Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Congratulations, Rollo

Rollo Tomassi announces his first book, The Rational Male:
What you’ll read are a refinement of the core ideas and concepts I’ve formalized on The Rational Male. I began The Rational Male at the request of my readers on various men’s forums and comments on blogs in the ‘manosphere’ in 2011. After the popularity of the blog exploded inside a year it became apparent that a book form of the basic principles was needed for new readers as I moved past them, and built upon the prior concepts.

For the most part I’ve rewritten and edited for publishing the blog posts of the first year at Rational Male. I’ve left in most of the jingoisms and acronyms that are characteristic of the blog and are commonly used in the manosphere, however I’ve made every attempt to define them as I go along.

Furthermore, many of the concepts I explore in this book came from a question by one of my readers. As with most commenters, their anonymity is assumed in the form their online ‘handle’. The important thing to remember is the concept being discussed and not so much the importance of who is proposing or contradicting a concept.

The primary reason I decided to codify the Rational Male into a book came from a reader by the name of Jaquie. Jaquie was an older, married woman, who genuinely took to what I proposed about inter-gender dynamics on Rational Male. Jaquie wasn’t exactly a typical reader for me, but she asked me to help her understand some concepts better so she could help her son who was about to marry a woman whom she knew would be detrimental to his life. Jaquie said,

“I wish you had a book out with all of this stuff in it so I could give it to him. He’s very Beta and whipped, but if I had a book to put in his hands he would read it.”

So it is for the sons of Jaquie’s that I decided to put this book out.
Step by step, the masculine rebellion picks up speed and reclaims ground that was lost to the feminist orcs over the last three generations.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Well done. Looking forward to this. As I've said before, a book like this would have been immensely helpful to me when I was a lad, but as it was I had to figure it out on my own, with mostly positive results. However, it took time, and there were quite a few ruined relationships along the eay. In this way the young chaps of the Manosphere are lucky.

IrishFarmer said...

Good stuff. Rollo has one of the best blogs out there in the manosphere. If his book lives up to the blog, it'll be a great resource to give to men in lieu of being able to quickly guide them to the light.

Eric Wilson said...

OT: This feminism quiz is pretty funny.


Two things about it, the "feminist" answer on 6 actually works as a pretty good neg.

And apparently the Telegraph thinks that one can be arrested for being anti-feminist, and they are totes cool with that.

Anonymous said...

Its a bad quiz. The non-feminist answer to some questions such as #2(a) & (b) is delta stalker behavior making the feminist answer (c) the best fit one. And with #11, the response of hell no, isn't even available.

Some of them are fairly humorous though.

Krul said...

Eric, that quiz almost matches the anti-private school article Larry Correia thrashed a while back in vapid, self-righteous, contradictory, ignorant Leftist blather.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

That quiz reminds of the putz who responded to a Yahoo Answers question. Basically, the man was asking if it was okay to hit his girlfriend in retaliation to being assaulted with a hot frying pan. The answer person basically said that he should never hit a woman and that he needs to figure out what he did wrong that incited his girlfriend to commit felony assault.

Eric Wilson said...

Apparently male feminists understand that women can do anything that men can except when they can't and then chivalry

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vox.

Anonymous said...

Good job Rollo. Perhaps I'll buy a copy and tell my wife if anything happens to me, give it to our son on his 15th birthday.

HanSolo said...

I like the fact it's reasonably priced. $9.49 for the book and $6.99 for the Kindle version, on Amazon.

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