Friday, March 21, 2014

But who will they blame?

If they don't blame men. I mean, it can't be the fault of a strong, independent, successful woman who is good enough, smart enough, and most importantly, pretty enough:
Natalie Barr, an anchorwoman for Channel Seven in Australia, is telling working women that it's time to stop blaming men every time they don't get a promotion or a job.

“I'm not angry at men. I can't remember being passed over for a promotion because of a man and I have never felt undervalued because I'm a woman,” Barr wrote for Australia's Daily Telegraph. Barr said that in her youth she wasn’t given a cadetship (basically an internship for your entire college degree), but she never thought it was because of discrimination.

“I just had no bloody idea what I was doing; and they could tell,” Barr said.
Men can, as it happens, tell when a woman doesn't have any idea what she's doing. As hard as it may be to believe this, a woman's Magic Vagina Power does not actually ensorcel every male within a 30-yard radius and cause them to believe that a woman is automatically superlative at every form of human endeavor.

Even if the gamma males are more than eager to ensure her that is the case.

Never forget: "Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny."


swiftfoxmark2 said...

Jeff Dunham's take on this is pretty funny:

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Her position is eminently sensible. I hope other women take heed. She's rather fetching, too, I would add. And to think, she's actually older!

Spread the word:

Feminism leads to ugliness, premature ageing and beard growth.

brian said...

> Feminism leads to ugliness, premature ageing and beard growth.

Damn. I'm a feminist.

Vaughan Williams said...

Saw this interesting comment today:

More recent studies show that gender differences in reported number of sexual partners are reduced or disappear altogether if women are told that they are connected to a lie detector and that the information they provide will remain confidential. In other words, when women feel safe enough or otherwise compelled to tell the truth about their sexual behavior, the story they tell more closely resembles the male story.

Moreover, if women believe that they will not be harmed and that the sex will be good, their willingness to engage in casual sex equals that of men. The female tendency toward a roving eye can also be inferred, according to the work of evolutionary psychologist David Buss, from the very phenomenon of male jealousy, which is common in all societies and consistently related to men’s fears of potential cuckoldry. If women really do not want extra marital sex, then why are men so suspicious and jealous? Why put Stop signs on a street with no traffic?


Anonymous said...

Spread the word:

Feminism leads to ugliness, premature ageing and beard growth.

I think we have an answer to the question "Who will they blame?"

Blame Feminists!

I'm not sure how well it'll go over, seeing as how it's hampered as a slogan by virtue of being mostly the truth, but it's worth a shot.

"Women of the world, are you unhaaaaaapy? Unfulfilled? Stuck in a mindless corporate job that undervalues you? Tired of serial romances that always end in breakups, sobbing, too much wine, and yet another damn cat? Who do you blame?

Blame Feminists!

Trust said...

Dr. Laura blogged about how to tell a Prince from a toad today.

She was a bit off. Women have a detecter built in. If their Black and Decker hums, he's probably a toad. If it stalls, he's probably a prince.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Blame Feminists!

This is a sound idea. We must find a way to get them to see it this way.

Women are their own worst enemies. My lady friends like to regale me with tales of drama, sabotage, and back-biting in their respective workplaces. Bitchez gonna bitch--about other bitchez.

totenhenchen said...

Bitchez gonna bitch--about other bitchez.

"Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another." - H.L. Mencken

Doom said...

Hmm? I don't laugh at girls when they aren't funny. But they ARE funny, not ever when they are trying to be, which causes roars of laughter and mini-mouse squeaks about their hatred for me, which... brings another round of laughter and applause. To great consternation. "Oh, that's not funny"! Oh, yes it is! Yum! Love me some vagina funny.

Anonymous said...

To sell "Blame Feminists," attribute feminism to men, that is, for promoting the idea that for women to have "equal" value and power, they must be as men: financially responsible and sexually active without burden of children (thanks to birth control and abortion - honed and made legal by men). Not sure the genie can be put back in the bottle, though.

Anonymous said...

To sell "Blame Feminists," attribute feminism to men...

Not just to men, to creepy gamma men. Yeah, we might just be onto something. "Feminism" was just a ploy by creepy gammas to trick women into the work force where the gammas could oogle them all day, and where the women would actually be forced to talk to these creepers under the guise of "work-related discussions."

That's the easy start. Once we're making some progress with that, we can move on to convincing women that the idea of spending their 20's partying and looking to get married in their 30's was another ploy by the creepers to have the women squander their best years so that, desperate and no longer able to pull the hot guys, they're forced to settle for a provider type in their 30's.

Chant it with me....

"Betty Friedan was a man. Betty Friedan was a man..."

rycamor said...

Gamma attempts to reassure those poor insecure girls backfire completely. Sometimes the tragicomedy just writes itself.

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