Thursday, October 9, 2014

The myth of the mandingo

Data from OKCupid and other dating sites has comprehensively exploded the myth of superior black sexual attractiveness to women of white and other races. But in addition to statistical data, there is also simple anecdotal observation.

Today I was walking along the sidewalk and saw an effective ruin of a woman, white, and somewhere between the ages of 60 and 70. She was taking the "mutton dressed as lamb" routine to new depths, as she was wearing brown leather trousers, and she also happened to be walking with her arm tightly wound around her paramour, who was a black man in his mid-twenties, dressed in full B-Boy style with the high, straight-rimmed ball cap.

He appeared to be equally enamored of his aged love interest, and far be it from me to criticize a happy May-December romance; if they find mutual satisfaction in their relationship, then it is no concern of either yours or mine. My point is not to criticize their relationship, merely to observe the fact of its existence.

The point of the observation is that one does not often see men of other races in their mid-twenties paired with black women in their sixties. Indeed, I can honestly say that not only have I never seen it, I have never even heard of it. Which tends to indicate, if only in an anecdotal sense, that African ethnicity tends to be viewed as  a sub-optimal attractor, not a super-optimal one, by the average individual.


Unknown said...

I've always noticed that those that believe in black "myths" of many different types are the ones with the least cultural awareness and often times the least observant. They've met 3 black people outside of tv so....

Many people in big cities or the entirety of the South, know to their core the realties of this racial gap. Blacks are pretty pathetic. Males of other races, especially whites and Asians don't care for their women and the only white women that do are 1)low sexual or socio-economic value combined with being from a broken home or 2)single mothers that are reaching an age of concern and don't want to be alone.

I could go on, but as the above column shows, why is more evidence of the blatantly obvious needed??

deti said...

What Vincent Castrillo said.

In the midwest, almost without exception, you don’t see white women dating black men unless the women involved are (1) morbidly obese; (2) ugly, and/or (3) have baggage to beat the band (usually daddy issues, high N, addictions, etc.) These relationships never last. If they last any length of time it is because he knocked her up and she’s pregnant or they have a baby together. Whenever I see BM/WW couples together it’s almost always with at least one child in tow.

Dark Herald said...

Back when I was stationed at CLNC, I watched a rather well done nuclear shoot down.

Markhume was a player or at least fancied himself as one. He was at least above average and could usually manage something better, than just bouncing up and down in front of white girl he was interested in and saying, "so when we goin out". Followed by "I get it, I black."

Okay not a high bar but still he would make an effort.

Hospital Corpsman Lee was Georgia peach with a lilting southern accent, waist length black hair when she let it down and shockingly blue eyes.

Markhume had tried with her a few times and always failed. This time he was trying swagger, "Lee, I know what all you southern girls really dream about."

Lee replies sweetly but with an underlying predatory interest, "And that is?"

"The strong field buck. You want what you ain't allowed to have. Ain't never allowed to have. You can only dream about it," he manged a good smolder.

Lee does the devastating Southern Belle laugh, "What we really dream of is the doe eyed, virginal preacher's son."

While Markhume was whirring in confusion because there wasn't one of those in Mandingo. I stepped in. "How does that one end, Lee?"

She looked me in the eye, narrowed hers and said, "with him running out of the back room of daddy's church, crying 'I'm a sinner! I'm a sinner!"

"Sounds dull," I stated, then I turned on my heal and headed off to noon chow.

Guess who invited herself to sit at my table.

Anonymous said...

I would probably hang with Vanessa Williams (51) or Vivica Fox (50) based entirely on what they looked like during my coming of age days. I don't know for how much longer, because at some point even the rose colored glasses stop working.

Krul said...

I don't know for how much longer, because at some point even the rose colored glasses stop working.

I hear beer goggles make up for that.

Old Harry said...

Question for the group: I live in the south. I remember how I felt when I was younger - if a woman had dated a vibrant, the position among my friends was that she didn't exist. Not only did we find it repugnant that she had done that, but we also held anyone who dated her after that to be contemptible - she was beyond being labled "damaged goods". Did this attitude reach beyond the south and is that still the attitude (regardless of what guys may say in public) still around today?

Unknown said...

GF, yes that is how it was and still is for people I know my age and up 35+. However, I cannot speak to those younger. I half feel that these "boys" we insultingly label as white guys have neither pride nor morality beyond that of your average black now. She be hot and will fu$k is all that matters until she moves on. Sometimes a baby happens but it is grandmas problem.

All the 1960's ever accomplished was making white proles act more like black trash and women act like more like adolescent boys.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did this attitude reach beyond the south and is that still the attitude (regardless of what guys may say in public) still around today?

I grew up in suburban Chicago, attending a school that might have had 40 blacks out of 2800 high school students. And all the blacks would be found guilty of "acting white". For the most part the blacks dated each other, but occasionally they would date a white girl, and I don't think anybody held it against the girl afterwords. I suspect if you were to go down into the city you would have a very different dynamic.

On a personal note, I have never seen my mom (born in Delaware, raised in Illinois) so upset as when my sister dated an African (even if he was of high social class) her freshman year in college. I can remember thinking at the time that it was a horrible idea, but then my sister and I had something of a falling out after my dad died, so I wasn't in a place to even be offended.

And just to hammer the point that it was just blacks. About a year later, a stunning Asian female from college came back with me home for the night as she was flying out to Hong Kong from Chicago the following day. After she left my mom seemed very disappointed that we were not dating, talking about how pretty she was, and how good her manners were.

Back to my sister. Again, we aren't close but I don't think it affected her dating life. She attended a Big 10 school, and those places are so impersonal nobody really knows anybody's business. She married a white guy. I don't know if he knows, but I don't think it matters. He is a delta.

Anonymous said...

In the midwest, almost without exception, you don’t see white women dating black men unless the women involved are (1) morbidly obese; (2) ugly, and/or (3) have baggage to beat the band (usually daddy issues, high N, addictions, etc.)

The only exception I've seen, a couple times (also in the Midwest), was extreme leftist women who I'm guessing were drawn to the liberal bona fides. Not that they couldn't have loved their husbands, but in a town that's 95% white, you aren't likely to stumble into that accidentally. And these weren't bad boys, but quiet accountant-looking types marrying white women past their prime. Not sure what was in it for them.

I think some guys who fear Mandingo don't think white women want to marry black guys, so much as they worry about white women dabbling with them now and again for thrills. That's harder to prove a myth, but the dating sites don't seem to support even that much crossover.

Anonymous said...

@Cataline Sergius

That Markhume fellow sounds like a try-hard gamma.

The only exception I've seen, a couple times (also in the Midwest), was extreme leftist women who I'm guessing were drawn to the liberal bona fides.

Yeah, I know a couple of cases of that. Actually, we all know at least one since 0bozo came on the scene.

Also, conservative churchians of weird, notoriously race-blind denominations (such as Mormons, JWs, and 7DAs) seem to be prone to it.

Nova said...

Here in the DC area, we do have more BW/WW couples than we did 15-20 years ago. It's still not a big thing -- I'd say around 7-10%, if that, of all couples. But more than there used to be. For the most part the BMs in question are highly educated UMC black guys who don't "act black", and the couples are almost all under 35 (mostly under 30 from what I have seen .. so much more of a millennial thing). I do also sometimes see teen girls with black BFs in the malls -- these would be UMC type girls (the offspring of parents bringing in 200-300k in most cases), so not trailer trash. It does seem like this is different from what you are seeing in the midwest.

Nova said...

BM/WW. not BW/WW ... heh not lesbians!

Anonymous said...

What's the Ilk's take on Doutzen Kroes or Heidi Klum (and Heidi having pulled the plug)?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean UMCP? I do imagine Fedgov employs a lot of relatively higher-IQ blacks that you wouldn't find in too many other places in the country.

Black Americans seem to be undergoing much heavier dysgenics than whites, if you think about it: the higher-IQ black men marry white girls and have small families, and the women go childless (think of Condi Rice, or MLK Jr's daughters). Low-IQ whites don't really seem to have any higher birth rates than high-IQ whites; any birth rate gap within whites seems to be mainly liberals vs. conservatives.

Probably leftoidery and/or low IQ. Kroes is involved with some HIV/AIDS prevention outfit. Elin Nordegren is also probably leftoid; her mother is a Social Democrat (leftist) politician. Dunno about Klum's politics, but I have read anecdotes to the effect that she is not really all that bright.

Anonymous said...

What's the Ilk's take on Doutzen Kroes or Heidi Klum (and Heidi having pulled the plug)?

At the individual level anything can happen. But exceptions that prove the rule. You can go the other way if you like. Robert De Niro or David Bowie.

Incidentally, I think its very hard to be in Hollywood or Fashion without being some sort of deviant.

T.L. Ciottoli said...

Anyone in their right mind knew Heidi Klum and Seal weren't going to last. Except Heidi Klum. I bet Seal knew it. Her politically correct hamster dumbed her down so much that her sub-par IQ African boyfriend could see what she couldn't. Mixing her German IQ and stunning looks with him? Can anyone say 'dysgenic'?

She is now dating a 27 year old. Not a particularly good-looking one either.

I like to think it was two strong factors. One, already mentioned above, is that Heidi Klum got seriously carried away with the politically correct, "multi-racial" family/romance fantasy. I have met a few of those women, all highly liberal, swimming in the diversity-spiked Koolaid, and it has never worked out. And the other factor is that those white European or American men who had the access, the status, and the game to bed an aging Heidi Klum either did so and decided to never commit to her, or decided that younger, less famous, and a smaller ego with more free time to dedicate to bed antics was the better path for them. How could you blame them?

She might be Heidi Klum, but she has certainly hit the wall. Case in point, have you seen Al Pacino's Argentinian girlfriend recently? Al probably has probably told the likes of Heidi Klum to take a hike on many an occasion. Because. He can. And with amazing results.

Seal likely just stood around, grunted a few times, let his money, status, and social proof do all of the work, and Heidi's hamster ran off spinning. A lot of savage jungle sex and a few half-breeds later, the 'mystery' of Seal and his glorious blackness and diversity gone, Heidi finally wakes up. And one of Deutchland's greatest post-War achievements, an apogee of German and European feminine beauty, is sullied and stained by multi-cult stupidity/insanity and feminist-inspired whoredom.

S. Thermite said...
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S. Thermite said...

Am from the Northern Midwest, and I only know one highly-attractive white woman who dated a black guy. She's SJW type- volunteered at a woman's shelter before earning her Master in Social Work, and loved hip-hop music...but still didn't dabble until she was in her 30's, could no longer have children due to medical issue, and her closest mother-figure (her grandma) had recently passed away. The guy was an African immigrant, high-IQ, athletic, and relatively high-value- already had a engineering degree and a resume to go with it, and was enrolled in medical school to become a surgeon. He was the jealous type, and the way he was able to dominate her and influence her to withdraw from her prior social circles was astounding to her friends. Alpha + Foreigner "who doesn't know any better" can be hamster crack for liberal white chicks. Still, they only lasted about a year.

I've also known only one WM-BF married couple. He was an IT guy, and she was another Educated Black Strong Independent Woman(TM). She didn't even want him working on her computer or her car, and would go to her other friends for assistance with both. He gave her three children before she hit her mid-30's and they separated...last time I saw her she was out drinking with a black guy.

Dark Herald said...

That Markhume fellow sounds like a try-hard gamma.


Actually no, under VD's rating system he would be a Beta. The thing was he was given to using the African-American high energy game. That is fine if you can maintain the energy, which he couldn't. Consequently he came across as fake.

Nova said...

@Corvinus --

Yes, these are all obviously educated professional types out in the UMC-dominated burbclaves. Likely either gov workers, or people working for gov contractors (lots of those in DC metro) or lawyers/lobbyist types. The women involved are also typical of that class -- not generally overweight or trailer trash, but acceptably fit as is the standard for many UMC Americans, and varying in general attractiveness.

I realize that this is probably outlier-ish, because the DC area is very odd in many ways. But it does seem different than some other parts of the country in this way, even if in the grand scheme it is still a minor thing.

Anonymous said...

Al Pacino's 35 year old girl friend has 2 children from a prior marriage and she has publicly commented that she wants his baby. So while it is commendable that he is landing a fit and attractive pre-wall woman in his mid 70's, he isn't pulling the cream of the crop.

Matamoros said...

Pre-Wall? I don't think so, definitely Post-Wall at 35.

Anchorman said...

He's Al Effin Pacino. He shouldn't "do well for himself" with a 35YO twice stetched woman. He should score early 20s, underwear models.

Anchorman said...

Dwarves, on the other hand, nail all the ladies.

She had sex with a dwarf stripper during her bachelorette party.

"But, but, but I do love you! I only had unprotected sex the night before we were married to show how much I was done with riding random cocks!"

Hopefully, the groom/husband can get out of any legal snares due to his wife's whoring.

Unknown said...

Shut up doofuses. Big Al is 75 and smashing a ridiculous hot piece of foreign ass. A foreigner who is probably 1/100th as screwed up as Americans/Brits by the way. Sure she wants protection and money for her kids, but he's crazy rich and looks happy. And since he's super alpha she probably does love his old ass anyway. In this case, he's doing just fine.

Bill Solomon said...

This is completely true, I have only ever seen a black man with a white women above a 7 once and he ] looked like he was having the time of his life and was on his best behavior, while she looked like she was talking to her her most annoying beta orbiter. However this just points out another blatant hypocrisy in society as the women who are responsible for this are most likely to support white gamma male who cry raciss. I wonder how scalzi et al would react to talk of a marriage gap, and quotas to fill it; as an aggressive stance on marriage equality seems like the only reasonable position to hold, given feminism and racial equality.

Anchorman said...

I believe the plural is "doofi"

Anonymous said...

Pre-Wall? I don't think so, definitely Post-Wall at 35.

The Wall is defined as the point where her looks start to decay at an exponential rate. A woman with good genes who takes care of herself can last to the late 30s or possibly even early 40s. Higher melanin count tends to assist in this.

Matamoros said...

Wrong. The wall is at the point where she has begun to wilt. Think of a rose. It opens to the point where it is vibrant in its mature beauty and then begins to wilt.

Lucila Sola is well into wilt. Not to mention the drooping breasts and belly. Not bad for 41 but definitely post-wall. If you can't see it, visit your optometrist.

Unknown said...

This article is wrong. It does not take into account the biggeest factor, either by design or ignorance. Social stigma. There is a social stigma and a social cost in America to dating certain people. Blacks most of all and to a lesser extent Latinos, Arabs, Indians, etc. Go to any place where there is no social stigma to dating Black guys and I've been to these places. Nordic countries, Philippines, Canada (Vancouver especially), Okinawa, Japan, etc. and the local women have actually preferred Black American guys to White guys. They make a distinction between native African and African American. Remove all social stigma in America and White women would date way more Black guys. In America these groups have to offer somethng that will compensate for the social costs. Its why you see Black athletes and entertainers able to get the prettiest White or Asian girls. They can compensate for the social stigma. So, this article has no merits and the OKCupid stats merely reflect social prejudices. Women, if you remove the social stigma will go for ANY race if the guy has alpha male traits.

Anonymous said...

Go to any place where there is no social stigma to dating Black guys and I've been to these places.

There's no social stigma against dating blacks in those places yet. It takes a while for it to build. But it will, once enough blacks move in and the whites no longer view them as cool and exotic but annoying criminals.

Minnesota is a good example of a place where locals used to be open to dating blacks, but decidedly aren't any more.

Unknown said...

She's 35 dumbass and yikes... Not a single 25 year old straight guy I've ever met would turn her down and maybe you forget Big Al is 74. So he gets a loyal, Argentine girlfriend (not wife) who is sexy and pleasing to him. What's the big deal.

Ahh yes, computer perfectionists... The types that only bang 10s and wouldn't ever second glance a nine. And by nine they mean their version of nine, not all the loser guys' definition of nine. I wonder how they ever get any time for the endless WoW they play between 28K a year cubicle jobs with all the fantastic strange they get.

Matamoros said...

Hey dumbass yourself,Vincent Castrillo. On the website with her bikini shots it said she's 41. "The 41 year old, had a figure other women would kill for, boasting toned arms and legs and a six pack abdomen in spite of the fact that she looked young enough to be Camila sister."

If that's what you f**k your standards are definitely blue pill/beta. She's about a 6. You are certainly welcome to the old women. I'll stick with the early 20 year old 8-9s.

Unknown said...

@ Corvinus: [i]There's no social stigma against dating blacks in those places yet. It takes a while for it to build. But it will, once enough blacks move in and the whites no longer view them as cool and exotic but annoying criminals.

Minnesota is a good example of a place where locals used to be open to dating blacks, but decidedly aren't any more. Again, all things being equal in terms of social stigma, acceptence, its almost purely an alpha male thing. Women tend to date those that look like them so I said 'almost' but if you remove the social stigma those OKCupid stats would change dramatically. [/i]
Dude, that's a red herring though. You're talking about socio-economics. I'm saying all things being equal. Of course no one is going to want to date someone who is from a lower income bracket, etc. white, black or purple. I'm saying remove all social barriers, doesn't matter the color or ethnicity or religion, women are going for the alpha male types. The OKCupid stats and the comments I'm seeing do NOT take that into account. I've had the good fortune to travel. I've been around American women who have dated all types of guys that would not have dated back in America because of the social stigma. They have a 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' view. The guys they dated all had one thing in common. They were reasonably good looking, confident, charming. There was a guy, Canadian of Arabic background who was cleaning up in an Asian country I was working in. Why? He had good looks for one but the guy was a charmer. They wouldn't have dated the guy back in America because of the social stigma.

Unknown said...

Matamoras, or you could simply type "lucila sola" in Google and immediately see her exact age which is 35. But I forgot you get all your information from "bakini websites". Dork.

T.L. Ciottoli said...


Spot on. Owen and the other WoW fag outed themselves as complete wankers. You have no real world experience in any of this. If you pull a piece of ass that hot at 74, you win. Period. None of the top PUAs in the world would even think to dog on Al Pacino for what he's pulling at his age, even with his money and status.

As Vincent stated, no non-religious 25 year old turn down an opportunity to hit that piece of ass and they'd milk that for as long as they could without having to give any real commitment or support to the kids. When you're knocking on death's door and have millions in your back pocket, you keep banging the 35 year old gorgeous latina and you don't give damn if you're paying for all her kids' shit or not. Who cares when you're that loaded with that little time left. You're not playing beta provider. You're playing porn star, at 74. And no, you don't pull mid-20s at 74, not if you care to get some bang for your proverbial buck. Namely because you don't give a damn about dealing with a stupid, ignorant as dog-shit 20-something. The majority of the mid-20s girls, sans chillins, have zero desire to stoop so low and wrinkly as to bang 74. And really? Where do you think AL Pacino cares to freaking hang out? And the night clubs where the mid-20s bimbos hang out? Please, get a grip. 30s with kids, super hot, and she can appreciate his money (for the kids) in a way the childless 20 year olds won't. And he's too damned tired and old to chase and play text games and use Whatsapp. She knows what he's worth, she needs what he's got, and that's exactly what he needs and wants as well. Case closed. He wins, at 70 freaking 4.

Don't kid yourself that he couldn't "pull" some chicks in their mid-20s. He could. But what, for a few nights, a few weeks? She'd disgusting screwing a 74 year old and he'd get disgusted or bored hangin with a 20-something. He'd rather have an actual woman that actually stays around for a while, with some sort of experience and substance, and one that doesn't completely annoy the shit out of him with her bubble gum, just out of pre-school antics. Mid-20s is not the Holy Grail of pussy to all men, especially when that man has plowed more mid-20s pussy that you could dream of, and is frankly over it. The guy gets freakin' heat flashes for god's sake.

But alas, the WoW computer gaming masters will shriek otherwise as they open their Game holy books and wax pharisaical. And then beat off to more internet porn as Al bangs hotter than they will ever get near. At 74.

Yeah, criticize Al freaking Pacino for his lack of "game". At 74. Idiots.

T.L. Ciottoli said...


Agreed. The Wall is simply the point at which the decline from optimum beauty begins. No woman at 40 has avoided the wall, ever, ever. Some can sustain something very close to their optimum beauty into their mid-30s, but not many. Many can still stay attractive, some ever beautiful post-wall, but by 35 all have solidly hit the wall or mere months away. I see most women hitting the wall between 28-30. The crows feet have started creeping in, that glow just isn't quite as radiant, the tightness of the skin starting to weaken a bit... there are many signs of The Wall. They start far earlier than 40, on every single woman.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the kind of men that have pulled single mothers from cultures that still shun them. One guy I know pulled a solid 7 Chinese woman with a daughter. She was 30 he was 51 when they met. And he wasn't Al freaking Pacino. Just a mild aspie with a 40k a year job who had his house paid off.

Women in need of providing for their children can convince themselves they are really in love with anybody regardless of age assuming he is showing any interest in providing. You don't need game or skill to get them. Just the bait of money.

I don't really care that Al Pacino is willing to trade money for tail. That is his business. I was only pointing out that prostitution isn't an impressive feat.

Unknown said...

srg - are you saying that if things were different they would be different?

Anonymous said...

About Al Pacino -- I suppose he selected an older woman specifically because he doesn't really want to be a father and then end up kicking off before his kid gets through middle school. IOW, it may be a strategic decision.

Dude, that's a red herring though. You're talking about socio-economics. I'm saying all things being equal. Of course no one is going to want to date someone who is from a lower income bracket, etc. white, black or purple. I'm saying remove all social barriers, doesn't matter the color or ethnicity or religion, women are going for the alpha male types.

"All things being equal"... but they're not. Blacks will never create or successfully maintain functioning societies. In places where blacks are rare, the few you see will tend to be the relative winners of their race ("refugees" excepted). And white women who do date blacks tend to be dim-bulbs, so there does appear to be an effect of assortative mating by IQ.

I would agree that Alphas of any race will clean up anywhere in the world. I don't think anybody is disputing that. But where the stereotype of the black Hollywood Alpha wears off -- i.e., almost anywhere in the eastern U.S. where run-of-the-mill black losers are common as dirt -- white women shun blacks, unless they're dumb trash themselves.

You mentioned Nordic countries. I'm sure you'll find that, whereas the women there were all over blacks before, that their enthusiasm for both black and Muslim men has been noticeably declining as of late. The Social Democrat-voting Swedish slut with jungle fever is going the way of the dodo.

Lucas said...

"Which tends to indicate, if only in an anecdotal sense, that African ethnicity tends to be viewed as a sub-optimal attractor, not a super-optimal one, by the average individual."

For black women, yes, but not for black men.

Anonymous said...



Black men aren't sub optimal to any race of women, black women on the other hand.... Aren't so fortunate.

Anonymous said...

@Lucas @obeyx

And among white Europeans, substitute "British Isles" for "black". For kicks and giggles, Google "[n-word]s of Europe" and see which ethnicity overwhelmingly gets called that.

Ever Light said...

SR G seems like one of the few that has it RIGHT in this article.

Good job Vox.

Yeah, pretty much most blacks or are you saying "African Americans" or African people in general are not doing so swell in the (yuck) "dating dynamics"? (P.S. There is NO such thing as a "dating life" or "sex life" if you are a CHRISTIAN. It's marriage or a life of voluntary/involuntary celibacy to avoid FORNICATION if you want to OBEY Him. God or the World.)

SR G summed it up nicely, really.

Now the Black Alphas and Sigmas are a different deal... aren't they? ^

Ever Light said...

Corvinus: Smart people of any ethnicity can manage their way. Yes, because of the way "black people" are in the society doesn't inherently make them all dumb as rocks. Smh...

"I would agree that Alphas of any race will clean up anywhere in the world. I don't think anybody is disputing that."

Sure hope you're not cuz I can't read minds...

Regardless if the Hollywood "nigga" Alpha male or ghetto gangbanger Black is some of your pre-conceived ideas of the "black Alpha male" you are TOTALLY CLUELESS of the real Black Alphas and Sigmas out in the REAL WORLD (Not public life).

You seem to speak of abstract general stereotypical examples than from actual REAL EXPERIENCE.

Hope you come around to JESUS though. He's the only one Who can LITERALLY SAVE YOUR SOUL!

Get on the Ark or DROWN in this Hellhole. (In all love and kindness really... ;)



In case you don't here back from me again you can always get back to me @

Can't guarantee when I'll reply; only GOD-WILLING I'll get back to you 'cause no time is promised to you without God.

I have left the secular manosphere and moved on to stuff that actually matters like GETTING BACK TO GOD and not the strifes of this life and society.

Nipping at the tree won't cut it. Get to the ROOTS and they are God.

I only stop by on the manosphere to see how things have turned out, but now it's dissolved to nothing but typical divorces, marriage, feminist silly women and men that think more about p**sy than the Creator that made them.


I'm a CHRISTIAN before ANYTHING ELSE! The Manosphere is a DYING VOICE because it is DEVOID of GOD; mostly concerned with secular matters of a degrading Western society and civilization at large.

Ever Light said...

All the Manosphere really is, is VANITY...

It won't change nothing for the better because it's outside of GOD'S WILL.

Instead of fixing the problems the Manosphere is only exemplifying them and making people hateful towards another. People are nothing but selfish, self-serving creatures and without a conscious towards God... talk about clueless betas, deltas, gammas and omegas (lambdas are sodomites that need to come to CHRIST!)...

All that rejection and knowing how the girls just aren't into them and all the bitter realities of society has made them cold, deep down.

Point: The "New Sodom & Gommorrah" U.S. of A needs to come back to God with sackcloth and ashes or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES of an ANGRY GOD'S JUDGMENT.

You've been warned...Make the RIGHT decision.

~ In Peace & Love,

Brother Ever Light

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents as a biracial (mulatta) with a white mother. My family is ashamed of me and I'm a weird sheep when it comes to family reunions, so don't think I'm seeking attention, I'm just speaking the actual truth. Most BM/WF unions end in divorce/separation (the mother has custody, so the girl tends to assimilate to her family), are quite ghetto (it's typically lower-to-middle class) and don't work out. I saw the same thing repeatedly, with women of different parts of the world.

As a person, I want to be part of the "average", the middle and to have an intact family. Think with a man who has natural straight hair, a cute face, a medium-skin tone and an average body build. I fancy dogs, speaking in a foreign language and love watching animal cartoons. I don't care about ghettos, dislike violent crime and find wearing wigs/weaves to be repulsive (I prefer wearing my medium-length curly hair and treating it with oils/vitamins in order to make it grow). At the same time, I'm not attracted to "living large" by owning 10 cars, 5 expensive homes, a lot of gold jewerly, CEO style salary and getting a degree from a prestigious university. I'm going for a small cottage-style house, with a small garden and near the countryside. I don't want to have it all, but I don't have to have nothing. I just want a small part.

The problem is that this "small part" doesn't exist where "mandigos" predominate. There's no such thing as average, normal and middle for them. The black community is basically a very small upper-class (think millionaire/billionaire), who are maybe 10-20% of the community, and a large underclass (below middle-class), which is 80-90% of the populace. The whole idea and lifestyle of "working class to middle-class" is very alien. In the USA, "the middle" was artificially created through forced integration, affirmative action, government quotas, civil rights legislation and Hollywood media depictions. Most people, from friends, to family, to community, to work colleagues, to different cultures and ethnicities around the globe, find black women to be the epitome of female ugliness (bad features/dark skin/short nappy hair), bad attitutes and matriarchy (this isn't just a personal opinion, but apparently various dating/marriage surveys show this factor).

The whole "male vs. female" double standard doesn't apply to ethnicity and tends to fail, because well, most people tend to group the members of the same group near each other for good reason. For example, there's a forest and it's full of white sheep, grey dogs, green frogs and yellow butterflies. Saying that female green frogs are hideous but male green frogs are attractive is inaccurate, contradictory and flies in the face of reason. If a trait from a certain group is bad, why accept males but not females? Males are actually more dangerous, because well, they can spread (through sperm) their "bad traits" but females (since eggs can be raped repeatedly by various males) can't really multiply in such a matter. If anything, the great majority of people which are miscegenated with black (even if the autosomal ancestry is lower) on absolute numbers tend to carry black female ancestry (e.g. Ethiopians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, South African Colored community, Brazilians, etc). Not only is the whole "Mandigo" thing overblown and false, but it's statistically false. Black males aren't the force behind miscegenation and it's quite abnormal. The important thing is to be average, normal, and balanced. Sadly, there's no average with "mandigos".

Unknown said...

how is there a social stigma against blacks any more? if anything there is a social stigma against racists

Unknown said...

"how is there a social stigma against blacks any more? if anything there is a social stigma against racists "

I know this thread is just about dead, but who are these people....

Whiskey said...

I would not say that data from OKCupid has explosively destroyed Satoshi Kanazawa's findings. For the following reasons:

1. Its the internet, self-selection bias.
2. OKCupid is not say, Tinder which is a hook-up site, or Plenty of Fish, or Ashley Madison. It is a DATING site and one intended towards relationships not just sex.
3. Observational evidence shows a fair amount of support for Satoshi Kanazawa's study:

I.E. you very rarely see White guys with Black women. Generally when you do, either the guy is an A-1 Alpha male with a hot Black woman (examples, David Bowie, the late Sidney Lumet, Robert De Niro) or he is a bottom feeder like Bill di Blasio and his ex-lesbian Black wife.

Satoshi Kanazawa's findings of the rarity of White (or other non-Black men) paired with Black women stands up.

As does, his findings of relatively few Asian men paired outside their race (outliers would include Bruce Lee, for example and his White wife) but plenty of Asian women paired outside their race.

Studies of prostitutes found (link at Roissy's, too lazy to look) that Black women earned less and White and Asian women earned more (higher demand for their services) worldwide, adjusting for race at each locality. Another confirmation.

Anecdotally I see quite a number of White women, some hugely fat and ugly, some quite hot, with Black guys. I don't see the other way, which tends to confirm Kanazawa's findings. I'd add that the number of Hollywood bimbos with Jungle Fever far outstrips that of White guys like Bowie and De Niro with that condition.

White guys have an advantage over Black guys in: dutifulness, reliability, faithfulness, not knocking out your wife in an elevator, things like that. And that's not nothing, either, even in these times. But, as much as White guys don't like hearing it, White women have zero, zilch, nada, none race-faithfulness. Black guys don't excite instant and innate lust BUT they have a SIGNIFICANT MARGINAL ATTRACTION ADVANTAGE.

That does not spell defeat in the dating/sex market or all White women are going Mandingo. But that marginal advantage empirically has been confirmed enough times to say it does exist. The size and nature of the margin remain to be discussed.

I would of course, change my mind if studies replicating Kanazawa's findings proved unable to replicate his results or showed other results: RANDOMLY selected men and women of all races, shown RANDOM "averaged" faces of different men and women of different races, with ratings for attractiveness (and the object concealed from test subjects to avoid test contamination by PC attitudes etc).

Would anyone argue that Kanazawa was correct in saying that men of all races prefer: Asian women>White Women>Hispanic Women>Black women on an attraction basis only? Why then so much problems with the ranking of men by women: Black Men>Hispanic Men>White Men>Asian men? It seems symmetrical and half the mirror image is believed by most here.

Asian men are not in denial about Asian women's attraction buttons. They don't like it at all but there are ways around it. Neither if they are honest are White women happy with Plan B (striving high IQ but less sexy Beta Male) being snapped up by Asian women.

White guys should stop living in denial. Competition is fierce, the natural White advantages of (pretty daughters) and dutiful providership are undermined by said providership being moot with welfare and higher female earnings, and the lure of sexy sons.

This makes Game even more important. Since male sexiness is not just a function of physical attractivness, how dark the skin, how pronounced the jaw, but charisma and social dominance. All of which can be learned to some degree, some men more than others.

Whiskey said...

Let me add, the DNA analysis of the "Tri-Racial Isolates," the Melungeons, shows that in fact, they descended from BLACK MEN (likely freed or escaped slaves) and WHITE WOMEN.

For those not in the know, the South has always had significant amounts of people claiming to be "tri-racial" that is part White, part Indian, and part Black. Injun Joe in Tom Sawyer starves to death guarding the legendary treasure of Melungeon "Land Pirate" John Murrel, a Melugeon who said he killed thousands and had over 3,000 fellow Melungeons working for him to seize New Orleans and free the slaves, stage a Haitian style revolt at the time of his capture (likely a bunch of nonsense save the killing, which was real enough and probably ran to the hundreds).

Murrel was an equal opportunity killer, he murdered lone Whites when he could, slaves he sold and helped escape (to re-sell again) when they lost value.

Melungeons are by DNA analysis, believed to have originated in the late 1700s from White women and Black men. That this happened at all (they famously later claimed to be part Portugese which is untrue according to DNA analysis) in that time frame is fairly indicative. Even during Slavery ***SOME*** White women wanted to have kids with Black men. That's a pretty impressive arrow of female desire.

Whiskey said...

Last add, FWIW the professional women in the South of my acquaintance almost entirely had episodes of jungle fever: various guys either one time or a more than a few of the melanin enhanced variety. The exception was: the few girls from California and New York working in and around New Orleans and DC and Richmond. THOSE girls both 5-6 and stunning 8-9s only preferred hard-driving Alpha uber White guys.

The Southern girls? The more ghetto the guy the more they were into him. A few even bragged about pulling trains; not knowing or caring a few of us could hear a few cubicles over. None of the guys lasted much. I DID see working in DC a number of Black Male / White female couples, both enlisted, neither very attractive. I guess for each it beat being alone. Far more than I have in Orange County California until the last few years when I see them almost every shopping trip.

Attraction is hard-wired, I doubt Black guys changed much. My hypothesis, subject to change, is even the tenuous limits of ten years ago have lifted on female behavior. Anything goes.

Unknown said...

Nice article.. . . Don't forget to reading my blog:

Unknown said...

It's one thing to make racial jokes and funny insults among your friends, but when you start actually trying to solve problems and explain social dynamics utilizing racial stereotypes, you will forever be baffled by what's going on around you. As long as you racists pretend that all black Americans are exactly like the people you see featured on the news in Ferguson, Missouri, you will forever be puzzled as to why so many white women date black men. If you really want to figure out the issues, set the silly racial stereotypes to the side for a minute and look at things objectively.

The truth of the matter is not all black Americans are ghetto, and even fewer have low IQs. I happen to work for a massive company, that does a lot of hiring. Consistently the best interviewers are black. So, to pretend that a black guy can't put two coherent sentences together and talk to white women, is simply fooling yourself. You have many of the newest generation of black men who were never raised in the ghetto. Many of them were raised middle-class, so the gang banger stereotype doesn't fit them. These men tend to have good bodies physically, have middle to upper middle class level jobs, are well spoken, yet still have a bit of swagger and can dance/sing. These are the men that are dating your women. Furthermore, I don't really even understand all the references to IQs in various posts. I've never known white people to be considered as having exceptionally high IQs. That's more of an Asian thing, if you want to go by the stereotype. Still, even if so, it doesn't take an understanding of calculus for a guy to be witty, engaging, and chat up white women.

Concerning the OkCupid survey, there is no doubt in my mind that most women's first choice would be a man of their own race. It doesn't take the unlocking of Freemason knowledge to figure that out. What should be equally easy to understand is that most people don't end up with their first choice. Naturally anyone on a dating site is going to list exactly what they want to. However, only very few of the super top-notch girls are going to get precisely what they're looking for. Everyone else is going to engage in varying degrees of compromising.

For example, I don't necessarily find Asian women attractive. I am far more into a Hayden Panatierre or Amy Adams looking girl. However, just a couple of nights ago at a local nightspot I seen the prettiest Filipina girl I've seen in years! About 23, nice body, and an absolutely beautiful face. Wow she certainly doesn't fit the description of an Amy Adams, and belongs to a race that I don't even particularly find attractive, I would have no problem dating this girl exclusively, and showing her off to family and friends! Like it or not, many of your women feel the exact same way. No, they don't list on OkCupid as black being one of their choices, but you let an Idris Elba, Chris Brown look-alike step into their vicinity and they will throw all those supposed standards down the drain. Women may start out with a notion of wanting a certain race and avoiding another, but if you can carry on just 10 minutes of witty conversation with a woman, she will forget what color your are all together.

Unknown said...

"how is there a social stigma against blacks any more? if anything there is a social stigma against racists "

I know this thread is just about dead, but who are these people....
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