Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why gammas don't get it

There is a reason that gamma males like John Scalzi publicly fret about the massive societal problem of creeps making women feel uncomfortable and write long instruction manuals on how to avoid being creepy and what to do if you are perceived as being a creep. They simply don't understand that they are creeps by virtue of their low SMV, not because of their actions. Creep is an intrinsic and relative state, it is not the consequence of objective actions.

As I've pointed out previously, men of sufficiently high SMV can walk right up to a woman they don't know and do pretty much do whatever they want without inspiring any protests or murmurs of complaint. This is a simple and observable fact. If you've never done it, then your SMV is probably in the normal or low range.

Not that permission is ever asked, but it is granted by the frozen, fascinated stare in the woman's eyes. Any sufficiently predatory male knows the one I'm talking about. It's that glazed-over look that tells a man that he can do anything he wants to a woman and she wants him to do it. I suspect it is the source of the legend of the vampire's enchanting glamor.

Want to stop creeping? The rules are simple. Be more attractive. Don't be unattractive. But are you perceived as a creep, are you normal, or are you a predator? Remember, it's all relative. The test is simple. Find a woman and lock eyes with her.

If she perceives you as a creep, she will scowl, narrow her eyes, and look disgusted. She may even verbally confront you for daring to lift your eyes to her and imagine yourself on her level. If she perceives you as normal, she will either look puzzled or look away. If she finds you attractive, she will either smile and look away or look down, smile, and blush. If she wants you to take her around the corner and ravish her, she will stare at you in a fixed manner and smile broadly.

And if she licks her lips and swallows hard while staring, that means you can do anything you feel like doing right there and then. But out of courtesy, and for everyone else's sake, please don't do it there.


Old Harry said...

Sort of OT, but speaking of creeps, I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the resemblance between Himmler and Scalzi:



LL said...

I have seen this behavior repeatedly in bars and no matter what the feminists and gammas say, women take about 3 seconds to decide if a guy is one she will bang and it's all based upon his looks and approach. A schlub in a hoodie is definitely not going to get as far as a guy in a tailored suit.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Also lean against the bar, take a drag off your cigar, then blow the smoke out of your nose.

Crowhill said...

The video is hilarious.

En-sigma said...

Just laughed OJ out my nose...that stings...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...


swiftfoxmark2 said...

And remember: if you aren't physically attractive and no amount of exercise can fix that, then always use contempt. Use a woman's envy to work in your favor.

Anonymous said...

the youtube comments are priceless......

Unknown said...

Its far more subjective even than that. I have had hooters girls tell me about the creepy guy staring at their ass. When I responded that I always stare at her ass too, she responded "but thats different." I am far from an Adonis and the girls just think I am a nice guy, even when I am obviously ogling them.

Anonymous said...

what makes the video funnier is the girls look kinda like pigs with their short fat noses.

Res Ipsa said...

I like these vids. They do a better job illustrating the point than just writing about it.
Why McRapey doesn't like the Bible

mina smith said...

Classic Tom Brady skit:

Suncraig said...

When here is link that every men in the who read this blog and others knows, but it going throw another apple off the feminist apple cart, "Do human females use indirect aggression as an intrasexual competition strategy?" http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/368/1631/20130080.full link from http://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com/2013/11/when-women-compete-against-women.html.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


That was classic. And hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Great post. I have a follow-up question. I've been told that girls aged 25-30 will not hook up with an older
married man. Because U.S. girls that she are looking to get married, and still believe in the Disney fantasy that they " deserve better" and " will be able to FIND better". No matter how high the man's SMV.

They think its "creepy" no matter how high the married man's SMV. I think it's because they are delusional at that age. We are not quite yet at a true State of Nature here in the U.S. Give these younger delusional broads another economic meltdown , where the Middle Class is truly eradicated, and they will stop looking at whether a man is married

So - what is the baseline SMV and fame a married man needs to sleep with 25-30 girls? Or would you agree some demographics remain off limits to this character you describe who can "do anything" publicly and get away with it?


Revelation Means Hope said...

Cannot believe the comment above. Creepy married man asking how to bed a 25-30 year old girl.

They won't sleep with you because you are a creepy delta/gamma. Has nothing to do with being married. I'm in my 40's, and married, and still have to watch out for the 22-30 year olds. They are not delusional, because a creepy married man has NOTHING to offer them that they value.
Logic fail.

VD said...

Cannot believe the comment above. Creepy married man asking how to bed a 25-30 year old girl.

Don't, it's a troll. Notice the name.

Revelation Means Hope said...

For those who regularly demonstrate inability to read between the lines.

By watching out, I meant to be careful around them to avoid leading them on too far, not actively seeking them out as a way to cheat on my wife. Because they WILL sleep with and flirt with marriend men. Just not creeps.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Ah, been a long time since I fell for troll bait. What I get for reading on part of my lunch break.

Bob said...

Heh at the vid.

Reminds me of seeing girls defend the fuck out of the dude from 50 shades of grey. Where he apparently tracked down the girl to a bar and kept tabs on her because "He cared about her".

Anonymous said...

JC and Vox,

Not a troll. Genuine question

I have no problem fucking girls over 30 or girls married for a few years. Both these types of girls are old enough or married enough to lose their delusions. They see the world as it really is.

Girls 25-30 not yet married but actively looking for a high value SMV man seem genuinely offended if you roll up on them as an older married man. They are insulted because they feel they are only entitled to your "second helpings" This is my experience.

So JC Climber, genuine question: have you actually fucked 7+ girls aged 25-30? You say you "fight them off". It's one thing to get IOI's, I get them too. Another thing to actually fuck them.

My experience is the moment you open that door, girls aged 25-30 looking to settle down annot handle the impression they will only be your "mistress fling."

I should add: YaReally, the esteemed commenter over at Roissy/Heartiste confirmed this, as well as some others. They confirmed that fucking (not merely flirting) with 25-30 looking for marriage girls is a non-starter if you're married man. As Ya said, "You may come to the conclusion it's not even worth your time."

I'm always open to new information. So JC Climber share with us: what exactly is your experience with this age group, and if its doable, what is your SMV, your general game as a married man with these girls, and any advice

Sincere thanks

Trust said...


50 shades. Eh.

Some of my wife's friends were talking about who should be the lead male. They weren't amused when I suggested Ed Asner.

Pennywise the clown would be ideal for 50 shades or twilight.

Duke of Earl said...

Well based on that visual response, I'm normal.

I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

I might have to try wearing something other than faded jeans and a tee shirt some time, see how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Just saw JC Climber's subsequent comment above

It seems JCClimber has not actually fucked a 25-30 girl as a married man

He merely " fights them off" by " not leading them on"

But yet he insists they "WILL sleep with a married man"

What is JC Climber's evidence?

See my comment prior to this one. The evidence I have,confirmed by others, is that they will not.

Girls aged 25-30 looking for high SMV husband material cannot handle a married man escalating with them. They are insulted because these girls delusionally believe they somehow " don't have to settle for second helpings" - no matter how high the SMV of the married man is.

I am always open to new information, thanks

Trust said...

"The first guy wasn't a nice guy, he was pretending in an attempt to score. The second guy on the other hand was considerate enough to find out her favorite drink, her fashion preferences, and her cycle to spare her the embarrassment of him initiating at 'that time'."
--thus spaketh the Hamster

VD said...

Not a troll. Genuine question

Very well. My advice? Stop committing adultery and apologize to your wife. You made a commitment. Live up to it. So leave the other women alone, regardless of what their age may be.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vox

But your advice if you are not a Practicing Christian?

I believe that, biologically, monogamy is truly unnatural for males (Roissy and KrauserPUA are also in agreement on this)

Men can remain married to a wife while having sex with, on the side, "tasty young pussy in tight skirts". Most alluringly found among mid-twenties girls.

Men want variety sexually, girls merely want the highest SMV man in their context (hypergamy). A wife WILL look the other way. She does not actually care about adultery if you are truly this kind of high SMV male to her.

Do you think that there is an SMV + Fame ratio that really can do "whatever you want publicly" - no matter what the girl demographic? If so, what is that ratio, a description of that guy's behavior, allure?

This would be a great post for your followers who, for whatever reason, are not practicing Christians like you are


Res Ipsa said...


Back in my bar days a weeding ring wasn't a deterrence to picking up women. My single friends used it as a prop. When I was securitizing on the street, the bars were full of chicks 18-30 that would do guys into their 50's. Sure most of them were office types looking to score with guys higher on the food chain. I don't see why the motivation would matter to you, other than to exploit information.

I guess I don't understand the fixation with the age range thing. There are plenty of 18-25's with daddy issues. Why worry about the chicks age when her legs are open? While on the age topic, there are lots of 35's who would be happy to tell you they are 27. It's only for the night -- why not go with it?

I suspect that your question isn't relevant as it relates to the prospects age. Perhaps you are aiming to high for your SMV, OR you are providing too much information and are being disqualified. Some how the girl is finding out that you are married and its a turn off in your case.

Before you ask, I'm 17 years faithful to my wife. That's what married means. My interest in game has more to do with articulating observations and finding a way to communicate that wisdom to others.

Weouro said...

I think I hear echoes of yttiK/byteme in xyz's writing style.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I think of fakeness.

Ron said...


Why would you ask a man to advise you on how to do something he thinks is immoral? You may as well ask him how to commit murder or get away with theft. It shows a lack of regard for others around you, which is consistent with your disregard for your wife. Because of that consistency, I think you are real and not a troll. I believe you chose the xyz screen name because you quickly wanted to create a name that cannot at all be traced to you if your wife would see this blog.

I also think you are conflicted in this matter as well. I get that impression from the things you have said and what you are trying to do. It makes no sense for the (average) man to engage in adulterous affairs just for the sex. I think a good predator could not just pull it off, it would score him points if he did get caught, but for the average man, I believe it is a different story. The time, money, effort, and chance of being compromised is way too high. And the cost in divorce if you do get caught (which is likely) makes it worse than a fools game. At this point the divorce situation is so stacked and so awful for men, that only a fool or a truly religious man gets married in this climate at all. To do what you are doing, sounds like someone trying to destroy himself. Or desperate for love and affection.

But then again, I don't have much experience, you might be a troll, I might have totally misread you.

I think you are suffering man, and if I am right, I suggest to you that this is the wrong way to deal with it.

Doom said...

Now, he might be right. Some guys may have zero ability to raise their smv. They probably should have a very thick codex so as to get along in the world without going to jail, getting fired, or otherwise ruining themselves. In a way, call it the pua manual for those who can't pick anything up besides lint. Just a thought.

As to locking eyes? Usually the woman will lower her eyes. Few women will hold my gaze. If she does, it tells me, right or wrong, that she is... a potential. I don't count married women, for my part. And understand that a married woman may have the fortitude to hold my gaze without... presenting herself. She just has a good relationship with her husband, it is hoped, and thus can relate to men from a position of strength found through her husband. I did say for my part. I know enough married women who... are looking for an upgrade, or at least a wild ride, and avoid those types like the plague... these days.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a few asian females made comments like "I think the first guy is cuter" and I floated it around to a few other asian women I know who by an overwhelming majority felt the same way. I wonder why that is.

Revelation Means Hope said...

I'm not going to give advice on adultery.
I will just say that several of them over the years flat out told me after events happened where we *could have* engaged in sex without getting caught....that they were very surprised and disappointed that I didn't move things in that direction.
It was eye opening, as I hadn't yet fully swallowed all the red-pill and was surprised that nominally christian girls would still believe that a committed christian man would cheat on his wife.
I'm more careful now in how I respond to IOIs.

I will say this, and this isn't advice on how to cheat, but those women were most likely interested because I had finally begun to internalize the alpha mindset and it was congruent with my behavior in social settings. I'm also more cautious about ensuring that I'm not alone with any of those type of women to avoid any wagging tongues (theirs or other gossip mongers). That's about as specific as I will get for you.

VD said...

But your advice if you are not a Practicing Christian?

If you're not going to be faithful, and you're not going to be honest, then you should get a divorce.

I believe that, biologically, monogamy is truly unnatural for males (Roissy and KrauserPUA are also in agreement on this)

What does that have to do with anything? So is using forks and not shitting wherever you happen to be standing. Civilization isn't natural either, that doesn't mean that we should all strip off our clothes and run to the forest.

Bob said...

I noticed a few asian females made comments like "I think the first guy is cuter" and I floated it around to a few other asian women I know who by an overwhelming majority felt the same way. I wonder why that is.
I noticed this too. <3 Asian girls.

Factory said...

You truly haven't lived until you've seen a hottie that can't speak, and when she does it's gibberish (and while sober, to boot!). That silly grin while they stuff their hands in their pockets and stare....hilarious. Vox, you're dead right. If they grin like a foolish schoolgirl, it's a done deal, every time (unless you fuck it up as often as I do, sadly).

Crowhill said...

Civilization isn't natural either


I caught a few minutes of a show by John Stossel once where he was making fun of the idea of "getting back to nature." Nature is dying young from a tooth infection, or getting eaten by a grizzly bear.

Anonymous said...

Civilization is also using polite euphemisms instead of the most vulgar diction in what was nominally presented as an academic discussion.


Anonymous said...

But your advice if you are not a Practicing Christian?

Is there such a think as a non-practicing Christian? How can you be a follower of Christ and NOT follow Christ?


mina smith said...

JCClimber: still looking for the schematics for the automatic chicken door closer! ;-)

xyz is a little backwards kitty. I can tell by the signature VD boot licking behaviour.

Trust said...

I think it was an Alinsky tactic. Keep the pressure on and make others live up to their standards.

Had Vox as a married man and Christian took the bait and given advice on getting adulterous sex, an army (largely of sockpuppets) would have come after him in full force.

Revelation Means Hope said...


Ordered it. Installed it. Now trying to troubleshoot it, as it shuts okay (which is more important), but won't open and will quickly run the battery down trying to open itself.

Thought about making my own and decided I didn't have time to mess around with light sensors, waterproofing, voltages, and so on while each day the chickens will be exposed to 1-2 hours of raccoon threat.

Although killing the raccoons seems to work for a couple weeks until a new one moves into the area.

Anonymous said...


You have quite a contingent of Practicing Christians here

I respect your religious convictions, but do not share in it

I must say: there could be something to the idea of "getting beyond" Game and endlessly pursuing women

This seems to be the path you and some commenters have taken

But, this, de facto, does not refute my question or argument. I read these comments as a sort of refusal to even engage my question

JC Climber I respect your fidelity to your wife. I question that 20's girls would actually sleep with you. It's one thing to flirt with girls another thing to actually hit them up for sex

Vox, I really think you should post on my question. You seem to have the SMV to be an actual "sexual threat" . And, with all due respect to your Christian contingent here, you are a major voice in Manosphere and guys are looking for your advice, outside of your religious convictions


Duke of Earl said...

1. Be handsome
2. Be attractive
3. Don't be unattractive

He put that somewhere else.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

hey Vox, I know you're a Christian, and don't believe in child sacrifice, but tell us how to slaughter a baby most efficiently anyway.

Trust said...

@ Conscientia Republicae

Just go to planned parenthood. Or use ObamaCare coverage

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Get off me, Trust! I'm trying to do some good old fashioned satire on our alphabet caboose boy xyz!

Unknown said...


You are in the wrong blog. Go to Roissy and ask him that question.

Anonymous said...


You sound like a real winner in life

Who is sleeping with you?

Better hold on to this Practicing Christian bit with your whole life, it's your one "in" to keep a mate

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Xyz you are a moron. Go away.

David said...

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