Sunday, July 27, 2014

Magical thinking

I always find great amusement in magical thinkers, those who genuinely appear to believe that reality is defined by their description of it. This artist has taken the concept to verbose new heights:
I started the series because the world’s attempt to control women’s bodies, behavior and identity really bothered me. This kind of oppression seems so entangled in our culture that most people don’t even realize it’s there. My goal with these illustrations is to show this oppression in all its shapes, and make people question themselves about it. The project has grown, and I like to talk about other themes as well, such as racism, ableism and LGBT issues.
But "the world" isn't attempting to control women's bodies, behavior, and identity. Not the Western world, anyhow. Most of the problems the Western world presently faces, and the root cause of its future challenges, stem from the fact that historical restrictions on female behavior have been considerably loosened. In fact, the only people even attempting to restrict anyone's behavior tend to be women.

Since women are authoritarian barbarians by instinct, once freed from their civilized restraints they promptly began beavering away at destroying the foundations of civil society and civilization that were so painfully constructed over the centuries. In less than 40 years, they have destroyed their society's ability to sustain itself, in another 40, their societies will no longer exist in anything remotely identifiable with the civilization of the 1980s and before. 

But at least the grunting, tattooed, illiterate 80-IQ female denizens of the dysgenic barbarian future will be assured that they are entitled to self-respect as they are gang-raped by roving bands of grunting, tattooed, illiterate 80-IQ male denizens of the broken shards of Western civilization. And that's really the important thing.


MichaelJMaier said...

I'd like these dumb bitches to explain how someone can steal their self-respect.

You have to earn respect. Even your own. Anyone not possessing any needs to look harder in the mirror to figure out the problem.

Unknown said...

Men create; women either nurture or destroy.

Doom said...

Hahaha No, no, I see and understand. But when you put it that way...

My only quibble is... forty years? When is the last time you went to most major US cities? All it will take is for law not to be enforced for a very short time, for any reason, and this will happen now, in many of them. Of course, while that is happening, the tribes will begin cutting out their own territories and culling any tribes weak or stupid enough to be eliminated for bigger pieces of the pie. Though, remember, tribes work, as groups, at a lower IQ than the whole. Think mobs.

insanitybytes22 said...

"Since women are authoritarian barbarians by instinct......"

So says VD, who likes to dream of being the King of Authoritarian Barbarians everywhere.

" they are gang-raped by roving bands of grunting, tattooed, illiterate 80-IQ male denizens..."

Envy is such an unattractive thing, Vox.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Ah GG,
when was the last time you went even near one of the already in-place denizens of grunting, tattooed, illiterate humans?

The fact that there are already millions of them living full-time in America, mostly off welfare but also living off the black market of theft, drugs, and prostitution doesn't seem to cross the event horizon of SWPL ignorance.

insanitybytes22 said...

"I always find great amusement in magical thinkers, those who genuinely appear to believe that reality is defined by their description of it."

Needless to say, I am a great fan of magical thinkers. Those would be our fiction writers, our dreamers, the ones who tend to shape the future with the power of their imagination. Self fulfilling prophecies, Vox, they're a real thing in the world. "For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

As to the tattooed hoards of illiterate humans, I walk among them daily, JC. Often their integrity and morality is of a higher quality than those who can hide themselves behind the trappings of society.

VD said...

And GG is talking about herself again. Quelle surprise.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

" another 40, their societies will no longer exist in anything remotely identifiable with the civilization of the 1980s and before."

Interesting that you write this, Vox. I consider the 1980s to have been the last culturally lucid decade. Although, even then some problems were beginning to appear.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad twisting of the truth. Yes, it's good for people to understand that happiness comes from within, that you can choose to be happy even when your circumstances are bad. (After all, plenty of women with perfectly nice lives choose to be unhappy.) But while Whitney can choose to be happy, it's false to say that she can choose to do "what she wants" without losing weight. What if "what she wants" is to compete in 10K races, or to be an NFL cheerleader, or just to be able to bend over and tie her shoes without holding her breath? What if "what she wants" is a high-quality man for a husband, instead of the geeks and losers who are her only suitors because they figure she's desperate?

Of course, we just need to redefine human nature and human society and the laws of physics. Or Whitney could lose weight. I know it's tough -- I've done it, and am doing more of it, and I know how much bad information there is out there about it -- but it's doing Whitney a disservice not to tell her that losing weight is the second most important thing (after becoming a Christian) that she can do for her future health and happiness. To tell her anything else is to push her toward a future of confusion, disappointment, and pain -- all so the person pushing can feel good about being fair.

Incidentally, I met one of those tattooed denizens at a party last night. Lovely, slim, long-red-haired girl who home-brews beer and can carry on a conversation! She could have been a vision of beauty, but all I could see was the ink defacing her arms and legs -- and the obvious emotional dysfunction under the surface that it represents. A tragedy.

Mindstorm said...

I consider the 1980s to have been the last culturally lucid decade. Although, even then some problems were beginning to appear.

This kind of problems?

Unknown said...

So true. And we have been on top of this for over a decade, yet when it all falls, ALL will still suffer. I have two daughters. I am 6'1 258 and 34 years old. I lift heavy things for a living. Yet at some point I will not be able to do anything to protect them. Even if I could be a monster until 70, they have to live their lives in the world. You can teach them correctly and make sure they fear the Lord, but what happens when it is all, as you say, 80 IQ slut and raping barbarians? Many of whom will have no Western ethos or Christian values. What do they do?

This is why I bother with the future. This is why I practice "game" on everyone, male or female. One person to see the light at a time. Remnants need examples and you Vox are doing a great service to them. Still, I must be weak, for if I didn't have daughters, I would most certainly be doing pointless adventures, in far off lands with wild women until I dropped dead. All the while laughing at the lambs to slaughter.

Anonymous said...

GG walks daily among the tattooed hoards of illiterate humans.

Where is this place that the authorities hoard the tattooed illiterate humans?

Now if she walked amongst tattooed hordes of illiterate humans, she may have a different take on their integrity and morality.

Unknown said...

46554233453453455 --- don't trivialize her obtuseness with silly spelling lessons. GG is simply Anne Morgan with less trollness, but all of the stupidity and narcissism.

scatyb said...

You like how much the grammar and spelling on that "empowered" piece of crap blows huge monkey balls? "Standart"? Really?

Anonymous said...

Except Whitney doesn't have any self respect. Whitney will never have self respect because she is a fat, lazy, bipolar slug too ignorant to realize gluten free deserts still have just as many calories as regular food. She will continue in her depression, dying her hair bright shades of green or pink, getting more tattoos, and piercings. She will further isolate herself from anyone remotely capable of guiding her towards true peace. I am sick of Whitney. I mock her ableism. She needs a petition or a # campaign to effect real change, doesn't she know anything?

PatrickH said...

Women are as incapable of destroying civilization as they are of building it.

Tommy Hass said...

Honestly, I wish nothing but the worst on these shambling shoggoths.

How the fuck can you be "entitled" to self respect?

You can be entitled to a trial before getting sentenced. You cannot be entitled to "self-respect." Either you have it, or you don't.

Doom said...


"Envy is such an unattractive thing, Vox. "
Vox isn't envious, Sweety, that would be me. And while envy may be ugly, it is quite feminine. It's why some of them have pretty faces. Covers their nature. At least when I am weak and believe a whole raft of lies I used to... have some affiliation with. Not envious out of need, just want, even so. Know which tree you are barking up.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Yeah and the powered larger female will lay back and enjoy the rape by the non-white.

Pro-ana then, now and I pray for always.

Bob Loblaw said...


THEN, she realized men were way more interested in finding happiness with her slender friends. THEN, she realized diabetes isn't as fun as it sounds.

Mindstorm said...

I guess this comment is also relevant here.

Retrenched said...

She has every right to think of herself as "beautiful" at her size; however, she has no right to demand that others see her the same way.

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