Thursday, July 24, 2014

One can't help but notice

Women who openly oppose feminism tend to be more attractive than feminists. One wouldn't need the signs to know which is which.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...


Number 7's answer is a winner.


Nice choice of pics.

Unknown said...

I have found unattractive overweight women who are, let's say, deformed in some way (say too tall) are invariably stupid and unpleasant. I think it's a sign to stay away from these women so they cannot reproduce. Unfortunately the often do.

R Devere said...

Fat, homely and stupid is no way to go through life, young lady!

Lose both weight and the sense of entitlement. Learn how to make yourself attractive, using clothes and make-up, avoid tats or piercings. Pretty simple and straightforward!

Mindstorm said...

Cail, have you noticed the same slogan on the T-shirt of the person holding the sign? 'Shopping it convincingly would be more of a hassle than a typical Anon from 4chan would be ready for.

Weouro said...

Except for the "equality" bit. But that can probably be overlooked.

Doom said...

Hmm? Both photos are of feminists. Equality? Really now. If she isn't married, and wasn't raised with brothers, perhaps the woman in the first photo can be forgiven. Ignorance is real, and happens. Otherwise she is simply destined to join the others, as her attractiveness fades and that false equality, codified by law but unsupported by reality, fails her.

insanitybytes22 said...

The tendency feminists have to render themselves as unattractive as possible, ironically has nothing to do with men at all, but rather other women. It is a defense against that never ending sexual competitiveness and the wounding that takes place. If you scratch the surface and discover the psychology beneath feminism, you will almost always find a deep seated resentment towards not men, but other women. On the outside feminism looks like an attempt to change the nature of men, but feminism really manifests itself as a rather sadistic desire to destroy women.

hank.jim said...

You might want to look up an article in the Guardian about a liberal male who likes to screw conservative women. Terrific.

Unknown said...

I loath any female who posts pics of herself holding a hand-written sign. It's too trendy and frankly, it screams "I'm a self-absorbed hose beast."

Joe Blow said...

All women seek to extract resources and gain advantage from men. Those who can't do it based on their sexuality or looks have to turn to other means such as "feminism".

Anonymous said...

Cail, have you noticed the same slogan on the T-shirt of the person holding the sign?

Yeah, but it's hard to read. If someone 'shopped the sign, it was probably just to make the slogan easier to read. Like it said something like "Julie's Organic Vegan Cafe -- Grand Opening" so they replaced that with the slogan. Or maybe not.

John said...

The second pic is legit:

Bike Bubba said...

One theory about why feminists are, by and large, not as attractive as non-feminists is that "feminist" all too often means "woman who has been hurt and is taking steps to prevent men from inflicting real or perceived hurts."

So the smile disappears, a rather bitter attitude replaces it, and the stress of not being connected with other people causes the weight to pile on. Attractive clothes are replaced by formless.

Now we can quibble over whether the hurts are real or imagined, and we probably would want to review on a case by case basis--I'd view feminism after a forcible rape very differently than feminism after the boy she loved broke up with her--but it's a theory that I've seen work in many cases.

insanitybytes22 said...

"I'd view feminism after a forcible rape very differently than feminism after the boy she loved broke up with her.."

I think that's a bit of a misconception, Bike Bubba. It's a fascinating thing, because there are numerous rape survivors who don't become feminists at all, who in fact, manage to not paint the entire male gender with the same brush. If you look a bit deeper, you will often find feminists angry not at the men who violated them, but at the mothers who failed to protect them.

Women seldom put on weight and render themselves unattractive so as to psychologically protect themselves from men, they do it to protect themselves from other women. Look at the photos, the attractive anti-fem is alone, the unattractive one has the approval of all her sisters. She would not have that approval if she had not rendered herself less desirable. Look at the others, hiking boots, glasses, short hair cuts, potentially attractive, but working hard to disguise it.

Weouro said...

Sometimes the "equality" caveat is just a concession to pop culture to avoid getting caught out and turned into a pariah, because there is NO PLACE in society for women who consciously acknowledge natural hierarchy.

Joseph Dooley said...

Honestly who cares what the sign says in the top pic.

LAZ said...

@ Joseph Dooley: There's a sign? =)

Anonymous said...

This is what a feminist looks like:

Back Row: Social outcast, queer black, queer white, land whale, bitch blonde, equal opportunity, foreigner
Front Row: bipolar, land manatee/whale/slug/not sure WTF she is holding the sign, social outcast, equal opportunity

Girl with hand written sign: How about these tits?

Anonymous said...

For some strange reason, my initial response to the group photo was not to motorboat the titties of the sign holder. What?

Unknown said...

Any one else see the problem here?? It's conservatism writ large. Not actually fighting anything, just being about 20-40 years late to the party.

Equality is a garbage ideal. It does not exist. It cannot be made to exist. These women all buy it hook line and sinker. So what if they aren't woman-beast fatties with crazy new ideas. They are basically feminists from 40 years ago with better bodies.

Most of them even say this in their writings. Yet HOORAY for these girls....

Less wrong is still wrong.

Anonymous said...

Less wrong is still wrong.

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

My platitude beats yours.

Unknown said...

Could care less cailcor. Didn't mean to use a cliché there, but was writing fast. Not really a platitude though. The point is any girl who rails on equality is still solidly blue pill. She is decidedly of the mindset that the modern world is going along smoothly and that the courts are fair. Just because she is pretty and says something not entirely stupid does not mean she won't eventually turn on you or your family when convenient.

These women are anti- being associated with goober fatties that no male likes. Nothing more. This is equivalent in many ways to the pretty boys who say "I am not a cave man or misogynist so please like me more!"

This is not a desire for perfect in the slightest. What these girls are saying is not even close to being kind of correct.

Natalie said...

Sidenote - isn't equality important because it's an artificial construct? So equality before God and under the law are important precisely because we all know (on some level) that in life the smarter, stronger, prettier, wittier person has the advantage.

Akulkis said...

Years ago, I was chatting via IRC with a Russian woman living in Rostov, Russia, and I indirectly inquired about some feminist idea (to see if she would respond to it positively or not). Her response surprised me --

"Feminism is for weak women who don't know how to live."

Unknown said...

Yeah but feminism has the government behind them and the government has the guns. It's the centralized government that is the problem, feminism is just a symptom.

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