Friday, August 2, 2013

Hypergamy in action

Hypergamy doesn't get much more blatant than this:
Now that she’s pregnant with Simon Cowell’s baby, scheming Manhattan social climber Lauren Silverman wants the filthy-rich “X-Factor” mogul to marry her, sources said.... Cowell and Lauren had been carrying on their illicit trysts for more than a year, right under the nose of spurned spouse Andrew, several sources noted....

Lauren had pretended to treat Cowell as just a close pal as they yachted and hobnobbed together — only to blindside her real estate developer husband Andrew, 37, well after the affair was in full swing, sources said. “It is an unbelievable story of betrayal. It is a sad story and a tragic story,” Andrew’s brother, Alexander, told The Post.

One friend of the shapely brunette said that the Silvermans “weren’t estranged, as some friends of Lauren have claimed. “The suggestion that she was an estranged wife who fell into another man’s arms is not the case.”

In fact, Andrew had been so oblivious to the sordid, under-his-nose affair that he recently upgraded Lauren’s engagement ring with a 10-karat diamond, a friend said.

“She is a total gold digger,” one pal said.

Another added, “The pregnancy was by design.”
This is why it's a terrible idea for men to involve themselves with gold diggers, even if they have a reasonable amount of gold.  Because there is always someone with a larger supply.  Notice how even years of marriage, a son, and a 10-karat diamond weren't enough to secure fidelity when someone with sufficient money and fame was in the picture.

And I very much doubt Mr. Silverman was completely blindsided.  The gift of the 10-karat diamond was likely a last-ditch attempt to secure her affections which he already suspected, even if he didn't know with certainty, had been transferred to Mr. Cowell. When a BETA is losing a woman to an ALPHA, he almost always knows it is happening, he just doesn't understand why.

It is said that the heart wants what it wants.  And what the female heart wants is more.


LZ said...

In a rational world, he should get the son they have together and she should be jettisoned from the marriage with minimal assets. Then she can be a single mom raising her bastard spawn and sue Cowell for the child support.

Anonymous said...

This script contains one truth: "The pregnancy was by design."

Old Harry said...

I'm interested in the psychology behind the question, "why her?". Cowell could have any number of women, women more attractive than Silverman and even find beautiful women who don't have Ms. Silverman's predilection for gold digging. So, why her? I wonder if his selection had something with a previous conflict with or slight from Mr. Silverman - just to show the world that he could take Silverman's woman at will.
I bet now that it's out in the open and the damage to Mr. Silverman is done, Cowell will take the legal steps to protect himself and move on. He's shown the world that he can do it and she has shown the world just who she is. Game over.

Anonymous said...

you have this annoying habit of beating me to a subject to post on. lol. i was writing about this ealier this evening.

good post and an excellent example.

hadley said...

The husband knew everything. He is no fool. Likely he has known all the details from the very beginning.

In fact, I expect he facilitated the affair.

If she filed for divorce as the wronged wife, she would get a bundle. On the other hand, pregnant with another man's child, she is desperate (or at least much more willing to settle) in order to get out of the current marriage and into another.

Further, if Cowell commits to marry/take care of her, she is less likely to fight on and on looking for a better deal from Andrew. She will settle for less.

II wouldn't be surprised if Andrew offers Cowell money to take her off his back. Maybe he agrees to fund some new Cowell TV series or production company, who knows. However the payoff is structured, as long as Cowell agrees to lead the gold-digger wife away from Andrew at a greatly reduced cost it works out good for Andrew.

Note that Andrew could have arranged the whole thing, from inviting Cowell on board his yacht, to leaving suddenly on business for a few days, leaving wifey and Cowell alone, to watching her chauffeur Cowell around shopping for houses (as the celebrity photos show) knowing she would start picturing herself living in the house with Cowell, etc.

From Cowell's perspective it is a win-win situation as well. Shtup a pretty, rich, lonely housewife, get her off Andrew's back, tell whatever sweet lies he has to, get cash from Andrew, and either dump her or marry her with a prenup. If the baby arrives BEFORE the divorce is final, it is legally the responsibility of the husband. But if she and Andrew have signed a settlement agreement by the time she realizes Cowell is not going to carry her @ss forever, she is stuck.

Anonymous said...

Simon Cowell, seriously? That's just too much alpha for me, I guess. I'd like to drop kick him in an elevator.

"It is said that the heart wants what it wants. And what the female heart wants is more."

That actually is a sad and tragic story. She's got a 10 karet ring and a real estate mogul and she wants MORE?? I'm really sorry that there are women this shallow in the world. The pull of biology is all well and good, but can't we expect just a tiny bit of morality, a principle or two to kick in and over ride it?

Anonymous said...

10-carat, seriously? Didn't a full carat used to be considered large? As bad as this guy is getting screwed, it's hard to have sympathy for someone that stupid and wasteful. Even if she were the best wife ever, he should be punched in the gut for that.

We could make the world a much better place if all men would just agree to stop buying diamonds.

Crowhill said...

Not everyone is the same. Perhaps it would be better to say that when the male heart wants more they go earn it (or steal it), and when the female heart wants more they try to trick a man into getting it for them.

Anonymous said...

"We could make the world a much better place if all men would just agree to stop buying diamonds. "

Not a bad idea. My husband bought me a diamond I did not really feel worthy of, already owing this man entirely too much. The guilt was quite uncomfortable, which I suppose is the whole point of diamonds, isn't it?

SarahsDaughter said...

Careful yttik, your snowflake is showing a bit much in this thread.

It is unlikely that you were born with that sentiment of "owing this man entirely too much." What's most helpful is to tell us how you came about having this humble mindset and not the insistence that unicorns exist.

Anonymous said...

It is unlikely that you were born with that sentiment of "owing this man entirely too much."

Of course not. That took years of good gaming.

I'm hesitant to say too much because I am painfully aware of what a delicate dance men today take on. One misstep, one misread cue, and they stand to lose everything. Game involves instincts and a lot of variables. I'm on the magical end of it, not the instigation. I really am afraid that if I speak too plainly, some man will take my fanciful notions as advice, rather than trusting his own instincts and reasoning. That would be awful.

But as far as fanciful female notions go, I was saved by the love of a good man. Without that, I would be lost, wandering around in a gameless universe that probably looks a lot like Detroit. I was exceptionally rotten. To pursue somebody like me is inadvisable and slightly insane, but I am extremely grateful for "insane" men.

I promise I am far more civilized today. Far from perfect, but at least potty trained.

Bobby Dupea said...

I have never seen Idol but it's hard for me to credit Cowell with being any exemplar of masculinity, if that is his calling card. The woman's deceit speaks for itself and I cannot imagine Cowell being so besotted, ten weeks from now, when the baby is 20 weeks old, that he hands his junk over to this harpy and signs his life away. Habits die hard and this guy is 50 and this isn't a romance novel: is a woman really going to tame and domesticate him?

Which leaves us with the child. She'll either murder her baby, or he'll grow up with people whispering about him and one day directing him to the NYPost pages that will never, ever vanish. The child, to his mother, is just the shotgun she's pointing at two men. An convenient object to be moved around the board game that is her life. Grim.

CostelloM said...

Remember when cuckolding a man used to be a serous crime that involved stoning? Boy those were the days. And we managed to build a civilization with rules like that. Now we have massive payouts for cuckolding and the world is being torn apart. Must just be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I think I found the unicorn I dropped. Women's values, principles, morality, come through men, like this kind of spiritual tether?
Without that, women are simply ruled by biology and their nature?

So no, we can't expect a principle or two to kick in because there aren't any.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Some women are never happy or satisfied so these sorts of exploits are expected.

Anonymous said...

Requisite video:

swiftfoxmark2 said...

I think that Andrew Silverman was just tried of his trophy wife. That's is what happens to trophy wives: over time you just get bored with them. So he allowed her to spend time with Simon Cowell.

Otherwise Andrew Silverman comes across as a grade A fool because any husband, save a Gamma or a low-end Delta, would never allow his wife to stay with another man alone for long periods of time.

Weouro said...

I'm not sure why but I kind of like the behavior yttik has been exhibiting. I find it attractive. Are men in general attracted to a kind of enthusiasically submissive attitude in women the way women are generally attracted to hyperconfident dominance? Or is that my gamma side desiring an easy route? Is that what alphas tend to experience as a given in their lives? I've had alpha moments throughout my life and a few times when women have literally huddled up to me suddenly and instinctivey from the side and not because of danger or anything, but it has never been a persistent reality. One of the times I asked a girl, making conversation in a social situation, if she wanted to have a baby, and next thing I know she's pressed up against my side for a few seconds till she got ahold of herself. But she was right at rhe wall so looking back with the knowledge I have now I guess that wouldn't count as much as an alpha moment since she was getting desperate. It still felt kind of alpha though. I think her husband might have been a gamma or something.

Trust said...

I think a woman's enthusiasm about Twilight is strongly correlated to the likelihood of a hypergamy disaster.

Anonymous said...

No, because it can easily come off as calculatingly fake. Not saying ytik is fake, only that most men will at least be suspicious of it. Women may be happiest being submissive, but most of them are not happy knowing that about themselves. Accepting of it perhaps, but usually not enthusiastic.

And anyway, the higher ranking a man is, the less interested he in in a complete doormat. He doesn't want his sons to be doormats after all and half their genetic material comes from their mother. An alpha expects is wife to be submissive to him, but ideally she would have enough backbone (buoyed by her expectation of his support) to not be pushed around by lesser men.

Bike Bubba said...

I don't think we can have a stoning, but if Cowell got sued for everything he's got for "loss of consortium" and lost, that would be a good start.

And, quite frankly, if Mrs. Silverman thinks that this is the guy for her, she deserves what she's going to get. And then she can take Cowell for half his remaining net worth.

And hopefully Mr. Silverman finds a more worthy wife.

Unknown said...

@Jack Amok, I respectfully disagree. Sort of. Overt submissiveness does in fact trigger a man's danger sense, as he will tend to assume she's compensating for some serious damage, but if he knows the cards are on the table, yeah, it's a big deal.

Moreover: submission is not doormat. A proper wife has initiative and ability to fend for herself and her own. She is a capable XO for her husband. She keeps his house running while he's busy ripping dragons to shreds with his pinkies.

So... roughly speaking, I am with you on most of the content of your comment, with the distinction that I believe most men are very, very attracted to true submissiveness, but the makeup of western culture has guaranteed that 90% of submissive women are either (A) already attached to an Alpha, or (B) hiding something pretty serious, which means the only men who won't be at least a little wary around it are true Alphas, who simply expect it.

Anonymous said...

" I think a woman's enthusiasm about Twilight is strongly correlated to the likelihood of a hypergamy disaster."

You made me laugh, but good point. Actually I think the series deserves an award for so effectively lying to women and covering up the truth. We should invent such an award. Twilight really ticked me off.

"Not saying ytik is fake, only that most men will at least be suspicious of it. "

It's probably right to be suspicious, I can slip out of a submissive state of mind pretty fast and then, well, hell hath no fury. Actually, even my husband is still suspicious, like, why are you being so nice, up to something? I can't fool him at all anymore, but I probably could fool a man that didn't know me very well.

Thank you for putting up with me. What probably sometimes feels a bit tedious on your end actually has me making some rather profound discoveries and connections over here.

Anonymous said...

Enthusiasm for submission in a single woman these days is like virginity -- officially it's awesome and what you're looking for, but you can't help wondering if someone's messing with you. The chance that she's that way for really messed-up reasons is probably better than the chance that she's that way for the right reasons, so you have to be hopeful but wary.

That's not a judgment either way about Yttik, but an explanation for why men react with suspicion at first.

Trust said...

@yttik said... Simon Cowell, seriously? That's just too much alpha for me, I guess.

Easy for women to say that when the alpha seems unreachable.

Not an insult. I'm no better. I think Megan Fox is probably higher maintenance than I would want. Easy to say now since she's beyond reach. But i would have a hard time turning down an actual opportunity.

Anonymous said...

You have a valid point, Trust. I was being somewhat facetious when I said I wanted to drop kick him in an elevator. Like, oh sure you do, be honest now! The truth of the matter is, I'd prefer to avoid Cowell entirely because I would hope game, honor, home, has me tethered, but I'd rather not test it out.

To be completely honest, I often avoid circumstances that might leave me vulnerable like that, so some part of me must be aware of the potential risk.

Trust said...

I hear you. I have a couple particularly attractive female friends that I work with professionally. Being a married man, I avoid alone situations with them. I doubt anything would happen, but I still believe the best way to resist temptation is to avoid it. Staying faithful is easier when I don't actually have to turn down an opportunity.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Good for you, Simon ol' chum.

He's a 53-year old English arsehole--and she's a hot 36-year old Jewess.

Gives some inspiration to us older chaps targeting younger females. ;)

Spacetraveller said...

I am sure you men know this rule that I have often bleated on about on my blog. It is this:

If a female relative of yours is NEGATIVE about a woman you are dating, she is often right.

Andrew Silverman went on to marry a woman his mother did not approve of. That was his first mistake.

If your Mum or your sister thinks your gf is superb, she could be right, she could be wrong. It is 50-50.
But if she thinks she is NOT right, especially if she thinks she is morally suspect, she is correct, more often than not. A woman acting in your best interests can smell out a bad egg who may be manipulating or conning you. It is harder though for her to judge correctly if a potential gf is GOOD, but it is easy to spot the BAD ones.

This Lauren Silverman is a disgrace to womanhood, and we are all ashamed of her.

I hope Andrew Silverman gets custody of their son.

This poor boy will forever be the butt of cruel friends' jokes ('Adam, you son of a whore'). No man wants to be the son of this type of woman.

A woman who is labelled 'the daughter of a whore' knows that her own feminine demeanour can override the sins of her mother.
Not so with a son...

Simon Cowell took the wife of another man, albeit with her explicit agreement.
He is a marked man amongst the brotherhood. Any man with a goodlooking wife will blacklist him, not that he cares very much.

He won't marry Lauren. We all know that. She will end up a single mother (albeit a rich one probably) whose children (both of them) will grow to hate her.

All this pain she is inflicting on her friends and family, for what?
A fistful of dollars?

What a shame...

With any luck, Andrew Silverman will find a worthy woman to call his own.
But who can blame this guy if he goes MGTOW from now on?

I certainly won't!

I understand that this story demonstrates that a powerful old guy can still get the (younger)hotties.

But my God, we are talking about another man's wife here!
Simon Cowell already has many women. Did he really have to take a man's bride off him?

Remember how God punished King David for taking Bathseba, another man's wife??

I wouldn't want this wrath of God directed at men, for sure...

We are all sinners, yes, but some sins are just absolutely heinous by virtue of the pain they cause others...

Spacetraveller said...

I wouldn't want this wrath of God directed at ME, for sure...
(sorry for typo).

Weouro said...

What probably sometimes feels a bit tedious on your end actually has me making some rather profound discoveries and connections over here."

Well for whatever its worth I personally find it predominantly delightful. I think it might be a female counterpart to hyper confidence in a man. It may hold some possible red flags for men but so does a man with ultra confident game for a thinking woman. "All women adore a fascist, the boot in the face, the brute, brute heart..."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I'm enjoying it too. I'm also aware that submission and flowery compliments can be a heady mix. That's why this site was thoroughly researched and tested before I jumped in. It passed so well, it surprised me.

There has to be edges in the room, boundaries and limitations before I can follow. Somebody has to lead so I can dance. If somebody leads well, I can even surprise myself with my ability to dance.

There are many layers of submission. I am here to play and level up my game. Why? Well, for fun of course and also because submission is how I honor my husband. The higher the quality of my submission, the more I honor him.

Weouro said...

If somebody leads well, I can even surprise myself with my ability to dance."

Nasty. Backdoor bragging.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Some if not most women are never content or secure. Some if not most women are unable or unwilling to think then fee4l then exhibit gratefulness and respect to her man for his efforts.

Simon isn't attractive or interesting, he is equally annoying as the entire CNN staff, Russell Brand and ______

Anonymous said...

"Nasty. Backdoor bragging."

Well, I like that much better then Vox's "woman as parasite" headline the other day. I sure hope he was talking about orchids and not worms. I mean, what girl wouldn't like to be compared to an intestinal parasite, right?

So, orchids are another kind of parasite, if I remember right. The concept of woman as an orchid is pretty good. Plant yourself firmly and we will parasitically bloom for you. And then backdoor brag about it.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Kitty wrote: "I'm on the magical end of it, not the instigation. I really am afraid that if I speak too plainly, some man will take my fanciful notions as advice, rather than trusting his own instincts and reasoning. That would be awful."

Sorry, not on this blog. All the men reading here are aware that to take the advice of a woman on how to treat women is a worse than futile exercise. It is 100% counterproductive. Life experience has taught us that much (at least the ones who've choked down the red pill).

So please keep trolling. It can be amusing sometimes to see your hamster on display.

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