Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Because they can

It's not exactly a mystery why more men are turning to prostitution:
Last week, a report revealed that 1 in 10 British men have paid for sex. Find that shocking? Then try this for size: the same report, pulled from a total of over 6,000 men aged 16-74, also found that those most likely to have paid for sex in the last five years are single men aged 25 to 34.

The research – conducted by University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections – led lead researcher Dr Cath Mercer of UCL to conclude: "The picture that emerges does not necessarily fit the stereotype of the lonely older man … men who pay for sex are more likely to be young professionals."
There are a whole combination of factors at work here:
  1.  Postchristian society removes any moral sanction on men preferring prostitutes to amateurs.
  2. The sexual liberation means more women offering their charms to fewer men.
  3. Feminism and obesity making women less attractive to men.
  4. Porn causing men to be bored by the appearances and conventional sex practices available from average women.
I was surprised that the number was only one in ten.


Anonymous said...

5. Modern technology makes it easier and safer to deal with prostitutes.

6. Its cheaper than being a beta orbiter waiting for the pity sex.

I was surprised that the number was only one in ten.

1 in 10 admitted to it. The 50+ crowd was raised differently, and might feel bad about such, Married men would have to be daft to admit it to a stranger, etc.

I personally would have issues with cleanliness. Then again, I suppose I would have that problem with barflies.

Miguel D'Anconia said...

I would also add that you don't have to put up with a woman's sh*t when you're paying for it.

Unknown said...

I owned a taxi for five years and transported a lot of hookers. Some men paid for company, say to go on a date or watch movies, and did not have sex with the girls.

En-sigma said...

Considering the times 1 in 10 really does sound low.

Read a story online the other day about a women caught selling her services out of a hotel and ALL (and I do mean all) of the comments indicated that if a woman wants to do that (and she is over 20 - not sure why that is the cut off) then that is her business.

Read another news blurb locally about a "prostitution ring" where all the female comments were about hoping the poor dears got the help they needed, cuz women who do that either have no other choice, are underpriveledged or were forced into it by men. The Joker said, "If you are good at something, never do it for free."

Bob Loblaw said...

Some men paid for company, say to go on a date or watch movies, and did not have sex with the girls.

That's weird. I was never very attractive physically and spent most of my active years as a beta, but even I found most women (even pretty ones) will go out on a first date with you if you ask nicely and they don't have anything to do that night. It was the second date I couldn't get very often.

Of course, that was awhile ago. Things may be different now.

"Young professionals" are exactly the sort of men I'd expect to be paying for sex. They have disposable income, they're not married, and they have a bigger sexual appetite than older men. And I'm not surprised it's only one in ten - if you ever read those "I was a high priced call girl" stories you realize most of the customers aren't so much horny as lonely. So what he's really getting for his money is a girl pretending to find him interesting. Maybe there are guys who would pay for company but can't suspend disbelief enough to make it enjoyable.

Old Harry said...
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Doom said...

Don't be worried about the 1 in 10. Even in a postChristian society, there are generational ties that keep men from being honest. As a fact, even when I was without a Christian base to life, I wouldn't have admitted, had I hired a prostitute. First, it's nobody's business. Two, it is still illegal. Third, at least for me, it would have been admitting a negative about myself, with or without other qualifiers. If 1 in 10 admits to it, that's the stupid tip of the iceberg.

What I find odd is that some of those are probably alpha types. I still don't get that. Alphas and sigmas are both good enough, and smart enough, to get what they want without paying, or involvement. Married women were easy, back when I didn't care. Further, women who bear their children but not... want more. It's like they know husband material from not, and will use pregnancy from an alpha/sigma to catch a beta or other. So why mess with the risk?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

This is quite common around here. There are entire communities of "hobbyists" devoted to it. Escorts are pretty easy to spot at local high-end hotel bars and restaurants.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Remember the quote "you don't pay them for sex, you pay them to leave afterwards"?

So, 1 in 10 admit this, about 3 or 4 in 10 are married (some of those also visit prostitutes), some are in stable relationships and getting enough nookie, some are gay, some are asexual, some are getting it without a stable relationship but because they are alpha......I'd say 1 it 10 is a HUGE number, considering that those over age 50 count in the total number, but much fewer of them would go to a prostitute (or at least admit it).

Robert What? said...

At least these guys receive the sex they pay for. Married guys - especially those married more than 5-10 years - pay for sex but don't get it. Or get it grudgingly.

R Devere said...

Speaking as a married guy, what is this "sex" thing you are discussing?

Unknown said...

Doom, it's legal in most parts of the UK and super legal and freaky just a hop across the pond to the Netherlands etc.

Random said...

You married incorrectly.

Doom said...


Yeah, as I reread my comment I saw a flaw. But that was never a problem either. I've walked away from a lot of freebies. My thinking is that the sex might be better, as Vox insinuated. I don't really know, though I suspect sex is the same, depending on your tool. A little dick might need a pro, not to disparage, just the truth.


Ah, okay. Legal or not, there is still enough tie back to Christianity. I've seen it among first-gen atheists, if mostly of the academic type. As well, modern, or new age, pilgrims have their own puritanical views on things which exclude prostitution. Hell, some of them all but exclude sex, in some twisted way. How sex freaks can deny sex while having every weird version of it doesn't make sense. Reminds me of that weird cult, Quakers was it, which refused to have normal sex, or children. Only adopting or someit like that. I think their cult is dead now. Go figure.

MichaelJMaier said...

I'm a Christian and I don't see screwing a whore any more morally depraved than banging some random bar skank. Or even a church-going "Christian" girlfriend. Fornication is fornication, right? Why is one whore more moral because she's screwing me free of charge?

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't understand why men go to prostitutes. What do you get from sex with a woman that you don't get from masturbation? To me, the answers are: 1) Closeness and bonding (if it's with a woman you love); 2) an ego boost (someone found you attractive enough to have sex with); and possibly 3) the satisfaction of giving her pleasure. You don't get any of those from sex with a prostitute, so why not save your money and, uh, do your own thing?

There must be something I'm missing; too many willing customers out there for it to be otherwise. But I really don't know what it is.

Anonymous said...


Your post is missing a punctuation mark. It should read "You married, incorrectly."

Doom said...


I think the problem stems from how convoluted the term "marriage" has become. Though I am not sure just how... honest men have ever been about these things (or women). The idea is, now, if you have an affair with a girlfriend, that is as close to a committed relationship as many churches require. It's close enough, I guess because there is intent. No, I agree with you. It truly doesn't matter in the eyes of God. All are sins. Even when I was screwing around, and not Christian, I called it living in sin. I didn't tout it, but I didn't care, either. A funny thing happened in my last affair, on the way to my next really. God.

Now I have to figure it out all over again without the cover of arrogance or ignorance. Oh, and masturbation is a sin, too, by the way. I have worked very hard to get as close to being celibate for the last 10 years. At least I won't have another lover, until I marry or die. Not sure which is worse. I've got cold feet and I'm not all that close to either. Bleh.

anotheronetakesthepill said...

Those who pay for f*cking end uo saving reads a saying widely said in my country. Truer words couldnt be spoken in our society

Anonymous said...

One of the best quotes from the movie Four Brothers was from the villian Victor Sweet he observed: "You don't pay a ho to f**k you. You pay her to leave."

Truer words could not have been spoken.

Unknown said...

@ Eric:

Being alpha or not does not always have anything to do with the use of escorts/adult entertainers. Lets just say for arguments sake I have this friend. He's a decent looking guy, makes a ton of money (300+ USD/year). Travels a lot. Has his own company. Been alpha male pretty much his whole life. Can pretty much pick up a chick where ever he goes. His wife is a solid 8.

His arguments for using pro's:
- sometimes you want to get "down and dirty" without the playing the whole game
- there is much truth to the saying that you dont pay for the sex, but for them to leave. discretion is important (even though his wife "knows" - she's not stupid - its one thing to suspect, another thing to be confronted and humiliated among your friends.). A girl you pick up in bar might want to make a play for you even after the fact.
- sometimes can be used to play out certain fantasies that are hard to do other ways: certain pornstars etc,etc.

Unknown said...

What do you get from sex with a woman that you don't get from masturbation?

Are you gay, or a woman?

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Given the choice between the Alpha widow or a prostitute, I think most men will choose the prostitute.

Dewave said...

"What do you get from sex with a woman that you don't get from masturbation? "

Try it and find out.

Anonymous said...

What do you get from sex with a woman that you don't get from masturbation?

You don't piss God off as badly, for one. (Ever heard of Onan?) Or at all, if said woman is your wife.

Are you gay, or a woman?

Nah, just a gamma/omega.

Revelation Means Hope said...

"You don't piss God off as badly, for one. (Ever heard of Onan?) Or at all, if said woman is your wife."

Oh, is God more pissed off by that kind of sin more than the other kind?
How does He feel about eating certain kinds of foods, say, for example, a fruit of a tree He asked us to abstain from eating? Surely He won't mind that too much.....

This human tendency to think that GOD has different levels of sin, where does that come from, the pagan Greeks? Babylonians?

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that anyone choosing between masturbation and a prostitute is basing the decision on which will displease God the least.

Dewave said...

"You don't piss God off as badly, for one. (Ever heard of Onan?) Or at all, if said woman is your wife."

The sin Onan was failing in his duty to carry on his brother's line.

That passage should not be read as a general condemnation of masturbation as more sinful than adultery/fornication. What Onan did wasn't really masturbation anyway.

As usual, Christians focus more on the minutiae of the outward manifestation of the sin, than the sinful heart itself.

Doom said...


Are you nuts? Cheating with a woman is a mortal sin, masturbation is a venal sin. One requires confession in order to absolve, the other is absolved simply through attending Mass. I probably bore the shit out of my confessor, well... these days anyway. Then again, perhaps you think Catholicism is the root of all evil. *grins* Lord help if you "are" Catholic. Bleh.

Mark said...

Contrary to what a lot of guys think, you can get an ego boost from having paid sex. This is especially true if she is a beautiful and high priced hooker. It's true she isn''t having sex with you because you are attractive but she is having sex with you because you are able to come up with the money for a nonessential item. It falls in the same category of owning an expensive car, taking exotic vacations or dining out regularly in expensive restaurants. Guys who belittle men who pay for sex often just don't have the money themselves to do it and don't like to admit that there are areas that other guys can outcompete them in for women.

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