Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The female war on consequences

It's really remarkable how many female-driven social policies are little more than a demand for a consensual denial of reality:
The young woman decided one day that she would be honest with her boyfriend, whom she had not slept with, and told him she was not a virgin.

"But as soon as he knew, he refused to marry and did everything he could to get me into his bed. That's the way Tunisian men think. A woman who has had sex before marriage is just a slut and can't be a good mother!"

Another young woman, Sabra, believes unmarried women should have the right to a sex life just like the men, and that virginity is never a guarantee of fidelity. But the 27-year-old also chose to lie and yield to social pressures, rather than run the risk of remaining single.

"If I had told my husband that I wasn't a virgin, he would never have agreed to marry me. And it's the same for many women in Tunisia."
The thing is, there is nothing at all stopping these women from having a sex life. They have the right to it and they have merely to exercise that right if they so choose. But men also have a right to demand a virgin wife, and to refuse to marry any woman who has disqualifed herself by having sex with other men.

These women are simply evil. They are building their relationships on fraud. It is true that virginity is not a guarantee of fidelity, but marrying on the basis of a lie is, in itself, an act of infidelity.


Anonymous said...

The title of the article Social pressures force Tunisia women to fake virginity


Women want the right to be weak and strong at the same time. They want to be strong (as they see men) and have as much sex as they want and then, when it suits them, be weak and claim that society is some how forcing them into something.

We cannot behave like men and then expect to be treated like a lady.

~ Stingray

En-sigma said...

Why the white dress? It could be any color, why white? Traditionally (insert banshee howling), it symbolized the purity of the bride (insert PUH!). The veil had meaning. The ceremony being performed by a holy man had meaning. The vows given to each other had meaning. Now the ceremony should include the bride wearing a crown, the groom dressed in coal stained work clothes, he hands her a symbolic credit card, she spits on him, he hands her two shriveled up raisins, she stomps on them and then kicks them as far away from herself as she can, he hands her the keys, and follows her (two steps behind) to the car and they drive off into wedded bliss.

The chaos we are descending into is one that we are letting women lead us into, if only because at some point they will have to turn to men and ask us to help. Their utter disbelief in reality might unpleasantly surprise us when we see how far it can go.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the girls shouldn't understand the concept of "dealbreaker", since they're so fond of using it. But of course teh s0lpisism.

Rek. said...

Completely off-topic.

I am struggling with three situations when dating.

1/ Bill/check: I assume she pays for her food, right? I don't do restaurant dates anymore but what about grabbing a coffee and cake @ StarFucks.
2/ Lateness/flaking: Do I call her out? Or is that too winny? I try to be fashionably late to flip the script on their asses but I'd rather come on time as that's how I want things to be in my life. Same things goes for flaking, a commitment is a commitment, and that's how things should be. When I say I do something I do it.
3/ Phone: Do I call her out if she texts/answers a phone call on our date, assuming it's nothing urgent.

Basically does calling out someone = butthurtedness.

Acksiom said...

>Basically does calling out someone = butthurtedness.

The degree of butthurtness depends on (A) whether you have roughly equivalent emotionally satisfying alternatives -- other friends, other venues, other activities -- and (B) your willingness to drop your offender like a bag of feces, and take advantage of those alternatives instead.

Externally, though, the butthurtness depends more on your emotional state and your relative status rather than your actions. People will put interpretation on whatever you do; it's impossible to cover all contingencies. So if you meant "not be SEEEEEEEEN as a butthead by others", go back to working on Inner Game because that desire itself means you are not ready for girls of her MV yet. Date lower MV girls and work your way up.

VD said...

1/ Bill/check:

You should pay. Take the male role.

2/ Lateness/flaking:

If they're late once, no big deal. Twice, ask them about it directly. "You seem to be late a lot. Is this something I should plan for?" Third time, decide if it's something you can live with or not. Some people are just always late. Flaking is different. Give her one free flake, (unless it is something egregious), and then NEXT her if it happens again. No ultimatums, don't discuss it, you want to know her character, not change it.

3/ Phone: First time, let it go. Second time, pull out your own phone and read. Third time, tell her that if she wants to keep seeing you, she needs to turn her phone off.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

They have the right to it and they have merely to exercise that right if they so choose. But men also have a right to demand a virgin wife, and to refuse to marry any woman who has disqualifed herself by having sex with other men.

But the rights of women trump the rights of men. Just as in the US and Europe, where, additionally, the rights of non-Christians and non-Whites trump those of Christians and Whites. I recall arguing with liberals in my younger days and explaining to them that if they had a right to live in a secular, multikulti society, then I had a right to live in a traditional, all-White society. Why must theirs take precedence over mine? The argument pissed them off no end, and had the effect of making them vent their anti-Christian, anti-White man prejudices out loud. These are the sinister mofos we're dealing with.

Still, it's good to see these Tunisian bitches having to go through the hassle of this procedure. You can understand from the Muslim male perspective, I think, the logic behind clitoridectomy. Perhaps Tunisian men will go on marriage strike?

Anonymous said...

Re calling out a chick:

My experience suggests there's no point in calling out a girl for acting shitty. Women are all the same, in that if you have a problem with their behavior, YOU are the problem, not them. Thing is, if a girl is flaking and not bothered by you nexting her (soft or hard), she obviously isn't into you anyway, so stop wasting your time and move on.

It's different if she's honestly clueless (inexperienced, not used to a guy with self respect) about why you're not calling and asking why, then you might spend a bit of time explaining what she's doing wrong, but don't expect her to admit she was wrong or, haha, actually change. It's a rare girl who will accept that she was being disrespectful in her actions, own it, and try to change. That change has to be shown, not said, by the way. What a girl says doesn't mean shit, and I don't care how "sorry" she is if she blew me off for the third time.

In a relationship, I just use the old "actions have consequences" method. If I say I'm leaving at 7:00, I leave. If she's not ready, oh well! I'm not micromanaging her time. If she misses out on something she really wanted to do, she's a lot more likely to remember that lesson than change because I bitched about it. Maintain frame, and that frame should be that she's along for the ride, but you decide where you're going and when. That's why it's foolish to plan for activities that REQUIRE her to be there, as then you're screwed if she flakes or isn't ready on time, and bitching about it makes you look weak.

TL;DR - Yeah, calling out a chick just makes you sound butthurt. Solipsism and hamster mean she probably doesn't remember things happening the way they really did anyway.

Bob said...

", he hands her the keys, and follows her (two steps behind) to the car and they drive off into wedded bliss."

They drive off to somewhere where she fucks the best man on the honeymoon instead.

Yohami said...

"Sabra, believes unmarried women should have the right to a sex life just like the men""

Does she mean women would approach, pay for dates, chase for numbers, have to prove themselves for every man and push and push for the right to have access to some dick, beta orbit men, be called creeps when they talk to guys who dont find them attractive... and face involutary celibacy and be called losers when they are not able to perform up to the part?

Who wants to be like men really? Sabra is a moron.

Retrenched said...

@ Yohami

To women, "equality with men" always, always, always means equality with the top alpha men. They want to be equal to the CEO with the giant office and multi-million dollar salary, not the guy out there fixing the power lines when it's ten below zero. They want to be equal to the generals in the war rooms giving all the orders, not the soldiers at the front doing the fighting and dying.

Average men don't count as "men" to the average woman, because with very few exceptions they're totally invisible to her.

T.L. Ciottoli said...

Two serious relationships, both nominally Christian, both lied to me about basic facts of their lives and past choices within the first week of meeting them. They intentionally lied and served up half-truths. Took a long time to find out the truth. Too much time.

The real lesson: go with your gut. Confront early on, even if it's the first date and not matter how 'hot' she might be. Any doubt you have, do not be scared of that doubt, do not turn from it, but use it as a signal to intentionally explore that area of her life or personality. The warning signs are there to either help you build a much better relationship, one based on trust and a desire to help one another with issues in life (and not just fuck), or to discover that you will not work. Or that she is a psycho who is not worth the trouble.

Some people, maybe including yourself, have no business being in any sort of romantic relationship until they've faced some demons, insecurities or character flaws. As long as they are on the path to betterment, and open about that, you've got something to work with. Otherwise, leave, and tell them why, even if she'll hate you for it. It might inspire her to get help.

Crowhill said...

Some people seem to want life to have two rules: (1) You must affirm my choices, and (2) I get to choose the consequences of my choices.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

So I read some of the article and I found this quote:

"It is easy for a woman to have her hymen surgically reconstructed in Tunisia."

And I'm thinking: American women are sluts and aren't ashamed of it.

Revelation Means Hope said...

There are lists of slut tells out there, I pity the poor Tunisian men who rely on an intact hymen as their proof that their new wife is a virgin.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Speaking of being forced to do something, I was told today by a woman on Facebook that women are forced and bullied into submission to put on makeup, shave their legs. And wear tight clothes.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

By men, I should add.

Bobby Dupea said...

Rek, context for the following is I date UMC/UC women in DC, NYC, and MSP. YMMV.

1. Pay the effing bill. If you want sex, you're going to pay for it. If some woman notices that you pay without negotiation, and does so gracefully and grabs the next one, this should be a leading indicator of an LTR. Until then, if a coffee bill is what you want to split like secretaries at lunch, I hope you're a secretary.

2. Always be on time. Be on Lombardi time. Good people are. Then. Have an unspoken 20 minute rule. After 20 minutes depart without complaint or comment. The responsible woman, stuck in traffic, will call or text. Be nonchalant when she arrives and panics and texts because you're not there 30 minutes after the date. She will be impressed, and revise her habits, or you are out ... nothing. 20 minutes if sufficient. Would you interview a job candidate who showed up late by 20 minutes and offered no warning because of traffic, etc.?

3. Phone obsession. Would you interview a job candidate who texted a girlfriend during a job interview? When she arrives, make a point of saying "I'm just turning my phone off" in front of her. If she continues to jabber on her phone, what do you lose by standing up, dropping a bill on the table, and departing? This condition assumes she is not a) working a deal; b) a surgeon on call; c) a mother with children with a sitter managing children at home. Otherwise, GTFU while you have your integrity intact.

JLT said...

CA woman accused of rape hoax in plot against couple who outbid her for dream home
...Rowe said a miscommunication with real estate agents allowed the other couple to outbid her, and she says she was “devastated.” She offered them $100,000 above the asking price, but they declined. And that’s when the pranks began.

Rowe listed the home for sale online, put a stop on the couple’s mail, and sent religious missionaries to their door at first, but prosecutors said her actions soon became criminal.

Rowe is accused of posing as the wife, advertising a “Carmel Valley Freak Show,” and inviting strange men over for sex in detailed rape fantasies that included the woman’s photo and address.

“I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at my door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no,” prosecutors say Rowe told one man who responded to the ad....

Anonymous said...

Strong cultural taboo, not strong enough to keep her from sleeping around, even though the consequences of doing so were predictable.

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