Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The science of hypergamy

Now we know exactly how much hypergamy is worth, at least with regards to perceived wealth:
In a carefully controlled experiment (Guéguen and Lamy 2012), researchers tested the idea of how important status is to women. They placed men in expensive cars and instructed them to approach women and ask for their phone numbers. Then they had the men do the same thing in medium- and low-status cars.

The results? The men were successful 23.3 percent of the time when women saw them in a high-status car, 12.8 percent of the time when they drove a middle-status car, and 7.8 percent of the time when they drove a low-status car. Clearly, women are monitoring our status, and we’re acutely aware of that fact.

So the next time someone asks for “proof” of hypergamy, now you can just give the statistics of the willingness of women to give out their number to the guy in the Maserati.
In other words, this single aspect of Game alone will up your chances with a woman by a factor of THREE. Even if wealth-based hypergamy accounts for HALF the entire utility of Game, (and it doesn't, it's certainly less than that), then a refusal to utilize Game means you are reducing the number of women you successfully approach by 83 PERCENT.

Or to put the opposite way, utilizing Game can be reasonably expected to allow you to access at least SIX TIMES more romantic opportunities.


Harambe said...

But I thought women perceived an inverse correlation between horsepower and dick-size? All the movies say so.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Tru dat. Chicks dig guys in expensive motor cars. They'll also check out your watch and shoes. This phenomenon thrives in wealthy areas such as OC. It's not pretty to observe in action and it's a bitter pill for beta-boys to swallow, but it's true. Learn it, accept it, and put it to use.

VD said...

Forget obvious stuff like cars... I've had women slide their hands inside my suit lapel to check the label.

Harambe said...

Cheap trick: Buy a fake Ferrari key

Anonymous said...

...which leads to the question "Is what you're getting in return worth the amount you'd be spending to get it?"

Matamoros said...

Read once where a banker was saying that status and it concomitant factors, such as ability to keep commitments, was easiest told by the watch the man wore.

In Russia it is certainly a status indicator for guys. People there don't associate with lower status people and it is a main tell of where you are in the pecking order. Don't usually wear a watch except in Russia and Eastern Europe, simply for that reason.

Harambe said...

$50 isn't a lot to spend on a fake key. Think of it as cheaper than buying a $1000 watch with much more DHV points.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the low-status guys did as well as they did. (Although I suppose by "low-status" they mean a new-ish Ford Escort or something, not a 1978 El Camino with one door a different color.) But really, I don't think most guys with approach fear think they'd have any near a 7.8% success rate if they just went out and tried it.

The hard part would be figuring out how much of the difference came from the girl seeing the car, and how much from the additional confidence the car gave the man which then showed through his attitude.

Anonymous said...

The guys on Top Gear must get laid whenever they want.

En-sigma said...

getting a number does not equate uppy-downy. Even the dingbats that would hand out their number to a guy based solely on what he is driving will flake. A number is only the first hurdle. Buying a high end car in order to get numbers only works if you live in a place where people have cars. And it depends on location as well - in some places in the U.S. the Escalade is high-end and others it would be considered mid-range. Most American women don't know a car by name and would require actual visual verification. So you would have to park and wait for your prey to walk by or try and convince her that you are driving high end. Either way your ride is a piece of the puzzle, albeit a small one.

This study goes a long way in solidifying the existence of hypergamy and why we use the specific term for the specific misprision.

Anonymous said...

They ain't called p**** magnets for no reason. I now drive a repellant - a 99 Silverado. Even my wife refuses to get in it except under extreme weather conditions. Of course, when I met her I was driving an Expedition.

Harambe said...

Pro tip: women love a car that will cause an "accidental" panty flash when she gets out.

Doom said...

And women wonder why some of us see them as... cardboard targets. Can't miss. Unless we aim to miss. Miss.

Anonymous said...

What's a motorcycle worth? A bike is cheaper than a Ferrari.

Anonymous said...

When you have a motorcycle, you don't ask for phone numbers; you just tell her to hop on.

Salt said...

Before a Ford F-250 took out the front end of my 330i, I really didn't get much looks. Now I got a Porsche 911. It's a brave new world. Guess I should leave my deck shoes behind and wear my loafers. Bwahahahahaha.

Retrenched said...

Women like big bank accounts just as men like big boobs.

It is what it is.

Revelation Means Hope said...

I also think it very, very interesting that at least 7% gave their number to a guy driving a low status car JUST FOR ASKING!

To all you losers out there (and that includes me in my much younger days), take note of how easy it is if you'd just suck it up and go talk to the woman.

John Williams said...

But I thought women perceived an inverse correlation between horsepower and dick-size? All the movies say so.
Just goes to prove the point that you never listen to what a woman says, watch what she does. Besides the movies are written by metrosexuals afraid to drive anything more powerful than a Prius.

Unknown said...

Porshes cost $190,000. One of friends leases one instead - $1000 a month. And he makes $70,000 a year. So it eats up a fair chunk of his income.

By the way, he's married, and when women have approached them because of his car he blows them off as gold-diggers.

Anonymous said...

Not to discount the findings of the study, but I wonder how much confidence played a factor in the luxury car guy's success? If you roll up feeling like it's definitely gonna work, then your odds get a lot better.

I remember when I first started asking for numbers, I opened like 40 women before I got even one (which flaked). Opened 20 more before I got a number which led to a lay (cute 19 year old blonde waitress I met at the train stop). I'd say "Hey you're kinda cute. Are you single?" At first they were all "No". Every one. Now I get plenty of "Yes" and "Kinda". The words didn't change, but I did.

And frankly if I had a maserati, or a six figure income, I wouldn't let the girl know. If she thinks you've got lotsa cash and you're successful she'll try harder to steer you towards a courtship/provider guy frame, making you take her on dates and wait for sex, instead of a lover/fuckbuddy type frame. Mystery talked about this with Project Hollywood (him and a bunch of other pickup artists rented a mansion which they brought girls back to), and how the appearance of success increased exactly this sort of problem. It's easy to switch from lover/casual sex guy to provider/relationship guy, but the reverse is much more difficult.

Of course it all depends what your goal is. Personally my goal is just phone number, get her to my house, fuck.

Anonymous said...

The tendency of women toward hypergamy is widespread, but not universal; it varies greatly from woman to woman. I'm no alpha (probably delta on Vox's scale), and in my single days I got rejected many, many times for first and second dates. But when I did get into relationships, none of the women involved showed any sign of looking to trade up, and I never had the slightest suspicion that any of them were cheating on me. (These were good-looking women; not supermodels, but not fatties or uglies who couldn't have gotten someone else.)

I've always bought the cheapest subcompact on the market, driven it til it died, rinse and repeat. I wonder if this acted as a filter, driving off the women with high hypergamy and only letting through those who wanted to pick one guy and stick with him.

Blaximus said...

I drove a big block powered 1970 Nova SS in high school. It literally shook the ground when I started it. Girls loved it. I banged half the cheerleaders and the car attracted them like crazy ( didn't hurt that I was on football and track teams I guess ).

But in my 20's I pulled girls without them knowing what I drove. I always had " nice " cars, but never ever what could be considered " high end ".

Personally, I've not been attracted to status/label whores. I guess this is an aspect of game I missed out on.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I should write a post on this.

I see Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Teslas, Fiskers, etc., on a daily basis. Invariably the dude behind the wheel is some middle-aged or older, vaguely Middle Eastern or Arab-looking short man with a comb-over, with an average-looking middle-aged woman beside him.

If the car is going really slow on long stretches of road, you can bet that it is being driven by an older woman.

The guys driving Porsches tend to be older short white males with good hair. Make of that what you will.

The last time I was in a Maserati was with an older post-60 lady who had just divorced her husband for cash & prizes (and a Maserati).

Some of the local celebrities and professional athletes drive SUVs. The Escalade is popular with them.

Anonymous said...

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Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Seth. You're an idiot. Trade routes to Constantinople not favorable? Do you know where Constantinople is?

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


What kind of cars do you see traditionally masculine men driving?

Adina said...

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Southern Man said...

As cailcorishev said, just get a bike. And sling a guitar on your back.

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