Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 10 Game blogs Q3-13

Here is the quarterly report on the Top 10 Game blogs for the third quarter of 2013. What is most interesting about it is the way it shows considerable growth across the board, in line with the widespread expectations that the Androsphere would begin garnering more mainstream attention this year.
  1. Return of Kings: 19,257 (+23,568)
  2. Roissy: 35,799 (+19,649)
  3. Roosh:  40,281 (+22,711)
  4. Rollo:   156,390 (+6,244), 230,395
  5. Alpha Game: 183,840 (+23,086), 349,623 (+8.2%) 
  6. Dalrock:  190,532 (+60,558)
  7. Just4Guys: 221,248 (+486,446)
  8. MMSL:    286,495 (+57,471)
  9. Keoni Galt: 468,052 (175,049)
The first number is the current Alexa ranking, the number in parentheses is the change in that ranking since the posting of the previous list. The bold number is the three-month average in actual traffic over the quarter, as measured in Google Pageviews. Although my previous estimates were fairly accurate, I am no longer going to calculate them, so if you are a blogger on this list, please send me your three-month average for July, August, and September and I will add it here.

I have removed Hooking Up Smart from the list as a result of Susan Walsh's explicit realignment of her blog. If there are any other Game-related blogs anyone feels merits inclusion on this list, please let me know.

Perhaps because the problem of feminism is most acute in the USA, Game blogs are disproportionately popular there. The top-ranking Game blog, RoK, is 6,323 in the USA. By way of comparison, two outspoken gamma males who consistently attempt to assert that Game bloggers are outliers and outcasts, Manboobz and John Scalzi, come in at 37,268 and 46,650, respectively.


Crowhill said...

I have wondered if the "androsphere" (or at least some aspects of it) is inherently crippled by the fact that it's unmanly to complain. IOW, if women complain that they're being treated unfairly, people listen and sympathize. If men complain that they're being treated unfairly, they're told to man up.

That was my reaction to The Myth of Male Power. I thought he had some good points, but I thought the entire book had a feminine flavor to it. It was as if Farrell simply took the tools he learned during his days as a feminist and applied them to men. (That's not my only criticism of that book.)

You can't do that. You're not going to attract men by encouraging them to whine and cry and complain.

I would suspect that the successful androsphere blogs are precisely the ones that don't complain, but that offer a manly, positive, action-oriented alternative.

Anonymous said...


Men: complain about the problem and then propose solution to problem.

Women: complain and the problem, and then talk about how the problem makes them feel, and then talk about how unfair the situation is and then talk some more about their feelings, and then talk about how unfair the situation is, and then...

Men identify a problem and then immediately start thinking of ways to fix the problem. That's why there seems to be an emphasis on self-improvement on men's blogs.

There is a youtube called something like "It's not about the nail" that sums up exactly the difference between how men and women approach life's problems.

Crowhill said...

@8to12, I agree with everything you said, and I love that nail video. I would still say that even the initial complaint can be perceived as unmanly.

Somewhat along these lines, I remember an episode of Star Trek TNG where Worf says something like "I have not had cause to complain," and Picard replies something like "Mr. Worf, you wouldn't complain if you had cause."

Anonymous said...


Stoic: adjective

1. of or pertaining to the school of philosophy founded by Zeno, who taught that people should be free from passion, unmoved by joy or grief, and submit without complaint to unavoidable necessity.

Stoic and masculine have been synonyms for most of human history, so it's not surprising you would find non-stoic actions like complaining unmasculine.

For most of human history, men being stoic provided an advantage (to both the individual men and society as a whole). A member of a hunting party, for example, that failed to suppress his emotions and constantly complained (instead of toughing it out) was a handicap to the hunting group overall.

But that same male stoicism is now being used against men. Modern society has taken the attitude that it should be able to use and abuse men as a group, and that men should simply (stoically) take it. Male stoicism has become a handicap to men (and modern society as a whole) instead of being a general societal benefit it was in the past.

We need to get over this idea that complaining is unmanly.

Whining (complaining without ever focusing on how to correct the problem) is what unmanly.

Bringing problems out into the daylight, focusing on them, and then focusing on solutions to those problems is manly. Maybe we need a new word--a bit of male jargon--to describe this type of complaining; solutions focused complaining.

Anonymous said...


Solution Oriented Complaining

Anonymous said...

I think my numbers are pretty close, but I did just start blogging this year.

LordSomber said...

Constructive criticism is not the same as complaining.
Make your criticisms constructive. Maintain frame.

Sean said...

I'm not sure if this fits under Alpha Game or On Vox under his theory about autistic tendencies the athiests and the type. Instapundit linked to this article about how feminism ruined it for women :

The jawdropping piece is the angry screed by some gamma the newspaper has on staff.

Anonymous said...

A Voice for Men doesn't belong anywhere on a list of game blogs. Elam is quite "anti-game" and has made no bones about it - he even made it quite public how stupid he thought it was and ridiculed it with "take a shower game." He would be more appropriately lumped in with Manboobz on the subject of game.

Eric Wilson said...

A Voice for Men doesn't belong anywhere on a list of game blogs.

but...but...but that Daily Beast piece on Game featured him prominently! He MUST be!!!

VD said...

Good point. In light of that fact, I don't think it belongs there.

Keoni Galt said...

3 month average at Hawaiian libertarian = 74,121. Considering I've only made 10 posts in the last 3 months, I am certainly getting a lot of pageviews as a result of the Androsphere gaining mainstream notice.

If there are any other Game-related blogs anyone feels merits inclusion on this list, please let me know.

How about Sunshine Mary and the Dragon?

I consider her blog the female version of Dalrock's, with much of the same crew regularly engaging in discussions of Game related topics from a Christian perspective. I

paul a'barge said...

Suggest that you make the table elements linkable.

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