Thursday, November 27, 2014

The systematic demolition of a feminist

In which Nero fact-rapes Anita Sarkeesian, then metaphorically eviscerates her, puts her intestines through a woodchopper, pours gasoline over her corpse, and sets it on fire:
Feminists say they want to help women, but it's always someone else—in the gaming world, usually a man—who gets their wallet out to do it.

In reality, it's not women that some gamers have a problem with: it's people like Sarkeesian and McIntosh. They have claimed hatred of them and people like them is tantamount to hatred of women. But it isn't. People don't hate Anita Sarkeesian because she's a woman: they hate her because they see her as a disingenuous, divisive, sociopathic opportunist.

Prominent feminists and feminist journalists have offered compelling critiques of Sarkeesian's work. Much of what is erroneously characterised as "abuse" is in fact merely robust criticism of Sarkeesian's ideas—ideas she refuses to debate. Sarkeesian, uniquely in the sphere of public intellectuals, refuses to subject her pontifications to critique. She censors comments not because they are insulting or distasteful but because they reveal structural weaknesses in her arguments. This is not the manner of an academic, aspirant or otherwise, worth listening to.

It is in this respect that her professorial aspirations, and those of her writer and producer, reach dizzying heights of absurdity, beyond even those of her laugh-a-minute Master's thesis. Universities are places of learning and debate, but Sarkeesian is a broadcaster, not an interlocutor. So radically anxious is she about the substance of her arguments and so vulnerable is she to accusations of sensational cherry-picking, she has not accepted a single invitation to debate her theories.
Note: Nero has not actually committed any violence against the woman, it's just that after reading the entire piece in its ruthless entirety, it rather feels like he has.


tz said...

And scatters the ashes. Long, but worth the read.
Sarkeesian will now claim more abuse. Truth to a feminist burns more than sunlight to a vampire.

Random said...

You reveal in your note exactly why SJWs consider well-written responses to their claims are a form of abuse.

It's too aggressive, too ruthless, too MALE. If it feels like an attack, it must be one, and didn't your mom tell you not to 'hit' girls?

MichaelJMaier said...

I'd whiz on the ashes but that's a personal preference.

Trust said...

@ Random said... It's too aggressive, too ruthless, too MALE. If it feels like an attack, it must be one, and didn't your mom tell you not to 'hit' girls?

It's the way of the left. They will defend a woman that shoots a man in the back while he sleeps and watches him bleed out, but will then demand jail time of a man shoots a spitball at a woman (or raises his voice for that matter).

Amusing the uproar over Bill Cosby. I stunned one feminist this week by saying "yeah, last time I hear charges that serious the guy gave a keynote at a Democratic National Convention themed 'there's a war on women,."

Tommy Hass said...

Honestly, it's too long and he kowtows too muhc to feminism, as if it wasn't a joke.

But then again, I am an extremist commenter who often starts flaming and not a professional journalist...

Duke of Earl said...

I don't regard myself as much of a gamer, but my first console was a Sega Megadrive II, and I recall many happy hours with my brothers and sister playing Street Fighter II, Gunstar Heroes and X-Men.

We did play games on an Atari 800XL before that. Many minutes spent loading games from tape, only to have it stuff up at the last minute. It was actually rather interesting how the Ataris were designed as a game system with a keyboard.

sysadmn said...

Well documented and well written. Nice to see him credit Allum Bokhari

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