Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feminism causes ADHD

One commenter at VP observed in a discussion of the diverse causes of ADHD:
That is the root of these issues: little children need to be with their mothers, and their mothers need to be with them, and feminists who lie and spread all sorts of poison about "having it all" are the problem. If you work in a coal mine, then your chief concerns have to do with extracting coal and doing it in a reasonably safe way. Your concerns are not about growing experimental bacteria cultures in a test tube, that is somebody else's concern. If you are a mother, then you don't have another career, your career is being a mother, and attention to anything else is dereliction of duty. And an economic system that does not recognize this is suicidal in nature. As we in fact observe.
A mother who neglects to raise her children herself shouldn't be surprise when they turn out feral. If the mother doesn't love them enough to care for them, why will anyone else?


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

All of this should go without saying.

I wonder, if in future, some sort of legal or punitive action could be brought against women who treat their children this way.

Feminism is a crime.

CarpeOro said...

Day care is the least optimal choice. I understand there are those forced to use it, but it is a horrible thing to do to a child. I had a job once selling computer learning classes to day cares (the teachers hauled the computers with them) so I saw far more sites than most people ever do, including day care workers (at least forty in the year I worked at the job). I won't go into the many ills of even excellent ones, but they just don't compare to family spending time with children. Every hour you of time with your children you out-source elsewhere is two hours of influence that you have given over: one less for you and one more for them. Doesn't make sense mathematically? That is because your child isn't a simple equation.

Res Ipsa said...

It's almost as if keeping women at home and not participating in male society is better for civilization. WRE, including the things they are supposed to care the most about.

Matamoros said...

Women have always worked, whether on the farm or in cottage industries; but it was in/at the home, not somewhere else where they cannot oversee their children's rearing or be away from their husband.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Mother: "My son is hyperactive and disrupts other students at school. I've had to take off work to deal with him at times."
Doctor: "Have you tried getting rid of the junk food in your house and working part time so that you're home when he is."
Mother: "I'm not a Nazi, I'm an independent woman. I didn't come to you for advice on my life, just to see if you could do something about my son."
Doctor: "All right, I'm writing a prescription. Be sure to take it everyday."
Mother: "Thank you doctor. I'll make sure he takes it everyday."
Doctor: (sighs)

Anonymous said...

I had a mostly stay at home mom growing up and was diagnosed with ADD which amazingly went away when I went from a public school to a private school. I guess it's true if my mom wasn't a SAHM, my parents might never have figured out "Hey, this isn't working"

The "There is no ADHD" seems more spot on with feminism just being one of the causes.

subject by design said...

I agree that feminism causes ADHD, but not just because of woman abandoning their children as the result of drinking feminist koolaide. Modern fathers have left their children to female domination. This is true in many cases when the mother is at home or even home educating. It isn't that fathers need to be THERE 24/7, although that would be ideal, it is that the father needs to direct the upbringing of his children regardless of who is dealing with them for the better part of every day. Too many mothers don't understand that boys will be boys and they are not girls. They want to neuter and feminize their behavior and don't have a clue what is normal for a boy. They reach for the drugs to correct behavior they see as bad and abnormal rather than channeling normal motivations into useful activity. It is time for fathers to just say "No!"

The CronoLink said...

Is there any prescription for feminism? Like, say, hemlock pills?

APL said...

everybodyhatesscott: "was diagnosed with ADD which amazingly went away when I went from a public school to a private school."

In the UK, there was a system ( probably still is ) where schools would categorize a child as needing special attention, they'd get additional funding if they had more children in that category. My lad was targeted, (he's in University now (isn't every one)) but my wife had a friend who was a behavioural psychologist - she had a couple of sessions with the lad and concluded, he just didn't like his teacher. The school didn't try to go further with his case once they realised the mother wasn't going to be the usual pushover.

APL said...

everybodyhatesscott:it is that the father needs to direct the upbringing of his children regardless of who is dealing with them for the better part of every day."

Oh, and yes.

Eric Wilson said...

Removing corporal punishment (specifically spanking) from the classroom probably helps create more cases of ADHD.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Boys can't win.

If they get rowdy and can't focus, they're diagnosed with ADHD.

If they show a strong interest in something, they're diagnosed with Aspergers.

Boyhood itself--and maybe even the condition of being a man--is perceived as some kind of sickness.

Then again, perhaps the real sickness lies within those making the diagnoses.

Akulkis said...


Ding Ding Ding!
"They're not sitting around having tea parties with no food and empty cups! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THOSE BOYS!?!?!?! DRUG THEM UNTIL THEY DO!!!!"

That being said, I display ALL of the classic ADD indicators (except for dyslexia) -- and 80% of those "symptoms" I consider to be advantageous.

Retrenched said...

LBF nailed it.

APL said...

LBF: "Boyhood itself--and maybe even the condition of being a man--is perceived as some kind of sickness"

And not so long ago, we had the internet meme about the male sex chromosone which apparently demonstrated that male ness was an aberration that would 'die out' in the next million years, yada, yada, yada.

Oh! here is an example of the thing.


Anonymous said...

Relevant: http://www.theonion.com/articles/more-us-children-being-diagnosed-with-youthful-ten,248/

paul a'barge said...

Feminism is gender hate culture.

Unknown said...

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