Friday, October 11, 2013

Women who don't get men

Steve Sailer observes that feminism has resulted in women becoming increasingly clueless about what men think and feel:
Of more concern is Eileen Pollack’s kind of disorganized feminism. Autism researchers have a term "theory of mind" to describe what autistics lack in their perceptions of other people. Pollack's 8000 word article on Yale coeds is strikingly lack in theory of mind terms when it comes to Yale men. They're pretty much ciphers. That's peculiar because she is a novelist in her later 50s and has a son.

In contrast, to lesbians, there’s nothing inevitable about feminine women in late middle age being as lacking in wisdom as Ms. Pollack. That’s real damage caused by marinating in decades of feminist ideology: feminism encourages self-absorption.

Mature female wisdom is a valuable societal resource. If you want advice on an interpersonal problem that is baffling you, the single most likely demographic segment to understand the various human perspectives involved is older women, especially ones who had fathers in their lives, brothers, husbands, and/or sons so that they have sympathetic experience with how males think.

Unfortunately, we're going to have the dumbest, most self-centered grandmothers in history.
To the extent we have grandmothers at all. In Australia, for example, the first generation of women to reach menopause without statistically replenishing themselves have now become reproductively irrelevant; they produced on average fewer than two children throughout their entire fertility period.

On the other hand, if one considers the performance of the Wise Latina on the Supreme Court, we may not actually be losing all that much wisdom as a society. And they should have some bitching tattoos about which they can repeatedly tell us.

Sailer's post also connects to an interesting article, in which he compares two feminist articles and concludes: "Together, these Harvard and Yale articles make informative reading because they show how protean feminist analysis has become. Feminism rationalizes a culture of complaint no matter how contradictory the gripes."


Old Harry said...

Vox has noted that many atheists appear to suffer from some sort of social autism. The article talks about the damage done by marinating in feminist ideology. Perhaps, rather than causing a type of autism, feminism draws the socially autistic. Limbaugh (or maybe it was Buckley) used to say that feminism provided access to marketplace for unattractive women. I never bought into that entirely due to some of the outliers in the feminist movement. But the idea that feminism gives the socially autistic access to the marketplace makes sense.

Crowhill said...

I think this is why patriarchy is necessary.

In a patriarchal society (think Sherlock Holmes' day), men are trained to honor, protect and respect women, and their sex drive is directed towards something useful to society -- a family. Women living in a patriarchal society can't be completely me-centered. They get a lot of what they want, but they also have to try to understand men and a man's world.

Once you get out of a patriarchal society, female self-centeredness runs rampant. They have no reason to try to understand men.

You can see this in churches. Conservative (patriarchal) churches tend to have a more equal distribution of men and women. But as soon as the church goes liberal, ordains women pastors and has women running everything, the women push an agenda that makes the men uninterested.

"Men on strike" isn't just about marriage.

You can't have "equal participation" in society because men and women are simply different. But you'll get closer to full participation -- that is, men and women both contributing -- in a patriarchal setting because then men won't go on strike, and because the women will be forced to try to understand men.

Unknown said...

Men are supposed to be protectors/providers but there are a noticeable number of women who are not worth either role.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Seen quite easily on our church board. Thank God we have enough men on there to counter balance the egregious lack of wisdom from the grandmothers (those who managed to reproduce at least once, anyway). Although the denomination is conservative, having a church located in the San Francisco area has meant that the women who became widowed or divorced have had YEARS of marination in feminist idealogy without the daily correction provided by a strong male viewpoint at home.

bearspaw said...

OT Another feminist bites the by pleading insanity.,0,764664.story

bearspaw said...

OT Another feminist bites the by pleading insanity.,0,764664.story

Trust said...

I've long believed my 91 year old grandmother understands men better than most modern women combines.

I loved it when my sister, who was never married and has spit out out spawns of thugs who never thought her worthy of the price of dinner, let alone a ring, tried to talk around her life like grandma was an idiot. Grandma said "I was married 48 years and had kids... don't you talk to me like to don't know how you got pregnant."

Just cuz grandma was a lady and didn't flaunt it doesn't mean she didn't do it... and I can't think of any man happier or more faithful than grandpa.

Whiskey said...

For now, wisdom about other people will not come from grannys, but but the new empiricists, guys like Roissy and Athol Kay and Dave in Hawaii, guys who ask to be judged on how well their theories and offerings work to predict behavior and produce results.

Wisdom in this sense is changed from tradition and older people's direct experience to empirical approaches designed to mimic the scientific method. The internet makes that as available to people as say, a granny's wisdom was ages ago to the average person.

Now, the question is, how valuable were older women in describing how people thought and operated, and how useful was their wisdom. I would hold quite useful when society did not change, but fairly useless after say, 1965 when the PACE of change picked up so much that a person even ten years older than someone in their twenties was useless, living in the past with radically different sets of basic assumptions for men and women and thus behaviors.

Look at a granny of say, age 78 today. What possible insight could she have on the generation of today's girls, say age 14-17, to offer her grandson? Nothing, really. Twitter, Facebook, and other attention-getters and validation tools did not exist. Indeed, her fifteen year old self would reflect the world of 1950. Basically Sinatra and pre-Elvis. Not the world of Miley Cyrus, twerking, and rap videos as a how-to manual for young girls.

Each successive ten year age cohort seems to slip the bounds of tradition, culture, religion, values, faster and further than the next one, making even say Gen Y useless in advising Millenials because the minimal restraints Gen Y saw are not even there for Millenials. This is all driven by relentless consumerism and technology pushing consumerism to maximize every potential for sales. Which feeds of course female solipsim in a vicious circle.

The flipside of course to the superiority of internet crowd-sourced wisdom ala Roissy and Athol Kay, is that understanding of women will not be measured by compassion. Women did not ask to be this way, they simply are. By God or Evolution or (both) if you prefer. But we will see, I'd argue, a generation of newer men having a prefect mechanistic understanding of female nature and no more concern about women in any way different from that of a computer or a car.

Women meanwhile will have zero, zilch, nada, none understanding of men, and pay a heavy price for failure to understand male workers and subordinates where feminist hectoring is not enough: Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Marissa Meyer, etc. are all of the same type of failure. Figuring feminist hectoring and status-mongering works for Fashionista Anna Wintour, so it will work for them. Not getting that HP, Yahoo, etc. is not Vogue Magazine.

Ron said...

Question for the audience: granted they dont understand us, now how do we use that?

tz said...

The Granny's wisdom (old wives tales?) is still accurate and sound.

If you are trying to ask the question "How can a hypergamic soplicist be happy", you've missed the point and asked the wrong question, much like "How can an obese smoker be healthy".

Women needed to be broken of their solipsism (images of a wild horse in a corral comes to mind - the cowboy as icon might be a double entendre). Not until they get shown that their self-ego-ideas are wrong will they look outside. (Men too, but they tend to get the lesson before they hit puberty, or at least pay attention to the blows reality provides).

Right now it seems most women assume because they like something or think in a certain way that it is objectively true and reality or the man is being a bad cad for not falling in line.

Sometimes the realization goes overboard. I think stories of attractive and popular women converting to Islam and adopting the modest dress were featured here.

Also note that feminism is not Matriarchy. The latter would be rule by mothers. Feminism is a world where abortion is a sacrament. (Parts of Asia were matriarchal, but in a way that virginity and motherhood were the feminine greatness honored, feminism honors the prostitute (like the French Revolution) and the nobility of barrenness).

APL said...

Whiskey: "I'd argue, a generation of newer men having a prefect mechanistic understanding of female nature and no more concern about women in any way different from that of a computer or a car."

So, back to the way it used to be, more or less. When because a woman had no guarantee of surviving childbirth, men often treated a spouses untimely demise as 'just a fact of life', move on and select another life mate.

CarpeOro said...

I was discussing with my realtor the need for my wife to sign the papers for the house we are trying to sell. The realtor mentioned once again that in Michigan, even though I bought the house before we were married, my wife needs to sign off on the sale. The converse is not true, even worse, the same house could be put up for sale by my wife WITHOUT my permission or signature. I mentioned it was just one of the many reasons feminism is killing off marriage and she immediately said this was the only issue she knew where feminism was a problem.... My wife looked daggers at me of course, hopefully mostly for the rocking of the boat. The realtor is an unwed mother not surprisingly. Nice enough woman that I had avoided being set up with in the distant past, but clinging to the lines feminism fed here.

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