Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Visible damage

Tuthmosis points out that women with short hair aren't merely less attractive, they are actually psychologically damaged. Short hair is a red flag indicating a woman who is unsuitable for serious relationship consideration:
No woman in all of human history has ever looked better with short hair than she would with a head full of healthy locks. Despite this irrefutable fact, American women are “chopping it off” in greater numbers every day. This rears its ugly head in an array of ugly permutations, from the boy-like pixie cut to bizarre semi-shaved head topographies. The rationalizations—whether it’s donating their hair to sick kids or the summer weather—are immaterial. The effect, and true reasons, are the same.

I blame this lamentable trend on a few factors. The most powerful are the disingenuous lies—from both men and women—about how it looks. Women are quick to encourage other women to cut their hair by telling them how “cute” it is. While I’m no scientist, I’m convinced this is some deep, genetic programming at work, one that forces women—who compete with one another on a physical level on a daily basis—to encourage any behavior that might eliminate competitors in the dating pool. Men are no better. The cowardly and deluded among us perpetuate the myth that “some girls can pull it off.” Pulling something off, I often respond, is the equivalent of “passing” a class. Just because you have enough left-over attractiveness to remain bangable after cutting off your hair doesn’t mean you wouldn’t look better with it back on.
In truth, I think Tuthmosis misses the way in which we should be grateful to women who cut their hair off. Like women who overeat, it's a way for them to advertise their internal issues, which is not always immediately apparent. Long hair is not only an advertisement for a woman's youth and physical health, but evidence of her mental health as well. Want to know if a woman has issues? Her hair length is a fairly reliable indicator.

When a man grows his hair long and starts wearing dresses, we recognize that there is something wrong with him inside. The same is true of a woman who cuts her hair off, but for some reason, most likely the Female Imperative, we tend to be a little less likely to recognize that as quickly. But the consequences are both logical and clear: 
TUTHMOSIS: Let me ask you something: are guys hitting on you less now with the short hair?

Latin Girl: Oof. Absolutely. A lot less.

TUTHMOSIS: If you had to put a number on it, what would you say the reduction is?

Latin Girl: At least 90 percent less. That’s partly why I did it. I wanted to be alone for a while after my break up.
If a man argued that not showering for three months would make him just as attractive to women as when he kept himself clean, we'd know he was nuts. And yet, when a woman does something that women openly admit reduces their attractiveness by 90 percent and insists she is just as attractive, many of us still pretend to take her seriously. Which is perhaps an indication in itself that we harbor suspicions that she is nuts.


finndistan said...

So true.

There is a girl in my gym, 22-23, a gorgeous body, small waist, shaped hips, lemon sized breasts, and everything tight in gym clothes. A beautiful face that would make the actress in your photo cry of jealousy. A smile cute as it can be.

But the hair.. Chopped short.

The first thing I thought when I saw her "What is wrong with her?"
Gym buddy blue blue blue : "the hair does not matter"
I was just seeing a clover field full of red flags.

A girl that is easily a babe, turned herself into an average female.
If I would shave only the hair on my left and let the right grow , ala manson, I would do less damage to my appeal.

Patrick Kelly said...

Cutting hair removes visual femininity. Some women have more to spare than others.

Markku said...

but evidence of her mental health as well

However, it could also be just because she was a bit naive, and thought other women had her best interests at heart when they were always talking about how much better she'd look with short hair.

Doom said...

Look, how seriously are women taken to start with, honestly? Even by other women? One step a little further down the... irrational line, one more line they they choose to believe that we and they are know to be untrue? Most of them honestly believe they are equal, deserve equal pay, and know they don't do what men do but will never admit it. That is why people just roll their eyes, the first few times, and nod. Crazy is crazy, a little more isn't all that much at this point.

vartank said...

I think "mental illness" goes a bit too far in some cases. I would say the majority of the time women cutting their hair short is your run of the mill typical naiveté and reality denial that women engage in. I think it depends on how FAR they go, a girl with long, gorgeous hair, who cuts it merely short is just being delusional in my book. But if a girl cuts it to like, a buzz cut, a shave, or a Skrillex, that's when I see it as a major red flag.

Maybe it's just me though, I think hair that is just below the chin is the sexiest style, the "A-cut" I think it's called, like Victoria Beckham, so I don't place too much of an emphasis on over the shoulder length. But Hathaway's length definitely looks like derangement on the inside and out.

Markku said...

But Hathaway's length definitely looks like derangement on the inside and out.

However, let's be fair to her: That picture is from Les Miserables, where her character had to sell her hair because she was out of money and a job.

Anonymous said...

That picture is from Les Miserables, where her character had to sell her hair because she was out of money and a job.

And in the movie/musical (and I assume the book?), it was devastating that she had to cut her hair. It was humiliating and not just because she was so poor.

Wasn't it a punishment at one point to cut off a women's hair for various offenses? There is a good reason for this.

~ Stingray

vartank said...

If you look at her recent pictures though, she has kept it that short, and the movie was a couple of years ago. Once you go short enough that the hair doesn't even drop anymore, that's some seriously stupid stuff right there.

Markku said...

Ok, then she has no excuse.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Short hair on women is often just a big "fuck you!" to society and men. Happy to say, I don't see a lot of women like that around here. It's not a good look. French women caught collaborating with the Nazis often had their hair clipped short or shaved. It's a symbol of shame, guilt, and mental illness.

Res Ipsa said...

The rationalizations—whether it’s donating their hair to sick kids

I've known 4 or 5 girls/young women who have done this and one older women. Of those only one didn't grow her hair back as long as it was before. She was a competitive swimmer. Now that she is starting to notice boys she is letting it go longer again. It's one thing to donate to Locks of Love a time or two, its another to intentionally try to not look female. If she has short hair and she is under 60 years old, chances are she is damaged goods. Long hair is the one way a women can look feminine, be attractive, and not have to revert to overt sexuality.

Weouro said...

Long hair is the one way a women can look feminine, be attractive, and not have to revert to overt sexuality.
Wrong. Long dresses. Look at the pants-wearing trailblazers like Audrey Hepburn. They all had short hair. It's the same thing.

Weouro said...

It's just that a lot more men are brain washed about women in pants

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What is your policy on men with *long* hair? I'm completely against it. Some women, I understand, like it.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Some women cut their hair to start over and maybe grow it in 2 to 4 years in better strength, shine, color, etc. Not sure if I buy that.

However, many short do's are sabotage, possible victims of mind control and even mental illness.

Markku said...

Some women cut their hair to start over and maybe grow it in 2 to 4 years in better strength, shine, color, etc.

That IS going to happen, but for a very short time. The reason is that when every hair is starting at zero length, then for a little while, almost every hair will be maximum length since they all started their growth at the same time. This will make the person's hair appear very thick.

But there is a probability X, determined by the individual's hair strength, that any given strand will get cut at the root per day, usually while combing. Then that strand will again start its growth at zero length. This will happen to dozens of strands every day. Usually to the longest ones. It doesn't take long for this process to find an equilibrium where the hair length distribution is totally random. So, since there are now much fewer strands that are at maximum length, the hair appears thinner. After that equilibrium is reached, the apparent hair thickness doesn't change.

So, it's not worth it to suffer the indignities of the short hair to get this short time window of apparently thicker long hair. It does absolutely no good to the hair in the long run.

Anonymous said...

What is your policy on men with *long* hair? I'm completely against it. Some women, I understand, like it.

That highlights the difference between male and female attraction. Women are attracted to a man's attitude. So if the alpha men in a particular era are wearing buzzcuts, that's what women will find attractive. If they're wearing wigs and earrings, then women will find that attractive. Same thing with beards. Thanks to Duck Dynasty, I'm seeing guys growing out bushy, unkempt beards that you only found on moonshiners and homeless men a few years ago. The ones whose wives were attracted to them before still are.

Men, on the other hand, are attracted to physical attributes, and those haven't changed much since Adam was chasing Eve around the Garden, as far as I can see. People point to art and things like prehistoric fertility dolls with huge bellies to try to claim that it's all environmental, but that's nonsense. There's no reason to think a fertility doll necessarily represented men's ideal female shape; it represented fertility! And as for art from particular eras showing thick women: consider what our homosexual-dominated fashion industry currently promotes as the highest standard of beauty -- nothing like the swimsuit model shape that most men find most attractive. We put way too much credence in what a few influential people from an era might have liked, as if they represent everyone.

Anyway, men are attracted to a curvy shape, symmetrical features, and long, flowing hair. The rest is details. When a woman with long hair puts it up, seeing her nape is exciting because it's usually covered. And dresses or skirts win over slacks because the way a dress moves when she walks compliments the movement of her hair and more than makes up for what curves it covers. You can't "sashay" in slacks.

Markku said...

My view on long hair on men: It is a visual statement that says "I'm into arts, poetry and/or spiritual things".

If you are already ALPHA, then this will add to your perceived personality for many women, and they will respond better. You are ALPHA, plus bonus stuff that might make her day even more interesting if she's with you.

If you are BETA, then you are showcasing the very attributes usually associated with femininity. This just makes things worse. Now you are giving a constant visual reminder of how BETA you are.

Anonymous said...

How could I let you forget this little gem?

Here's a personal favorite:

mickeypavic said...

Women support anything that removes intrasexual competition and will cloak their mischievous intent with some vague phrase like empowerment, short hair, plus sized women, lesbianism, women doing men's jobs (masculine activities), tattoos, flip flops, garish makeup, Dr Marten boots etc. Basically anything that makes the competition uglier.

I've known a number of women who went through that phase and the overriding commonality was self hate due to some personal event. I think it's the less masochistic version of cutting themselves.

Jason said...

Do you think Anne Hathaway meant to end up looking like John hurt in alien?

Anonymous said...

Markku, exactly. Anything a man does that says, "I'm different," gets filtered through whether the woman is already attracted to him. If she's attracted, "I'm different," translates to, "I'm interesting, mysterious, exciting, etc." If she's not, it translates to, "I'm weird and creepy."

mmaier2112 said...

I think it's telling how sensitive and defensive women are about short hair. If they were secure or really "didn't care what men think", they would just shrug it off instead of becoming harpies over it.

Reminds me of yet another way you should treat women like dogs. My brother had a gorgeous Lab with copper-red fur... which they would regularly trim super-short to spare themselves vacuuming as much. I swear that dog always looked despondent after the buzzing.

Women and dogs... you shouldn't crop their natural beauty.... damn shame.

James Mark II said...

short haired women make my penis sad.

mmaier2112 said...

Fat women make my penis far sadder than short hair.

LibertyPortraits said...

That's a real shame with Hathaway, she was very attractive a few years ago.

Duke of Earl said...

I think it has been pointed out that a man who's thinning gets more cred by just shaving everything than trying to cover up what's obviously happening.

If going bald works for men, then the opposite is what works for women.

Anonymous said...

I think women get the idea in their heads that short hair is kinda like tattoos or piercings. It's a signal you're "daring" and "adventurous." Which they hope guys (the right guys anyway) will interpret at "easy, so please come get me."

I suppose in a way they are right, but availability only trumps looks for pump-n-dumps, and she's still limited to her (now lower) SMV league for that.

Oh, and BTW, after reading the comment section on the linked article, Vox and Markku are due a big thank you for their work keeping things on track her and at VP.

Paul, Dammit! said...

This reminds me of a conversation with my wife, where she told me how jealous she was with the close friendship I have with a couple of guys from my childhood. She noted how there were always multiple undercurrents of resentment or jealousy or competition that flavored every interaction between women who basically liked each other. Hard to imagine living like that for me. For men who are good friends, the competition is open and active, and resentment or jealousy can't coexist with male friendship at all, so that's a moot point. This puts me in rough alignment with what Mickeypavick said above about an overriding goal of reducing intrasexual competition... unfortunately, with the proliferation of feminization, there has been plenty of accomodation to this awful behavior.
If you want to see everything that's wrong about modern women, look at the goddamn magazines at your grocery store's check-out line, and you'll see a snake eating its' own tail.

mina smith said...

ROK kind of stole your thunder on this one; myself I can count that you have posted about the hair thing at least four times since I've been following you. I don't recall any of your posts getting 3700+ comments. :-D

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

I agree with our MK. I did not think of the other variants, or, say, other side.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall any of your posts getting 3700+ comments

There seemed to be a significant portion of trolls in there.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Just to be clear, I refer, revert to labeling something mind control when celebrity is present. Drastic changes in looks is a hope for relevanc$y.

Harambe said...

It is science!

Fernanda said...

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