Thursday, July 17, 2014

The wounded Gamma

You can always tell when the Gamma male, who will never openly admit that his precious little feelings have been wounded, is having trouble maintaining his delusion, because he keeps returning to the point where it has been punctured, trying to come up with some spin on the situation that he can successfully sell to others and thereby convince himself.
John Scalzi @scalzi
Look! Moronic sexist dipshits STILL agog I noted my daughter lifts more than I can!

Jason Black @p2p_editor
@scalzi Evidently, pride is a difficult concept for them...

clarence @cjohnson319

Bill @dadonymous

Kathleen McGivney @kmcgivney
@scalzi dudebros gotta dudebro.

Arinn Dembo @Erinys
@scalzi *shakes her head* "My bubble is good. Your bubble is bad."

Martin Wagner @wagnerfilm
@scalzi So, a load of pseudo-intellectual twaddle to defend his insecure need for manhood only to be defined as "can lift moar than women."

Dave Shramek @dshramek
@scalzi "Ha ha ha. You guys are in a bubble. Also, it's a dumb shape for a bubble because it seems to be an inside-out sphere."

Evil Sales Associate @EvilSalesAss
@scalzi What is a "man card" used for anyway? a free coffee after 10 fist bumps?

Ricky Shorter @Gimli_Ricky
@scalzi how do you know what that site contains? I tried, but after a couple paragraphs I could NOT continue reading. It's just..a mess

Austin Collum @austinlc99
@scalzi I've read a lot of shit on the internet, but this takes the Gold Medal for most ludicrously insanely asinine bullshit I've ever seen

Eden Lynch @Eden_Lynch
@scalzi that holo is filled with hater trolls that breed and contribute to the imbecile gene ool - yes cos some1 pee'd in it

JoanofDarkKnits @JoanofDarkKnits
@scalzi hell she can probably lift ME.

John Scalzi @scalzi
@JoanofDarkKnits That's entirely possible. And then Krissy would lift the both of you.

Bruce @thornae
@scalzi: Isn't it fascinating how they translate your "she can lift more than me" into "I can't lift as much as her"?

Christopher Brau @ChristoffBrau
@scalzi HAHAHA the fuuuuck is wrong with these people?

John Scalzi @scalzi
@ChristoffBrau They're sad and pathetic losers with no lives.

Michael Bunting @daedalus4096
@scalzi Because, apparently, there's something wrong with taking pride in one's child's accomplishments? WTF is wrong with these people?

Rachel Baker @PokeyPuppyRdr
@scalzi Interesting that he leaps past you bragging about your daughter's ability to you bragging about your LACK of ability. Hmm.

Kathy @ManicNotCrazy
@scalzi i think your daughter could flatten him in one punch. and we would stand back and laugh! you should brag on your girl. 1/2

John Scalzi @scalzi
@ManicNotCrazy My daughter wouldn't punch him. She'd briefly roll her eyes and then ignore him. Which is about the right response. 
Note that despite all the reassurance he's received from the other rabbits, it's still not enough and he's actively seeking even more. This is because he knows that his weakness, and worse, his pride in his weakness, makes him an object of derision and disgust by men and women alike. And the knowledge of that is painful to his ego.

And this is despite the fact that this particular Gamma has long reveled in feeling weak. Or this photograph would not be "one of my favorite pictures of my daughter and me."

As one recovering former Gamma told me, determined self-deceit is the core of gammatude. He said: "It's not about being stupid, or even a chubby nerd, it's about relentlessly lying to yourself about what's right in front of your eyes. Pulling off those scales is one of the hardest things to do in life when you are in deep."


Mindstorm said...

Can he be unaware that his comment speaks more of his own bad physical condition than anything good of his daughter's?

will said...

One daughter of mine is an award-winning gymnast in great shape and strong. We rough play, like fathers and daughters do, and mothers don't. She wants me to be strong when we wrestle. Then at times, she wants just a piggy-back ride, or to sit quietly on my lap.

Anonymous said...

His physical condition is the least of his worries.

Look at his last tweet quoted above. He presumes to know what is right but he refuses to do it himself. He just cannot leave this alone, even though he claims that is the right thing to do.

As I often tell people, self-contradiction means something, and we should note it when it occurs and learn from it. It means:

"I am AT LEAST half wrong on this."

C'est la vie.

Dark Herald said...

The man must Google himself constantly.

His claims that this is all just tickles him would carry a lot more weight, if he could make a genuinely funny joke about it.

SarahsDaughter said...

Bruce @thornae
@scalzi: Isn't it fascinating how they translate your "she can lift more than me" into "I can't lift as much as her"?


Yeah, fascinating...

Thomas Davidsmeier said...


Don't you feel like leaving him alone yet? He makes me sad.

I guess actually it would be his lostness that makes me sad. That will never be corrected if you leave him alone.

Oh well. Go ahead and try to wake the poor fellow up to reality.

Vox, I'm curious. Do you care about John Scalzi? I mean like, actually care? Because I'm kind of starting to, and I know my Lord and Savior wants me to care about him and all the lost souls like him. I don't mean the care about what he had for breakfast way of caring, I mean caring about whether he burns in Hell for all of Eternity or comes to know the only Name by which men may be saved. I mean how much more Jew vs. Samaritain can you get in the modern day and age than Blue vs. Pink?

Joseph Dooley said...

Self-emasculation is how the gamma puppy gets his belly rubbed.

Tlu said...


Yeah, fascinating..."

I had a double take on that one. I guess Bruce doesn't think A > B = B < A.

Anonymous said...

The most telling comment in the quoted twitstream was "What is a "man card" used for anyway?"

Beefy Levinson said...


Speaking for myself, I care about Scalzi in the sense that I want him to go to heaven and avoid hell. But Christ himself said that there comes a point where all you can do is shake the dust from your feet as a testimony against them. I'd be happy for him if he began some disciplined self-improvement, but he pretends to delight in his weakness and enjoy the much deserved mockery he receives.

John Williams said...

Isn't it fascinating how they translate your "she can lift more than me" into "I can't lift as much as her"?
No doubt Scalzi's daughter is better at math than this poster.

John Williams said...

Vox, I'm curious. Do you care about John Scalzi? I mean like, actually care? Because I'm kind of starting to,...
Tom, look at those Scalzi deceives, those lost in the world who believe they are safe in the warren. Vox'll tell you he posts at VP for his personal enjoyment, nothing else. This blog took a critical mass of the Ilk calling for him to "write the book" (yea, I'm sure there were other factors too), but go look at the intent of this blog clearly stated above, under the banner. I suspect that Vox cares for every rabbit in the warren cause he fights to free. Every time they put a lie up on the pedestal and try to worship it, he knocks it down.

You are familiar with the concept "iron sharpening iron"? That's what is simply going on here. It's a ordained process of men making men more manly in God's image, it just doesn't appear that way cause we're at the far end of the curve where something made of Nickle Boron coated Chrome Moly tool steel is boring into soft earth, rich in Iron Oxide. It doesn't look fair. It's not, but that's a good thing, cause there's Iron to be made.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Ah, I get what Scalzi is trying to do.
He's doing what the peacock does:
See all these feathers? I'm so genetically awesome that it doesn't even matter that I have this huge camouflage handicap and can't get around as easily.....or in Scalzi's version - see, I'm so genetically awesome that despite being weaker than a pretty weak teenage girl, my degree from a middling university and my skill as a suck up author means my ugly wife won't cuckhold me.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Behind every feminist is a beta-boy or gamma male.

Retrenched said...

The fact that he's proud of his daughter's strength is not what makes him pathetic, it's that he's proud of his own weakness. So many rabbits missing this point, probably intentionally so.

Megamerc said...

Gamma males are only a tiny step away from being gay.

Anonymous said...

Laguna Beach Fogey . ..

That's my take on how the lie of feminism was able to take hold and spread . . . men at a natural disadvantage trying to get some and get off the hook/enhance their lack of masculinity by encouraging women to be more like men - wage earners and sexually active with reduced consequences, via birth control and abortion.

mmaier2112 said...

One of his favorites is him being smothered by his daughter?

That's more than a little disturbing.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

It reminds me of the person who needs that pat on the back all the time, the hand holding and all.

Meanwhile, I still cite its their jealousy that keeps the party going. It is a party in that the entertainment value is great, sad but humorous. Attention is still attention, the problem is that gamma's, perhaps like most of hunaity are never ever happy. Castalia House was something the rab's didn't expect, Vox blew their minds.

On the other hand, as my father is ill it would be great to have him and I back to how we were in 2012. All I can is hope, wish for his recovery and the well being/happiness of the most unhappy people.

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