Monday, December 23, 2013

The costs of divorce

It is time to seriously consider banning divorce. The costs of it are simply too high, in terms of economics, outcomes, and lives:
A man and his 3-year-old son died Sunday after plummeting from a building near Lincoln Center. Police on Sunday night were still investigating exactly what happened. But as 1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten reported, sources said the father — identified as Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, may have tossed the boy — Kirill Kanarikov, 3 — off the balcony and then jumped to his own death.... Kanarikov’s own neighbors said he lived alone in a home in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, but his estranged wife and son were occasionally seen visiting. The couple was going through a divorce, and it was believed that the conflict may have led to the tragedy. Police told 1010 WINS Dmitriy Kanarikov was embroiled in a custody battle with the boy’s mother, and was despondent over having to return him.
That being said, I do wish men who are in despair over what their ex-wives and the family courts are doing to them would focus their actions on those responsible, not the innocent. The problem is that these are not angry men, these are men without hope or faith.

While there were problems when divorce was not possible, those problems were considerably less serious than the trauma caused to men, women, and children by the present legal regime.


RC said...

Amen! Having walked with men going through unwanted divorce for 20+ years, the devastation on the children is incalculable. I can't tell you the number of times I've been told by the deserting wife how she was doing this "for the good of the children" - a lie from the pit.

Anonymous said...

The comment of the week at Heartiste seems particularly apt for dealing with these situations.

Dexter said...

These guys need to go after the family court judges and lawyers.

Killing a 3yo boy is DICKLESS.

Guitar Man said...

Fuck that dad.

Anonymous said...

To blame divorce for this man's actions, and talk about banning divorce as a result, is ridiculous. It's as if a high school student shot his teacher and himself after she gave him a failing grade, and someone called for a ban on F's.

Considering Kanarikov's demonstrated mental instability, he might have been one of those men who really was toxic for his son to be around. Such men do exist; they're not all trumped-up figments of the feminist imagination.

KJE said...

I can find pity for the kid and the last 3 seconds or so of his life that had to be terrifying. I'm hopeful that dad is also rotting in hell.

I'm a single dad that wound up with the kid after divorce. It wasn't easy, cheap, or pleasant.

Tommy Hass said...

"I'm hopeful that dad is also rotting in hell."

It would've killed you if you hadn't stated the obviouswouldn't it.

Anonymous said...


It is the more nuanced position that a society can either have a system of due process, where things can be resolved, and people can feel like they got a fair shake at some semblance of justice, or not. Since America is tilting toward the "or not", then more extreme things - like the guy who committed suicide on the court steps - will become more common. This isn't saying one wants them to happen, just, wouldn't it be nice if there was a legitimate system that had some notion of equal protection before the law?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

American horror.

It's a shame he didn't throw his soon-to-be-ex-wife over the roof-top, instead of his son.

The wages of feminism.

How do you like it now, bitches?

It's cases like this one that make men rethink laws against violence.

The bitches need to be kept in place.

As I keep saying, again and again:

Violence Works.

Unknown said...

Instead of placating his anger on those with nothing to do with the situation... if violence is gonna be used, much better its directed at the appropiate parties namely the judicial system and harlots that keep perpetuating such a sick degenerate system that only exists to destroy.

Brad Andrews said...

these are men without hope or faith.

Desperate people rarely think things through.

I do see a huge danger that the courts will start to preemptively rule against men in general because of the risk of some doing this. That would just feed the problem rather than making anything better though.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

I'm sure his ex-wife is all broken up about it. Right into the arms of her next sucker, er, breadwinner.

tz said...

Nailed it

Unknown said...

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