they tell her to chillax.

The whispers, real or imagined, continue and she suddenly was "gang-raped" at a frat party. She picks a random date, since "we all know" frats party every night and "we all know" frat hazings are evil and out of control.

Narrative writes itself.

The guys in that fraternity should be thankful that she's too dumb to do a bit of research or else they would've been railroaded. Their innocent pleading would be shouted down as rape denial and their lives would be ruined.

Robert What? said...

The most confusing part is: why did she come up with such an implausible story? It's like the children who, with the proper leading, "remembered" that their elementary school teachers held satanic orgies with them in the classroom. My guess is that she had drunken sex with some guy she really liked who subsequently dumped her. That probably sent her over the edge. It is a district possibility that in her mind this really happened.

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Anchorman said...

Wash Post article

The story just collapsed.

The three sympathetic friends made the rubble bounce. The pic of the guy was lifted from social media. The names never matched. The number of guys changed.

She invented the drama from whole cloth.

She'll never admit it, because women never lie about rape.

She could have destroyed the lives of innocent men.

Anchorman said...

The article seems to point this way:

She made up a fictitious guy who pursued her to get a fellow freshman interested in her.

He still didn't want to be with her.

So, rape story made up to get him sympathetic.

He still didn't want to be with her.

Give the guy credit for listening to his instincts, because she's the type who would've accused him of rape if he displeased her.

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