Saturday, February 15, 2014

The truth about women in the military

From a comment at VP:
I'm an active duty physician assistant in an infantry combat brigade at one of the "big two" bases. Let me tell you the unadulterated truth firsthand. Most female soldiers are so fat that they face chapter under the Army Weight Control Program. To avoid this, they often become pregnant so they can get out on a chapter 8 and keep their benefits or no longer meet the AWCP requirements due to being pregnant. My unit is deploying. There are two female PAs in our BDE (out of 7). One came up pregnant a week prior to deployment training and the other is getting medically boarded out for a variety of nonspecific issues. It is a fucking joke. Everyone knows it but no one can speak it. God help us if someone ever invades our country. Without air superiority, our only offense will be throwing psych meds at the enemy in an attempt to blind them by hitting them in the eyes, dumping our sleep meds into their water supply, or getting them hooked on narcotic pain meds.
This came in response to the news that Britain's women warriors in Afghanistan have proven 33 times more likely to get pregnant than killed in action.


Glen Filthie said...

Go check out the hairy chested warrior princess that is beating up Uncle Bob, Vox.

And live in fear...!!!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

A couple of years ago I banged a cute blonde 23-year old in the USMC. She was an admin assistant of some sort, based at Camp Pendleton. At the time I noticed she seemed unusually keen to get pregnant, making comments and exhibiting behaviours that made me wary of her and ultimately leading me to tell her to fuck off. Reading this, her conduct makes a bit more sense.

Unknown said...

The obvious response that most conservatives have to women in the military is (rightly so) that they are unfit to operate in a warzone in the same capacity as men. I would completely agree, but I think this is missing the point. The reason behind making women part of the military is likely twofold. One, it undermines mens' status as being the sex that sacrifices themselves for society and therefore undermines mens' social capital and, I think more importantly, allows women to take on an entirely different military role.

It's not a stretch of the imagination for me to envision women troops being more suited towards a domestic police force military role. If you think about it, it doesn't require the kind of heavy lifting and physical stress that active warzones require, and allows women an outlet to get revenge for the perceived evils of patriarchy. Because they're more inclined to herd mentality, women are less likely to mutiny or retaliate if atrocities are ordered, as long as they have a dominant leader ordering them around. Currently, there isn't a large demand for this, but as social inequality arises and the global economy erodes, I think we will see a lot more cases of what we saw in Boston not long ago.

tz said...

If anyone ever invaded, beyond some of the soft spots in the blue states (or do we count the illegal immigrants as invaders?) they would have a worse time than we are having in Afghanistan.

As things stand, nuking NYC, LA, SF, and DC would be cause to give whatever appropriate highest US medal of honor to whomever initiated it. I'd add Detroit, but it is already a virtual smoking crater. I suspect Chicago will follow shortly.

PatrickH said...

Well, I've always thought a country is insane that puts its fertile young women into combat...what a sense of priorities! But when I hear that women in units about to deploy get pregnant like all get out...well, maybe it will work out in the end. Draft women into combat units, and the birth dearth will disappear!

SQT said...

@PatrickH-- I was thinking the same thing. Any society that wants to see a spike in the birthrate just needs to draft women into the military. Babies galore!

Tarrou said...

It's the goddamned truth. No women in my unit (Infantry), but Headquarters had a platoon of mechanics attached that was roughly half female. Figure 15-20 women. Orders come down for a deployment and lo and behold, you have never seen fertility treatment like a deployment warno. Out of that fifteen or twenty, one woman deployed. Those mechanics were in the deep weeds the whole deployment because they were so severely understaffed. Guys do it too, mostly claim to be crazy, but out of a whole battalion, only four managed to get out of it.

Anonymous said...

Data on mil pregnancies:

"The Commission found that the non-deployability rate for women was three times greater than that of men, largely
due to pregnancy. When pregnancy is taken into account women have nearly four times
as much lost time as men...

A report from the
Center for Army Lessons Learned states that in some units 18 to 20 percent of female
soldiers were nondeployable, primarily for disqualifying physical profiles and pregnancy.
One senior officer who commanded in the Gulf discussed the problems he had with
pregnancies stating 33% of the women in his battalion could not deploy because of
pregnancy or they were sent home early because of it.6"

Bear in mind that this is before the Iraq / Afghan wars. During those conflicts, recall that General Tony Cucolo issued orders or directives to the effect that getting pregnant in a war zone was punishable under UCMJ--which directive he had to withdraw because of the PC outrage over women being held accountable for their behavior. Also keeping in mind that women tend to cluster in non-combat arms units, so those units are disproportionately affected. This can lead to the majority of soldiers (women) in units such as medics medically absent, and irreplaceable as the billets are technically filled, but absent.

my post on this:

Anonymous said...

Blogger doesn't automatically hyperlink... oops.

Tommy Hass said...

I thought it was the Navy that was the US strongest weapon?

yukonyon said...

Does this mean that making women eligible for selective service is meaningless? What if a female can get out of military service because of pregnancy?

sykes.1 said...

Is this a bad thing? If we want to cripple the federal government, shouldn't we want a military that is at least 50% female?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Any society that wants to see a spike in the birthrate just needs to draft women into the military. Babies galore!

Sadly, given the racial make-up of the US military, a lot of these babies would be mulattoes. We don't need any more of these people.

On a related note, has anyone actually seen US military personnel in person? I have and I'm not impressed: mostly short, chubby blacks and mestizos who look as if they can barely lift a rifle. If (or when) civil war breaks out, I don't foresee many problems from this quarter.

The exceptions are the white Marine recruits from Camp Pendleton that we see hanging out in San Clemente. These guys look fit and tough.

The Original Hermit said...

"Most female soldiers are so fat that they face chapter under the Army Weight Control Program."

I recall arriving at A School straight out of Navy Boot Camp. Within the first month almost all the females went straight onto remedial PT because they were overweight or couldn't meet the fitness requirements they were supposedly able to meet just weeks prior. I got stuck with them because I was getting over pneumonia and was barely passing my run times. Three weeks with them was enough to lose any respect I might have had for them before.

Fortunately I was never placed in a situation where I was forced to rely on any of them. School was more or less an individual effort.

Bob said...

Does this mean that making women eligible for selective service is meaningless? What if a female can get out of military service because of pregnancy?

Lets be really edgy and demand they have to have birth control implants during their service. Imagine the wailing when they realise they're expected to put in the same effort as men (as they claim to do), without the get out of jail free card.

LibertyPortraits said...

How do they get so fat? I thought the military whipped people into shape with all the work and structured meals. It's not like women can't have any athleticism, so I guess maybe they do it on purpose to get out of the responsibilities.

Marissa said...

Draft women into combat units, and the birth dearth will disappear!

Along with the issue LBF brought up, many of these women who skip out of deployments using an illegitimate pregnancy simply abort once they know they're not going to Afghanistan (or wherever). The military wouldn't dare take statistics of their deployment drafters 9 months later.

Marissa said...

Deployment **dodgers

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Liberty Portraits,

The women get fat because the chow hall food is structured to feed fighting men. Lots of carbs. Likewise, the fat men you see normally have poor impulse control and don't reduce their calorie consumption during recovery from an injury, for example.

The Original Hermit said...

@ CR and LP, Our bases all had fast food (McDonalds, TacoBell, Pizza Hut in Bangor, and Subway in Goose Creek), plus vending machines everywhere, and the Commissary has the same junk normal stores have,

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