Thursday, November 21, 2013

How race matters in romance

Contra the incessant advertising for us men of color in the media, it appears that non-imaginary women still strongly prefer white men:
  • Black men and women get the lowest response rates to their messages.
  • Most men prefer Asian women (with the exception of Asian men).
  • All women (except black women) are most drawn to white men.
  • Asian women seem to most strongly favour advances from white men.
  • Men are least likely to respond to ‘likes’ from black women.
  • Men respond to women around three times more often than women reply to men's messages.
The only thing that seems very strange is this conclusion: "Men from all different races prefer a partner of another race over their own." But either the vast majority of all couples represent romantic disappointment or there is another factor here. The clue, I think, is here: "Researchers for the app looked at 2.4 million heterosexual interactions by users who are mostly aged 35 and over, to collect the statistics."

My thought is that by the time people hit 35, they tend to start looking further afield. I mean, there are no shortage of American men in the Game community who have sworn off American women as a result of having had to deal with them for decades. Also, at that age, those using online dating sites don't tend including the statistically significant minority of men and women who are already in relationships and have no need to look online for readily available companionship.


Krul said...

Most men prefer Asian women (with the exception of Asian men).

That made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you're a white guy who prefers Asian girls and there aren't many in your town, you're more likely to go hunting online than your buddy who prefers white girls. And concentrating on 35+ limits it even further to those who have struck out in their own neighborhoods. I seriously doubt that "most" white guys prefer Asian girls in real life.

Unknown said...

Off-topic, but where can we send mail? I don't see an address on this page. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

Anonymous said...

It could also be that the average Asian female age 35-45 is more attractive than the average white female since the wall typically hits them later in life albeit much much harder.

jdwalker said...

"Men from all different races prefer a partner of another race over their own."

My thought on this is whether it is really accurate. I think the assumption behind all of this is that the people doing the online dating are doing it to find a long term mate. I think that even if a man is online dating for that purpose, they are still more likely to cast a wider net and entertain women they don't have any intention of starting a long term relationship with, and to see it as an opportunity to check out women of other races while still being more selective within their race for the purpose of finding a long term mate.

Revelation Means Hope said...

It's not just the wall hitting them later. It is also two other key factors: Strong, strong tendency to not be a landwhale, and strong tendency to favor traditional gender roles.
1) My wife described the severe pressure she gets even in middle age from her mother, sister, and neighborhood friends whenever she's visiting the home country if she even puts on a 1-2 extra kilograms. Pinching of the waist, comments of pichi-pichi (fat fat), and frequent commentary on weight issues in America exert a very strong herd effect. Notice it is all women exerting this pressure. Nothing from the male relatives.

There were even comments after she managed to drop back to size zero after having a child, because she hadn't recovered her high school size yet.

2) There was no question about her being a SAHM. None. In all of our mixed race friend marriages, where the woman is still working after popping out some kids, it is rather obvious that the marriage is not going smoothly. It is still in their bones that the woman should be working part time or staying at home. It is freaky how consistent this is, across all personality types, and economic strata.

CarpeOro said...

By the time white men hit 35, consider what they are looking at. If in their own age range, the women are :often over-weight bitter women; divorced at least once; looking to compete with men or at very least establish their "strength"; finally getting off the carousel. Younger? Not into commitment yet/still want to enjoy the carousel; looking for a sugar daddy. So looking elsewhere means possibility of (at least on the surface): women not steeped in the cultural drivel of feminism; younger women that appreciate an older man's resources; younger women interested in families and not adverse to being SAHM. I'd bet if some of the couples JC mentioned having issues actually broke down the cost benefit of second income over SAHM they'd find they'd be no worse off economically.

Anonymous said...

at that age, those using online dating sites don't tend including the statistically significant minority of men and women who are already in relationships

Statistically significant minority? I'd have thought at that age it would be a solid majority.

Ever Light said...

Well, pretty much socio-economic problems for the race issue. As far as online, time-consuming for guys who have Game. May as well hunt in the field in real life. All that online stuff is "enterntainment" for guys with no clue, just playing around, are curious or just maximizing mate prospects.

In our SMP climate today Blacks and other minorities are better off moving (it they can) to areas where being black or different race is better for attracting and keeping a mate.

Anonymous said...

@JCclimber your wife apparently has sufficient ties back to her home country. That might have been true 10-20 years ago of Asians in the US, but Asian women these days are Americanizing faster than ever. They are starting to put on the heft, and unlike whites they aren't even getting giant knockers as consolation prizes (except maybe the Japanese). Hell even when I was in college a decade ago I noticed that Asians were putting on the freshman 15 with the rest of them.

Another point. There was a study recently that showed Asians get obesity related diseases without being obese. They are more genetically predisposed to putting on weight around the organs which is when the real problems begin and why the BMI calculators are no good for them. There are clear genetic differences, and thus it might also be biological in addition to cultural that helps them in this regards. Or perhaps the enhanced cultural fat shaming in Asian is triggered by this biological difference that was intuitively developed over time. And by removing the cultural barriers as has happened in the US, the biological um... limitation? has now reasserted itself.

Bob Loblaw said...

Another point. There was a study recently that showed Asians get obesity related diseases without being obese.

I've noticed that about Filipinos. Just a few pounds overweight and they slip right into diabetes.

Whiskey said...

Note they aggregate Black women who are unattractive with Black guys who are. If you accept Kanazawas study which I do.

Black guys for short term hook up? Yeah White women are all over that, like White guys Yellow Fever.

But Black offspring get AA benefits over White ones for White mothers. Sex and attractiveness ratios bslance out for kids by Black guys for White women.

Sorry n nook hard to type.

flclimax said...

this data seems to show rather negative on black men by grouping them together with black females and not noting any nuance between the rate of preference between the two. black males are not really as shunned by other women as black women are by other men. many studies, polls of dating sites and most telling of all real life demonstrate this.

as for why, the negative association with black women(justified for the feminist drivel spouting, independent, strong womyns whoa re just ghetto, fat ugly, etc.) and alot of delinquent young black males(the aforementioned trashy black womens' offspring). otherwise, a decent black guy does really well with woman of any race, especially white, asian and most latinas. in my travels i really have not seen a place where for example asian and indian males fare better with ladies than blacks do, not in the US at least.

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