Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top 10 Game blogs Q213

The two Rs still lead the way, and at this rate, may soon be considered the three Rs.  In the second quarter, Rollo came on like a hurricane, at least in Alexa terms, moving up significantly from number nine to number five.  The net Alexa rankings for the top ten blogs improved by a cumulative -848,120, mostly thanks to Rational Male. The top ten Game blogs are below, listed in terms of estimated monthly pageviews and actual Alexa rankings.

Remember that Alexa rankings are based on links, not pageview traffic. Actual Google pageviews are listed in bold along with the percentage change from the previous quarter for those blogs reporting traffic.  Italicized traffic numbers are estimates based on previous traffic and updated Alexa rank.
  1. TRoK: 2,350,00, 42,825 (-4,813)
  2. Roissy: 2,150,000, 55,448 (+187)
  3. Roosh:  1,650,000, 62,992 (+8,436)
  4. HUS:    450,000, 146,943 (+27,735)
  5. Rollo:   425,000, 162,634, (-1,414,514)
  6. AG:    323,079 (+6.5%), 206,926 (-20,276)
  7. Dalrock:  218,500 (-7.9%), 251,090 (+66,287)
  8. MMSL:    140,000 343,966 (+103,486)
  9. Keoni:    73,557 (+1.8%), 643,101 (-116,531)
  10. Just4Guys: 60,000, 707,694
Alpha Game was up in terms of pageviews and rank, but was passed easily by Rollo anyhow. I was a little surprised to see Dalrock decline in Alexa terms because he's been doing some excellent, widely-cited posts of late, so I suspect their rankings are delayed and we'll see him move up in Q3.  The new group blog, Just Four Guys, featuring Han Solo and the notorious Ted D, among others, managed to crack the top ten at Badger's expense. If you know another Game blog you think belongs in the top ten, please send me the URL and your justification for it.  If you are one of the listed bloggers, please send me the three-month average pageviews for the months of April, May, and June in the comments and I will update the post.  Be sure to mention if pageviews are Google/Blogger, Wordpress, or some other metric.

Note also that MMSL is increasingly focused on its forums rather than its blog, which is why Athol's site is considerably more trafficked than it looks based solely on the blog numbers.

UPDATE: Now that was some fine guesstimation.  I estimated Dalrock at 220k for Q2 and he reported  Wordpress at 262k, 232k and 196k for the three months involved.  Averaged and corrected for Google/Wordpress (.95) and that came to 218,500.
Top 10 Game blogs Q113


AJ Popo said...

Dalrock sparsely posted for a few months. That effects things.

Brad Andrews said...

Why is the left side of this blog so wide? It is the only blog I frequent that I can recall always needing to adjust the horizontal scroll to see the main text. Quite a pain.

Dalrock has been relatively quiet. Older comments keep rolling, but not the regular new posts as frequently for a while.

I don't know that it is large enough, but I would wonder if Sunshine Mary's site has bumped into this group. She may still have a much smaller active audience though.

Anonymous said...

What about Captain Capitalism?

I'm not sure of the width of Sunshine Mary's reach, but if amount of comments is any indication of popularity, she's moved up considerably.


Guitar Man said...

I think Dalrock is the best Game blog out there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vox and others for the kind words. This time Alexa seems to be right on regarding my recent traffic when it shows 250k a month. Wordpress shows March and April both at 262k, while May and June were down at 232k and 196k respectively. I had several "instalanches" in July which took traffic up to 293k. I haven't had the mindshare to devote to the blog the last few months, and have been very surprised at the continued traffic.

victor said...

what is HUS?

HanSolo said...

Interesting to see the rankings.

Our new blog, justfourguys.com, has been up for a little under 2 months now and has climbed fairly well in terms of US Alexa Ranking but is still fairly low in terms of global rating.

Global Rank 707,694
Rank in United States 81,421

For comparison, the US Alex ranking of a few of the blogs listed above:


VD said...

Congratulations, you made the top ten. What is the traffic in pageviews, HanSolo?

Wordpress shows March and April both at 262k, while May and June were down at 232k and 196k respectively. I had several "instalanches" in July which took traffic up to 293k.

In other words, 218,500 average for Q2. I just wish I could estimate equity prices with a .0069 margin of error.

VD said...

June traffic, that is.

Anonymous said...

With Aunt Giggles killing her comments and going into full echo-chamber mode, my guess is HUS will decline in ranking until such time as she needs her ego medicine too badly and turns them back on.

All snark aside, thanks for this Vox. My blog anniversary is coming up this month and I'm trying to coincide it with the release of the book.

Keoni Galt said...

Average monthly pageviews per Google at Hawaiian libertarian for Q213: 73,557.

HanSolo said...


Thanks for putting us on your blog role and for including us on the list. I'm sure there might be other sites with higher views and Alexa rankings, depending on what you want to classify as a game/sphere blog. SSM has a higher Alexa ranking than justfourguys, for example, but I'm not sure she would consider herself a game/sphere blog.

Anyway, we don't have any data for June since we didn't install our site stats tracker until mid July. If you extrapolate our daily views over the last few weeks to a month then it would be about 20,000/mo. We're not sure if this completely captures all visits or not.

Another site gives a rough estimate of 36k/mo:


I'm not sure if you want to give priority to Alexa ranking or site traffic.

So, if our lower traffic bumps us out of the top 10 then so be it. Our moment in the sun was enjoyable. lol We hope to get more readers and commenters as time goes forward.

Unknown said...

Such a shame, TRoK is such a pitiful site.

Haus frau said...

I showed this blog to my husband today. All he said was " You read some weird shit." I feel like I'm trying to introduce him to some sort of freakish BDSM website.

Adam Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

I looked at those sites and did not see a single mention of Halo, Doom, Battlefield, C&C or L4D.

Game sites indeed.


HanSolo said...

An update. Thanks to being put on the blog role here and Keoni's, today had our highest viewing of roughly 1150. So, perhaps we will average 1000/day for the next while so you could put 30k views/day for justfourguys.

HanSolo said...

And our Alexa ranking as of right now is:

Global Rank

Rank in United States

HanSolo said...

That should read 30k views/month.

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