Saturday, October 18, 2014

Go away, you nasty creatures

This was amusing. Just in case it isn't perfectly clear to those who inflict tattoos on themselves that it is still, even today, a class issue:
A tattooed lady and her boyfriend were turned away from a nightclub by bouncers because they had visible body art. Miki Lane, 23, and her partner Jason Barker, 24, were told they could not enter Club Amadeus in Northallerton because they had tattoos on their arms. The pair were told by security staff that it was club policy not to allow people with body art into the premises.
It should be amusing to see the Left trying to turn "tattooism" into a social taboo because feelbad. Of course, if they can turn disdain for self-mutilating head cases into "transgenderism", I suppose anything is possible.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Well done. It's nice to see civilised standards are upheld in some areas of the world. Let's hope anoraks, trainers, tracksuits, and kinky afro-hair are also on the list of proscribed items.

Ghost said...

As a tattooed person, I understand that if I'm going out in polite society, the ink is covered. This isn't that hard to figure out.

kurt9 said...

You guys ought to check out the epic shit-storm at Return of Kings over Matt Forney's postings about girls with tattoos.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Karla G showed up to dispense justice for sure!

Anonymous said...


Similar shit-storms after RoK posted about 1) girls with short hair, 2) eating disorders, and 3) their entire Fat Shaming Week.

Always hilarious how SJWs squeal like stuck pigs when you hit them too close to home.

Bob Loblaw said...

I'm going to laugh my ass off when tattoos are "out". What are these people going to do?

Anonymous said...

What will I do when tattoos are out? Enjoy my tattoos even more. Just like I cannot wait for beards to stop being trendy.

It really is interesting watching the tattoo haters get their panties in a wad over the topic.

Unknown said...

@ Laguna Beach Fogey

You do know that some peoples' hair naturally grows "kinky", don't you? Don't be so close-minded.

Anonymous said...

the jooz are behind the banks and wars. Their evil knows no bounds.

Doom said...

I was quite tempted to ink. My people, in the service actually, came down so hard on me that I didn't. They had... use of me. Use that ink might jeopardize. As willful, and pissed, as I was... I abided their commands. And am pleased for it as it turns out. I can pass for private property, among other things. Even though every other man in my unit had them. Outcast, a bit, but a respected one.

As for vaginas inking, that's just fucking stupid. Unless they use meth regularly, then it simply doesn't matter. Might as well sharpen their teeth, rape their ear lobes, and cut off every other finger, to make sure everyone knows what they are dealing with without doubts, I suppose. Of course, back in the day, women who stepped up to the stupid podium made it easier to begin choosing satisfaction temporaries. I suppose it has it's place.

tz said...

You bet your life tattoos are a problem, but don't be such a groucho; you can learn a lot from Lydia.

Sentient Spud said...

It really is interesting watching the tattoo haters get their panties in a wad over the topic.

Not a single tattoo "hater" on this blog or elsewhere has their panties in a wad over the poor decisions of tattooed folks. Judgement does not necessitate emotional discomfort.

Relevant material (slightly NSFW at the end, possibly traumatizing):

Call it art, call it expression, call it whatever you feel validates the ink. As far as long-term opportunities (either in employment or relationships) are concerned, all you're doing is limiting your own options for the sake of your immediate emotions. That's not a problem that has any bearing on the "haters."

T.L. Ciottoli said...

beards are 'trendy'? That's like saying tits are trendy. Beards are Man. Have been for oh, a few thousand years.

hank.jim said...

Tattoos are so common these days. I notice it on many people. I largely hate them. I never seen any tattoo that was done right in the sense that it was in the right location and it conveyed the correct message or graphic. Most seem to be bad art projects done by amateurs, which may need to be fixed. Many countries regard people who have tattoos to be a criminal. Don't let that dissuade you when you travel.

Anonymous said...

Vashine don't be a twit you know damn well beards are trendy right now with ll sorts of city fags and the like sporting them. Like most fashion items the have gone in and out of style for some time now

D of course they do or they wouldn't be spun up about them. You don't waste words on things that are of no importance to you

I make I make $153k a year working 6 weeks on 6 weeks off. The some what less then 100 men I work with pull in around 135K, most of us with tatts. I think my options are just fine. So where has it been a poor decision for me? Or the crew of guys I work with? Nor have I asked the haters to change one part of their life to accommodate mine, but I have to wonder about the quality of life of those who go on and on about something like tatts. We don't go on and on about those without ink.

APL said...

tonsplace: "Vashine don't be a twit you know damn well beards are trendy right now "

So by wearing a beard for the last thirty years, I am ahead of the fashion curve. I remember not so long ago, press articles suggesting that men with beards were untrustworthy.

To paraphrase Rhett Butler: fashion? Frankly dear, I don't give a damn.

tonsplace: "with ll sorts of city fags and the like sporting them."


Crowhill said...

because feelbad

I laughed when I read that. It often seems that is the crucial thing. If the right kind of person feels bad, it has to be the fault of the wrong kind of person.

Dexter said...

Wait.... there are people in Britain without visible tattoos?

What was this "nightclub" - a day care center?

Paul, Dammit! said...

I'm perfectly happy to screen potential crewmen on my boat for upgrading to officer training. I've OK'd a kid with double tattoo'd sleeves and neck tattoos as well. Would I allow them to serve as an officer under me, on my ship, specifically? Absolutely not. Sailors have tattoos, always have. Everyone can make mistakes when they're kids. It is correct and effective to judge people's quality exactly when they're at their absolute worst, and that may coincide with the time when they got friendly with the owner of the local tattoo parlor. Doesn't much matter. If someone wants to brand " I can not possibly accept the potential for future life changes as I mature" across their ass in technicolor, I'm perfectly content to read the message.

Unknown said...

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